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Appreciation post for how brave Delia Busby has been this season. She had the strength to hold it together so Patsy would be able to go to Hong Kong and care for her dying father. She then handled her first still birth with grace and poise without the comfort of her loved one. The only time we’ve seen her really grieve is in private (Take tonight with the photos) and she still manages to keep her sunny demeanour around everyone else so as not to upset them. Her self strength is amazing but I still can’t wait for Patsy to return so she can be looked after and comforted by her partner in the way she deserves which is long long overdue


Sister Mary Cynthia’s Journey - part two (6.6)

Patrick: I was once as lonely as you are now…But I was sent somewhere where people walked beside me.  And things got better after that.

Sister Mary Cynthia:  How can I want something I can’t imagine? It doesn’t make sense.

Patrick takes Sister Mary Cynthia to Northfield, the place where he was helped.  They are greeted warmly and she is asked what she wants to be known by.

Sister Mary Cynthia:  If I am allowed to choose I’d just like to be called by my name, which is Cynthia. 


Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week: Day 6 Favorite Killer Frost Moment

“Guess I just needed a little sleep. Thanks guys, I’m feeling much better now. It’s okay, you can let me out, I promise I’m not gonna hurt anybody. Hum… I guess you’re all smarter than I thought…”

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do u think len would embrace his many fans on the internet calling him "snaddy" "coldfather" and "hot chocletey daddy" with open arms (bc tbh i do, cant beat em join em. "theyre calling themselves coldbabies now mick, i have a cult")

“they’d die for me mick”

“I don’t care”

“they make memes out of me mick”

“I really don’t care”