not my best but whatever i still liked writing it!

prompt: #8 “Don’t touch him!” 
pairing: destiel
tags: bullying tw, punk!cas, hurt/comfort, violence tw, high school au
a/n: why do I always write about alistair being a bully, where is my inspiration
for @envydean

“Alistair, please-”

“You think you can come away with begging, you little faggot?” Alistair scoffed as he pushed Castiel further up against the wall. 

He scraped Castiel’s back against the rough stone, not caring that the other whimpered and hissed. His jacket lay useless on the ground, covered in mud, so his bare arms scratched against the wall as well. A few guys stood around, laughing but not doing anything.  "I don’t fall for those pretty blue eyes, you know that right? I’m not a weirdo or a freak, like you.“

While Castiel thought Alistair was exactly those two things, he thought it was better not to say so, seen his situation. If he had a little more muscle, he’d give Alistair a few good punches in the face. He huffed, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

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Writer’s Block 4.1

So I’m taking a different approach to finishing this story. Instead of writing a monster chapter, it’s easier for me to do chunks of it at the moment. I’ll post every 2000 words here, and when it’s complete I’ll post it as one continuous chapter on the archives. Just seems easier for me. Hope you like this one! 4.2 isn’t far behind… Let me know what you think!

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What the fuck am I reading? I toss the book aside and try to forget about the alien species commingling with human women as they take over the world with their disappearing magic lube, never-ending sexual appetite and nanocytes that heal the bruises they leave behind from their love-making. If it can be called that.

None of that garbage is going to help me write the next scene. The scene. The one I have zero experience with. Every time I sit down to write it I get nervous and edgy. But I need something written down that at least Peeta can make changes to. He won’t be much help to me this week since he’s busy finishing up an art project that’s due at the same time. I told him not to worry, that I would wrap things up on this end so he could focus elsewhere.

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as it is valentine’s day, and i am a sucker for everything regarding love & showering people in my life with love, i wanted to make a special follow forever for everyone i adore on this site. i’ve met so many incredible people and have grown to love and cherish you as i would anyone in my real life, because you’ve all always been there for me and have shown me so much support when i needed it. i can’t thank you enough for that and i don’t think any of you will ever really know how much that’s gotten me through my dark moments. therefore, that’s why it’s so important to let each and every one of you know how special and wonderful you are! i’ve written a little something for those who have truly touched my heart and i’ve also included everyone who i love, even if we’ve never spoken, i still think the absolute world of you hope that life is treating you well. to everyone reading this, i love you i love you i love you and you deserve everything beautiful and wonderful in this world. if you ever need me, i’m right here for you, and my heart is sending you lots of love and affection today (did u guys kno how sappy i am)(well now u do)(feel free to drag me for this okay i’m a ball of mush) 🌹

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For BNWYDSE Listeners: The Final E-mail from Mr. Oreo

So a long time ago, right around the time I left THAC, I got one last e-mail from “Mr. Oreo”. I asked if they would mind if I shared their email but I got no response, presumably because they don’t check that email address anymore (it does have a pretty specific use, after all). So I’m leaving out their name or any other personal details that were included. Thought you guys that remember might get a kick out of it:

Dear THACboiiz,

First of all, I should introduce myself as [–]. Not [–] Oreo, or Kia, or Patreon, but [–] nonetheless. And definitely not Giath.

I wanted to take some time to thank you all. The reason I’m thanking you now is that I’ve just finished a masters and it’s a huge relief. And you might be amazed at just how much you all helped me to get through it.

It was a difficult year living in a one-room apartment London, with a shower above the toilet and an oven next to the bed. It was a long way from home, and I had virtually no free time or money to do anything other than run in the morning and study for the entire rest of the day. I’d have just enough time to keep up with the THAC content when I slowed down for dinner on a night, and your channel basically had a most favoured status in my routine, since I’d been following since MH first emerged on SA and had full confidence that my time would be well invested.

And those are the circumstances what inspired the Mr Oreo e-mail. I was in a study-induced stupor while listening to BNWYDSE and eating spaghetti (true story) and needed some creative outlet to break the monotony. I think Joseph mentioned Oreos, and then…well I don’t really remember how I brought the idea together from that tenuous starting point. But I just wrote fast, with little regard for whether the words I was using were real words or not, then sent it off and forgot about it. I’m pretty sure I had read a few too many convoluted academic pieces and abandoned normal English language conventions or attempts at readability as a result.

When I got to the end of the next posdcast a couple of weeks later and realised Tim was actually going to read it I was in awe. I could barely remember what I had written, so hearing him trying to make the best of it had me in tears of laughter. It sincerely made my night, and from that point I made a mental note to let you know about that when the year was over. From time to time, there would be similar nights and I’d and dash another one out. Always the same rule: No editing, except to add a few horrid retrospective puns.
From Mr. Kia to Mr. Patreon; there was never any great unifying theme other than the probability that there was some kind of hamfisted con involved somewhere, pilfered by either a very elaborate yet half-baked spam AI, or tenacious yet incompetent scammer. Or, you know, the actual bosses of major company-brands. The last one is definitely the most plausible, right down to the fact that every corporate structure ensures that specific brands have eponymous CEOs appointed to them for some godawful reason, and no this is not a lie at all so stop asking.

The only one I didn’t write was the recent Vegemite one, and that made me really happy as well: It was so nice to think that someone else who was listening had taken the character to heart, and that makes me more grateful still to you for reading them out. There was never any obligation on you to do so, so I’m truly thankful that you gave me that little platform and a chance to keep my writing skills sharp, curiously by channelling all of my most gimcrack writing into those e-mails and getting it out of my system for when the time to do real proper writing rolled up.

I don’t plan to write any more, since it just wouldn’t feel right outside of the weird pressure cooker of a city that London is. That’s the sort of place Mr. Oreo might live, but it isn’t for me. And that’s fine. I got what I went for and left all those big money CEOs in their glass towers behind. Although this letter largely retains the spirit of those e-mails thanks to my decision to write it at a time when my powers of proodfreading are likely to be completely inept. I’m just filling you in on this strange chapter of my life because it’s a big part of why I’m getting in touch to express my gratitude.

