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Chips are life.

[Quick update]

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Also a little something with Vaughn!

Rhys just had a bad day and don’t tell me Vaughn is not the kind of friend that would give you cuddles and hugs just to make you happy

and they don’t even go “no homo” because platonic hugging is a thing. Everyone should try it. (but guess if you ship these two then it can not be platonic. Whatever float your boat right?)

I would kill for a hug from Vaughn. Everyone else seems to enjoy his buff hugs so why not?


cabinet battle #1 // au made by @midnigtartist and me // its 2am so im just going to another all night,, eh what ever and ik the art isnt the best,, but im trying,, 

burn // congratulations


tfw your face is stuck

i’ll stop stealing jokes from the Simpsons when they stop fitting everything, okay…. (x)


“Can we go pantless too? >:)”
”>:0 pantless protocol execute!
I like to think that the DigiJacks are programmed to be smart, super mischievous and kinda vain. Poor Timtams has to deal with not one, not two, BUT THREE ANNOYING JACKS!

At least the DigiJacks are a tiny bit more endearing than the real Jack-

(also hhaaaaaaha I think I prefer the traditional because it’s the sketch but eh)

  • Marcus: /has multiple near death experiences, berated so much by his friends and family for a crime he didn't do so he moved away, constantly racially profiled, fights for marginalized groups, attained a gun license and parkour skills for self defense, watches his best friend bleed out on the floor, would die for everybody, grieves and cries alone, only just turned 24, wants to be happy.
  • Wrench: /30 year old white man who loves guns and explosions, yells at Marcus, queerbaits him, would kick a puppy.
  • y'all: poor wrench my baby :(
  • y'all: *makes fics and art on how bad Wrench's life is*

I am excited to hear about game developers wanting to extend my Horrortale teaser-that is so awesome.
Some of you guys asked for character sheets to guide you. Well…eh…that’s more tricky, ‘cause I don’t want to spoil the comic, and even I can’t really draw the horror characters consistently.

Nonetheless, it’s been a while since I posted Horrortale fanart outside the comic, so I put this sheet together and drew different head angles to give you guys some ideas for your own game. Best of luck ^^

From now on, I’m going to aim uploading Horrortale-related goodies every Monday, including comic pages. Thanks for all your support!  

Undertale © Toby Fox
Sour Apple’s Horrortale © me.

On Self-Esteem as an Artist (please read)

Today my design teacher started a revisions-session on our assignments by saying that the classroom was an “ego-less” zone. Which meant that, even though you might be a good artist, you should avoid entering a classroom thinking you don’t need any tips, that your art is the best out there. Makes sense. Especially with a skill such as drawing, you can never really achieve “perfection” - as you improve and change as an artist, your idea of “that perfect drawing” will also improve and change.

On the flip side, and more importantly, is that you should never enter a classroom thinking you suck. I recently wrote a post about self-esteem and attitude here. I just thought I’d re-emphasize some points:

I think the biggest issue I see is that people in general do not know how to accept compliments towards their art. If someone says “Wow, your art is really good!” they’re saying it because they genuinely mean it. When they hear back “no it’s not, it sucks,” I think, at least in my experience, that person who gave the compliment then feels bad themselves. They feel like their generous words meant nothing, that their own opinion means nothing. I see amazing art, and I want to let that artist know, and I want them to feel good about their skill that they’ve honed.

When you receive a compliment to your art, or to anything really, just respond with a “thanks!”. It is not arrogant to appreciate praise. When you accept a compliment, it validate’s the complimenter’s opinion and everyone wins. They are not lying when they say they like your product. Accepting the compliment also encourages a dialogue - they can then ask things like how long you’ve been doing art, advice on different techniques, etc.

Too often I hear from my peers “oh no, don’t look at my work, it’s horrible.” Why? Why do they think that? Did they join the animation program just to complain to more people about their inferior skills? Are they trying to fish for compliments? I don’t think that’s it - I think, unfortunately, it is somewhere in our nature to assume we are inferior. The reason behind that attitude probably has something to do with society and our educational system and never being good enough blah blah - that’s too complicated for my limited psychology knowledge.

An anon recently sent me this message:

“…for the past few months i just cant draw, nothing seems good enough and then i look at other peoples art an know that im never going to be as good and it just discourages me even more, so long story short i am kind of in an art block and i dont know what to do. im the best at drawings faces but everything else im eh at so i dont feel like its worth it but everyone keeps telling to keep going. any tips? advice?help”

I’ve received this theme of message before, and have heard it many times in real life - “why do I bother I’ll never be good as [insert amazing artist here].” I replied to this message by basically saying that every single artist, regardless of talent, relates to this feeling of comparative inferiority. We all see amazing artists online, sharing their masterpieces, pining one day to be that talented. If you’re constantly up-comparing yourself to artists who have been in the industry for YEARS longer than yourself then you’re going to automatically get frustrated. You need to draw to improve past how you drew the day before

***You need only compare your skills to your past self.***

It’s all about striking a balance between modesty and self-esteem - if someone gives you a compliment, accept it. Realize that this person is taking the time to celebrate your skills. You deserve to have your skills acknowledged. Be open to constructive criticism, because if someone is taking the time to actually analyze your work and offer ways to improve it - as in, beyond just saying “Oh hey that drawing is cool”, to “You’re moving in the right direction. I think you could improve [thing] by [adjustment], and maybe try adding [things] there and there.”

It can get very overwhelming, looking at all the amazing artwork online, thinking about all the talent in the world. But remember - all of those artists had to start from somewhere. Like any skill, practice and hard work is necessary to excel. Get inspired, create, revise and learn, and create some more. Most importantly, realize that you deserve to create art. The world can never have too much art.

Regina calling Killian a “no good pirate” has me like

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I know it was meant as a gal pal moment but all I could think was “oh hypocrisy thou art a heartless bitch”