not my art!!!!


Some people sent me messages saying how they like my JJBA works and wish to see more, which surprised me

Thank you! But, I mean, what, how, why?? I did these things like 4 years ago and I was not very good then😂😂😂

Anyway here I post some of the works that won’t embarrass the now me that much lol

Fairy Love. She was so beautiful and kind, fairies lived in her heart, because there were so many fairies that she loved, thus in a fairy she become. 

What I love about FT are the characters, and since we are near the end… I’m really going to miss them! So much! I hope these two end up together, I love them so much~

More Haikyuu + BNHA!

Hinata’s quirk is “Fly High”: he can jump up to 30 meters with ease! He’s able to scale some impressively tall buildings with just a few quick jumps, or leap his way ahead along the streets! In between leaps he truly looks like a bird mid-flight! He’s got to be careful though–having great jumping ability doesn’t mean he has great adhesive ability, and if he loses his grip he can take a pretty nasty tumble

(Hinata’s trademark is his incredible jumping skills, so what better quirk than one that enhances that ability further? I also thought it’d be nice to keep that human flight imagery that surrounds him, and also Fly High is one of my favorite Haikyuu anime openings!) 

Other Characters: 
Tsukishima  Yamaguchi


So I love headcanons where Mitsuki and Inko are friends before having their boys, but consider that maybe Inko and Masaru knew each other first!! Since he’s a fashion designer and Inko is a seamstress (I mean come on Deku’s first hero outfit looks COOL! She took that design and made it for him!!!) it just makes sense that they might’ve been in like a fashion club together hehe! 

Then after that Inko meets Mitsuki and they become BEST FRIENDS!!! 

Also here’s a bonus thing NO ONE IS GOING TO GET!!! 

yeah no one’s gonna get it … .