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Haikyuu!! | karasuno + extra phone wallpapers | asked by anon (540x960)

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Hey, how about Ezra C1? :3

Ive been waiting for this opportunity for years Thank You So Much

Thats it. Thats his personality.



Long long LONG time ago, when i was in primary school, i tried to draw a dragon. 
But this dragon was more like a strange tumor and i was like “fuck this shit, i’ll never draw a dragon again”.
So sorry super cute anon, i tried my best but i’m not goot at draw dragons even if i like them reeeeally a lot ;w;

Human Dragon Bill?? Idk.

I was waiting for dinner and i draw this ahah

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Yoi Shrek AU where Victor is Shrek and Yuuri is Fiona

so phichit is donkey but real talk who’s the dragon

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You're one of my top fav ST blogs. What are some of your fav blogs/mutuals?

ok first off thank you for saying such a lovely thing !!! that means the world to me !!! :’) <3

and secondly, whERE DO I EVEN BEGIN ???? i have a follow forever i made at the end of last year if you wanna see like,,, all my mutuals (the vast majority of them are ST blogs) but i’ll name some of them here !!!! 

special shout-out to my og squad known as the gain train and my newer squad who doesn’t really have a solid name bc we change our gc name all the goddamn time (love u guys xoxo)

@shesavedus, @telekineticeggos, @reedstrangerthings, @themikewheelers, @heaths-ledger, @strangerwhee11ers, @reallylikeseggos, @eggogorgon, @protectmike, @flea-and-the-acrobat, @the-weirdo-on-maple-street, @cloeggo, @strangehorcrux, @elevnns, @supercomsandeggos, @raesberri, @ashy-le-mashy, @stranger-art-things, @cherrysconesandtea, @jemmahearteyessimmons, @valbirch, @scienceisneat, @baileytsample, @matthews-and-hart, @danahscott 

and then like other super cool people that i’m mutuals with that are heavily ST related are @dadharbour, @bichaelwheeler, @theamiableanachronism, @eggos-and-promises, @strangerhypnosis, @upsidesdown, @ghost-grantaire, @justice-for-benny, @femmejenniferhayes, @sstrangerthaneleven, @upsidedownwaffle, @reallyjustaneggoscommercial, @fortheloveofeggos, @protectjonathanbyers, @finnxwheeler, @eggosthings, @m11kee, @miliebobbybrown, @dazzlingtiredeyes, @tinyryder

i literally follow soooo many blogs like you have no idea so this def isn’t all of them just fyi !!!! it’s nothing personal if i forgot your name on the list !! it’s just a lot to remember to name everyoneee lmao 

Don’t Forget the Kid

I am a total piece of shit and I hate myself but this is a request I got not too long ago and I’ve just been way too busy to start it but it’s done now YAY! I’m not sure if this is what you expected and if not I’m sorry but I did my best! Hope y’all like it!

Anon: “Can I ask for a joker x reader request where the reader is a single mother then she meets the joker and he takes care of her and her kid” 


The thumping and pounding of the loud music flowed through your veins. At first you were reluctant to come to the club with your girlfriends but being a single mother had really worn you down. Eventually they broke you down and convinced you to hire a babysitter and come out for the night. You danced, you drank, you partied as if it was your last day on earth.

“I’m going to get a drink,” you yelled over the music. Your friends nodded in approval as you walked over to the bar. You could feel the sweat drip down your neck and you loved it. You were having more fun tonight than in the 5 years since you had your son. Leaning against the bar, you took in and admired your surroundings.

“Pretty great, hey? Did it all myself,” you hear a voice beside you. You nodded then turned your head to face the mystery voice. Your eyes widened in a mix of shock, horror, and fear. The one, the only, the infamous Joker stood right beside you staring you down with an intense look. “Pretty girl in a pretty club. What are you doing here doll?” he inquired.

“I uhm I well my friends wanted to take me out. My son is at home with the babysitter at home so I should probably go home soon. Don’t wanna leave the poor girl waiting,” you rambled. You looked down at your watched pretending to be shocked by what time it was. “It was nice talking to you, I’ve got to go,” you stammered as you started to walk away. A cold hand quickly grabbed your wrist. His grip around you thin wrist sent shivers throughout your whole body.

