not my art!!!!

Remember when I said that Paper Crane wasn’t a character that you should trust ? And that this tol bean is kinda dangerous ? You might have seen a drawing or two of this design on my tumblr… So uhm… here it is. Blaster!Crane form.

In that form Crane act rather feral and berserk which is actually a self-defense mechanism. As he doesn’t have any form of magic attack that he can use to defend himself, paper crane use the magic he stoked in his spark of determination to regurgitate it in form of pure light beam just like a gaster blaster.

So uhm… yeah… leaving this here, might turn this into a proper drawing because I love that quick sketch.

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko


But hear me out… Yurio totally lowkey ships Victuuri


^This was actually the first thing I drew and I just thought that it needed a cute little backstory ^-^

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the taako i drew for tory’s fat taako positivity train! stylin and profilin as usual

i wanted to colour it just as a cool down! to switch things up i used a palette like @djelibaebi​ used for this taako design (a personal fave)! i hope that’s ok! go check out their beautiful taako design and all of their other taz art, it’s very worth your time!