not my best but whatever i still liked writing it!

Auston Matthews #12 + Mitch Marner #6

Requested by Anon:  could you write something where the reader is in a poly relationship with Auston Matthews and Mitchell Marner? It could Be about cuddling or something like that. Maybe even a bit dirty but whatever you want

*Don’t hate meeee. I’ve been putting this off for the longest time because I honestly don’t know how to do this… it made me uncomfortable at some point…? Anyway, friendly and non romantic because this is the best that I can do. I still hope you like this though. Love you and thank you! :)

Edited: Poly relationships do not make me uncomfortable, please don’t get me wrong. When I said it made me uncomfortable at some point (not the question mark above), I was referring to when writing poly drabbles because (a) I have zero idea how to do it and (b) I don’t know how to do it in such a way that it will do justice to peiple who are in poly relationships. *

Word count: 950

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Mitch stopped combing his hair long enough to look at your reflection. You were busy tying Auston’s tie for the game and wasn’t even paying attention to anyone around you. For most, it’s just another regular season Leafs game but for you, it’s the last game you’re watching before you effectively move out and leave Toronto. Bittersweet.

Mitch turned around and frowned, “you know people are starting to think you’re sleeping with both of us,” he grinned.

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The 5700+ word 4x14 Coda fic (or rather 4x15 speculation) no one asked for

I don’t know what happened here. I don’t know why I sometimes can’t write a nice little coda fic. Like one additional scene. It just kinda escalated into… whatever this is.

The new sneak peek kinda throws a wrench in the beginning of my story (but I wasn’t gonna re-write the whole thing because of the sneak peek :) ), but most of the fic could still sort of work, so I hope you nonetheless enjoy it.

For @agl03. Some of this is inspired by your meta, but in most cases we were just once again thinking very much alike ;)

Disclaimer: I apologize if some of the story feels a bit rushed. Not my best style, but I felt like the fic was already getting out of hand because it’s basically the entire next episode as I had envisioned it, and so I decided to sometimes kinda sum things up more quickly just to transition between some of the major scenes.

Right Things Wrong

Sneak Peek:

Her eyes wander from the three people talking in the hallway back to the still image of them and Mace. Except that wasn’t the correct word anymore. People. Friends. Colleagues. It wasn’t them. They’d been replaced. The base had been infiltrated. Again. And they had no clue as to what their adversaries’ endgame was.

“We need to confirm that they’re all actually LMDs,” Fitz says quietly behind her.

“We have proof right here,” Jemma responds, gesturing at the still image from the LMD detector, trying not to draw anyone’s attention.

“It’s been wrong before,” Fitz counters, barely above a whisper. “The other day it went off because of a bloody coat hanger. I mean, we’ve managed to iron out most of the kinks,” he adds, scratching his neck, “but it could be wrong. Coulson’s arm. Daisy’s gauntlets. Mack’s goddamn shotgun axe. That’s a whole lot of metal and tech that could give us a false positive.”

“Do you think it’s wrong about all four of them?” Jemma asks, feeling like she’s asking a rhetorical question.

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After a really bad bad discussion I had with a bunch of people about fanfiction, let me remind you, fanfic writers 

YOU are important to the fandom.

You fill the empty spaces left by the canon, you take the story you like one step forward and do it in such a wonderful way.

I admire fanfic writers because I think from my point of view that writing is fucking hard, and write a character so he stays in character is more difficult than anything, and yet they still do their best.

I admire you and never, ever let anyone say bad shit to you either because you write fanfic and that’s “bad” or for whatever reason.
Enjoy it, expand the universe you like, create Au’s, create headcanons, do whatever the hell you like.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Kankri being a complete asshole. I love him too, but he's an asshole. It's what makes Kankri who he is. He isn't adorable or kind. He's. An. Asshole. It's his entire character. I'm all for giving him more attention, he's one of my favorite characters, but just let him be a bratty piece of shit instead of a nice and pure fluffy fan-service device.


