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thoughts on mandy patinkin at pierre?

I’m excited! I think what happened with Oak was done poorly, though, leading to too much speculation and rumor. I think it’s disrespectful to all involved.

I am so angry right now. Protesting against G20, okay, yeah, fine, go ahead. All those peaceful protests: Great, this is the right way. But what is happening in Hamburg is awful. What the fuck does vandalism, destroying local shops, attacking local flats and houses and FUCKING BURNING CARS of innocent people have to do with that?! Burning down the possesions of people who might even be prostesting right this second as well, or even if not, people who don’t have shit to do with it, is just plainly disgusting.

I’m upset right now. I posted this as a comment to the video, but I’m posting it here too. I seriously hope I’m not talking over anyone in the response that I did make. Please let me know. I really am so disappointed with @markiplier, because for preaching respect, he overlooked that there are people who have been disrespected beyond Felix.

How about you talk to Felix about respect, Mark. Because respect isn’t a one-way street, and he hasn’t done anything to earn that respect from me. Of course everyone deserves the same rights and freedoms, but respect is not a right. Respect is earned. And if Felix wants respect, he needs to be respectful to the people he’s asking to receive respect from - and he’s done the exact opposite.

“Even if you just boil it down to common human decency … The golden rule still applies. You still need to treat people the way that you want to be treated." 

Really? Common human decency? Stuff like, maybe, not joking about the genocide of a group of people who have, many times through history, been the targets of hate, and of course, also a genocide.

Joking about something that has happened to real people who are still alive on this planet. People who were affected, by going through it themselves, or losing family members… That definitely feels like treating other people the way you want to be treated.

"Felix is not an antisemite, and Felix does not advocate hate." 

Felix may not be intending to come off as antisemetic. He very well may not wish death onto all Jews, I understand that. However, antisemitism is still a very real problem in the world, and is on a very violent rise.

Having a platform as big as Felix’s, and then joking about antisemitism does so much harm. It normalizes it. Whether that was the intent or not, that’s exactly what happened. As Felix himself said, "neo-Nazi groups have been referencing [him], have been praising [him], for making these kinds of jokes.” That’s an enormous problem. And yes, he did make a statement to clear up that he does not support these groups, but the problem that he said something that they outright agreed with, that they could use to say “look, someone hugely famous on the internet agrees with us” in the first place is still so wrong.

“And I’m not even defending the jokes that he made, because even he has apologized for some of the jokes that he did." 

Yes. He apologized in the most deflective way possible. He said it was about disagreeing with what he said. That’s not the entire picture. No, I don’t think Felix is actually a fascist, or a neo-Nazi, but he (whether or not it was inadvertent at this point really doesn’t matter) made jokes that fed into those ideals. That’s not okay. A half-assed apology that feels a lot like someone saying "I’m sorry you were offended”, which is a shit apology by the way because it doesn’t apologize for their actions at all, is not good enough.

So yeah, I agree, respect is important. But you can’t tell us to respect someone who has shown blatant disrespect for people himself. Even beyond this one incident, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been said by Felix over the years, for example, the use of slurs against a number of communities, that has outright disrespected those groups. You can’t hold us to this standard of having to show a person respect when he cannot respect us. 

I started by saying that respect is something earned, and that it’s not a one-way street. I think we may have different definitions of respect, because I agree that all people, regardless of how bad they are, are humans, are equals, deserve the same rights and freedoms as everyone else on the planet. But in my eyes, that’s not respect.

Respect, to me, is much deeper than that, and very abstract, but essentially, it involves thinking highly of that person and holding them in some esteem. And to do that, to respect someone like that, I need to have that returned in some capacity. I will not respect someone who has shown that he will not show any respect to others who have been harmed or in any way affected by his comments by so much as giving a genuine, not self-serving apology.

Yes, Felix deserves to be treated like a human being. Yes, there are people who are twisting things he did, such as the whole pointing off camera being turned into him doing a Nazi salute. But what he said was not okay. His apology was self-serving at best, and disingenuous at worst. And while you say you’re not defending the jokes that he made, you’re not condemning them either.

What Felix did was wrong. I get that you want to support a friend, but what was done was wrong. That can’t be overlooked. And by telling us to simply respect Felix right now overlooks that what he said affected people and takes away those peoples’ voices. That’s not a very respectful thing to do.

