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This will be my whole list of imagines and preferences. Do not steal my work, they are my own ideas and writing. 

Warning: Some contain smut and will have two stars after them. 

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1.  He’s angry with you.   - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

2.  Heated moments. **- {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

3. You see him change for the first time. {Semi Dirty} - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

4. How you fall asleep together. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

5. The first “I love you” - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

6. PDA - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

7. blowjob ** - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac}

8. Crying - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

9. He yells at you - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

10. Nickname he usually calls you - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

11. “Baby…“  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

12. Hickey’s - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

13. Silent-treatment. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac}

14. He hurts you while play fighting. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

15. Make up sex. ** - {Scott, Stiles. Theo, Liam, Isaac}

16. You give him silent-treatment - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

17. You’re sassy - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

18. “But babygirl.”  -{Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

19. “Please don’t go.” - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

20. You Shower together.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

21. How you kiss. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

22. Over protective brothers. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

23. You get Jealous.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek}

24. Over protective boyfriends. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

25. Mate. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Derek}

26. “Kiss me.“ - {Scott Stiles, Theo Liam}

27. You’re in heat. ** - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

28. He makes you cry.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

29. Distractions.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

30. His favorite body part on you.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

31. Your name in his phone. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

32. Meeting.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

33. Daddy.** - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

34. Making out.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

35. Break ups. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

36. Pick up lines. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek, Brett.}

37. Needing Cuddles.  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

38. Makeups. {Pt.2 of Breakups.}  - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

39. His name in your phone. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac, Derek, Brett, Jackson}

40. Messages. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Derek}

41. shorty - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam, Isaac}

42. Missing you. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

43. Periods. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}

44. Big Butt. - {Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam}


Scott McCall

1. Good morning babygirl. **

2. Bad girl. **

3. Can’t stop love.

Stiles Stilinski

1. Always here.

2. Bites. **

3. Teach you a lesson. **

4. I’m sorry. **

Theo Raeken

1. Daddy. **

2. My step brother Theo. **

3. Blowjobs. **

Liam Dunbar

1.  Broken. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

2. I want it rough **

3. Make up. **

4. Anchor.

5. Booty rubs. **

6. You’re mine.

7. I love you.

8. “I thought I lost you.”

Isaac Lahey

1. Too late to say sorry.


1. A little help. ** {ScottxreaderxLiam}

2. Sex lessons.** {TheoxreaderxLiam} Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


Dark. - Liam Dunbar 


Game Of Survival - introducing Jessica Lahey

After the death of her father, Jess refuses to leave her brother’s side even if she doesn’t entirely agree with his decision to become something out of a Young Adult novel. And when her best friend gets involved, trading epilepsy and medical side-effects for glowing eyes and claws, Jess knows the Hale Pack is where she needs to be.
Hunting down a lizard-person and trying to be the voice of reason to a group of teenagers drunk on power isn’t exactly easy, but Jess is doing her damnedest to keep her Pack alive. Especially with a hunter family essentially taking over the school and Scott McCall trying to play hero with his high school Justice League watching their every move.
After all, Jess Lahey is a survivor.

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With You, It Means Something - Isaac Lahey (slight) Smut

Request; Could you do one where you dry hump Isaac in class during like a project or something like you guys are alone or something? Idm :)

Warning; slight smut

I’m back guys!!!!! omfg okay, this is so not my best work, but I tried for a comeback lmao okay, I have the jeep series coming up next yaaaas man yaaaas (that’ll be a little early christmas present ;) haha)

Word count; 1008


“Okay, discuss anything with your partners outside of the lesson, don’t try to think you can mess my classroom up just because I’m telling you to be sociable,” you teacher spoke and then continued with the lesson before the bell rang. You and Isaac met up at your locker, which was closer to the classroom than his. He leaned against the rows of metal cabinets as you swapped your books to those you’d need for homework.

“Do you want to find a classroom?” he asked with a small smile just a second before you closed your locker.

“Sure, yeah,” you nodded and twisted the numbers to lock your locker, before following behind him.

You both found an english room, which wasn’t going to be used for detention or any help classes so you had the room for yourselves to get a start on the project.

You were halfway through the work when you both called for a break, seeing you had plenty of time before you had to be home. You were talking about everything and anything when something a little touchy managed to slip into the conversation.

“I heard you made out with one of the guys on the team,” Isaac brought up nonchalantly.

“It was a stupid game, I didn’t exactly want to,” you chuckled, not too bothered about it, since everyone knew it was just a game of spin the bottle, something normal at parties once people get a bit more confused about what is going on. He knew that too, but suddenly, he didn’t seem to…

“You know you should be going out to kiss guys who you want to, right?” he asked, leaning back in his chair. You were sitting in the back corner at a long bench, simply because it was easier to lay all things out for your project. He was leaning his back against the wall as he faced you to talk, while you put your elbow onto the table, holding your head in your hand tiredly.