“Mmm I like you, you’re not going anywhere.” He spoke with a threatening tone laced with a delicious growl. As dangerous as this man was, and as much as he terrified you to the bone, he was unconventionally attractive and it killed you. You disgusted yourself, how could I be attracted to such a psychotic, murderous criminal, you thought to yourself. He yanked you closer to him and you fell into his muscular chest. “You’re coming with me doll.” His wide, silver grin scared you but nothing more scared you than being away from your son. Alexander was only 5 there was nowhere for him to go if you were gone. Your parents had moved to Europe somewhere, he had no aunts or uncles that could take him in, if you were gone he was completely alone. The thought scared you to the bone.

“My son. I’ll do anything you want just don’t hurt my son. I need him, he’s my life,” you pleaded. You shut your eyes, astounded at yourself for conforming to his wishes. He pulled you to the back of the club, the VIP section you assumed, and called over one of his henchmen.

“Frost we’re going on a little roadtrip, get the car ready, we’ll be out in 5,” he said to the quiet man in a dark suit. The man curtly nodded and walked away. “Here’s the deal sweetheart, you come with me, do whatever I say whenever I want for however long I want and you can keep your son. You’re coming to live with me now doll and I guess if it makes you listen to me then you can have your little brat with you. But keep this in mind sweetheart,” he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up into his icy blue eyes,”you step out of line even once and the kid is gone, got it?” You nodded and looked down, accepting your fate. The screech of a purple lamborghini caused your head to whip up. Realizing he was opening the door you stepped forward, acknowledging the fact that this was it, you were picking up your son, some things for him and yourself, and heading off to a brand new life. Your heart sank as you realized how this would affect your son. He wouldn’t have a normal childhood, he wouldn’t play with toys and action figures, instead he would play with dangerous weapons as toys. You realized that this was the worst possible thing you could’ve done as a mother and you just prayed that your son would forgive you one day.

“Get in the car,” the massive goon said behind you as he shoved you lightly into the small confines of this car. “Sir we’ll be on all sides, in front, behind, and on the sides, we got you covered boss,” the man said to the Joker. He nodded and slammed the door as he started revving the engine. You felt the car push forward before you started zooming through downtown Gotham. After what seemed like forever the car came to a quick jolt in front of your home.

“Go get the kid you have 5 minutes or else baby doll,” he said menacingly with a smirk on his pale face. Your eyes widened as you hurried to get out of the car and through the front door. You had no doubt the Joker wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you because of your mistake so you ran to his room and threw some clothes into a bag, his favorite toys, his blankets, everything a young boy needs.

“Mommy? What’s happening?” A sleepy Alexander said behind you. You whipped around to see your precious child slightly waking up.

“Honey don’t worry alright? You and me are gonna go on a trip! You and mommy my sweet boy,”

“Alright mommy, love you,” his quiet words ripped your heart in two. You grabbed his hand and the bag and you rushed for the door. Just as you swung the door open you saw an angry Joker standing directly in front of you.

“3…2…1…” He looked at his fake watch and lifted his head up with a grin. He pulled out his gun and put it against your temple. You were shaking, terrified of what he would do. “You made it by three seconds doll. And next time I won’t be this forgiving,” he dropped his voice lower as his threat rang through your ears. “Let’s go, you’re already pissing me off. You just wait doll, Daddy and you are gonna some fun. Think I should punish you for being bad sweets?” he mumbled into your ear. You nodded in agreement, afraid of what he might do if you didn’t. “Answer me!” he yelled, startling you.

“Y-yes I deserve t-to be punished,” you mumbled, afraid to make eye contact. He growled in satisfaction, reveling in the fear that he caused. You pulled you and your confused son into the back of his fancy sports car and pulled his small frame into your side. You planted a brief kiss to the top of his innocent head and mumbled that everything would be okay.

After what felt like an eternity the car pulled up outside of a fairly large house, not really what you had expected from the Clown Prince himself. You were tanked out of the car, pulling your son along with you.

“Let’s go. I’ll show you where the kid will sleep and the real fun’s gonna start,” he said in a low almost taunting voice as he dropped his left eye into a sly wink. You walked behind him into the lavish space before you. You briefly stopped to admire the beauty of the house, very well decorated, clean, modern, all in all very nice. “Hurry up, I’m getting antsy doll.” As you entered a small room with a bed and not much else he motioned from the kid to the bed. “He sleeps here. Say bye and come with me.” He stepped outside the room giving you and your son some privacy.