Creating Diversity from Generic White Script

So, I’m taking a screenwriting class, where we’re writing a short film script. I’m writing basically a story about an RA who’s struggling through the stress of like, cyclical catching students misbehaving, writing them up, school etc. My issue is, it’s a script, and something our prof has talked about is how it’s important to actively build diversity into the story to avoid the hollywood ‘Best (white person) For The Role’ which makes a lot of sense, but on the other hand, my story idea is currently… entirely generic, i.e. 

I’m at that point where I have to make a decision about whether it would be fruitful to specify the race/ethnicities of certain characters. But my problem is, some of the characters speak very little, and most of them say things basically any student would say in the same situation. Even my main character speaks mostly in a professional context using basic RA lines like ‘hand over your IDs.’ 

Because it’s a script, it seems really weird to me to say, okay this character is asian, but then there’s no real reason for them to be or not to be, say, black, or latina, or mixed, etc.? At this point, I have to decide moving forward whether to build my characters to incorporate some indicators of specific racial/ethnic background (linguistic quirks, etc.), but I don’t know a) whether I should or not because it seems necessary only because of trying to subvert an all white cast, and b) how I might even go about this, again, seemingly arbitrary process. 

So how can I build diversity into a script that’s relatively generic without it feeling arbitrary or canned? Or without specifically indicating race/ethnicity in a context in which it wouldn’t really be addressed outwardly?

[Redacted for readability]

Your professor is correct. It’s time to normalize People of Color in scripts, stories, in all forms of media. White is still very much the default for Hollywood and clearly your script as you struggle to place us just existing without it feeling unnatural or obtrusive.  You question whether it is fruitful to specify race where race won’t be addressed. I say it is. This is exactly what many of us want, just a story where we’re included and treated as human beings doing things, with agency, and not table settings and decorations for white characters to interact with.

It seems unnatural or unnecessary to specify race to you because you’re used to the default being white people who don’t need an introduction of race. It’s time to just stop feeling the need to have to explain our existence and just let us be there. Let us exist.

At this point, I have to decide moving forward whether to build my characters to incorporate some indicators of specific racial/ethnic background (linguistic quirks, etc.), but I don’t know a) whether I should or not because it seems necessary only because of trying to subvert an all white cast, and b) how I might even go about this, again, seemingly arbitrary process.

Why not add cultural and personal details, though? Even in the small ways? Honestly, if people are only speaking in professional terms and doing generic actions void of much emotion and personality, your story may come off as bland and the characters undeveloped and unmemorable. Perhaps I don’t have a full understanding of what you’re doing with this script, though.

The way people speak and the words they say, the way they react to things, it’s all informed by where we come from and who we are. You could show culture with a name, from the lunch they eat, the words they mumble in their native tongue in frustration…and those things come off as much more engaging to me than just White/Generic/Everyman does generic/ professional things.

~Mod Colette

I agree. We’d love stories where we’re the protags, but there isn’t a lot of hullaballoo about our identity. But that doesn’t mean wiping the slate completely.

(I’m thinking of a recent video featuring Martellus Bennett of the NE Patriots and how he actually has a book series with a Black protag going on adventures, and how he talked about the importance of having Black characters having their own stories that weren’t just about their identities.)

-Mod Jess

How to solve your problem: backstory.

Any generic script can be modified to PoC, depending on your definition of “generic.” If by “generic” you mean “ethnically uncoded"— well, you’re wrong. Generic is very ethnically coded. It’s white coded. You just don’t notice it because it’s the same markers in your life. If you watch something like Black-ish or Fresh Off the Boat, you’ll see the differences in ethnic coding in a family suburban sitcom.

If by “generic” you mean “uses archetypes familiar to the genre”, then you’re dealing with a situation where there really genuinely isn’t any race marker. As I mentioned— Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat are family suburban sitcoms. These are generic plots, made different by asking: what would this ethnic group experience in this context?

You don’t seem to know enough about diverse ethnic groups in order to insert them into the narrative. Black people, for example, tend to dress more professionally than is required. This is because the markers of “casual and cool” for a white person (jeans, t-shirt, sneakers) are seen as “slob and inexperienced” for a black person. There are hundreds of examples like this, if you start looking.

As Colette said: you’re used to the default being white people. All of us are! This is something you have to actively unlearn. But the way to unlearn it is to ask the same questions you do in general character building. 

Things like:

- How does this character’s background impact their behaviour?

- How do others see them? (Note- cultural markers like the above dressing professionally example heavily influence this)

- How did their parents push them?

- How do they want to be seen?