I’ll still be watching, and listening, and no doubt making a terrific time of it. I’m sure that I’m not the only one you’ve helped through a patch or two, but I don’t like to leave thanks unsaid. So thank you. And thanks in advance for whatever else is to come.

Best regards,

Exo Reaction~ Girlfriend fangirls over BTS

Anonymous said:Can you do a exo reaction to their s/o going crazy when bts won their bbma award? (I’m so proud of them! 😊) Thank you~

relatable bc i love bts with my entire heart!!~


“I’m still right here,you know, jagi, and I’m as cute as ever.”

But I also feel like he’d freak out with you, just because he likes being loud.

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“Aww they’re very talented, and you’re being so cute, jagi…Do you still think I’m cuter than RapMon?”

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“Okay, if you keep it up, I’m telling them you’re fangirling over their talent.”

jealous lowkey

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“Aww jagi you’re so cute…You still think I’m talented right?”

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“I know, they’re talented, aren’t they? But look how hot I am.”

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“(Y/N) you’ve been fangirling over them forever…can you pay attention to me?”

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“Whatever, so what they’re talented. I am too. Look at my group’s awards. . you still like me better than the bangtan boys right?”

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“Okay you were being cute at first, and I love you jagi, but you’ve been fangirling forever. I’m telling the BTS boys you love them.”

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“They’re very talented, jagi, you’re so cute fangirling over BTS. But you still like me  best, don’t you?”

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Requests for reactions are closed, oneshots only please~

• will you?

@akemihughesh requested: imagine grant gustin X reader, grant propose her and in the end is super fluffy and smut, please love your imagines

A/N: Congrats to my little chicken nugget grant, I hope he’s happy because he deserves it since he’s one of my favorite peanuts other than chris colfer. I don’t write smut though I’m afraid, it gets kind of weird for me to write it even if it was for one my otps so you just get fluff. I hope you still like it, it might be a bit cheesy, corny, or whatever you wanna call it. I hope someday, I get married but I don’t have the best of luck with love. And I’m happy to hear that you love my imagines! Y/I/N is your Instagram name by the way! Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


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                              » Relationship(s): Grant Gustin/Reader «

You were enjoying your time with Grant after he finished filming a scene for his new movie, The Last Full Measure as you petted Nora, one of his dogs as she plopped herself onto your lap while waiting for Grant to come back from filming. You didn’t want to go see due to the war scenes, kind of always made you tear up. You loved watching the Flash while you and Grant were apart. Sometimes the Flash’s director would let you watch like when you came to surprise him during the Music Meister episode with your mutual friend, Darren Criss. You jump a little when Jett, the other one besides Nora began barking a little and running as fast as his little legs could go. Nora just whined a little and shifted into your lap again as your handsome boyfriend came up with Jett now in his arms, wagging his tail.

“Hey Y/N, looks like I’m finished filming so now we can spend some time together. .well, and these two dorks too of course after lunch.” The brown haired male pointed at the two white pups as you came over to give you a kiss on the temple. “You certainly could use lunch since I made you wait for so long.” He added as you peered him over your sunglasses from sitting outside, your E/C showing as he just gave you a grin.

“You’re hopeless Grant, just hopeless. But you’re paying for my food mister since you promised to be back here like an hour and a half ago.” You say, you would’ve gotten lunch but you wanted to spend time with him since you both had been busy because of your schedules conflicting. Grant gave you a quick sorry before giving you an actual kiss before Jett decided to join as you scrunched your nose with a laugh as your boyfriend made an ‘eww’ sound before setting him inside as Nora joined her brother. You grabbed your things before leaving with Grant off the set.

You always enjoyed when you two spent time together from just watching movies and eating ice cream to going on the carpet to give your support and help promote each other’s projects on film or TV. You were a very admired voice actress whom worked with many celebrated voice actors such as Tara Strong to Greg Cripes and much more. You also were a voice for a character on Vixen so you helped Grant and Stephen get into the voice acting part of it which was a lot of fun. Grant felt lucky to have you in his life despite that you both have seen each other’s worst moments from fighting which ended up in a bad screaming match before you stormed off. Candice and Tom helped you both out to fix it even when it meant you two took a break before apologizing so much to each other.

But you have seen each other’s best times from Grant winning the Teen Choice’s award last year and you getting a few of your own. That’s what made him think that you could be the one, you’ve both saw each at your lowest points to your highest. As Grant pulled you toward him after you were looking at dress in a window shop while you turned to see your boyfriend on one knee before clapping your mouth shut.

“Y/N, I know this might not be the ideal way to propose to you but I need to get off my chest. I remember when I first met you at Comic Con in your voice acting panel in 2014, didn’t think much of it until Carlos noticed me staring at you. I remember when we had that really bad moment in our relationship that was all over the place, man that was a mess. But here we are, still together after all of that. From supporting each other on stage to now. I can’t make any promises because I don’t want to break any since I know how you hate broken promises. But I want to come running home to you. Y/N L/N, will you marry me for the dork that I am? You know like be my Lois Lane to Superman?” He asks as he pulled out a simple ring that had your favorite stone instead of diamonds since you said you never wanted a diamond ring if you got proposed to.

You fan your face a little and noticed some people staring at you for your answer, nodding your head as you smiled. “Oh Grant, my Superman. Of course I will be your Lois as you long as you don’t wear that spandex to bed with you.” You say with a slight laugh as you leaned down to give him a kiss while he put the ring on your finger. Later that night Grant took a picture with you and your ring showing before posting on Instagram with a very simple caption on it.

‘ Found my Lois Lane to my Superman even though I can’t wear spandex to bed she says. @Y/I/N. ’  

Wander Over Yonder trending

I was going to write a very long post but turned this idea down later. I’m kinda late but whatever. This month’s theme is love/shipping/OTPS/BroTPS ect. so I’d like to talk about my favorite WOY couple (and cartoon couple in general) - King Draykor and Princess Demurra. Honestly, the episode where they appeared first (”The Hero”) is still one of the best Wander Over Yonder episodes to me. It had a great messages like how life isn’t a fairytale, woman can save herself and doesn’t need an outside help all the time, don’t judge the book by its’ cover and a lot more. What captured my mind, however, is the way Demurra&Drake relationships were portrayed. They didn’t talk much onscreen, but it was still enough to love them. This pair is an excellent example for both kids and adults at how relationship really work. If season 3 is coming (I’m sure it is, nobody can prove me the opposite) I’d like to see Draykor and Demurra more often and also their children, who we had no chance to know about. In the end, I’d like to sumbit my drawing with the said characters.