“Baby I’m so sorry, I hope you understand one day why this is happening. I love you to the moon and back Alex. Never forget that. I love you so so much alright?” The tired boy nodded and laid down on the bed. You pulled the blanket over him and passed him his little stuffed teddy bear that you managed to grab from the house. You stepped out of the room to see the Joker glaring at you. He stepped in front of you in one long stride and grabbed your wrist.

“Let’s go sweets, time to help daddy out,” he said with a sick smirk on his bright red lips.


You had been here for just about a month now. Things had gotten better with the Joker, he had started to acknowledge your son’s presence and he even spoke to him sometimes. It turns out he was almost good with kids. He was gentle and made sure to never put him in harm’s way. It was endearing in a sort of way. You and him had even grown closer as he had started to maybe even care for you. He gave you everything you could ever dream of and had provided Alexander with whatever his little heart desired.

“Alex let’s go, your mom and I are going to the park and you’re coming too,” Joker told him with his silver toothed grin planted on his face. Alexander nodded as J ruffled his sandy blonde hair. It warmed your heart to see him soften his tough guy demeanor for your son. When this whole fiasco happened you were terrified of what this meant for you and your son but as of now you weren’t regretting complying to his wished to go with him. He had given you a better life than you had ever had and he made sure to keep his work away from Alexander so he wouldn’t be faced with that at such a young age. “Mmm Y/N you’re looking beautiful as always.” His smile widened as he saw you blush at his casual compliment. This was your life now. Luxury and a man who although may not seem it, really does care for you. He stood next to you and leaned over close enough to whisper in your ear. “Y’know doll, I would go to the ends of this very earth for you and that little monster over there.” You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Everything that he had done to you at the beginning, everything that he had done to terrify you, everything he said, everything was fixed now. It all vanished with those simple words.

Nightmares and Daydreams

Request: Hey there! This request is kind of based off of an episode of ATLA called nightmares and daydreams. Could you do something along the lines of where the reader is stressed, and every time she tries to sleep she has horrible nightmares, so she just decides not to sleep at all. And the team slowly starts to notice the effects of her not sleeping. And a bit of Bucky fluff? Sorry if this is weird. You’re awesome! :)

A/N: Not my best work… Well, I finally finished this request! Sorry, anon, for taking months to finally post it. I named this imagine Nightmares and Daydreams because it’s based on an episode of ATLA with the same name. I didn’t really write anything about the daydreaming but… oh well. Idk how this turned out but hopefully it’s enjoyable to read!

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 2,383

Warning(s): nightmares

I’ve finished all the requests that have been sent to me! I have none in my inbox so please, if you have any, now it’s time to sent them to me.

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apples: sirius black

A/N: so this is definitely not my best, i’m sorry anon! also i got 100 followers!! is this a dream? 

A knock on your front door rung through the living room. Your life had been, apart from the ongoing war, pretty quiet. Dumbledore offered you a place in the Order, to fight for what’s right, but the chaos and aching feeling in your chest couldn’t quite cut it. The loss of your best friends was too painful.

You were reading and the turning of the page stopped, you placed the book on the arm rest of the sofa. Nimble toes reached the wooden floor and a soft pitter-patter echoed the room. Your hand paused when you began to turn the door knob, what if it’s a death eater?
With little to no courage, you opened the door and a man with shabby clothes was tapping his foot nervously. The reaction on his face was heart aching and immediate tears began to fall down his face.

“Y/N? Is that you?” His coarse voice questioned, his hand reaching up to wipe the tears off his face. Instantly, you recognised who it was. It was by his nervous ticks, but mostly because of his eyes.

“Sirius, oh my god,” you whisper, carefully reaching for his tangled ebony hair. His slender arms tugged at the back of your sweater as he engulfed you with his body. Soft sobs still coming from his throat.

“I can’t believe you are here, I thought you’d be-” he stopped, unable to finish his sentence.

“I thought you’d be gone,” he choked out, his body shaking. 