(( kankri is a asshole he is, also a bit insufferable and among other things, and if i have strayed a bit from his character forgive me please, but a lot of people are just having fun i guess putting him in all these different ways and scenarios, he is a fictional character and a lot of people including myself can sometimes indulge a little too much of things or even themselves into the character that makes said character a little less like them and im sorry about that if some of the things on here are not very kankri like if not at all, that said i will try to make more imagines and other things more in tune to him! i will do my best to make this blog more in depth with him as much as i can ))

So I’ve been thinking…

I might, mind you BIG MIGHT… Try writing a fanfic. I have so much head canon built up and I really do feel the need to get it out of my system. While I’ve not written fanfic in years, it seems like the best way.

And of course I’d make illustrations to go along with it.

The problem being that this would consume so much of my time and I really enjoy streaming and talking to you guys as much as I can, and also getting to draw whatever silly shit I feel compelled to draw.

STILL… It’s something I want to do.

This blog is my greatest escape, though. We all know there are things in this world that are scary. And it affects me, too. But I am always happy to come online and get my head into wonderful fandom content and dish out my own. I get to come home and entertain so many and that makes me feel good. Guys, I consider that a fucking gift. I wouldn’t enjoy this if it weren’t for you, so thank you. Thank you so much.

But I guess what I’m really getting at is if this was something I did in the future, would you guys be interested in it? Or should I keep to the content I’m already putting out? It would be a huge project but I think I’d like doing it if you guys are actually interested.

Again, I’m asking because I do care that you all enjoy what content I’m creating. You are my wonderful Trash Family™ and I love you guys.

Let us now give thanks to our lord and savior Garbage Fedora Jesus. Bless.

sherlockholmcs  asked:

maggie!! i'm going to miss your writings for romanogers so much, but i totally understand your reasons. thank you for captivating us with your stories. you're truly one of the writers that has inspired me to write my own and you are madly talented in whatever you set your heart to. so, thank you so much for your contributions and making this fandom a little bit more like home. ily, best wishes x

Aw, thanks :-).  I’ll still be around.  I’ve got some other Romanogers smutty one-shots I still want to do.  I might do something a little longer (as long as I can post it all as one story).  I was telling my beta; writing 100k words of “To the Victor” in September was such an experience.  I cranked out one hundred thousand words in one month.  And it was so nice.  I wrote 75% of that story without any feedback influencing me or (the bad stuff) discouraging me. Nothing but me and my beta-reader.  Maybe that’s the way to go?  I’d never done that before, written so much without posting, but it felt so good.  We all get sucked into this feedback cycle where we write and post and wait for comments and then write and post and wait for more comments.  The feedback starts to make or break a story because of that.  Sometimes that works out great; “Storm Front” would not have gone the way it did were it not for some of the great feedback I got as I was writing, and the story turned out better (I think) for it.  But a lot of times, it ties a story’s fate to how much feedback you get and what kind.  Plus the poor readers have to wait and wait and get frustrated and not know where you’re going and so forth.  That’s why I made the post about “Stay” last week and why, maybe, this person got so mad at me.  I ruined the story in her opinion and she didn’t have faith in me to fix it.

Anyway, rambling :-).  Thank you, my friend.  I will still be here, still write, and I still love Steve/Nat.  I’m sure I will do some more with them.  Just nothing as epic as HotS is!

no but a third-grade witch throwing a Dance Monkey curse on cas. yeah. it’s exactly how it sounds. cas will dance to whatever song starts playing at any given moment.

dean promptly decides it’s the best thing that ever happened in his life and downloads every embarrassing tune he knows to his phone. 

cas walks in the kitchen in the morning. dean presses play on the My Little Pony intro song. cas is reading a book. dean plays Gangnam Style. cas is gardening. dean plays Tiptoe Through The Tulips.

he’s not prepared, however, to when a loud neighbor blasts Beyoncé’s “Partition” while he and cas are researching. before he knows it, cas is on his lap, moving his body sensually to the beat, using dean as his very own dancing pole. 

cas keeps straddling dean’s lap once the song is over, face only inches from his own, both panting hard. they don’t even move when sam gallops into the room.

“Guys! I finally found out how to kill the cur—” Sam freezes at the view. Sighs. “Do I wanna know?”

“Not really.” Dean and Cas answer in unison.