(My scaner ‘eats’ the colors, sadly, this is the best I can do with pic).

Please, don’t forget to check the petition link. Your help is very appreciated!

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I have a sort of malec prompt. 🙈 Okay so you know that scene in the show where Jace talks to Magnus about how he knew that Magnus and Alec took their relationship to the next level because they're parabatai and Magnus kinda freaks out because he thinks that Jace can feel it or whatever and Jace is like "no no no" but then that got me thinking like... what if he could? Aha

Oh Anon, I had fun and difficulty with this. It’s not in my nature to write ridiculousness, though I tried. Still - slightly plotty. Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for the request! 

It’s only when Alec stops being miserable that Jace notices he ever was. That makes him sound like the world’s worst parabatai he knows, but it’s not like it’s his fault either. He and Alec have been bonded since childhood, first as best friends and brothers and then later as parabatai. He knew on the level that anyone paying attention would know that Alec was unhappy, heavy is the head that wears the crown and all that, but when he could feel the parabatai bond for the first time, and in every moment of his life since, it just felt like Alec. It was the only Alec he’d ever known.  He didn’t understand just how deeply rooted Alec’s unhappiness was because he’d nothing to compare it to. It was all he’d ever known.  

So, when Alec steps off the alter and walks towards Magnus and just takes for the first time in his life, Jace feels the difference for the first time ever.  It’s why he finds himself bemusedly laughing at the alter while Alec makes out with Magnus in front of everyone he’s worked so hard to impress.  He can feel what Alec is feeling in a way. Jace imagines that if flipping someone off could be likened to a feeling the sense of defiance coursing through him like it was his own is what it would feel like.  

Good for Alec.  

When it all goes to hell and he’s with Valentine on the ship being beaten and tortured, he remembers that defiance.  The descent into hell is easy. He repeats this mantra to himself over and over.  Will not let Valentine break him, won’t let him get under his skin. He hopes Alec can’t feel this anger and despair and hurt and so he buries it. He’s doing this for Alec and Izzy and Clary and he needs to be strong so he makes himself feel nothing.  

Things are different after he brings Alec back from the brink he pushed himself to with the adamas. They’re closer. The anger and bitterness and disappointment that had at times threatened to come between them in recent weeks is gone. Swept aside as the meaningless crap that it was in the face of their parabatai bond and Jace can feel how the bond has grown. He’s so acutely aware of Alec now, or maybe he always was but Alec had one setting and one only. Now he is a mess of emotions, he feels different. The second soul that inhabits Jace’s own is wilder, freer, takes up more space within Jace, a cacophony of noise and colours and sensations.  It’s a lot to get used to but Jace rolls with it especially if it means that the person closest to him in the world is not punishing himself for something he cannot change.  

The changes start small. Jace can tell when Alec has been with Magnus without having to be told. Alec feels lighter for lack of a better way to describe it. The part of Jace that belongs to Alec is happy and light and nervous and excited and a little scared and Jace for all of his own problems smiles to himself when he feels it.  

Just as he’s getting used to this lighter happier version of Alec that exists within him, something happens that he can’t explain.  The warm sensation of Magnus’ presence mingling with Alec  becomes hotter, more urgent. Jace finds himself inexplicably breathless and excited and turned on at random moments and he knows it’s not coming from him, though admittedly he’s a guy so random bouts of horniness are not completely unusual.  

When he walks in on a moment between Alec and Magnus he can feel the frustration coming from Alec and from himself. He ignores it and moves in. He buries himself in Seelies and see and ignores how awful everything is and when he heard loud music start up in the living room of the loft and feels the tug of heat low in his belly he rolls the girl beside him over and pretends it’s his own feeling about the naked girl beneath him.  This is too weird and he hasn’t found a way to talk to Alec about it yet. Or maybe it’s normal and it’s one of those things that parabatai don’t talk about and Alec has been feeling this for years from Jace. He feels heat rise in his cheeks at the thought and buries himself into sex and emptiness.  

The next time, it’s not so easy to ignore. He can  feel Alec restless and irritated and a lot of it is directed right at Jace and that’s almost familiar to him. But then, he feels it. The ghost of a touch on his skin. Feather light and tantalising down the length of his arm leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Swears he can feel the wet heat of breath and lips against the soft skin between his jaw and his neck. He nearly moans at the feeling but catches himself and brushes the sensation away as best he can.  

The downward is falling apart, he’s just seen and Angel and he’s pacing between the booths of the Jade Wolf while Luke freaks out about his sister, and Alec is making out with his boyfriend. Perfect. He can’t sit still, full of restless energy and as much as he tries to ignore the lust thrumming through his veins, he can’t. He’s going to kill Alec.  

His pacing is drawing attention from the wolves in the restaurant, they’re watching him with wary eyes, and he’s about to make a retort, tell them to take a picture if he turns them on so much when he’s almost brought to his knees by the wave of pleasure that washes over him. He bolts for the door before he embarrasses himself in front of anyone and when he’s half way down the docks, past the shipping containers and sheds that Simon calls home, he lets himself slump to the ground.

It’s not like he’s experiencing the actual act, but whatever is happening with Alec and Magnus right now, Alec is completely overwhelmed and feeling things so strongly that it’s crossing the bond. Jace has never felt anything like it. He stays, slumped on the ground, thinking quite ridiculously that this is the low point in a long series of incredibly low points recently and just prays that Alec is a fumbling virgin and it’s all over quickly.  

It’s not.  

Whatever they are doing feels like it lasts for hours and Jace hates everything about his life more than he ever has when finally, blessedly, it ends. Just to be safe, he stays where he is for another ten minutes to make sure they aren’t going for round two or even round five, he can’t even tell anymore. Eventually he climbs back up to his feet and makes his way back to the Jade Wolf.  

‘Needed some air,’ he mutters to a confused, concerned looking Clary.  

