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For my fifty-seventh Evangelion book review, here is Hiramatsu Tadashi Animation Gashuu (Tadashi Hiramatsu Animation Art Book), published by STYLE.  This is a new book that just came out this week (although people who went to Comiket in December 2016 were able to get it sooner), and it is a collection of illustrations by Tadashi Hiramatsu, a key animator for the Evangelion TV series and movies.  As you can probably guess from the cover art shown above, he has also done work for various other titles, including character designs and animation direction for “Yuri!!! on Ice”.  Cool! Oh, and if you’re disappointed that there aren’t any Evangelion characters on the front cover, don’t worry… Rei Ayanami appears on the back cover, standing atop a cute drawing of some flowers.

This book is not available in English or French, but pretty much the only text is the table of contents at the beginning, then short descriptions accompanying each illustration, and then a two-page interview and the credits page.  So the book mostly consists of pictures, ranging from black-and-white production sketches to full color promotional art.  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover artwork hidden underneath is a small but charming illustration of the artist’s hands drawing a line.  As for an example of what kind of stuff can be found inside the book, check out this pic of Kaworu and Shinji playing musical instruments that look like the Spear of Longinus and Spear of Cassius:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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A few days ago I reached 2K and I’m so so happy because when I made this blog I didn’t think anyone would follow me, let alone two very cute thousand!!!!! So I decided to make an appreciation post for my mutuals!!!!

Thank you so much for being all so lovely and nice to me. If there’s one thing that makes me happy during the day is that I know later I’ll come home and I’ll be able to ignore all my responsibilities on tumblr, hehe. You’re all super important and I adore each and every one of you. You can all be dead ass sure whenever one of you do as much as like something I reblog I sigh in complete happiness because I look up to all of you and even if I barely ever interacted with you, I admire you more than you know.

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1.5k! This is so amazing guys, i never would have thought reaching this many followers! thank you so much for following me, that means the world to me!

mutuals // fav

@space-bound: rebecca… you have no idea how much i enjoy talking to you, you have no idea how much support you brought me, you make me smile every time we spoke and when i feel down you always cheer me up! you make me see things on a different view but in the end we always agree with each other, your friendship is so precious honestly, i love you so much it’s crazy! <3

@marauders-groupie: lana you’re such a wonderful human being! i was so intimidated by you at first but you’re one of the nicest person on this website, you’re so nice and always here for me! with you everything is just easy! you’re such an amazing writer, i keep telling you i hope you know it by now but really im always amazed by your writings and i hope your dreams will come true! <3

@selflessbellamy: jo! jo jo jo jo!!! im so glad i started talking to you! you’re such an amazing person <3 you’re so talented for everything like im so jealous you can write you can make kickass edits, you make A+ analysis!!! i kinda see you as a little sister, you’re so amazing, love you! <3

@lupinsfurrylittleproblem: helga you’re seriously the best, you’re so funny and extra all the time, you have such a positive attitude all the time! your stories are the best and i want to hear all of them <3

@ersttagseuphorie: true friendship is based on sending each other pics of bob morley and crying about it <3 Kirsten you’re seriously so nice and peaceful, like talking to you is so perfect, you just like things and don’t make a fuss about it you’re literally just enjoying things you like and it’s so refreshing! #morleyforpotterforever

@bellamybb: kat is obviously my fav because she speaks french and she knows the city i live in… seriously, you’re amazing! you’re always nice and respectful of everyone, that’s the best! you’re also super talented and i love seeing your edits on my dash!

@sassamyblake: caitlyn time zones suck so much!!! i feel like we’re never around at the same time :( that being said, i love you and your blog so much! you’re the definition of small cimarron rolls who will fight you if you’re being stupid. you’re just a lovely puppy <3

@thelovelylights: jen is amazing and deserves all the follow in the world! like you’re so talented too!!! your gifsets are always beautiful and you always speak up when there’s something that is wrong on this website and in life in general, i truly admire that! you’re so beautiful inside and out, love you! <3

@bobsfluffyhair: my #1 nemesis… follow her i guess… she has the worst tastes when it comes to hair… just kidding of course! i love marie because she’s french and she just gets me <3 your blog is seriously the best and so are you!

@scarmander: FRENCH SQUAD RPZ! (i just love my french girls okay) Flo is the nicest, sweetest person alive, she’s amazing and french so perfect :))) everyone should follow her because she deserves everthing in the world!