In order to build race into your characters, you have to get out of your all-white box and start to understand our perspectives. Just like you learn to write a whole bunch of different white people in writing, learn to write a whole bunch of Black, or Latinx, or East Asian, or South Asian people. We’re all still people, but our experiences have shaped us for who we are— just like white people.
When building characters, you have to ask yourself all of the questions about who they are and how they’re seen in order to write anything good. These are the steps for any character building, so if you’re thinking there’s too much work involved… well, sorry, no, there really isn’t. Not in this industry. 

You live and die by your ability to create relatable characters, and in order to do that, you have to build backstory. And in order to build diversity in, you have to learn how to craft a PoC backstories that have just as much nuance and variety as white backstories.

~Mod Lesya

Modern AUs I Want to Happen
  • I need new glasses and you’re the optometrist running my vision tests, but your good looks are really freaking distracting
  • You’re allergic to cats but my cat really likes you my bad
  • I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbors, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life so much they think that we’re both their parents instead of just me
  • I got caught in the rain without an umbrella and an attractive stranger is sharing theirs with me
  • We’re playing Monopoly in the local library and the game just got serious, I think the librarians are about to kick us out
  • I have a crush on my younger sibling’s tutor, but I don’t know how to work myself into the scene without making everything incredibly awkward for me
  • You caught me having a Barbie movie marathon and now I’m trying to keep you from telling anyone about this!
  • My pet ran away, I got fired from my job, it started raining out of nowhere and I fell in the mud, and you’re just a random stranger at my bus stop but I really need someone to talk to
  • Alternatively, I’ve always wanted to tell a stranger my life story and I’m choosing you
  • It’s Spirit Week at school and I’m determined to out spirit you for once
  • We got put in the same group for the senior trip
  • This is a big ass mall and I just got lost, please help me
  • My rival and I are determined for us and our respective partners to be the ultimate power couple, but you and the other person in our rival couple really don’t care
  • You keep coming in to get your laptop fixed but I’m pretty sure your breaking it on purpose but you’re cute so I’ll let it slide
  • You’re my apathetic (onesided) rival at work and this month I’m determined to get Employee of the Month, which you always get without even trying
  • I met you at a convention and you’re cosplaying Person B to my OTP and I’m cosplaying Person A
  • We’re internet friends and we’re meeting up in real life today and I’m super paranoid because what if you’re a deranged killer and– omg you’re perfect
  • You got me addicted to playing Love Live and I’m ruining my life
  • I’m an artist who was at shit creek until I met you, so please be my muse, no, I’m not asking you out
  • I just showed you all the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life videos and I think I just scarred you for life
  • I just crashed this wedding and one of the guests just asked me to dance and I’m pretty sure that they know I’m not a guest from either the bride or groom(brides, grooms) fml
  • Dude check it out this pair of jeans fits us! Shut up, they aren’t sweatpants they’re jeans
  • I’m donating blood today and I’m afraid of needles
  • We’ve been hooking up for the past few weeks and holy shit it turned out you’re my fifth grader’s teacher oh god this embarrassing!
  • Pack up man; we’re going on a road trip
  • Let’s get tattoos together
  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but can you go on the bungee jumping thing with me? Cuz I’m too scared to go by myself
  • I’ve never had a proper conversation with you, but I always see you at this cafe folding paper cranes and I you’re really peaking my interest
  • I’m forcing you to watch my favorite show and you’re more into it than I am now
  • We’re having our first argument as a married couple: do we explore this island, or do we stay in bed all day

#team skelemom 

Nothing against Toriel! She’s a great mom and in most universes Frisk would totally stay with her, but in this universe, they are much more involved with the skele fam and I think Mr Goop becoming Frisk’s Dadster would be so cool! And Sans and Paps would make the best big brothers. And of course Lucida would be an excellent mom, once her soul is fixed. Whatever happens I know it will be great! <3

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So I was reading the EW article today and the writer gave little snippets about all of the Stark's arcs for season 7 except Arya. He said that hers was too "top secret." I've read the leaks and I know they make it seem sort of impossible, but I was just wondering--what is the general feeling in the gendrya fandom? Could Gendry and Arya have a sweet reunion this season? ^.^ This is one of my favorite sort of "side ships." Always has been haha I just love them.

