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My skin is super soft but once I put on makeup my skin looks dry and worse?! I haven't been wearing primer so idk if that's it or what lol but I feel like wearing makeup makes my skin look like it aged

Hmmm a primer could help you there! I recommend the Makeup For Ever primer (whichever one the gray one is called, they have a whole collection of face primers but I think the gray colored one would work best for you since it is smoothing). Also, a setting spray does wonders as well! I cannot live without my Mac Prep & Prime Fix+ spray! I have dry skin, and my makeup can look cakey. However, when I use a setting spray, my skin looks smooth :) Anything that will hydrate your skin. 


The best goddamn interaction I’ve ever had in my life. Don’t worry guys, they are good friends. (also ignore Gabe’s old scars I hadn’t made his new, accurate ones yet) - click for captions which is always a thing on all these posts lol

ᴄᴀʀᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴀ ᴄᴜᴘ ᴏғ ᴛᴇᴀ? ➜ ft @nathwu

─ [ ♦ ] Ladiladila. Nate could go on for hours, lecturing her about getting ENOUGH sleep, which she totally lacks to begin with, but the actress would still refuse to listen to the male. He was right, her skin was getting worse by the day, running on an average of three to four hours a day, Jinri could barely manage to stay awake, but she at least tried her best to almost look presentable in her friend’s presence besides there’s nothing a little make up can do it ( conceal, conceal, cover up ). ❝But Nate!❞ Whining like a child, her lips juts into a pout while cupping both of her cheeks, squishing them to stay awake. ❝I’m fine. I ain’t sleepy. I’m just - jet lagged.❞ Lies, but she wasn’t entirely lying. It had been a week since she landed back to Korea after her long business trip in the states. But she had a choice to correct her sleeping habits, so she couldn’t really use the word “jet lagged’ too often. Eyes fixed on the cup of coffee he was holding, how lovely would it be for the other male to share it - and just as she was about to ask for just a tiny sip, Nathan offered half of his cup. What a true angel her friend was that she looked up to the sky, thanking the blessed divine for a guy like him. THANK YOU.  She mouthed to the clouds before swiftly reaching for the coffee. Her features soon lighting up, eye smiling as she holds the cup with both hands. ❝Sir! YES, SIR!❞ Lifting the cup of caffeine to her lips, she slowly drank the bitter, sweet liquid. Half of it - well a little more than half, but not enough to get her scolded by the ‘father’ hen. With a brief sigh of relief, she lowers the cup on the table, handing it back to him before closing her eyes. Feeling more awake than ever, a foolish grin spread over her features. ❝So.. what’s the agenda for today? Shooting for Estée Lauder, right? Good thing I asked the company to book you as my photographer, it’d be fun shoot. Don’t your think?❞

Wasn’t I enough? - Katakura Kojuro

Feeling guilty was one of the worst feelings in the world; knowing it was your fault that someone ended up in trouble, knowing someone got hurt because of you… and that you broke someone’s heart. She couldn’t deal with that. She couldn’t deal with the kindness in Lord Kojuro’s voice.

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And this hurt me,I hope you feel guilty.

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Quick and not so good doodle of Hunk ^-^ But it could be worse, right? XD