Your quiet “shh's” mumbled against Sirius’ chest were like a melody to him as you soothingly pat his back. 

“Let’s get out of the cold, yeah?” You start, pulling out of his embrace and grasped his hand, pulling him into your small home. A large fireplace being the only source of warmth, the flames crackling and swaying.

You sat in front of the fire, your hands playing with the loose threads of the rug, sometimes pulling out tiny strands of string. Sirius sat there beside you, his face illuminated from the fires glow. Your thoughts were whizzing in your mind, how did Sirius escape from Azkaban?

His gaze was fixed on you, “what are you thinking about?” 

You looked up from the rug, “you.”

He knew what you were thinking about, he was suppose to be in Azkaban for Merlins sake. “The nightmares haunt me every night, I didn’t kill them, why would I kill my best friend?” Sirius rambled, he was wringing his hands and you had never seen him more damaged.

“Hey I believe you, you wouldn’t be in my house right now if I thought otherwise.” You chuckled, a sucky attempt to lighten the situation. He didn’t answer, his mind was somewhere else.

“You’re the only one who has believed me.” 

“That’s not true! You haven’t talked to the Order have you?” You said, shaking your head for asking such a question, of course he hadn’t talked to the Order.
Sirius didn’t reply, he got up clumsily and walked around your living room, stopping every now and then to look at the items cluttered on shelves. He came to a complete halt when he saw the photo, of the Marauders and you on the last day of school. The moving photograph showing the five of you laughing, and it looked like you hadn’t a worry in the world.

“I remember that day,” he murmured, delicate fingertips tracing over it.

“James accidentally spilled butter beer on Lily, she was fuming,” you reply, smiling at the memory that was never forgotten.

“The good days.”

“Yes Sirius, the good days.” 

“I’m so glad you are here.” He turned around to face you, this time you were holding him so tight, as if he were to disappear from your arms into thin air. The smell of sweat and grass and your perfume was all in one mix. He spoke again but it was muffled.


“I want to get a hair cut, would you be able to cut my hair?” He asked, pulling away from you slightly to look at your face.

“Of course just wait here.” You untangled your arms from his body and rushed off to find the scissors. After searching through a few drawers you finally found what you were looking for. Sirius was sitting at a chair on your dining table, picking at his t-shirt.

“How short do you want it?” You ask, tying your hair up into a tousled bun.

“Up to my ears, I’m sick of it being so long,” he halfheartedly affirmed, touching the ends of his hair lightly.

You began cutting it, layers of hair falling on your marble tiles. Sirius stayed so perfectly still while you cut it you thought he had fallen asleep. The sound of scissors silenced and you raked your fingers through his hair, making sure no loose strands of hair were stuck in his hair.

He scratched the back of his neck, “does it look okay?”

“You’re Sirius Black, you would look good with any haircut,” you compliment, a tinge of pink hitting the apple of your cheeks. He smiled, something you hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.” You laugh, the water a murky brown, he was filthy. The smell of apples hit your nose when you scrubbed the shampoo through his hair.

“You use to always smell like apples, you know?” Sirius recalls, turning around to look at you.

“I’m surprised you remember such a small detail,” you note, smiling at him nevertheless. 

“And you use to organise your books in alphabetical order,” he continues, a grin plastered on his lips, waiting to see your reaction. You bit your lip, trying to hold back a mirror of his smile.

“You really didn’t forget did you?” You ask, kissing his hairline, the sour taste of shampoo on your lips. Perhaps seeing Sirius again was all it took to bring the light back in your eyes, someone who made you enjoy every little thing that existed in the mass of the universe.

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Hello Raina, hope you're doing good. Here is a prompt for you, hope you enjoy. Rise AU, when Beckett wakes up from the surgery, she thinks she's married to Castle.

Hi anon! I really love this idea, but I actually have written a fic that is probably too similar here

Imagine being afraid of telling Jared that you’re pregnant

I can see Emma’s disapproval all over her face. She isn’t happy with me, and I’m not happy either, but there was no other choice. I had to go.

“Just tell him, he’ll understand!”

“It was a mistake from the beginning, he’s my boss, you just don’t have one night stands with your boss” I mutter, afraid that Jared might show up in the studio at any second.

“But you are pregnant” She whispers, the disapproval turning into anger.