If that “top secret” thing doesn’t atleast involve arya and gendry meeting up and having all these reunion moments with arya punching gendry HARD for that m'ladyzoned scene and gendry slipping with saying “im so so sorry m'lady” and arya just punching him again for repeating that OR PLS THE ACORN HALL SCENE WITH ED SINGING FEATHERBED (lol jk im hoping too much) then idk anymore. but personally, i do believe they’ll have that reunion we’ve all been waiting for. It’s just that I try to lower my expectations on how it will happen on the show but i have such high hopes on the upcoming books. I’m so glad you love them too!! They’re amazing

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

ok so i checked out what was going on and tbh i dont rly want to get into drama and i dont rly follow any, but i can see why ppl are upset

thank you for explaining everything to me!

Enneagram 5

The Five in Profile

Healthy: Observe everything with extraordinary perceptiveness and insight. Are mentally alert, curious, have a searching intelligence: nothing escapes their notice. Display foresight and prediction abilities. Able to concentrate: become engrossed in what has caught their attention. / Attain skillful mastery of whatever interests them. Excited by knowledge: often become expert in some field. Innovative and inventive, producing extremely valuable, original works. Highly independent, idiosyncratic, and whimsical. At Their Best: Become visionaries, broadly comprehending the world while penetrating it profoundly. Open-minded, take things in whole, in their true context. Make pioneering discoveries and find entirely new ways of doing and perceiving things.

Average: Begin conceptualizing everything before acting—working things out in their minds: model building, preparing, practicing, gathering resources. Studious, acquiring technique. Become specialized and often “intellectual”: involvement in research, scholarship, and building theories. / Increasingly detached as they become involved with complicated ideas or imaginary worlds. Become preoccupied with their visions and interpretations rather than reality. Are fascinated by offbeat, esoteric subjects, even those involving dark and disturbing elements. Detached from the practical world, a “disembodied mind,” although high-strung and intense. / Begin to take an antagonistic stance toward anything which would interfere with their inner world and personal vision. Become provocative and abrasive, with intentionally extreme and radical views. Cynical and argumentative.

Unhealthy: Become reclusive and isolated from reality, eccentric and nihilistic. Highly unstable and fearful of aggressions: they reject and repulse others and all social attachments. / Get obsessed with yet frightened by their threatening ideas, becoming horrified, delirious, and prey to gross distortions and phobias. / Seeking oblivion, they may commit suicide or have a psychotic break with reality. Deranged, explosively self-destructive, with schizophrenic overtones.

Key Motivations: Want to be capable and competent, to master a body of knowledge and skill, to explore reality, to remain undisturbed by others, to reduce their needs.

Examples: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Friedrich Nietzsche, Stanley Kubrick, Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Dickinson, Simone Weil, Bill Gates, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacob Bronowski, James Joyce, Gary Larson, David Lynch, Stephen King, Tim Burton, Clive Barker, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, John Cage, Glenn Gould, Charles Ives, Bobby Fischer, and Vincent van Gogh.

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no pressure to reblog this but i want the attention of my ndn followers & mutuals cause im literally not going to deal with yall ignoring the nasty behavior from popular older ndns anymore. i don’t care about their activism or their Woke Posts. stop supporting them. cw for themes of child neglect/abuse, csa, & manipulation (at the very end).

do not put pinkcheesegreenghost (used to be bitterbitchclubpresident)’s original posts on! my! dashbort! any! more! if you absolutely cannot bare to unfollow them, just block me! it’s not hard! i’m gonna put this under a cut but basically! they’re a child abuse apologist and don’t understand sexual boundaries with kids either! before you read this, keep in mind pcgg is around 40 (maybe older?) and my friend & i were 17-19 at the time.

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This video is killing me with the realness

Some of my favorite quotes:

“They will send me messages asking me to look at various people’s astrological charts, and they always have multiple people that they are romantically interested in, and they’re trying to consider which is the better match for them.  You know, most people don’t really think about relationships that much, they just get involved in them. But there is always something to weigh out and consider when it comes to Venus in Gemini.”

“If you get them involved in a relationship…you must have really done something to get their attention, because they get bored very easily.”

“You might’ve even thought at first that they were really, really into you, and, yes–half of them is really into you, but the other half couldn’t f**king care less.

“Venus in Gemini does this, like, scanning, sort of, hopping around thing, like, waiting until they find a real connection, and someone they feel like can relate to both sides of them, because it’s almost like there’s two of them, that needs to be loved, all within the same person! So, it’s a little 
bit more difficult to make them feel loved than it is for most Venus signs.”

“I almost feel like it’s a defense mechanism if they won’t try a bunch of different things with you. Like, ‘Okay, we just got involved together, and if we try bondage for the first night we f**k, then I might fall in love with you, so we have to keep it vanilla for a while.’”