“So, about that spell…” Dean says after a beat, searching Cas’s eyes for confirmation. Cas nods, smirking. “Why don’t we just wait for it to wear off?”

Sam rolls his eyes, turning to leave. “Whatever.” 

junker5 replied to your postjunker5 replied to your post: …

I had no doubt you’d end it happy.’s you and Steve. Of course it will turn out ok. I’m sure it has been grueling to write. But, it’s been so, so good. I’m anxious for more Stony. It’s still my favorite, I think. But, whatever you write…I’ll read!

Hurt/comfort is my bread and butter.  I like other types of fic, sure, but hurt/comfort is the best in my book.  Romantic, platonic…  It doesn’t matter.  It’s my absolute favorite.  Having one character help another deal with pain and trauma is really compelling to me.  I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and some people like happier, fluffier things.  Not me.  Never have and never will :-).  Been writing it since my LotR days.  I never get tired of it (l love Star Trek, too!).

I do love happy endings.  I’ve never not done one, I don’t think.  At least not in a long story.  And I love Stony.  I started my tenure as an MCU writer with platonic Stony, and I’ve never stopped loving them no matter what canon has done to them.  So it’ll be fun to focus on them for a bit.  I want to try Stucky in a multi-chaptered fic as well (although the one I have planned makes me nervous again because it deals with Steve facing an injury that prevents him from being Captain America and Bucky having to pick up the shield and the fall out for them both dealing with that - I have no idea if that will offend people :-/).  We’ll see what comes out next.  Three chapters left of “Stay”, and then “To the Victor” has five or six left!

Yo Adrian (Or the Boxer!Bellamy fic nobody really asked for)

A/N: The title for this is inspired by Rocky if you couldn’t tell lmao. (THIS IS FOR YOU wanderinglilly I HOPE YOU’RE SATISFIED BABE) This ended up a lot different than I had originally planned but I still adore the general idea. Not my best execution, but I’ll manage somehow to get over it. I hope you guys like it anyway! I’m probably gonna post this on my writing blog too, even though I don’t really use it that much but whatever. yolo. 

Word Count: 2.5k+ 

Summary: Basically Bellamy is a lightweight boxer and Clarke is his super worried but supportive girlfriend. ft. other characters and a little baby plot twist-ish moment  or two. I’m trash forgive me. 

The first time they met is when he knew how right she was, how good they could be. It all sort of fell into place after that night, after that first dinner when they exchanged numbers and promised to call. He reminded himself to thank Kane later, and he did.

Kane had been his trainer since he first started out at just sixteen years old, barely big enough to make it in to minimum weight class. Kane was retired, after a bad fighting accident that ended his career as a boxer. He was still one hell of a trainer though. And he was the closest thing to a father Bellamy and his sister had ever known.

When Kane started seeing Abby Griffin, he insisted that Bellamy meet her daughter, the pre-med freelance artist with the heart the size of Texas. Which is what brought them to dinner that one night. Bellamy was forever indebted, Clarke was everything Kane made her out to be and more. He couldn’t get enough, which was saying something, because Bellamy wasn’t one to feel so deeply about someone he’d only just met.

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Home Care, Sherlock Style

@sherlollyandshit said: Hey there…so you said the offer for a fic still stands? And as awkward as I feel asking for anything from people, after the day I’ve had I could really use a pick me…and I kind of have a thing for hurt/comfort (who doesn’t, though). The best is when something happens to Molly and Sherlock is all super worried and takes care of her. But really, im not picky. Whatever you want to write (bonus points if there’s cuddling though)

Hope you like this, my dear! It gets a bit off topic, but there is Sherlock taking care of Molly and cuddling. Enjoy!

It was stupid and never should have happened, but sometimes the stars aligned…and sometimes they dropped right on top of your head. Usually the latter, in Molly Hooper’s experience. Although in this case, it hadn’t literally been her head that had something dropped on it – thank goodness – but her foot. Specifically, her ankle had unfortunately been the landing place of a toppled-over stack of boxed supplies at work (not her fault, thankfully, that would have been just adding insult to injury).