@mynameisravenreyes: medha is so nice to everyone!!! like seriously!!! she’s the best!!! and she ships memori!!! how could you try to beat this??? i feel like we’re not online at the same time anymore too, but medha i see all your posts and i love it <3 self-confidence rocks, it’s so great that you’re doing this! you rock and i love you and i love when you call me bbcakes *blushing* it’s just so sweet! ‘i know you call everyone like that but i just LOVE IT)

@gxldentrio: ria is amazing and sweet and nice and talented and beautiful and everything we dream to be! im so glad we started to talk because i really love you a lot okay! you’re amazing dont change (and everyone go check her blog it’s absolutely perfect)

@jamesandlilyaredead: idk that url tbh but… nai is amazing! like we were meant to like each other! we both ship bellarke and jily to no end, we both die for james potter or bellamy blake… im so glad to have met you! you’re absolutely awesome and i love you really really much! your fics and edits are so great and funny and perfect i love everything about you and your blog! (also like you’re just super beautiful and im always in awe when i see your face on my dash <3)

@tempestaurora: bethany is amazing and funny! you’re an amazing writer and i love your fics! i love talking to you even if it’s not often! you’re just so great! <3

@blyedeeks: cam is my soulmate i really think so, we just agree on so many things and first on how important positivity is! you’re literally a little ray of sunshine, don’t ever change! <3

@bellarke-stydia: nikola, we could kill each other with bellarke and stydia feels, but luckily we can cry together over how perfect they are! we just have the same tastes and the same opinions on everything. AND OF COURSE YOU SHIP JILY TOO BECAUSE YOU’RE PERFECT! you make amazing edits and you deserve all the love <3

@magicalice: since i went to poland this summer i’ve been thinking of how much i love polish people and how they are so amazing! you’re no exception <3 you’re a little bitter sometimes and it makes me laugh haha but you’re honestly one of the most positive person on this website! you’re absolutely too cute and you call me cupcake i love it never stop <3

@the-ships-to-rule-them-all: abby you have to know how many people love you! you’re really amazing and you’re just so sweet! your poems are always mindblowing, i often tell you idk really know why i love them i just do and that’s art bitch <3 stay awesome and perfect!

@lydias-martin: tbh everyone should follow you giulia because you laugh at my lame jokes and that should be rewarded :p honestly i really like you! you’re so sweet and your blog is amazing <3

@coramalia: meg babe you’re wonderful girl… you’re so peaceful, i love talking to you! i hope you know how amazing you are! you deserve the wolrd <3

@kateyfuller: ariel makes me suffer but i love it? i just love you and your blog idk what more to say! you’re an amazing artist, your fanarts are so beautiful! your videos always punch me in the face with feels and im left speechless for a few hours after watching them… you’re funny and talented and i love you <3 #brillerforlife

@pevxnsie: NARNIA you have no idea how much i love narnia and how much i love your blog wind! you’re such a positive person and i love you for that! you came into the bellarke hell and we can truly be friend now <3

@junebugninja: amanda is one of the sweetest person on this website, she’s always so nice, to everyone, it’s so amazing to see people like her! i love your post and your cutie face <3

@mechaniicreyes: mariana i like you a lot okay? we dont talk much but you’re one of my fav person on this website! you’re so nice and so sweet all the time! you deserve everything <3

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charlie-n-foxtrot  asked:

I am just coming in to say you are officially one of my favorite creators! After stalking Mary Kate Wiles after LBD I quickly found your work and I actually love it ALL! I may have to call kitr my personal favorite though. I just would like to ask, whats your creative process from having the ideas to actually executing them, it just seems so insane that someone can have these great ideas and make them so unbelievably real! This is getting long so I'm going to stop, much love from New Zealand xxx

You are too sweet and I’m so glad you’re enjoying Kissing in the Rain, I love it too! It’ll probably be hard for me to find another project with so many things I love concentrated in 2-3 minutes after this. But I will keep trying, and I hope you guys will like whatever comes next, on both my personal channel and at Shipwrecked

Regarding my creative process from having the ideas to actually executing them into a finished product, this is a longer answer. I will pepper this post with pictures to keep it interesting. Spoiler alert, it ends with a video.

The beginning often varies and I’m not always the one who has the idea, but when I do, it usually starts with a random text message at a random hour, like this:

This text idea is one of the lucky few that made it out alive. My text histories are a veritable graveyard of ideas that never came to be, which is totally fine. Mostly it’s just helpful to have your go-to friends who you trust to tell you when your crazy idea is half-baked and when it could actually be a thing. If I’m excited about a new project, I start by first reaching out to the people who will be most invested in making it happen. For me, that’s my cast, my director of photography, and my production designer. They’re usually all on board before the scripts are even written.

Then comes the actual writing. I have a notebook where I sketch out my story ideas and most come to nothing, but sometimes they do come to something. It’s always gratifying to go back to the first page where a project was mentioned and see ‘Oh, hey, this idea turned into a thing that turned into another thing that turned into this video.’

Once the script is written, the next thing I do is create a Pinterest board and share it with my production designer. I generally prefer to have one board per location on a project, since we have to design by location. I target the dominant elements of our set design - book walls, skeleton keys, shadow puppets, floral imagery, etc. Even if something isn’t a perfect match but evokes the feeling/atmosphere of what I want, I’ll repin it. The purpose of our Pinterest boards is for us to be able to step back and get a general impression of all the elements of our set design coming together.

Next I discuss the project’s cinematography style with my director of photography. Our meetings tend to vary by scope of project, but we almost always start by watching a bunch of YouTube clips of movies I’d like to copy in terms of lighting/camera moves. After that, we’ll compose a shot list from the shooting script, and occasionally we’ll have a loose storyboard.