He ignores the looks the wolves are giving him.  

He’s on the roof of the loft, pouring through books about the sword, and coming up with nothing, doing his best to ignore the cats, when he gives up and calls Magnus. He needs to bring up what happened, but doesn’t know how, so he goes with the blunt approach.  

‘He told you,’ Magnus says at his insinuation, and Jace knows he isn’t imagining the hurt on the warlocks face.  

He’s not enjoying this either. He’d rather not be privy to his parabatai’s sex life.  

'He didn’t have to,’ Jace tells him, clearing his throat uncomfortably.  

'I… felt it.’  

For the first time since Jace has known him, Magnus looks lost for words.  

'That’s ancient magic,’ Magnus tells him eventually, when it becomes clear Jace has run out of things to say about the matter too. 'It must have been triggered by the adamas. I should be able to undo it.’  

'Please do,’ Jace tells him. Then, needing to find himself back on firm footing, he keeps pushing forward with the conversation.  

'Look, I’m gonna make this simple okay?,’ Jace  puts the book down and looks directly at him. This is uncomfortable for everyone, but no way is Jace not saying what he needs to say right now, 'I’m never gonna let anyone hurt him.’  

Magnus promises the same thing, and Jace, despite himself, believes him.  

When he’s getting ready for the party later that night, Magnus knocks on his door.  

'I’ve done the spell,’ the warlock tells him, 'now hopefully we can forget that you were ever aware of that, yes?’  

'Please,’ Jace agrees readily.  

'Oh,’ Magnus tells him, spinning around one last time right as he was about to leave. 'Let’s keep this between you and I? I don’t think Alec would appreciate the knowledge that you know about… that.’  

Jace laughs.  

'We’ll take that to the grave,’  

galactic-davey  asked:

;v; can i have shance fluff?

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! These will all be posted on my Ao3 under the series Towards the Sky


(This is my first time writing fluff, I tried my best)

As always, thank you to @melonbugg for putting the stars in the sky.

Shiro used to have trouble sleeping. He would toss and turn through the whole night, unable to stay still as nightmares and memories wracked his never silent mind. When he was all wrapped up by an an octopus, he couldn’t toss and turn, the man on top of him kept him still, quieting his restless mind and body.

Shiro, on the other hand, snored like a beast, and Lance thought it was adorable. Before they had gotten together, Lance had never seen Shiro sleep and he was 100% sure that was intentional. Shiro in sleep was a totally different person. He’d twitch, snore, smile, sometimes even talk, and most of the time it was the cutest thing ever. Sometimes, when the past was hitting him a bit too hard and the nightmares took over Lance would listen to him beg for mercy while petting his hair until the larger man calmed down. Sometimes, when the thoughts that plagued him, telling him he just wasn’t good enough, Shiro’s quiet words and mumblings about Nunvil would calm him enough to forget about all that and just listen to the snoring, sturdy teddy bear beside him.

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I found the above page, which is full of (mostly English-speakers I assume) people going “passing the JLPT in such a short amount of time is impossible! I’ve been studying for 5 years and have only now made it to N2!” etc.

Just so people know, it’s very possible to reach N2 in 1-2 years. At my uni here in Sweden we finish Genki 1 in first semester, Genki 2 in second semester (=N4 level), and Tobira in 3rd and 4th semester; this is twice the speed of the average American class (and classes in most of the rest of Europe). Tobira gets you to “almost” N2, as in just 1-2 more months of study and you’ll pass N2 just fine. Our Bachelor’s degree is 3 years long and by third semester we’re reading manga and Aozora Bunko stories.

But you can learn MUCH faster than that. The average course in school teaches horrifically badly; for example they don’t explain compound words (子犬 is “child-dog”, it’s not “puppy”!), don’t teach the history/breakdown of the grammar (寒くなかった is just a condensed 寒く 無く あった!) and teach things incredibly out-of-order in general so it’s harder to learn. I finished Tobira in 2-3 months for example, and I could’ve done it faster.

Try using “” for vocabulary (you can finish N5 to N1 vocabulary in about 2 months, just work 2-3 hours a day), read about various memory techniques (ex. visualization, mind maps), and definitely understand basic grammar (“what is an adverb?”) and sentence structure in Japanese (“what describes, comes before”). Every day do at least a little reading, manga’s usually the easiest to understand but of course you also have short stories on Aozora Bunko, videogames, etc to choose from. Listen to movies or drama shows on youtube as background noise whenever you’re doing anything that doesn’t require heavy concentration (it’s easier to learn from them than radio talks). For grammar books I recommend “A Dictionary of Beginner’s/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese” over anything else modern that I’ve seen; of course they’re still not the best but they’re the best out of what I’ve seen so far.

For memorizing individual kanji meanings, you can replace words in English or whatever other language you know: instead of “I like dogs” it becomes “私 好 犬s”. You can also do this with pronunciation: My dog (“mai doggu”) becomes 枚 度っ具 etc. Just take a fanfic and replace the words with kanji.

For writing, go ahead, write on Twitter in Japanese every day… As a beginner you can start out with “I took a photo. This photo is of (town name)” or even simply “My photo. (town name)”!


So I’m finally taking commissions and selling stuff. Mostly so I can feed my cat, afford my meds, keep a roof over my head, and generally Not Die.

EDIT: I’m lowering some prices! Art is now 5 dollars a piece, shirts are now 15, and the pattern/instructions for the plague mask is now only 8 dollars! It is also now possible to get a custom carved bone seal with the handle already included for 15 dollars! (I don’t know why I made the handle separate, just pretend that option was never there)

Even if you aren’t interested, a reblog would really help me out and is very much appreciated. Thank you!

I take paypal only. You can contact me here on tumblr or at: Shipping is not included with these prices, they depend on how much you order and whether or not you’d like a tracking number (I’m trying to keep costs as low as possible for the both of us)

Check out the source post for updates, because some things are limited in quantity, and I only have so much materials on hand. (Need examples of my art and junk? More at my art tag here (cw: body horror and mild gore occasionally) 

Details under the cut!

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control | m

Originally posted by wooyoung

◇ Kai has lost control.