I throw her the first thing I can find, which turns out to be one of Jared’s chocolate bars.

“Hey!” We hear Jared shouting from the door, “That’s my chocolate”

“Sorry” I whisper, running to Emma to pick out the bar.

Jared looks at us, and something on his face changes. When we comes near us, the suspicion on his face is obvious.

“You two look really pale” He mutters, changing his gaze from Emma to me, “Are you two ok?”

Emma looks pale because she’s scared. She wants me to tell Jared, but overhearing our conversation wouldn’t be a great way to find out he’s going to be a father. I look pale because I’m scared too, but also because I feel sick. I don’t even know how he hasn’t noticed that I spent half of my day in the bathroom, that’s how Emma find out.

“I need to go to the bathroom” I excuse myself.

Morning sickness was the worst, but mine was more like a whole-day sickness. Being pregnant should be pretty, not being afraid that the father of the baby will not want the kid, and spending your day puking.

During the day I receive Emma’s different stages of emotions through her looks. We have been working together for so long, that I could read her with just one gaze. At times she gives me looks that could only mean ‘Just fucking tell him’; when I get up to go to the bathroom she’s like ‘Ew’, but when I come back I receive the sympathetic look of ‘You poor thing’.

By the end of the day, the only look I receive is ‘Don’t you dare’. But I most certainly will.

Emma says her goodbyes for the day, leaving me with one more ‘Don’t you dare’ look. I just wave her off, walking towards Jared’s desk. As always, he’s busy working on his laptop, not even noticing that I’m standing in front of him.

“Jared” I stutter, trying to get his attention.

“Oh, hey” He says, finally acknowledging my presence with a smile, “I didn’t see you there”

I can do this, right? His smile can’t be a factor that makes me chicken out.

“I really need to talk to you”

The smile disappears in a second and worriness takes over his expression. He takes my hand to make me sit by his side.

“Is something wrong? Are you ok?”

“I just… God. Okay, I’m just gonna say it” I sigh deeply, trying to calm myself down, “I’m quitting”

“Wait, what?”

I stand from the couch, starting to pace out in the room.

“Is this because of what happened between us?” He asks, and I can notice a bit of nervousness on his tone.

“I just can’t work for you anymore” I whisper, avoiding his gaze, “This is gonna sound extremely cliché, but it’s not you, it’s… well, me”

“Ok, now I feel like you are breaking up with me and we are not even together” He laughs nervously, standing to stop my pace.

His hands wrap on my arms holding me still, trying to look me in the eyes, but I just avoid him still.

“Did I say something wrong? I can’t think of a reason why you would want to leave except for that night” His hand leaves my arm to hold my chin and make me look at him, “You regret it?”

He sounds hurt, and I don’t want him to be hurt. I’m just scared of what may happen if I spit all out. If he wanted kids, he would have had them by now, it’s not like he didn’t have opportunities before. If he didn’t want to give this huge step with long term girlfriends, what guarantees me that he would want to do it with me? I’m just a one night stand.

“I’m really sorry, Jared”

I manage to let go of his grip, walking to get my bag and get the hell out of there. My old car waits for me outside, and we drive home in complete silence, I can’t even stand music right now. I just want to be alone.

By the time I get home, I really need to go to the bathroom. I had avoid my mom’s medicinal herbs for sickness scared of what they may do to the little one, but I was already sick of all the pucking, maybe some weird tea wasn’t going to be that bad.

I follow the instructions that mom left with the bag of herbs, waiting for the kelt to be ready. I read the instructions over and over again, trying to get Jared out of my head.

I was the worst, I was denying him the right to be a father just because my head wouldn’t imagine him as one. Or, actually, I could imagine him; holding the baby on his arms, kissing the little forehead, feeding him or her when I was too tired to breastfeed. Or just looking at the baby in a crib, his eyes shining at the sight of our creation.

God, where did this amazing idea of quitting appeared?

The whistle of the kettle takes me out of my perfect world, one where I was smart enough to tell Jared the truth and not run away like a coward.

When my tea is ready, I grab a bag of chips, I really want some chips, walking back to my living room. I lay on my couch, turning the tv on, drinking my tea, eating chips. I repeat the process for hours. Watch, drink, eat. I don’t want to think about Jared, the baby, or my unemployed situation.