At this point, we’re usually in the thick of pre-production and a bunch of things start happening at once.

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First of all, let me make it clear. I am making this kind of thing not because it looks like something that is trending on this site. I just want to tell these people how much I thank them, for making my experience on Tumblr is an awesome and amazing one. I have been in Tumblr since December 2012 in my first blog, but I had some sort of hiatus and went back to Tumblr by making this blog as my second one in February 2014.

There are some people in this list that I actually talk to, and there are some others to whom I might not really talk, but believe me, mostly it’s because I was way too shy to talk to you as I think you are just so cool. And I follow you for some reason, and that you have an amazing blog is one of it.

oceanoruins – I cannot make this list without mentioning this lovely girl. Monya, is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever known. We are virtual birthday twin! And she always knows how to comfort me when I feel low in my life. Monya, you have such a beautiful soul.

jamie-carragher – one of the people that was born to be a Liverpool fan since the beginning :p. Anda is one of the people that I love the most in this site, and sometimes I feel bad because I kept on running to her to annoy her with my whining when I feel like in my darkest night. Anda, you have no idea how much your kindness and words mean to me.

raatakelihai – we have been following each other since I was in my first blog, and Shiv, I don’t know whether you still remember it or no, but I still remember the conversation that we once had about spirits when I was still in my first blog :p

justkisa – let me begin by saying that her writings are just incredible, I can’t explain how much I adore her writings, and I often visit her blog just to read her tags (and Kisa, you have no idea how much I laugh on your tags about that boxing AU, please please please make the fic come true!)

lalis07 – Liz, we share the same obsession on that Spaniard, don’t we??? You’ve always been so kind to me, I can’t believe that I deserve that :’)

orestisskarnezis. – My first Indonesian friend who also lives on the States that I met on Tumblr! Niky is just such a cutie-pie that I love!

kroosrues – Maritza is that sweet lovely person that should be admired for her kindness. Without being asked, she is the one who will be there for you to make sure that you’re allright

angusgunn – one of the most dedicated City’s fan that I know. Amanda, I really enjoy reading your thoughts about City, the players and the games. And let me tell you how much I really appreciate your hardwork on making a sideblog for the Ladies team and our youth.

zabaleta-s , xavidodgers samir-nasrii  - Okay, maybe you will find this is weird. But I kind of think these three girls are like… The Powerpuff Girls :D (girls please don’t kill me!).  I see Sarah as Bubbles, Beth as Blossom, and Darya as Buttercup. You three are among the most adorable ones that I know. And yes, every time I see you in my dash, I kind of think quietly to myself, “Ah, so Bubbles/Blossom/Buttercup is online. Nice.”

tacklemeramos and off-my-mind – The truth is, I kind of think that you two are somewhat, a pair of twin that separated and meet each other virtually in this site. Sophie and Aurore, you might never know it, but to see you girls talking to each other by reblogging stuff and adding your comments in the caption are among the things that I enjoy the most in Tumblr. You two are just way too cute!

mcfc-bromance-chronicle – if you are a City fan and you haven’t followed this account, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This, is practically one of the best blog to be followed for City’s fan. Whoever runs this blog, I want to thank you so much for all the amazing posts that never fail to make my day somehow brighter.  Thank you thank you thank you so much.

s86410 and myblueteam – City’s fans on Tumblr are thankful for your gif. You two are just so precious!

 dijamants cruyffs jamespmilner  ghyukumari jovetics lonelyjpeace      dahveed-silvaa sebwstan   – let’s think of Tumblr as a high-school. Then these people’s blog are those people who you can’t help but to admire for being the coolest ones (so guys, I might not really talk to you, but believe me, I really do think that your blogs are just super cool)

frommybeautifulmind – this blog is the first reason ever for me to create a Tumblr account. If you are looking for football fanfics, this blog, is definitely one that you should check!

wewroteitonpaper – probably the one that has the most high-quality writing in the football fandom., and apart from the beautiful stories, I want to thank you for your patience in replying my messages (even though sometimes it’s just those silly messages. Haha.)

futbolimagine – I can’t put into words how much I admire her creativity with all her brilliant writings. Thank you so much for all the lovely imagines that you keep on creating! You, my girl, is one of the most talented I have ever known. EVER.

tonikros – A passionate Real Madrid fan. A beautiful soul. And oh, how the football fandom has been so lucky to have her beautiful edits on picture. One of the loveliest people that always being so kind to her follower. You have my love and my support, dear.

hazardandkompany – how should I explain about this lovely girl? Never, ever questioned her passion and loyalty to the Belgian Red Devils. And let’s not forget how she is also a sweet kind girl that deserves all the love in the world.

I know that I have forgotten some. But all the blogs that I am following, I am following for a reason.

To all the people who own the above blogs I have mentioned, thank you for everything. You might not know nor realize that, but your presence means a lot to me.


~I reached 400 Followers~

While I wanted to wait for xmas or new year to do this, I may as well do it now, because wow, you guys, I got to 400 so quickly after hitting 300 I don’t even know what are you expecting from me!