“One of the most complicated things is, most of the relationships that they end in their life, they don’t even actually know why they want to break up.  These people don’t even fully understand themselves.  They don’t even fully understand what they want.  They just know that they’re not pleased, so they have to keep looking.

“If they have sex with you, and they just look around at their life, and they’re like ‘Well, nothing’s changed,’ then…they’re going to break up with you! Pretty much. They’re not going to keep f**king you.”

“So, when you’re dealing with someone who’s completely indecisive about what they want, I’m not sure if the better strategy is to be able to figure out what they want when they can’t, or if it’s just luck, and you just throw something at them, and they will not have even known that they wanted it, but they’re gonna worship you, because they’re gonna be like ‘Oh my god, how did you know that I wanted that?’ and they didn’t say anything, which they probably should, but they don’t even know themselves, like, they’re completely confused.”

“They’re more likely to just pick up a new romantic interest if they are bored. And most do people bore them.”

“It doesn’t matter so much what you do for them, because, they can still get very bored.  They’re not looking to be with the nicest person in the world, they’re looking to be with the most entertaining person in the world.  They want to be entertained.  That’s what they came here for.”

“…the surefire way to know if they like you is if they want to consistently keep spending time with you. “

“They’re generally not the type who’s going to want to do a lot for you, in the relationship, because they think their commitment should be enough.  The fact that they stopped jumping around like a bunny with ADHD should be flattering enough to you.  And you shouldn’t need them to make you pancakes, or anything like that.”

She does compatibility in the second half of the video :)

Not a Costume Party

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Prompt by @mouserzwuzhere: Owen and reader go to a Halloween party as Fred and Wilma Flintstone… because dinosaurs.

A/N: AGH sorry school got super crazy before Halloween, so please enjoy my very late Halloween story.  I know I haven’t written in a while, so I’ll try to fix that.  I really enjoyed this one, because it was nice to write a character as truly awkward as I am.  Anyway, hope y’all like it!


“I look so dumb,” you whisper.

“You look fine,” Claire replies.

“Claire, don’t lie to me,” you say.  “I look so dumb.”

“It’s not your fault that I didn’t get the memo,” she says.  

“Didn’t get the memo?” you fume.  “You’re the one who told me to dress up.  You even picked out my costume!”  You gesture to the short, white dress you’re wearing, an oddly sexy version of a Wilma Flintstone costume.  

You had thought the idea was cute, but now that you were here at the Jurassic World crew party and you were the only one dressed up, you felt anything but cute.

“(Y/N), relax,” Claire says.  “You look adorable.  The dress looks good on you.  You know who’ll like it?”


“Owen.”  You roll your eyes, trying to appear nonchalant.

“You’re ridiculous.”

“You like him, right?”

“Is this payback?”

“For what?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.”

“(Y/N), trust me,” Claire says.  “It’ll all be-”

“Claire, I thought you said this was a costume party!”

You look up at the sound of Owen Grady’s voice.  It takes a couple seconds for you to process that not only is he shirtless, but his shorts are orange with black spots.  

And then it hits you.  He’s Fred Flintstone.

And all the pieces click together in your brain.

You turn to Claire, who’s doing her best to hide a growing smirk.  She looks down at her phone and puts it up to her ear.

“Sorry, I have to take this call,” she says.  You glare at her as she walks quickly away.  Liar.  You could almost swear you see a skip in her step as she exits the room.

“Claire told you to dress up too?” Owen says.  You take a deep breath and turn to face Owen, doing your best to keep your eyes focused on his face, instead of…other things.

“Yep,” you say calmly.  “I’m guessing she also picked out your costume?”

“Yeah,” Owen says, a little sheepishly.  As people pass, they stare at Owen and you’re suddenly very grateful that Claire opted for something slightly more conservative for you.  “I see we’re matching.”

“Yes,” you say.  “I think Claire had some ulterior motives tonight.”

“Oh?” Owen asks, raising an eyebrow.  “Like what?”  Your eyes widen as you realize that you’ve said more then you meant to.  

“Um…” you say, grasping for words.  “Well…she picked a super revealing costume for you.  She probably just wanted to…check out your…rocking bod.”  You cringe at the words coming out of your mouth, hoping that a hole opens up in the ground and swallows you up.

“You think I have a…rocking bod?” Owen smirks, his tone amused.

“I think Claire thinks you have a rocking bod,” you backpedal.  “Also, can we stop saying the phrase rocking bod?”