The beeping of my phone takes me out of the groggy zone, almost fully asleep. I jump on the couch, scared by the sudden sound in the silent room. When I finally calm myself down, realizing that it’s just my phone, I read the message that just came in.

“Jared called, I didn’t told him! I swear!”

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Emma, what the fuck did you do?!

Another text comes in, and I’m already shaking.

“Well, I may have told him that he was stupid and blind for not noticing how changed you’ve been since… well, you know”

Not a minutes passes before I receive another one.

“Ok, I didn’t say stupid, ‘asshole’ is a better representation”

When no other text comes in I decide to text her back, “He knows?!”

“No, I mean, I don’t know”

“Maybe” She finally sends, ending the exchange with a sad emoji.

I grab my blanket, hiding under it, feeling my heart trying to escape my chest. My breathing is heavy, and my hiding spot does not help to calm my nerves. I take the blanket off my head, looking around, trying to find somewhere to hide.

The doorbell rings fast, someone is pressing it with desperation, and I know who that is. But I’m still trying to find a hiding spot, even though my whole living room is lighted up, and my car is outside. There’s no way to hide the fact that I’m inside.

I stand from the couch, walking to the door, not even looking who is on the other side.

“I’m so, so stupid” Jared says the second I open the door, letting himself in, “I didn’t even notice, I’m such a fool”

Jared sits on my couch, taking my bag of chips to eat some while looking at me. I close the door, walking as calm as I can, sitting by his side.

“Sorry, I didn’t grab lunch” He says, handing me the bag of chips, “I’m starving”

“I can prepare you something if…” I say, starting to stand, but he grabs my wrist.

“No, we need to talk”

I sit again, looking at his hand on my wrist. Suddenly he starts to laugh, taking his free hand to cover his mouth. His eyes are shining, I can even see myself in them, scared as shit.

“Are you okay?” I ask him, “I mean, are you okay with this?”

“Of course I am!” He shouts, cupping my face with his warm hands, “I’m more than happy!”

The fear finally abandons my body, letting a wave of relief and happiness take over. I jump to wrap my arms around his neck, his hands holding me closer to him.

“I love you too” He mutters, “It feels so good to finally say it.

Hold on…

“What did you just say?” I ask, pulling away from him.

“I love you” He repeats, the smile forming into confusion, “Isn’t that what we are talking about?”

“Oh, God…”

I stand from the couch, walking to the kitchen, trying to hide from him again. He thinks I’m in love with him, which is actually true, but that isn’t the reason why I was so scared! My hands go over my belly as I lean on the sink. Why do I have to be nauseous in a moment like this? I drench my face, trying to catch as much air as possible.

“Are you okay?” He’s the one asking this time.

I just nod, drying my face with a paper towel.

“You are not okay” He mutters, and as I turn around to face him, I can see the recognition on his face, “You’ve been sick all week…”

“Jared” I try to interrupt him, but he continues.

“Emma said that I was an asshole for not noticing what was going on with you”

“I’m so sorry, Jared” I mumble, walking to stand in front of him.

“Oh God, you’ve been sick more than just this week”

Jared just stands there, looking at me, trying to find some answers. Both of his hands hold my arms, never leaving my gaze. I get lost on his expression, the fear, confusion and… excitement?


“You are pregnant?” He finally asks.

My head lowers as soon as I hear the word come out of his mouth. I can hear him laugh again, asking the question a second time. I give him a simple nod, and his hold on me disappears. But now for long.

Jared wraps his arms on my waist, lifting my feet off the ground. I can hear him laugh, saying the same word over and over again.

“Pregnant! Pregnant!”

I can feel the sickness again, and I plead him to put me down. When he does, I can see the smile on his face, this light on his eyes, the way his hands just want to touch me, pull me to him.

“I’m sorry, are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“I’m okay” I whisper, realization finally coming to my head. He knows, “Just a bit dizzy”

“Oh, I can’t believe it! You are pregnant!” His hands hold me again, pulling me toward his chest, and suddenly everything is too much.

The tears start rolling down my cheeks, all the emotions I held back for two weeks can now be discarded, kicked away. I feel free, and the tears are proof of that. I hear him calling my name, asking me over and over again if I’m okay. I nod, crying, then smiling, then crying again.