So here she was, home for the rest of the week, and there wasn’t a single thing she could do about it except hobble about her flat, try not to trip over Toby…and do her best not to murder a certain consulting detective who’d apparently made it his life’s mission to coddle her in spite of her protests.

“Sherlock, honestly, it’s just a sprained ankle. I can take care of myself, I’ll be fine!”

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The Halloween party last night started out pretty average, Dean went dressed as Han Solo and Cas was dressed as Indiana Jones. Neither of them knew what the other was going to be and they got a good chuckle out of both being Harrison Ford characters. Of course, Cas had dressed up that way because he knew Dean liked Indiana Jones. And Dean picked Han Solo because when he made Cas watch Star Wars, he had been Cas’s favorite character.

Yet the two of them still couldn’t quite manage to admit the huge crush they had on each other. Because that would be too easy. Charlie and Sam had a plan to  do something about it and made sure to get the both of them pleasantly drunk. Not so much that they’d black out or regret anything, just a little bit of social lubrication to make their mouths do the talking that their brains wouldn’t let happen. Sam worked on Dean while Charlie worked on Cas. 

When they were drunk enough that they were admitting things they normally wouldn’t, Sam and Charlie made sure to push them both out onto the back porch at the same time. Charlie asked Cas to get her a bottle of water and Sam asked Dean to grab him a beer. As soon as they were both on the porch, Sam “accidentally” locked the door and trapped them out there. They finally got to talking and were just a little wobbly. Sam and Charlie watched through the window and couldn’t hear what was being said, but the two of them go progressively closer.

At one point, when Cas lost his balance, Dean caught his arm and then Cas ended up with a hand on his chest for stability. When they got into one of their many staring contests, Sam and Charlie knew they had succeeded in their plan. It was only moments later when they finally kissed each other. That’s when Sam was done watching and Charlie agreed to give them some privacy. It was no surprise when the pair decided to leave together at the end of the night. Charlie insisted on driving and dropped them both off at Dean’s apartment. 

That was what happened the night before, but now it was morning. Cas woke first to discover that he was still in his Indiana Jones costume. His shoes were off and he didn’t know where his whip or hat had gotten to. He also didn’t know what bed he was in at first. Then he saw Dean asleep beside him, his arm across Cas’s stomach, his face mere inches away. As Cas sat up, Dean woke. He blinked at Cas.

“Uhmm…” Dean said, staring at Cas. He sat up. “Okay, last night… Charlie’s party…”

“We kissed… On the porch.” Cas said bluntly.

“Yeah. A few times…” Dean nodded.

“Charlie drove us here.” Cas glanced around Dean’s bedroom.

“Where we just fell asleep, right? I remember that, we stumbled in, you took off your shoes and then you took off my shoes…”

“And you took off my hat,” Cas was remembering. “Then we kissed again.”

“A few times…” Dean grinned at that, not seeming too embarrassed about it.

“Yes, a few times… And then we fell asleep, right?”

“As far as I remember, that’s how it went.” Dean agreed.

“So now… we should…”

“Probably try that kissing thing again.” 

Cas laughed. “I was going to say we should brush our teeth and get some breakfast…”

“Breakfast can wait,” Dean leaned in and kissed Cas. Both of their mouths were probably equally gross, so it kind of cancelled out anyway, so Cas kissed him back. They both fell back into the bed and decided making out was the best choice. At least until one of their stomachs started growling. They had a lot of lost time to make up for, now that they finally got together. 

Dear Joelle,

Anything difficult is going to burn you out, even if you enjoy it.

But there’s something about life I learned entirely against my will and that’s that you have no idea what’s going to happen… ever.

Even if you don’t become a chef or own your own restaurant or something, those skills will still shape whatever you do.  Maybe you’ll write novels about a chef that solves mysteries or maybe you’ll just be everyone’s favorite office worker because you make the best cookies for the break room.

Look at me, for example.  I actually became a lawyer, but Trucy has me doing everything else.  Thanks to poring over all those law books, I can read installation instructions for air conditioners like no one’s business.

I guess what I’m saying is that you should see your path to the end.  You’ll probably be glad you did.

-Apollo Justice