not my best drawing but i did this in like an hour or too


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:

Characters belong to @thisiskindagross


snapchat recognized her face which i found out on accident but it made me so happy. (this isn’t the best work either okay but to be fair i did it in like an hour so cut me some slack lol i just wanted to share because the filters amused me)


that statement makes me incredibly happy. i turned in the final essays for one of my classes yesterday which officially marks the start of my break. today was the first day i had no homework to be thinking about and it was strange at first, but then i just felt relief. like, i am so burned out. holy shit. i’m excited to rest and write and draw and catch up w/ my friends 

i assume y’all are on break too, or are about to be, so… happy spring break to us!

*suddenly remembers i did absolutely nothing for genyatta week* fucc

i just did these all real quick bc i really wanted to do something before it was too late but gosh i love genyatta and i will destroy my wrist frantically drawing for about 2 hours if that’s what it takes

Day 1: genji showing zen his face for the first time, but i’m also a complete sap and made it a first kiss as well, where zen presses his face against genji’s lips in an attempt at a kiss. he thanks him for showing his face.

Day 2: genji confessing like a middle school girl and handing zen the cheesiest love letter he thought was deep and heartfelt while writing it. however, zen laughs a bit while reading it and genji realizes it actually is Cheesy af and almost dies of embarrassment. zen thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever read and is happy to reciprocate genji’s feelings

Day 3: the happy couple winds up with a comically large bouquet of roses and they both have to hold it (not pictured: ganymede buried in this flower sarcophagus)

Day 4: a human au because i am Weak and Predictable

Day 5: zen finds a distraught and exhausted cyborg out in a snowstorm. he places an orb of harmony on him, hoping it’s enough to give him hope to make it out of the storm alive and to safety


Day 7: i can’t do poses but zen protects genji so he can ult in and team wipe the enemies on the payload