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hey cuties!! ♡ it’s jackie and i’m here with my first follow forever. I start uni next month and i have no idea how busy i’ll be then so i wanted to thank everyone properly before ^-^

I created this blog in oct 2014 not knowing I’d become an exo blog - I have a habit of creating and deleting tumblr accounts and I was planning for this to be a white // serene blog >_< - but i’m so glad i became an exo blog instead. I honestly never expected to find so many amazing blogs and meet so many wonderful people!! ^^ and i never thought that what was at first reblogging photos of exo.. it would turn me into a crazy fangirl stuck at the bottom of the chanyeol and chanhun trash can. haha.

I am really REALLY extremely very grateful for all the blogs i follow and the wonderful people behind them. thank you for devoting your time to run them. thank you for all the perfect edits, flawless gifs and jaw-dropping fanfictions. thank you for just being here. you’re all awesome as heck.

thank you to all the very special friends i’ve made who put up with me being the world’s biggest loser haha. i am truly blessed to have you all in my life and thank you for all the messages // tweets // snaps etc. that you spend your time sending me, thank you ^-^

and ofc, thank you to all my followers who have stuck with me from the beginning, inbetween or have followed me recently. i love you all lots and i wish i could bake you all cupcakes or something ;;;

waaah ~ THANK YOU ! ! ! 

finally, here’s the generic comment apologising for my awful banner >_< i am sorry it’s poop yet you can’t deny that chanyeol’s face is the most beautiful thing in existence *sobs* T-T

bolded = mutuals
italics = fave blogs
♡ = friends // precious bunnies // precious axolotl’s // ily 

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Tokyo Trip: Shopping Aftermath

I finally got home, and I slept for like 12+ hours last night LOL . Anyway, I did a few last minute shopping before going to the airport, though I only bought a few stuff tbh.

Now, my study area looks like this after buying stuff:

LOL it’s all filled Naruto + Yamamoto Sayaka posters. Somehow, I feel like I’ll get to study better now that I have these haha. All my personal photos + letter were moved to my table instead.

So yeah, I’ll just post whatever I bought in Tokyo. It’s mostly Naruto and really few AKB48 goods cuz MUST NOT SPEND TOO MUCH CASH. You should look at my sister’s haul. She bought so much figures of Haikyuu and KnB (Akashi, Tanaka, Nishinoya) and a bunch of Uta no Prince-Sama goods too. I think her pile is twice as large as mine lmao. She told me she’s going to make a “shrine” of them lol.

First up are the posters I have. This one here was from K-books..? I kinda forgot lol. They were even selling a Naruhina poster for like 6000+ yen since it’s really rare. Ain’t no way I’d spend my money on that tho hahaha.

These posters of the movie were being distributed for free around Ikebukuro. They sure are promoing Boruto to the max hahaha.

The placemat from the Boruto: Naruto the Restaurant. The staff said that we could actually get them after eating, but my mom quickly shoved it in her bag before we even ordered LOL.

Got these postcards at Don Quixote! They were really cheap so I’m bought 4 of them. I should’ve bought more orz. Lucky that I got the Sasuke VS Naruto set.

Postcards from Jump World. I kinda regretted not buying the Team Konohamaru set though.

More stuff under the cut!

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Well, all I can say is, thank God I created so many categories, because, when going through all the applicants, I very quickly became lost in a labyrinth of beautiful blogs, and it was very hard to distinguish the winners.

But, after much deliberation, I can finally unveil the winners for my Tumblr Awards!

I also want to apologise for my belatedness, but I was unable to go through entrants in the week leading up to the deadline seeing as I was interstate on an unexpected, short-notice trip, so sorry about that!

There were almost 300 of you that applied, and I’m sorry, because I really do wish I could give each and every one of you the recognition that you deserve!

And I think I managed to put my biased views aside, although quite a few of those I hold dear did make it into the Hall of Fame (*cough* Bridgett *cough*).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the winners of the Golden Globes my Tumblr Awards!

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Award - Best Name (for the blogger with the coolest URL):

Winner: alrightevans​.
I don’t think anyone could’ve surpassed you in this one, Chloe. You’re just that good. And notice that there are no runners-up, either. You get all the glory.

Dobby the House Elf Award - Best Icon (to show that size is no guarantee of significance):

Winner: remuz.

It was the colour that sold it, Hilma. I adore Emma, too, so well done, love. It’s a gorgeous icon.

Runner up: mearauders.

Again, how could I go past the blue, Ella? And, Harry, my poor darling. I think it was the melancholic stance that stunted my approval, slightly, but no bother, because I still adore your icon, love!

Sirius Black Award - Best Theme (for the blog whose layout is as attractive as he is):

Winner: borginburks.

Oh, Mariam. You slay all of us with your aesthetically pleasing prowess, and your theme is no exception. From flowers, to raindrops, to the lil’ dragon, what’s not to love?

Runners up: sectvmsempras, butterbutterbeer, and evansdeer.

Tiff: You almost won this one, Tiff. You have an outstanding natural eye for all things to do with design, and your theme reflects that. It’s gorgeous, I adore the pictures, and it does justice to your talent. Well done, love.