“Of course,” you smiled lightly, “I know that, but it was just a game,” you explained, “Didn’t mean anything, and never will. There’s not a lot of guys it would mean anything with,” you shrugged as he pushed himself away from the wall and leaned on the table, turning his head towards you as well.

“Like who?” he asked with a small smile, scanning your face as something tugged at the corner of your mouth as well.

“Well, I don’t know, there are a very small number of guys. Someone we both know well included,” you shrugged, watching him as he did you.

“Could I have a name to congratulate the lucky guy?” he pushed, making you go a little red, having to bite your lips to not blurt out your feelings.

“Not sure you’ll immediately know who he is,” you told him, your eyes flitting down to the table as you picked up the pen and twirled it around your fingers absentmindedly. “Isaac Lahey?”

“That idiot?” he chuckled, leaning forward and using a finger to lift your chin up, his other taking the pen from you. “God, I don’t know if he deserves you,” he practically whispered as you just tried to control your breathing before he had placed his lips on your hesitantly, but you soon let his confidence take over as you let your hands wind around hi neck and he turned in his seat, pulling you towards him. After enough tugging, you had managed to climb over him, straddling his hips as his hands wandered down your back to your jeans, pulling you closer, fingers caught in your belt loops while you felt the need to get closer and closer to him. Your back arched, pushing into his chest while his mouth continued to work, the sound of your lips and tongues moving together as well as your heavy breaths the only sounds in the room. This continued for a while before his hands had tightened on your back, making you push yourself closer to him. He let out a low groan at the movement, which you took as a good sign and continued to roll your hips while he let out a light chuckle, playfully biting your bottom lip before having to pull away to catch his breath while you continued to move over his crotch, hearing his quiet groans and moans, his hands running up and down your back, pulling you closer, squeezing your sides as your hands held the back of his neck and right shoulder, eyes closed as you moved faster, desperate for more friction.

“Holy sh-“ he cut off as you gasped, speeding up before you pushed his head to yours again, letting his lips meet yours to muffle your expressions of pleasure. “Whoa, whoa, stop,” he pulled your hands off him gently and held them between the two of you as you tried to get your breath back, staring at him. You slowly pulled one of your hands from his grasp and pushed his hair back.

“What? Did I do something wrong? Oh my God, did I-“

“No, no,” he chuckled, “Uh, I just kinda want to make it home dry,” he told you, not looking at your face, averting his eyes and keeping them on your intertwined hands.

“Oh,” you said quietly before letting out a giggle. “Do you want to-“

“I’ll drive if you don’t tease,” he said, cautiously looking up at you.

“Okay,” you smiled before lightly pressing both of your lips together and then sliding off his lap, gathering your stuff together before the two of you made your way out to the car park to your car. He grabbed your hand as you left the classroom, pulling you close to him the two of you both smiling as he kissed the side of your head on the way out.


Pack Imagine - Siren part 3

A/n: I hope this part makes up for the last part, I’m much happier with this one. Thank you to my wonderful best friend for checking it over. 

Tags: @starkingdom (feel free to message me to be added to this list)

Masterlist | Request Something!


The only way to get to the top in any circumstance is to start at the bottom and work your way up, like in a business. This was your thought process when you decided that Boyd was the place to start if you wanted to take control of the pack, to take control of Scott. You knew he usually sat on his own in the cafeteria during lunch instead of with the pack and compared to the rest of them  he wasn’t anywhere near the strongest; still, you had to be careful, the powers of a Siren won’t protect you from his lethal claws.

Once you had returned to school you decided to stay on the thin line that the pack had drawn for you. You were never going to gain their trust but if you could show them that you could control your powers maybe they would stop watching your every move and preventing you from even talking to someone. It worked. After a few days, you could walk down a corridor without feeling someone’s eyes burning into the back of your head and you could even go to the bathroom without one of the girls pretending that they need to check on their makeup, what a privilege. Just a few more days of behaving and no one questioned it when you asked Boyd if you could sit with him.

Boyd didn’t even look up at you, but you heard his mumbled ‘yes’ and took the seat opposite him. After twenty minutes of attempted small talk you had figured out that while his behaviour may be in line with his personality, it was likely that he had been told to keep you out of his head at all costs. He thought it was going to be easy, you almost laughed. But instead, you placed a hand on his arm and waited until he tipped his head up to take it away.