◇ Kai x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ I would like to dedicate this to @taeclipse !! Because she is always so supportive of my writing and shes amazing and i love her ♡ anyways im a bit rusty with my writing so this may not be the best!! I hope u guys still enjoy it!!


Kai had always prided himself on the amount of self control he had. Unlike a lot of his elder brothers - and younger brother - he could tell himself to stop. Even after not feeding for weeks, he would pace his blood intake, making sure to not hurt whatever human he was feeding off of.

Which is why he was so unprepared when he suddenly smelled the most ambrosial scent he’d ever had the pleasure of smelling.

He was planning on leaving just seconds ago, the pounding music and the stiffling crowds irritating him more than usual. He was completely sober, his thoughts straight and clear, and that completely changed once he smelled you.

It was like a switch had been flipped inside of him - his back straighted, his head snapped towards the dance floor downstairs, where the dancing crowd was gyrating and moving. He could feel his fangs forcing their way through his gums, his nails digging into the expensive leather of the armchair he was seated in. He didn’t need a mirror to know that his eyes were flooding with blackness, and as much as he tried to fight against it, his nostrils were only filling with your scent more and more as time passed.

Kai stands from his seat, jaw clenching in an effort to not flash downstairs and tear the crowd apart to find you. His brothers spare him a glance, but they’re too busy drinking, conversing, too fixated on their own mates. He’s quick to slip passed the waiters that roam around, hands full with sparkling faery concoctions, down the stairs and into the lively crowd.

He’s sure he’s pushed a few people - probably made a few fall over, with how he’s shoving to get through the crowd -, but he doesn’t care. He can feel it; you’re close. He’s nearing the bar, where Baekhyun’s mate works, and then he catches his first glimpse of you.

It seems as everything snaps into place. The stiffling aroma is completely gone in seconds as he registers that this is his mate, sitting right in front of him. Completely beautiful and breathtaking, wearing the sexiest dress he’s ever set eyes on, your skin a beautiful shade and your smile almost blinding, and -

And somebody is trying to chat you up. It’s the that Kai tunes in to how you’re feeling - your smile is incredibly tight, your fingers tapping against the mahogany bar table in discomfort. And, even with the music loud and pounding in the background, he can hear the stunning gentle thud of your heartbeat, much faster than it was supposed to be.

His self control, that he prided himself so much on, was completely thrown out the window. Red hot anger blazed inside of him like an inferno, as he stormed forward to the bar. His eyes were fixated on the obnoxious werewolf who was flinging out disgusting pickup lines as fast as his mouth would allow him.

The moment he meets your eyes invokes a strange sense of calmness to wash over him, as if the anger he had been feeling previously was simply a mirage. However, that comforting calm is quickly interrupted by an irritating, obnoxious voice.

“Uh, do you think you could back up? You’re making the lady uncomfortable.”

The anger is quickly blazing back, and Kai nusters every single particle of self control he has to not grasp this obnoxious idiot by the neck and fling him over the table - he definitely has the strength to do it - but Kai decides, for the sake of your comfort, that he would need to use other means of getting rid of him.

“Look,” he begins, an almost amused tone settling in his voice, “I don’t know where you got the idea that I made her uncomfortable, but I think you should leave before you suggest that idea again and I end up getting angry.”

The werewolf stays seated, and that’s when Kai realises that he obviously has no idea who he is. For all that werewolf cares, Kai is a lowly 3rd class vampire with no power, no influence. How wrong he is.

“Seeing as you obviously are new to this,” Kai sighs, tilting his head to the side - he can feel your eyes on him, grateful but guarded, “I’ll introduce myself. My name is Kai - and I’m one of the most powerful Beings in this realm, so I suggest you leave before I make you leave.”

His voice is dark and deep when he finishes, almost a whisper yet just as or more threatening as a yell would be. The werewolf gulps, eyes flickering between you and Kai, recognition painted on his face, before he slips off of his bar stool, hands up in defeat as he disappears off into the crowd. And Kai’s left alone with you, finally.

“Thank you for that,” you smile gratefully, readjusting your position. “I’m _____.”

Kai can’t help the shiver that travels up his spine like electricity at the warm drawl of your voice. He smiles back, slipping onto the seat the werewolf had previously been sitting on, and you’re both dunked back into silence.

It’s strangely comforting. The music provides background noise and Kai is left to admire you in complete silence as you take a few sips of the pearlescent liquid in your glass, a sigh escaping your lips as you turn to him with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ve heard about you,” you begin, your voice quiet yet curious. Kai raises an eyebrow, raising a hand to Baekhyun’s mate who quickly begins to prepare him a drink.

“All good things, I hope?” He questions with a smirk, nodding in thanks as a glass of amber liquid is slid along the dark wood. You let out a light laugh at his blatant flirting - unlike the previous guy, you didn’t feel sick to your stomach.

“You never tend to come down here,” you shrug, ignoring his questions, “None of you do. You all stay up there, with your waiters and your friends, making deals, peering down at us… What made you come down tonight?”

Kai shrugs easily, lifting his glass to his lips, but it’s obvious what the reason is. He dares another glance at you, almost stopping to stare because how is anyone that beautiful? “I guess you could say someone caught my eye.”

“Caught your eye?” You echo, a chuckle falling passed your lips in a amusement. You raise your eyebrows in interest, sipping at your drink as you turn to him fully. You’re teasing him now, a mischievous glint in your eye that makes him smirk. “I never would’ve guessed - you vampires tend to stick to your mates.”

“Maybe I am?” He raises an eyebrow, watching with amusement as your face contorts to one of disbelief, his glass hiding the smile on his face. He places the empty crystal on the bar table, pushing it in far in front of him as he too turns fully to you. “I’m Kai.”

“Me?” You question in confusion, your eyebrows knitting together and giving you the cutest expression, “You - I’m your mate? You’re absolutely sure?”

“Trust me,” Kai laughs lightly, shaking his head, “It’s hard to get it wrong-”

“What is it like?” Your eyes widen, and Kai is surprised to find you leaning forward in interest, your eyes completely fixated on him. You took the news quite well - he vaguely remembers how Xiumin’s mate slapped him when he tried to tell her she was his. “Finding me - finding your mate?”