Steph: Your theme was one of the first I saw, hun, and, let me tell you, it went on my list and never left it. I love the monochrome, the picture of Emma, the font, and your updates tab. A truly wonderful theme. Nice work.

Sarah: Clean, minimalistic, and simple, punctuated by the beautiful pops of baby-blue, your theme is dreamlike, Sarah. I love it, especially with the outstanding updates tab, which is one that I’ve never seen before, and admire not only for its individuality, but for its layout and looks. Ethereal.

Minerva McGonagall Award - Best Posts (this blogger knows their stuff):

Winner: reigulus.

Charlotte, my dear. On your blog you have brought together a consistent, stunning collection of edits, art and photosets, hand-picked and each of very high-quality content. Extremely well put-together and awe-inspiring.

Runners up: naricssa and firevhisky.

Keryn: A patchwork of some of the prettiest edits I’ve ever witnessed, entertaining posts, and gut-wrenching concepts. I could go through your blog all day, love. Beautiful.

Brielle: I might have to start by saying that I love your name, Brielle. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. But, more to the point, your posts are beautiful. Extremely engaging and stunning, a wonderful, good-looking gathering of content.

Lily Evans Award - Nicest Bloggers (for the cutie who continually makes me smile, and deserves all the love in the world):

Winner: buhtterbeer.

You’d probably think I’d be lying if I told you that I made this category with Sophie in mind. I’m not. Honey, you are one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered, and whenever you hit me up with an out-of-the-blue, reassuring message, it makes my day. I love you to the end of the Earth, blossom.

Runners up: staggeringlyjily, paddfoot, animaegus, jiilys.

Lucie: How many people will dedicate a post to you without warning? What’s the likelihood that the post in question will be one of true emotion and brightness? Lucie, you are a saint. I can’t associate anything but kindness and happiness with you, because that is what you bring to the world. You are wonderful.

Bridgett: It’s your first appearance yet, Bridge, and it won’t be your last. I can’t even begin to explain your kindness, because it is infinite. A word from you is like a warm, comforting hug. You make me, and everyone around you, so incredibly happy. Never forget that, Bridgett.

Melissa: The compliments from this one are individual, spectacular, and hard-hitting. Melissa, you speak in the language of sunshine and stardust. And I mainly attribute this to the fact that it takes one to know one. And by this, I mean that you are, quite possibly, one of the brightest people I know. You radiate sunshine. And it comes from the inside. That’s why you’re so beautiful, ‘Lis. It’s because of your interior. And I’m sure it’s made of nothing but stardust.

Caroline: The big sister all of us never had. Caroline, I see you looking out for everyone on here on a regular basis, including myself, and brightening everyone’s moods with sweet and heartfelt bursts of sunshine that come in the form of capitalised messages. You’re a true guardian angel. I love you.

Ginny Weasley Award - Most Badass Blogger (for the person who I am in awe of - for their blog, their posts, and their dazzling personality):

Winner: remusmoopin.

Shelby. She could simultaneously take a flawless selfie and conquer a city. You are cute, and you are fierce. Undoubtedly strong and valiant in all that you do. And if, by chance, you ever did conquer a city, I’d either back you, or fight for you. Or both. Because I need to live in a world where you are, Shelby, and it’s impossible for me to live in one without.

Runners up: grryfindors, gxnnyweasley.

Finny: ‘Grr’, is right. Finny is feisty and fabulous, something that keeps me captivated when reading upon their blog, and means that I retain a like measure of awe when interacting with them. Strong in opinion and in resolve, a true force to be reckoned with. I love you and your blog, hun. I’m always entertained.

Ali: You are exactly like the namesake of this award, gorgeous, and I’ll tell you why; you slay everyone, because, like Ginny, you are beautiful, you are staunch, you are badass, hence why I’m awarding this to you. I have great admiration for your blog, your talents, and you. You’re fabulous.

Gred and Forge Award - Wittiest Blogger (for someone whose humour correlates with that of these handsome, red-headed firecrackers’):

Winner: animaegus.

Not only are you kind at heart, but you continually display this in a way that makes me smile, and not least because of your niceness, but because of the wit you exert. I gush at my computer screen because of you, ‘Lis, and, to tell you why, I’ll use your words; it’s because you’re rad.

Runners up: jilyislife, aromanticmoony.

Ollie: This wonderful bundle of joy has a killer sense of humour and a comedic way of showing it. You never fail to make me smile, hun, because with the laughter you cause comes endless bouts of happiness. I never plan on relinquishing our friendship (which I am forever thankful for, I might add), because, hun, without you, my world would be a very gloomy place, indeed. And I’m willing to bet that the same sentiment can be extended to anyone who has ever come across you, Ol’, because you brighten all of our lives.

Lizzie: All you have to do is look at the title of Lizzie’s blog, and you’ll be in stitches. She has a sparky personality and a steely will, both of which will keep you smiling. I am not immune to your influence, either, ‘Liz, and you often make me laugh.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Award - Best Multifandom Blog (for the shining star who has managed to amalgamate a few different fandoms into one hell of a blog):

Winner: falcqn.