“Finally! I thought I’d never be able to see that handsome face of yours,” you exclaimed. You could tell that Boyd was trying to fight the spell you were putting on him but the way his eyes sparkled as he broke eye contact with you to look around the room told you that it was working. You spent a couple more minutes flirting with him before deciding that the pack would realise what you were doing if you let this go on any longer. As you were walking away you let your fingers lightly dust over his shoulder and didn’t even turn around to see if it had an effect on him, because you knew, you could tell.

When the last class of the day ended you went outside to see if Boyd or the pack would notice anything different. From your hiding spot around the corner, you saw him go up to them and no one acted out of the ordinary. You worked on getting your shaking breath back to normal and tried to slow down your heartbeat if it was irregular for too long you knew one of the werewolves would pick it up and discover your hiding place. But it was hard, your plan was working and the adrenaline rush you received from it was inevitable.

Unfortunately, it was too good to last. You’d been sitting with Boyd most days at lunch, just generally chatting and flirting until you could see that he was at the point of being ready to answer your every beck and call. Then Erica got in the way. Obviously, you’d been getting a bit too ambitious.

With the sickliest sweet smile Erica could muster she stood behind Boyd and stared straight into your eyes. If looks could kill, you would already be six feet under with a headstone made of marble.

“Hey y/n, what do you think you’re up to?”

“Nothing at all Erica, is something up?”

“I know exactly what you’re up to, I’m not stupid.” You cocked your head to the side, which – quite satisfyingly – made her even angrier. But she kept herself under control and placed her hands on Boyd’s shoulder.

“Leave my boyfriend alone, y/n, or you won’t see the end of this week.” Although you heard Erica’s empty threat, you weren’t really paying attention to her; your focus was still on Boyd. You’d seen something change in him when Erica placed her hands on his shoulders. The dull cloudiness of his eyes that told you were in control his actions and not him had been washed away and they had returned to normal – the sparkles that told you that your grip on his mind was beginning to take hold only lasted a day or two. He also shifted and ended up holding himself differently. Boyd was now sitting up straighter, not afraid to take up more room. That was when you knew that you’d lost him; you’d managed to step onto the first rung of the ladder only for it to break under your feet.

Maybe what you needed to do was start a little higher, on the higher rungs of the ladder that wouldn’t break easily but were harder to reach, harder to take control of. Your mind immediately went to Isaac, and you left Erica and Boyd to find him.

Voices (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by teenwolfmen

Request:  Can I have a imagine/one-shot where the reader is a banshee, but she find out now and do not know how to deal with strange things that only she hears, voices in his head and screams. Isaac Lahey, her best friend and her big crush, shows up and tries to help her, saying beautiful things and feelings that he didn’t know existed for her. How does not work, as the reader it continues on the ground, crying and trying not to scream, he kisses her. Thank you so much! XO

Author’s Note: I almost refused this request because I was almost certain that I read something similar before but with Brett. However, there are more than one ways to write something so this is my version. It doesn’t follow the request exactly (sorry!) but I’ve tried my best. I was having trouble with how to end it, so I hope this is good.

It used to start with a few whispers she couldn’t discern. It was easy to ignore, easy to drown out.

But as time passed, the whispers turned to voices. There were so many overlapping that they drowned out each other, turning into a constant ring.

Then the voices turned into screams. No volume of music could drown them out and she’d clutch her head and curl up until they eventually faded.

She wasn’t sure how long she could hear the voices in her head. She never wanted to say a word about it because if she did, she’d certainly be locked up in Eichen House. She researched into her possibly having a mental illness, but all tests of her neurotransmitter levels showed normal levels. Everything in her head was too real to be a hallucination.

But that’s what all crazy people say.

Crazy or not, she was almost certain that the voices led to people’s deaths. Once in a while, she’d pass by someone on the street and a whisper would turn into a scream momentarily. And almost always the next day, the person’s face would appear on the news, dead and bloody. It had happened too many times for it to be a coincidence.

The voices and screams usually dwindled back into whispers, but it was a bad three days when it didn’t. The voices didn’t and wouldn’t stop. She tried to go about her day as if nothing was happening inside her head, but her head throbbed with pain that the usual ibuprofen did not help.

Her locker feels cool when she rests her forehead against it. It relieves some of the pain, but the screeching in her mind does not dull. It takes her a moment to register that someone had gently grasped her elbow, and she turns to find Isaac beside her.

“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice seeped with worry.

She blinks slowly as if trying to register his presence. She’s almost certain that the screams die out for a moment. “Migraine,” she answers. It’s not a lie; not really. But no matter how good of friends they are, this is something she would never, ever tell him. She couldn’t risk losing her best friend on account of her strange condition.

“Do you want to go to the nurse’s office?”

