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LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: feuilly & grantaire

black coffee, paint-stained fingers and pencils tucked behind ears, hordes of hidden talents and hundreds of obscure trivia facts, beanies, ripped jeans, lying on the floor and staring hopelessly at the ceiling, grunted conversations, snarking at people when you’re tired, tinkering on instruments, backpacking trips to other cities, the steady presence at your side, charcoal smudges, late night takeaway, the coolness of dusk.   


Animate is holding a ~Steven Festival~ that’s been divided into several events. There’s a Fall Chapter which was a talk and meet and greet with Steven’s VA, Miyamoto MItsuru. The Winter Chapter will be another meet and greet with Miyamoto however, in order to participate you have to buy the first blu-ray and apply online with a special code. 

The second event is called Viaje del Cero Absoluto (absolute zero journey) in which Steven’s real-life shoes will be touring across various Animate stores until they comes back to the Shinjuku store in time for the Winter Chapter.

Finally, there’s Steven’s Phone Call Mission. For Mission 1 you have to go to an animate store and tell an employee Steven’s middle name (Allan) and they’ll give you a calling card. Call the number on the card and you’ll get a message from Steven himself with the directions for Mission 2. Once you’ve cleared it you can go to any Animate store, tell an employee and you’ll get a reward from Steven! 

A Challenge

This is a Dirty Dancing au. I got the idea from this post by @avegetariancannibal

Hannibal wasn’t necessarily opposed to dancing, but the idea of taking classes was tedious. Mostly because he had already mastered the basics, being familiar with most of the traditional types of dancing. But his aunt had insisted he find something to do during the time they spent at the resort, and when he didn’t sign up to any activities, she wrote his name on the list to a beginner’s dance class.

Not wishing to argue, Hannibal went. He tried to make enough of an effort for his attendance to seem worthwhile, not wishing to be rude or waste anyone’s time. But he either wasn’t as subtle in his ennui as he liked to think or the dance instructor simply saw through his artificial enthusiasm, because one day after class, he approached him.

“Hey. Hannibal, right?”

Hannibal turned. “Yes?”

“Something wrong with my class?” The dance instructor – Will – leaned against the doorframe. His arms were crossed and his eyebrows were raised, but amusement softened the edge in his storm-grey eyes. Hannibal decided to be honest.

“I didn’t volunteer to take it. My aunt signed me up. Your guidance is not at fault.”

“Nor is it of use. You already know the steps.”

“It’s a beginner’s class. The steps aren’t very challenging.”

Will smiled, showing a hint of teeth in a lopsided and almost mischievous smirk. “You want a challenge?”

At that point, Hannibal was so bored with the dull routine of his vacation that he would have said yes to almost anything. “What kind of challenge?”

“The kind your aunt wouldn’t sign you up for.”

His decision was instantaneous.

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  • Yoongi: know what I wanna do on this fine day
  • Namjoon: ignore the hate comments and the fake fans who don't love all of us equally?
  • Yoongi: hell yeah

No Hometown

You’ve been all I’ve known for my entire life, and that’s been ok so far. With your hot, metal playground slides, cracked-plastic diner stools, and haunted streets; what more could a kid ask for?

But people need more than that, more than the nostalgia. More than the safety of childhood.

When things started to break apart like wasp-dotted apples on the side walk, were you there for me then? When the first hits came and the streets grew dirty and cold, where were you? When the brilliance of life faded into murky and unsure waters, what did you do for me then?

My home town. My old, battered shoes.

What did you ever do for me?

smoothie klance au?? i guess

you would not guess how many half-written AUs i have in my drafts that become WAY TOO LONG for me to ever consider publishing in a text post. yes this is a short one.

  • keith makes smoothies for a living. it isnt a big deal until it is.
  • one night, this dude comes in. who cares about build-up, we all know its lance, and he looks frazzled. he sits at the counter and orders the fruitiest smoothie on the menu. keith makes it and doesnt think much of it, except to note that something about this kid is just… weird?
  • 1: hes coming in alone, which people their age usually dont. 2: hes dressed pretty nicely. 3: hes just sitting there??? drinking a smoothie??? not even scrolling on his phone or anything, just looking around and slurping. okay weirdo. 4: he seems off. keith does not use the word “aura” on a regular basis but lance has an aura. (which does not make sense to keith, who barely understands his own emotions, let alone someone else’s.)
  • lance thanks keith, and leaves like thirty minutes later. hes certainly not the weirdest customer keith has ever served, but for some reason that random, singular dude sticks out in his mind.
  • but the shifts come and go, and gradually keith forgets about lance.
  • until he comes back in again.

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-Cough cough- so i was bored, and i wanted to do something like this so yeah..

An ask event owo //i might draw the answers ewe

You can ask me or my oc, KaZero, ((but nuthin personal ok? kahaha))
OR maybe even ask me about that au im thinking of making uwu

actually i have designs for it but the story isnt done (i only got le prologue done) so ye.

anyways the ask event is open yayyyy
wonder when itll be finished
o well.