Oh, Nadia. I came across your blog and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. You have such a wonderful, clean-cut, professional display of posts across many different fandoms, and you’ve managed to represent them in a way that melds them into something truly special. Pleasing to look at, and a pleasure to have on your dashboard. High-five, hun.

Runner up: mearauders.

Here we are again, Ella. And for a good reason, too. You never fail to disappoint in your beautiful looking, well put-together artwork of a blog. I love what you post, and the way you present your content makes me want to be a part of each fandom. It’s a beautiful space you’ve created, and it’s extremely well-done.

Remus Lupin Award - Blog That Deserves More Recognition (whether you’re a newcomer or not, I want the world to know how spectacular you are):

Winner: miraclefred.

Alexandra, darling. There is nothing I don’t love about your blog, from your posts, to your theme, to your amazing writing ability. I feel like everyone should appreciate the ray of sunshine that you are, and the amazing blog you’ve got. You’re spectacular, and I love you loads.

Runners up: staggeringlyjily, queer-pansy.

Lucie: Sometimes I feel like you don’t get enough credit for how wonderful you are, love. As mentioned earlier, you are a truly beautiful soul, and this is reflected through your blog and your writing. I adore you and your account, and I want everyone else to, as well.

Taylor: You have such a kick-ass, fantastic blog, love, and the collection of posts, along with the design and feel of your space, has convinced me that you need to be recognised more for the high-quality presence that you are.

Most Stunning Creations:

Luna Lovegood Award - graphics:

Winner: sectvmsempras.

Since the beginning of time, I’ve been in love with Tiffany for her remarkable edits. They are of such a high quality that you deserve so much more than a Tumblr Award for your talents, love. Gorgeous edits made by a gorgeous gal. You harness your abilities in the best way possible, so that they manifest into pure artwork.

Runners up: ohlumos, pronqsie.

Dani: You create such gorgeous gifsets that I struggle to not reblog every single one of them. You possess a true talent in colouring and displaying scenes from this beloved series in a way that will turn anyone in a heart-eyes emoji.

Mariana: Mari, my love. I see so many of your beautiful edits and creations being loved by the world, and it makes me so happy to see that your talents are being recognised. I love your work, and I love you.

Notable mentions: nymphadoraas, buhtterbeer, leakycauldrcn.

Jess: You possess such a talent for editing, and I fall in love with everything you do.

Sophie: The colours in your edits and photosets are always to die for.

Sharmaine: Your work with graphics is phenomenal.

J.K Rowling Award - writing:

Winner: jiilys.

I remain firm in the fact that no-one else could’ve won this but you, Caroline. Your work makes me cry, smile, laugh, and sigh on a daily basis, and it’s all down to your undeniable talents. I truly hope you pursue writing, because you’d be depriving the world of a real treat if you didn’t.

Runners up: dearestlupin, staggeringlyjily.

Moony: You’re making it very hard for me to not ship Wolfstar, Moony. You have a gripping, beautiful style of writing, and you make me squeal at my computer, simply because you are that fantastic.

Lucie: You have such a wonderful way of writing for all the character I adore, and I retain such a strong admiration for your talents, Lucie. Thank you for the beautiful work you share with all of us.

Nymphadora Tonks Award - miscellaneous:

Winners: gxnnyweasley (music) and hermionegrangxer (themes).

Ali: this is for your exceptional singing and musical abilities, hun. I hope you go far in your career, because you are extremely talented. I wish you every success, because I love listening to your stuff. My only request is that you remember me when you’re famous.

Alantha: you’re remarkable when it comes to coding, ‘Lantha. Truly - your creations never fail to knock my socks off. Thank you for blessing the world with your themes!

Teddy Lupin Award - Personal Favourite (I love you. Completely. Unconditionally. I just do):

Winners (I couldn’t pick just one, sorry!): paddfoot and jiilys.

My girls. My girls.

Bridgett: You know how much I love you. Endlessly. To the end of the Earth. You make me so incredibly happy, and I haven’t stopped loving your blog since I first followed you. Thank you for being so sweet, caring and supportive. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Caroline: I have such a strong admiration for you, gorgeous. You make me so happy, and I am continually reminded of this when I receive messages from you. Your blog, your writing, and, simply, you, bring so much joy into my life. I adore you, Caroline. Don’t ever forget it.

James Potter Award - Best Overall (for the person whose blog, posts, personality and everything in general are something that even this witty, bespectacled git would be in awe of):

Winner: labeledluna.

When looking through applicants, I stumbled across your blog, Hannah, and, let me tell you, I am very lucky I did. Your account is amazing. Truly. I am in love with your theme, your posts, your URL, your icon, and you. A must follow.

Runners up: scteumsempra, borginburkssiriuhz.

Zaillie: My love. My one and only. My beautiful girl. Everything about your blog is awe-inspiring. I admire you highly for the amazing space you’ve created.

Mariam: You already know I think that you’re a delight, hun, but I had to extend one last award to you, because you and your blog are simply spectacular.