“I’m happy” I finally say.

A relieved smile appears on his face. His hand grabs mine, pulling me to the living room. He falls on the couch, making me fall by his side, holding me tight against him.

“We need to check with the doctor, they need to check you for your morning sickness” He starts talking really fast, “We need to tell everyone after that, or maybe we can wait for a few weeks, just to be sure everything is going alright”

“Jared” I try to stop him, letting out a nervous laugh.

“Can Emma be the godmother?” He continues, “You can pick the godfather”

“Hey” I reach for his face, placing my hand over his mouth to shut him, “Calm down”

He tries to speak again, but I can only hear a mumble.

“We need to discuss another thing” He says as I let go of his face, my eyebrows raise, waiting for the new topic, “Work”


“I want you back, especially now”

I hold his hand, thinking about it for a few seconds

“Ok” I say, after a deep sigh.

“Excellent!” He exclaims, pulling me to his chest again.

Jared continues planning  our future together, the future for our baby. I just listen, still in shock about everything that just happened. I was a fool by hiding all this from him. He’s happy, we are both happy, and that’s all that matters.


you and Josh had only been hanging out for a week and already you were best friends. you two went for ice cream, went on walks you even started watching a new show together.

when Scott had said you had to be paired with Josh to make sure he didnt get in any trouble you had been skeptical of the guy. but it turned out he was just a giant puppy.

you were walking around, you clinging to his arm (a new habit) when you bumped into Stiles. “oooh, am i interrupting something?” he asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Josh and Y/N sitting in a tree-” he started to sing.

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Fireworks (John Laurens X Reader)

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Paring: John Laurens X Reader

Triggers: Horror Movies, anxiety, slight fear of the dark, burnt popcorn, some Eliza/Maria drama, bad ending

Prompts: 730. “I’ve loved you for years.” 772. “Can I hold your hand?” 682. “Why choose me?”

Words: 1220


You, Peggy, your roommate Maria, Angelica, all sat in your dorm. 

“I have popcorn!” Peggy held up the freshly popped popcorn, and hip bumped the microwave door closed. 

“It smells like you kinda burned it.” Angelica said when handed the popcorn so she could put it in separate bowls. 

“That smell will never go away.” Maria sighed. You and her would have to do deal with it, tomorrow. 

“Then why did you choose me to make it?” Peggy shot back. 

“You volunteered!” You argued and she started packing.

“Well, I brought the ice cream!” Eliza entered the small room with the good news. She was carrying three huge tubs of your favorite ice cream. 

“Eliza!” Maria turned to give her a hug. “How’s Alex?” 

You could physically see Eliza tensing up. “He’s doing fine.” 

A silence filled the room. 

What happened there? 

“Okay! What movie do y’all wanna watch?” You tried to thin the tense air. 

“We should watch a horror movie!” Angelica piped up handing you your share of popcorn. 

“No.” You replied straight after.  

“Yes.” Peggy answered you looked at her. 

“Yes.” It was Eliza’s turn to earn your glare. 

“No!” You protested. You really hated horror movies, you could hardly sleep after. 

“Yes.” You looked at Maria with betrayal. 

“No! Why?!” You were now becoming anxious. Angelica and Eliza joined you on your bed while Peggy sat on Maria, on her own. 

“Sorry, Y/n, you’re outnumbered!” Angelica took the remote and turned on Netflix, finding a movie. 

“Ooo! Let’s watch Hush!” Peggy exclaimed, opening up her tub of ice cream, and taking a spoon from the bag. 

“Oh, I love that movie!” Maria spoke up. 

“Please don’t.” You tried to plead with your friends. You had never even gotten through 30 minutes of that cursed movie. 

“What? Do we need to call John to protect you?” Angelica nudged your shoulder making fun of your crush on your best friend. 

You could feel your s/c face heating up as you grumbled, “Play the damn movie.” 


An hour and thirty minutes later, you were shaking in fear of the thrilling movie and it’s outcome. Everyone went to pick up their phones and you asked Eliza to hand you yours. 

“Meet me under the bridge near your dorm in an hour.” Eliza suddenly said out loud, you turned to look at her. She was holding up your phone apparently reading from the text message on the screen. “From: Curly Turtle With A Bun…” 

You heard the girls snickering. Your face heated up again, “When was that sent?” 