“Well,” he begins with a cough, thinking back to just a few minutes ago, when he couldn’t control the simplest things, like his fangs or his eyes. “Imagine the best thing you’ve ever smelled - and multiply it by a million. That’s how I knew you were here - I could smell you. And it didn’t just affect my brain, my state of mind; my fangs, my eyes were out of control too.

“And then I followed it,” he continues, his voice getting quieter as you lean in further, the club seeming to disappear around you as he focuses on telling you as best as he can. “And I found you - sitting here, the most beautiful, amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.”

The air between you two is silent, full with tension that Kai can’t place his finger on. It almost feels as if the air has been knocked out of him as he holds eye contact with you, his chest rising and falling-

“Take me out of here,” is all you whisper - and he notices that you’ve both gotten so close, your lips inches apart, and it takes everything in him to not close the distance and finally feel your lips on his.

“I thought you’d never ask,” is murmured back.


The journey to his house - or mansion, more like - is a blur. You can only remember how his hand felt in yours as he tugged you through the crowd, into the chilly night and through the swirl of black smoke that transported you to the notorious EXO mansion.

You would hit yourself if you ever even thought of going to someone’s house when you virtually know nothing about them - especially when his house is looming high above your head, surrounded by dark forest and even darker gates. But strangely, with Kai’s hand in yours, the darkness doesn’t matter. You guess that whatever bond that mating gives allows you to feel completely safe around him.

“Your house is beautiful,” you mumble as he pushes open the heavy oak doors. The floor is white and grey marble, the grand staircase a gleaming dark wood. The foyer is decorated minimally - a few expensive vases and a portrait of the entire EXO clan, 12 that had lowered to 9, men with stoic faces and handsome features.

“It is,” he agrees, a soft hand lowering to your lower back to lead you along, letting your eyes drift over the interior as he slowly begins to start up the stairs, his hand not leaving your lower back, and sending chills through your spine, “The rooms have an equally nice interior.”

You let out a short laugh, “You’re not very slick, are you?”

“You seem to do something to me, sweetheart,” he grins as you reach the top of the stairs, and the pet name has your cheeks burning up - which really, it shouldn’t be, because this man is your mate and you just went home with him.

You pass by numerous doors on your way to his room, all dark and clean and identical, and he pushes one open at the end of the hall. He really wasn’t joking when he said the rooms were just as beautiful; the curtains are drawn, revealing the beautiful view of the night woods, and the bed is large and centred. A dark coloured pair of wardrobes and a dresser are against the grey walls, and apart from that, there’s only photos and books in the room.

“Well, you certainly weren’t lying,” you remark as you step into his room. You hear the click of the door shutting behind you as you delve deeper into the room, settling yourself on the bed. The sheets are soft and cold, and you find yourself letting your eyes shut slightly as your hot skin is cooled down.

“You don’t trust me?” Kai raises an eyebrow, the bed sinking underneath him as he sits next to you, eyes fixated on your form. “We’re mates, _____.”

“I never said I didn’t trust you,” you murmur, sitting up slowly and rolling your shoulders back. “I’m a very trustworthy person, actually.”

“I hope to find out more about you.”

“You can,” you whisper. The room is so silent that even whispering is too loud. “Right now, if you want to.”

And there it is. The invitation, the approval that he was waiting for. He wastes no time, fastening his arms around your waist and pulling you up onto his lap. The contact has your skin burning, and you’re quick to wind your arms around his neck.

And then your lips are on his, and your limbs almost feel weak with pleasure. His lips are chapped and addicting, his hair between your fingers is unbelievably soft. The feeling of his arms tightening around your waist, pulling you closer, makes you feel safe and sound.

You don’t know how long you spend just kissing him, basking in the glow of finally being able to touch him - if it feels this good for you, you can only imagine how good it feels for him. But soon enough, both of your patience is running out.

You break away from the kiss with swollen lips and breathing heavily. His eyes are dilated and his hair is messy and you can only guess you look the same, but you don’t have much time to over think because he’s slipping off the bed and pulling his shirt over his head, revealing a plane of tan skin that has your mouth watering.

He climbs back onto the bed, a predatorial look in his eye that has you shivering in excitement, and you almost whimper as you feel his hands trail over the skin of your thighs, fiddling with the hem of your dress, before he’s beginning to raise it, slowly and deliberately.

Kai can only take in everything as he reveals it; you’re so beautiful that he can’t fully comprehend it, his hands smoothing over every inch of skin revealed to him - and then he comes upon a little black star, right in the middle of your stomach. Your dress is bunched up around your chest, and he can’t stop himself from leaning down and pressing kisses against your skin.

“A witch, huh?” He murmurs against your skin, a sloppy kiss placed against the small tattoo, “You never told me.”

“It never came up,” you say breathily, leaning up on your elbows as he begins to help you fully remove your dress, the pale underwear covering your body making his breath almost stop. “I think we can leave it till later?”

“I’ll make sure to hold up your offer, my love,” he smirks the most devilish smirk that you had ever seen, and the mere sight of it paired with the sweet pet name has heat pooling in your stomach.

“I think it’s unfair that you still have some clothes on,” you breathe, unclasping the back of your bra easily. Your underwear have been kicked off, much to his delight, and he’s left to marvel your half naked body. You hold the bra onto your body, raising an eyebrow at him. “An article for an article?”

No need to ask him twice. The pants are kicked off easily, and so are the boxers, and then he’s standing completely bare in front of you, head tilted to the side as he reaches out to softly grab your waist, one hand raising to pull your hand from holding up your bra, entwining your fingers together. You feel it drop to the floor, and suddenly, you’re aware of every touch on your skin. “Let me see you, my love…

“Beautiful,” you hear him murmur. His eyes are trailing up and down your body, learning every curve, every twist and turn that makes you you. With a light groan, he leans forward and presses your lips together, harder than before, more sloppy but just as slow and passionate. “So, so beautiful…”

Your eyes flutter closed, your mind completely focused on kissing him and only him - but with a surprised yelp, your attention is diverted to how he lifts you effortlessly, your legs winding around his slender waist as he lays you down on the bed, his lips still working magic on yours.