She tries to shake her head, but pain shoots through her and she winces. “I…I think I’m gonna go home and rest.” She pushes herself up from the lockers and squeezes Isaac’s hand gently before slipping away. Each step she makes her head throb. “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

She tries to focus on driving home but the more the screams built up in her head, the more she want to scream herself. She’s not sure how she parks in her driveway as she rushes up to her room to curl up on her bed. Her eyes squeeze shut and her hands fly to her hair as the shrieks feel like they split her head open.

“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t!” she whispers, tears burning her eyes.

She needs something, anything to relieve the tension building up inside of her. Her mouth opens and lets out a deafening scream. The shockwave that is released shatters all the windows in her house as her sobs grow. The voices in her head haven’t stopped.

Hands fly to her and pull her into a sitting position. Through her tears, she sees Isaac kneeling before her. What was he doing here?

He cups her face, fingers trying to wipe away her tears. “Hey, hey. [Name], look at me. I got you,” he whispers.

“Make it stop!” she sobs. The noise in her head continues and all she wants is for it to stop. “I can’t. I can’t!”

She reeks of panic, fright, and pain. He noticed she had been distracted for the past several days and followed her home when she left the school. There was something off about her behavior and when her scream screeched in his ears and witnessed the windows of her house shatter, he knew. She was the same as Lydia: a banshee. Isaac ignores his blood slowly lolling from his ears and tries to absorb some of her pain, though it does little to help.

“[Name]! Listen to me. You’re a banshee. That’s why you’re hearing voices, but you need to control them. Think of something else.”

[Name] shakes her head, pleading, “I can’t think. It won’t stop. Isaac, make it stop, please.”

If he didn’t do something now, she was gonna scream again and potentially kill him. There was no way he was gonna leave her like this. He wasn’t gonna leave her ever.

“Hey, listen to me,” he starts. “[Name], do you remember when our families went to the beach when we were kids? Do you remember when I had Camden help me buy you a new ice cream because you tripped on a rock and dropped it? Then we built a sandcastle and you found that starfish by the water. Remember that?”

She nods slowly, tears still dripping down her face.

“Then you went on and on about how the sand in your hand looked like a heart and when we took a picture of you, the sand looked like a giant blob instead.”

A smile flickers on her face, and she thinks that the screams are going to die out, but they flare up inside in full force that it makes her nauseous. She gasps in pain and digs her fingers in his arms. “Oh god,” she cries, “it’s getting worse!”

He was just about out of time when he vaguely remembered what Lydia did when Stiles was having a panic attack. If he was going to die, he may as well die knowing what her lips felt like.

Everything goes quiet with his lips against hers and the pain starts to fade as Isaac absorbs it. [Name] lifts a shaky hand to brush against his cheek as he pulls her closer. What should have been a brief kiss lasted longer than intended, and time became irrelevant. Though not initially romantic, it was hard to say that it wasn’t at that point.

When they broke away, it was hard for them not to smile.

“Are you okay?” Isaac asks, wiping at the tears that had started to dry on her cheeks.

“I am now,” she answers.

Isaac nods slowly before pulling her in again.

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Love By Death ---Isaac Lahey Imagine

warnings: family violence

I was very traumatized. My dad was drunk…which he did often. And he started to beat us more than before. He actually threw my little sister against the wall…it killed her instantly. My mom told me to run while he was upstairs. We knew he was grabbing a pistol.

I ran to my best friends’ house. I bursted through the door. “Scott!” I shouted. It was really late, but I knew his mom was out working the late shift. He came running down the stairs with Isaac right on his heals. “He killed them, he killed them, he killed my mother and my sister and I don’t know what to do!” I started to cry and they grabbed me.

They started to take my pain. Soon enough I was painless but my heart was still broke. “(Y/N), it’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” Scott told me.

“They’re dead Scott and now he’s going to come after me.” I sank to my knees.

“Isaac, stay with her, I’ll be back.” Scott said and ran out the door. Isaac lifted me up onto his lap and I curled up into his chest.

“It’s going to be alright.” He whispered.

“How do you know? I have no one else.”

“Because I know you’re strong. You’ll get through this.”

“But my mom…my sister…my homework was in that house.” Isaac laughed a little bit.

“Harris is going to kill me if I don’t show up tomorrow with it.”

“I think he’ll make an exception.” We sat in each other’s silence. His arms around me.

“Thank you.” I whispered, looking up at him. He looked down at me, his blue eyes twinkling. He reached down and started wiping my tears away with his thumb. He then cupped my cheek. I leaned up as he was leaning down. Our lips touched and it was so sweet and delicate. We pulled away. “I really like you.” I told him and he smiled.

“I really like you too.” He said and kissed me again. He set me down on the floor, still kissing me and he hovered over me. It was…really hot.


a/n: sorry, I feel like this is crap. I don’t have anything to write about because I’m not getting anything to write about.