Fawzie: You are truly wonderful, Fawzie, and your blog represents that beautifully. I adore what you post, I adore the way your blog looks, and I adore you.

And that’s it, loves.

My congratulations go out to all the winners, and my apologies to any applicants who did not receive an award. It was difficult - so difficult - to narrow it down, and, as you can tell, I didn’t do that great of a job, what with the mammoth post above blocking up your dashboards.

Now, prizes.

For the winners:

  • A follow back from me, if not already.
  • 3 promos, on request, whenever you want. You can message me for this, but, because I know that no-one wants to type out ‘Can I have that promo you promised me?’, chances are, I’ll do them at random over the course of the next few months, or just whenever I feel like you need some love.
  • A drabble request, edit, playlist, piece of URL art, or whatever else you can think of! Feel free to check out my writing, edits, music, and URL art to decide what you’d like.
  • My endless friendship, love and respect.

For the runners up:

  • A follow back from me, if not already.
  • 3 promos, on request, whenever you want. You can message me for this, but, because I know that no-one wants to type out ‘Can I have that promo you promised me?’, chances are, I’ll do them at random over the course of the next few months, or just whenever I feel like you need some love.
  • My endless friendship, love and respect.

OK, I’ll get off your dash, now. Have a wonderful day, guys.

Ellie. x


(I think you guys remember what music was playing in Jide’s Diamond Play button video, so I kinda went for that here with these pics haha)


This is absolutely insane for me. I never thought I’d even get to 100 when I started, let alone 1,000! It never really sunk in that wait, I could get A THOUSAND followers until recently, and now that it’s happened, I don’t really know what to do. So I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you, and to everyone who’s ever liked and reblogged my posts and just supported me in any way. Every follower I gain (I still have email notifications on for that haha) and every ask I get makes my day, and you guys have been mindblowingly nice to me, which means so much that I can’t really put it into words.

There are some specific people that mean the world to me, and I want to mention them here, so they know just how much they’ve helped me. (I wrote A LOT, so I’m putting a “Keep reading” thing on here)

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this is my first follow forever (DONT JUDGE THE PICTURE I CANT EDIT LIKE YOU GUYS OK BUT BEFORE YOU GUYS ASK IVE IT WITH THE NEWEST VERSION OF PAINT) and i will mention every blog that i will really follow forever out of different reasons. This will be a long post and thats the reason why ¾ of this post hidden under the read more option. I am sorry in advance for my english :D (im 100% sure i made some major mistakes)

I really appreciate the presence of every person im going to mention now. I love every single blog so much and some of you are crazy edit makers and i actually read every tag of you guys and I also follow your personal problems and your funny days and whatever you guys share on here. You are making tumblr special to me. Even if I barely talk to you or hardly ever reblog your stuff, I love your blogs more than you could imagine :)

(dont take it personally if I didnt wrote a text about you, thats probably bc we havent talked as much as I talked to the others or we stopped talking at one point. But I still love you guys ok

1-85cm x baekjongxinghun x bibgang x bigbangsquad x blondragon x bulletproofhobi x eomchina x everything-korea x experiencingkpopmusic x fyx-s x gzbrin x hinoji x ikwonn x jammyvan x jinkissweatyballs x jiyong-oppar x koreeah x kwonjiycng x memoirs-ofageisha x letsallsleepoverwork x prince-ji x rap-oppa x seriousdarkmatter x strongbaeri x tabimyhubby x taeyangspecs x vinylcards x winkingstarsandlullabies x xxxloveee x youngbaebae

and yeah i do follow more blogs that i really like and recommend you to follow, you can see them in my blogroll :) the ones i mentioned are just my absolute favorite mutuals!

now comes the part where i just thank all the people who made my time here more than just enjoyable. the people i consider as my close tumblr friends. i hope ill meet some of you one day, especially my european friends (+ yooneroos and officialyanghyunsuk :D)

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(A Part-Two Sort of Thing)

Messages to people I consider friends :D

well-damn-luke: Clara Grace, words can’t describe how awesome you are, okay? I’m like 99.9% sure no one else would put up with me the way you do. From being able to send the weirdest shit to your ask to just talking to you whenever to wanting massive cuddle sessions, I feel like you’re my best friend. You give the best advice when I need it, you’re gorgeous, and so talented and sweet and I love you to bits.

bitchassluke: Pooja! You, my friend, are one of the greatest people I know. I am so glad we’re friends because wow, you’re incredibly funny, you are stunning (even if you think or say otherwise), and you’re there for me. Let’s also not forget the major feels you bring with your incessant text posts. I love you so much and I love how we can rant to each other about things and not give a rat’s ass. Our friendship is great. Stay rad.

ash-iwin: Jenna okay you are literally one of the very first 5sos blogs I followed (I think it was second!) and I am infinitely happy that I didn’t unfollow you from that point for any reason because we wouldn’t be where we are today! You are a fabulous person who runs a fabulous blog and gosh darn it you are so beautiful. Self-esteem issues arise when you post selfies. But yeah I love you and you’re fab.