He breaks away in seconds, his hands wandering from your waist to your sensitive breasts, pinching and kneading and making you writhe underneath him, his lips painting original galaxies on the plane of your neck. He wanted to leave his mark.

“Are you ready, my love?” He smirks against your neck, and you feel, with a gasp, the blunt head of his cock brush against your weeping slit. The simple action has you reacting in a way you never had before; your fingers and toes are curling and you can only guess that the mate bond multiplies touch between mates too.

“Yes,” you whine, “Please - just do it already.”

With a chuckle at your eagerness, and a drawn out groan of his own, Kai slowly enters you. The feeling is undescribable. You could say it was as red hot as fire, as blinding as the sun, but both were underestimates in what you were feeling. The feeling of his cock stretching you deliciously has your stomach muscles clenching, your back arching and your eyes rolling to the back of your head.

“Fuck,” Kai curses, beginning to roll his hips against you, his hands on either side of your head, pressed into the duvet. His eyes are completely fixed on how he slides into you, your bodies finally becoming one, but he glances up at your face for a second and is completely compelled by what he sees.

Your mouth is open in a silent moan, your eyebrows furrpwed in pleasure. Your hair is plastered to your forehead, your skin dewy and flushed, your eyes beautifully hooded as pleasure sets fire to every single nerve in your body.

“Faster,” he hears you plead, grasping at his hips desperately, “More-!”

He cuts off your moan with his lips, his hips beginning to speed up to an almost inhuman speed, your hands grasping at his hair and crushing him harder against your bruised lips. Lewd sounds echo throughout the vast room, your whimpers and his grunts quickly following as you both chase your highs.

“I’m gonna cum,” he hears you whimper, your voice unstable and high pitched, “Oh, fuck-”

Your head is thrown back as you’re hurtled into the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever experienced, pussy squeezing once, twice, around him, making him hiss and his grip on the sheets tighten as his orgasm approaches. He takes one last look at you, beautiful face contorted in pleasure, looking as angelic as you did when he first saw you-

“Shit!” His last grunt resounds throughout the room, his hips stilling as he empties his seed into you. He continues thrusting slowly after a moment, burying his head in the crook of your neck so that he can place kiss after kiss there, his cock sliding in and out of you as the atmosphere calms.

After a moment of basking in the moment, he pulls out of you - you barely register him flashing to the bathroom in less than a few seconds to fetch some tissues that he wipes you up with. Your mind is dazed and tired and your body is even more so, but the remnants of ecstasy that you feel make you smile happily, wrapping your arms around your mate as you drift off to sleep.

“I’m holding you up on that deal, remember,” you hear him murmur as you’re over taken by sleep. “My beautiful little witch.”

Starter Call (revised)

I didn’t realize it till after I posted it, but I forgot to mention a few details that I usually do in starter calls ^^;

Sorry for the trouble orz

I prefer to write my starters by hitting up whoever I owe them via their preferred means of chatting, whether that be IM on here, Discord, etc. so I can ask them what variation, verse, and scenario they would prefer ^^

Of course, if you’re not comfortable communicating with me like that for whatever reason, still feel free to like the call!

I’ll do my best to figure something out ^^

I have a tendency to sometimes get really passionate, so also please bear in mind that my starters may get quite long. There is no need for you at all whatsoever to match length! I’ll do my best to match any replies!

Now then, please like or reblog for a starter of variable length; the call is presently uncapped but still mutuals only, so please keep that in mind!

Wrote some Blackmadhi (/beginnings of, anyway) because I’ve fallen into this ship more than I thought I would and I cannot get up.  Has some implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill.  Deals with some PTSD nightmares on Simon’s part.  Slight spoilers for AA6.  Approx. 2350 words. 

Simon couldn’t help but wonder how exactly he got in this position.

How he was in a hotel room with one Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, who had fallen asleep in the bed next to his own at least two hours ago with absolutely no issues.  The monk’s long hair was splayed across his pillows as gracefully as the man himself slept. It was kind of irritating, Simon couldn’t help but think.  It would have been somewhat nice to see Nahyuta’s sleeping state to be the exact opposite of his conscious persona: perhaps some drooling, hair in knots and tangled everywhere…it would have been excellent material for Simon’s phone. But no, Prosecutor Sahdmadhi was as…ethereal in his sleep as he was at any other time.

And perhaps, most frustrating, was the fact that Nahyuta fell asleep with no problems whatsoever.

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the real thing [request]

suga/yoongi, bts, smut aka fingering, eat out, and v-card!!!

anonPLEASE do a Yoongi smut where both are bff and one day you find out he masturbates with one of your photos and then you tease him about it and the sexual tension grow up and yeah you know ;) (hope this is not too much)

anonHi hello so uhmmm…I’m kinda new to…*whispers* smut so I was wondering if you could write some Yoongi smut 🙈 ok bye~

a/n: i combined two requests, since they were for yoongi overall, so enjoy~!!!

word count: 3,843

“Would you like some help?” You question aloud, giggling at the downright red face Yoongi whose body is hunched over and blocking whatever was playing on his laptop screen.

“Oh my god, just get out!” He yells while still hunched and trying to shut his laptop.

“I wasn’t kidding,” you continue when shutting his bedroom door from behind. “If you need a best friend hand job, blow job—”

“Just. Get. Out!” Yoongi hollers once more when succeeds in pulling his pants up with swift moves, embarrassed that you’ll see his gorgeous milky ass, but you’ve seen since growing up that it doesn’t faze you any less than it does now.

“I’m your best friend, you know. You can always ask me for help~” you quietly sing and steps closer his way while spinning his computer chair right around your direction.

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I probably would’ve been a shitty CS major though. I’ve learnt a lot in only about a year about computer architecture and microarchitecture, but I still have only a marginal interest in writing programs. Which is like the opposite of what a productive CS major should be: a coder doesn’t want to worry about pipeline bubbles and µops, they just need to worry about writing readable code that works to spec and implements current best practices for whatever kind of application they’re coding.

Like, very few of my CS major friends got much out of the mandatory “let’s learn MIPS!” class, but that’s one of the only ones in the department that actually sounds interesting to me.

