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Hello, my cupcakes! I am selling the remainder of my stock of plush monsters so that I can make sO MANY NEW ONES. All of ‘em are 15$ each, but if you’d like the pair of moogles together, it’d be 25$. Shipping is included in the US!

As always, I am taking commissions on generally anything cosplay/sewing/art related, so feel free to hmu via IM, ask, or skype!

What if the person you’re dating lives in an alternate universe & you two don’t know it yet? Until you plan a trip to meet & you go to their house, knock on their door & no one opens the door. You call them, they pick up, they ask you what’s wrong & you tell them “I’m right outside, why didn’t you open?” & they reply with “You never rang.”

Confused, you facetime one another & turns out you are at the right place, You can see them standing right in front of you through the camera..

I was thinking about this while I brushed my teeth & I fucked myself up.