not my animation!

made this yesterday evening, thinking “is this really what was my 3 years of study animation for? simply tracing the gif for some shippy gay crap?”

but it was relaxing and calming after sad anxious boring day so i guess it worth it



Animating Mei’s Frosty :) Highlight Intro - David Gibson

Made this illustration for Buzzfeed News Reader. It is for an essay by Sara Yasin called “Muslims Shouldn’t Have To Be "Good” To Be Granted Human Rights". Many thanks to Art Director Ben King! 


                  Trollhunters AMV | Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Song: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Go Tell Aunt Rhody

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Sorry. This is like REALLY ROUGH. but this is what i have so far on my upcoming “Slow down time” ml animatic!!!!!! I will be uploading more wips the farther i get into this!!!!