24 study tips

Hey everybody! I read a lot of study tips posts during my last year of so I decided to do a list with tips I used and got so much better grades afterwards! The list will go from some basics and like before-studying aka general tips to actual study tips that might be a lifesaver to some people! I wish you all the best, and I hope that these help some of you guys out! ❤

1. Be nice to your (and other) teachers! Dont be that arse that pays 0% attention to the class, doesnt raise their hand to read chunk from notebook that teacher wants somebody to read, and for the love of Remus Lupin, dont ask them when are they gonna grade your tests because you asking them wont make them grade it any sooner (but DONT try to become teachers pet, just be nice and teacher will be nice to you)

2. Read your lesson material before the actual lesson begins - if you dont have time, at least read those bolded words and their meanings

3. Some people work better when they turn off their phone while I personally cant do that. Find out what fits you better: if you dont trust yourself enough and dont think that you will only quickly check your phone for new notifications and not wind up on Tumblr for three hours, turn it off!

4. Dont listen to music with lyrics (or even instrumental covers of your favorite songs because your mind will want to sing to that song) while studying, save that for breaks

5. Try using the Pomodoro technique (there is Pomodoro app on Google Extensions, Google Play, AppShop…)

6. If even instrumental music distracts you, listen to white nosies, rain, cafe sounds, Harry Potter [your house] common room, Great Hall, (…) on YouTube (Rainy Mood for rain sounds) (or even on some apps, there are plenty of them avabile for free!)

7. Eat food!! There are plenty of super easy food recipes on Tumblr, We Heart It, YouTube, EasyCooks, you name it! Just type in “quick easy recipes” or “study food” and you will find so many delicious how-to’s

8. Stay hydrated. I know people say that you should drink tons of water, but, tbh I drink like two cups of plain water per week and I still have clean skin and all that shit and all my bodily functions are working perfectly fine. Drink water, tea, squeezed fruit juices, soda, anything you want, but s t a y h y d r a t e d

9. Before the school starts, or at the start of each month write down some goals. It can be little things like “Study history at least two times a week” or big things like “Get up at 5 a.m., do yoga and then study for the upcoming day”, whatever works the best for you

10. Keep your desk organised. It doesnt have to be that perfect, organise-by-color or something, if that doesnt work for you and makes you feel too sterile like it does to me. Organised mess also works, as long as you know where your stuff is!

11. Use separate notebooks/binders for each language amd write vocabulary from the back and grammar from the beggining of the notebook

12. Use different color schemes for each language so you dont get their grammar and words in general mixed up! For example, use blue shades for French, orange shades for German, green shades for Italian, pink shades for Chinese…

13. Read simple books on your target language. For example, read Beauty and the Beast in your native language then find online copy of it on your target language and read it!

14. Study frequently so when the exams come you wont have to cram all night long and stress as much as usual

15. Do your homework!!! This is so important because this way you will practice what you learned, or learn something new!!!

16. Stick to your sleep schedule as most as you can! Some people dont need 8 hours of sleep everyday, but you really should get at least 6 hours on a school day, and keep in mind that that is minimal!

17. Use to-do lists, planners, calendars, bullet journals, ANYTHING to keep yourself organised (or at least so you can feel like you are organised bc it will put your mind to rest)

18. You can learn your material by pretending that you are tutoring somebody! Take a toy or an actual human being (works with aliens too) and be a teacher to them

19. Watch videos about the topic you are currently studying! This honestly helps so much because videos: a) move, so it will keep your mind working; b) have pictures, so perfect for visual learners; c) have sounds (acustic) and so so so much more

20. Ok this is a life saver if you are like me and you cant remember cities in geography class: google them. Just google “Alicante, Spain (shoutout to all my TMI fans who thought I would write Idris instead of Spain)” for example and watch pictures. Your mind will more likely remember something if it has seen it

21. Actually just google the shit out of everything, google is a life saver ( for school-only content. No more un-needed info!)

22. Set yourself goals and rewads! Examples: 1) If I do my math homework in less than 40 minutes, I may watch half of episode of Doctor Who; 2) If I write notes for these three biology topics, I may read three fanfictons; 3) If I learn this before eight p.m., I may read book I like before I go to bed

23. If you are feeling low but still want to do as many things as possible, break down your tasks into smaller ones. For example, if you need to write 1000 words essay, dont set your goal “write 1000 words essay for english class” but instead write it like “charge laptop before starting” “get tea and apple slices” “find three good sources on google” “stretch” “write 250 words” “listen to my fav song” “write another 250 words” “watch one YouTube video” and so on

24. Please please PLEASE take mental health/relaxation day(s) once in a while and take care of yourself, take a long relaxing bath, read a book, catch up with your fav tv-show, spend day queueing things on Tumblr… Just do it!

dulcisoikos  asked:

Dear future me

[for the post to write a letter based on the ask] 

Dear future me,

I don’t know who I am right now so I know even less what you will be…but given that I’ve barely changed in the past four years you’ll probably be a lot like whatever I am. But I hope you’ve changed my bad habits and learned to negotiate with that stubborn pride. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’ve learned how to trust and appreciate the wonderful people you have around you. I hope you’ve figured out some sort of goal to work towards…but if not, that’s okay too – as long as you’re happy. 

Keep drawing, dude. Keep writing, keep making music, keep living. Maybe you’ll have regained your sense of purpose and ambition as the years go by.

I don’t know what will happen after this semester with my grades and shit. But you will figure something out? Maybe you won’t even be in school anymore. Maybe you’ll find something that fits you better and find fulfillment in that.

I don’t have much of a view of the future. It seems so far away even though it is right in front of me. I don’t seem to have the ability to conceptualize time effectively…is this a problem you will still have? who knows…

I’ve already lived for two decades. Please, live double, triple, quadruple that. who knows. There’s a lot to experience in this world. Don’t miss out on it. 

Thanks for listening, friend. I’ll try to work hard so I can become you.

I haven’t talked to you in awhile.
I would like to think
that we are both mature enough
to not talk to each other every day.
I hope our friendship is that mature
because I haven’t put the effort to talk
and I know you’re not one to either.
I still consider you as my best friend,
even if we don’t talk every day.
You’re still someone dear to me
and I would drop whatever I was doing
to see you in your time of need.
So best friend,
I hope you still consider me your best friend.