blazecal: Geneva girl. I swear the conversations we have should be like monitored or something – they’re so frickin weird. Remember though, we have a garden gnome and cat army to assemble to take over the world. Hahaha okay in all seriousness, you are hilarious and so fun to talk to and I absolutely love you. (I also think I’ve picked up saying “hellza” because of you.)

orgascal: Crystal, you’re such a major sweetheart and I love you so much. I know I told you this before but I followed you when you were still burritoirwin and I was like :( she’s so cute and awesome and she’ll never notice me. So you can say I flipped when you did! You put a smile on my face and you make me really happy and I love you lots and lots and yeah stay beautiful, darling.

starbucalum: Kayla! You’re such a babe and I love talking to you. From our fruit talks about how I eat grapes with a fork (not off the vine) to having lots of feels to just whatever? Like I don’t even know, I love you so much, and are we married? I think we are. There’s some post about it or something. Maybe it was on a selfie. But yeah okay anyway I love you and I love you and I love you.

stopitcalum: Ki’i oh gosh where do I start. You are like. Probably my favorite Calum girl. Like ever. And I fangirled really hard when you followed me because you are so wow and I am so not. I don’t think you consider us friends but I listed you as a friend anyway. Let’s see okay 1. you make a bunch of text posts that make me cry and give me severe feels. 2. your selfies also make me cry bc beautiful. 3. your tags often make me laugh 4. why’re you so awesome, like bye. (Ily.)

cuddlyhemming: Jenna aye okay so I just scrolled through our text conversations and like 90% of it is in caps. I love talking to you and I just love you a lot in general and it’s great that our conversations always consist of us yelling at each other about 5sos and how great food is and how you’ve never hit post limit before? Is that a thing?? That you’ve never felt the frustration of post limit??? Anyway, you’re cute and I love you okay.

calumoxide: Nalisha babe okay I haven’t been following you for a very long time but so far you are g9 okay so keep up the good work. I love you like a lot and also we need to talk more because you seem hella rad (sorry I stole what you said about me in your follow forever heh but it’s true). Also remember, we are dating. You said it yourself. It’s official.

acousticirwin: Sydney okay first of all, your edits are A+. Second, your AUs make me cry all the freaking time okay and I don’t even know how you come up with that many like you just bang them out one after the other and it kills me. Anyway, I’m really glad I followed you because you’re super awesome and yay fronds :D

assholuke: Kathryn… *lets out big sigh* as much as we banter and throw sarcasm at each other, I do feel like we’re good friends, I mean, who else am I going to be an asshole/assholuke to? (Sorry, I had to.) You’re pretty rad, if I do say so myself, and I’m glad there’s someone who puts up with my shit, even though you don’t have to.

lucahemming: Sarah I know we’ve at least a few interactions but for some reason I can’t remember any of them. But despite that, I know I adore you and you are going to be my cuddle buddy if you’re ever in New York…I do remember comparing heights though which was obviously a crucial factor in the cuddling! You’re awesome. Stay awesome.

pengirwin: Kristen, hey girl hey. Okay sometimes it feels like I’m reblogging all of your stuff and other times it feels like you’re reblogging all of mine…so…I’m glad it’s mutual? Haha anyway I love you and I loved talking (or rather, yelling) with you about All Time Low and how frickin good their music is and we also yell at each other about 5sos and yeah it’s always a good time.

spiritcal: Faith hello alright this is a perfect example of how being nice to people can turn into friendship. I don’t think we’ve spoken in a while but you’re still a kickass person in my book and I love you okay.

barakalifford: Julia we haven’t talked in a while and I do miss your snapchats! But I love you loads and thanks for being a friend :-) (Heartbreak Girl starts playing in the background)

Other mentions!

420calum: Aly. You’re one of the first 5sos blogs I followed I think, and I followed you when you were at 4k followers, and that’s where I am now, which is weird if you think about it. I admire you a lot and hope we can talk more in the future :)

assston: Raquel. I thought it was cute when you said you were really happy that I followed you, and I’m also glad I followed you back! You’re awesome and that preference made me cry (the one I reblogged a while ago).

comfortcal: Sage. You’re such a cutie and I love all your outfits and selfies and you’re so rad okay. Plus you’re also one of my top Calum girls aye *wink wink*.

darlinglucas: Nicole. Wow your voice is stupendous and thanks for loving my blog and if you held the New York 5sos ticket for me, thanks for doing that as well, I love you.

fallenfor5sos: Sandra. We haven’t talked like ever, but I want you to know that I think you made the most wicked edits/gifs, so thanks for being awesome.

michaelgclifford: Molly. I sort of love you from afar and I talked to you on anon a couple times and off anon a couple times. You’re lovely and cute and sweet and I really admire you :)

mikashton: Silvia. You’re great okay for doing everything. Your gifs are marvelous and I love how you can gif things in like 3 seconds. Love you lots.

touchmyash: Sam. You’re a babe oh my gosh and I love you tons. I hope we get to talk more! I feel like I never talk to you…which I don’t.


That absolutely came out longer than intended but I wanted to say some stuff to friends, so yeah I love you all wee