“Messaged: 50 minutes ago.” 

“What?!” You shot up from your bed and scrambled to your closet. You heard footsteps and turned around to see the girls all smirking.


You ended up leaving 15 minutes late with your makeup done and (thank god) you manage to talk down the dress. You made it outside the dorm, and ran part of the way to the park. Hush made you iffy of the dark. 

You skipped over the rocks by the bridge and went down the hill. “John?” You called out at the beginning of the entrance to the bridge. 

No answer. 

You looked around for any sign of him. 

‘He probably already left, you should too!’ Your common sense warned,but you pushed the thought aside when you saw a bright pink sticky note on the wall next to the entrance. 

On it, was a detailed picture of you and John hanging upside down from a tree as kids. 

You smiled remembering that day. 

You were brought out of your thoughts by a snapping sound. Suddenly, part of the bridge wall was illuminated and you saw more sticky notes. 

“John?” You called again. 

You entered the half circle cave the bridge made, and picked a sticky note from off of the wall. 

A picture of you and John muddy and hair disheveled, while you were holding a dirty kitten with a closed eye, and you both smiling up at your parents trying to get them to let you keep it. 

Detailed is an understatement. 

You kept walking picking other memories off the wall, and looking at them all with smiles. 

There was even one of you and John, and a couple of other friends, going to see your first horror movie. Needless to say, you clung on to John for dear life and wouldn’t let go till you got home. 

You got to the last one and didn’t recognize it. 

It was just a post it that said ‘Turn around’. 

Then at that moment the lights flickered and shut off. You froze in your spot suddenly feeling the very ominous vibe that this dark cave made. 

All you could hear were the whispers in the wind, mixed with the trickling of the river water next to you and the faint crunching of leaves. 

“Y/n…” An eerie whisper called out. You hadn’t noticed you were already shaking til then. ‘Well, nice knowing ‘ya, Y/N, but you’re gonna die.’ You said to yourself. 

“Y/n!” The voice became louder. 

“OH, PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” You cried, hitting the wall as you stepped back. 

“H-Hey… Y/N… It’s okay… I’m here…” You were still shaking, but you recognized John’s voice. “Can I hold your hand? Is that okay?” 

You didn’t answer, and he hesitated to take your hands in his. 

“Y/n, did you watch another horror movie?” 

You nodded. 

John sighed, “I told them to keep you occupied, not terrify you.” 

“W-What?” You looked up to see him with a slightly disappointed look. He looked back at you when he heard your voice. 

“Nothing, but hey, I’m gonna need you to calm down so u can say this to you.” John squeezed your hands and you looked at him through tears. “Would it help if we turned the lights on?” 

You nodded. John repeated your actions, and let go of one hand to signal something, his eyes never leave yours. You assumed that the boys were here. 

The lights came back on and you took a sigh of relief. There was a few moments of silence, and John slipped his hand back into yours. 

“Y/n, I love you.” He broke the silence with an atomic bomb. 

“I’m sorry, what?” Your eyes focused but your mind blurred. 

I’ve loved you for years, but I just didn’t know how to tell it to you. ” He smiled. Oh, his smile.. He searched your eyes for any sign of happiness. 

It was there, you were slowly beginning to recognize that your crush actually liked you back. 

John liked you back. 

You eyes flickered to his lips and you leaned in to kiss him. His lips were stilled and you had second thoughts about what you’d just done. 

You moved to pull away, but you were stopped by his hand placed on the side of your face that guided you back to him. His lips molded to yours and they moved in sync with the fireworks going off inside your mind. 

You two hesitantly parted but still refused to lose contact, with your lips inches away from each other’s. 

“I love you too.” You whispered. You could feel his smile as he went to kiss your forehead. 

Now, you knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

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OF COURSE people legitimately like and support your stuff! You're an extremely talented artist, with an amazing personality! We genuinely like to see your hard work in all that you make. Keep making fantastic art, and keep being you! ~C.

C, you’re a complete sweetheart and I’m lucky to have you around! but I don’t want to be me most of the time

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I followed you for map6 and vixx yet you mostly post bts. i don't even stan bts :////

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