“You started it.  Plus, I think you’re wrong.”


“About Claire’s ulterior motives.  I think she’s trying to set us up.”

“For a crime?” you ask stupidly and Owen laughs.

“I think you know what I mean, (Y/N),” Owen says.  

“Maybe you’ll have to spell it out for me,” you reply.

“Claire thinks we’d be good together,” Owen says.

“Claire also thought that she could create genetic dinosaur hybrids and everything would be okay,” you quip and Owen laughs.  

“Well, do you agree with Claire?” he asks.

“No, I think genetic dinosaur hybrids are disastrous,” you reply.  “Too much probability involved with the genetics-”


“What about you?” you challenge.  “Since you’re the one that brought it up.”

“I think we’d be great together,” he says matter-of-factly.

“I…what?”  Owen smiles and raises an eyebrow.  “Oh…um…yeah.  Okay.”

“Okay?” Owen teases.  “That sounds so enthusiastic.”

“I don’t…” you trail off.  “It’s just that….you’re so…I don’t-”

“Can I just kiss you know?” Owen asks.  “Unless you want to keep rambling.”

“No, please, go ahead,” you say, leaning forward.  “I didn’t know what to say anyway.”

i keep thinking about how carl powers was sherlock’s first case, supposedly because sherlock heard about it in the papers and tried to contact the police

but because of that scene in HLV where sherlock has his hands up after shooting magnussen and mycroft views him as a kid again i can’t help but think that sherlock was somehow much more involved in the carl powers case

like, he became really close friends with carl while he was in town for the swimming competition and when carl drowned it really traumatised him because he watched it happen and couldn’t save him or something

just throwing ideas around

it’s possible that he knew about carl’s shoes being his favourites not through a series of deductions but because carl had just told him how much he loved them

chibineko55  asked:

I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED: Fluffy things TFP Autobots would do with their s/o when they finally get a holoform. What would he say, what does he think? Who would love the feeling of human hugs? (I bet they like the softness) Give the headcanons to us :D

You got it! ;3

Optimus Prime:
-When he gets his holoform, his first question is “do you like it?” (He wants you to be happy)
-He honestly isn’t use to being so short and doesn’t know how he feels about it
-He loves the hugs you give him and gives you tight secure hugs

-He is a bit critical of his holoform and tells you all the flaws, but you assure him his hair does look real
-He hates how vulnerable it is not having his hard armor plating
-When you hug him he gives you a pat on the back, then it occurs to him how big of a deal this is for you and he gives you a real hug

-He is so happy! He’s dancing around you then he grabs your hands and spins with you
-He thinks he looks cool and poses in front of a full length mirror, but he knows something way cooler… you beside him!
-He hugs you a lot when he’s in his holoform because he knows he won’t hurt you and he wants to hold you close

-“Does this holoform make me look small?”
-He honestly expected to a bit bigger and taller but that’s alright, he’ll ask Ratchet to fix that later
-He’s still taller than you, so he scoops you up into a bear hug

-She doesn’t know what to think at first, but then she says, “hmm, not bad”
-She doesn’t think much of it, but if her holoform involved a dress and heels or too much pink, she’d be annoyed
-She hugs you running her fingers through your hair and doesn’t let go because she loves holding you to her

-He’s super cocky and asks you “babe, what do you like best?”
-He thinks he looks good and he knows you think so too which is why he’s not walking, he’s stunting
-He wraps you up and holds you to him while stroking your hair, he thinks you look good too

-“Do humans always look this weird? Not that you look weird, but do I look weird? Is my face suppose to look like this?” (You secretly wonder what he was expecting)
-He thinks he looks fine but you know he was expecting to look different
-He squeezes you tight burying his face in your hair noting that it smells nice

Ultra Magnus:
-When he shows you his holoform he doesn’t realize how big a deal it is to you, he explains “it’s for disguise and… why are you staring at me like that?”
-When he looks at himself he’s making mental note of how they can improve but for a first go it’s a good job
-He is surprised you want to hug him but allows you to hug him, he doesn’t even wrap his arms around you! You have to grab his arms and guide them around you and he gets all blushy because he just realized this is important to you

anonymous asked:

A lot of people are saying Harry might not be in 2x16. What do you think?

I answered it in detail here! basically we just don’t know, but chances are his scenes will be minimal should he appear, like maybe one or two? that’s fine if the ep will be largely focused on simon (which i hope it will be; alberto said it was a simon heavy ep and i’m really excited to see simon with his family and also all his scenes with maia.)