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Leading Suspects: Master Post

Hooray for completed fics! As promised, my final post regarding this story, now that I’m caught up with cross-posting it, complete with links! For your convenience and reading preference:

Read it on AO3

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And for those of you who have too much time or just prefer tumblr reading or whatever: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Epilogue.

Enjoy! And…Platypus!!!


Redditor Uberwolf_ points out something that I have overlooked. Not all reprised raids will be available straight out the gate when Age of Triumph launches. Here is his/her explanation:

Hi DTG, I know, I know, a lot of people think all the raids are coming out tomorrow, but sadly this is not the case, trust me I wish it was but it is not.

Bungie SPECIFICALLY said that on the first week, only Crota will be available, then the next week VoG will be available and featured, but you will still be able to play Crota too, just not featured, so on and so forth.

Sorry to burst any of your bubbles, but I’d much rather disappoint you now with the truth, then let you be disappointed with the lies tomorrow.

So here are the release dates for update raids:

Crota’s End: March 28th

Vault of Glass : April 4th

King’s Fall : April 11th

Wrath of the Machine: April 18th

edit: 52:20 onwards from here

Deej : “We begin with Crota, then Vault of glass, then on the third week we come in and play Kings Fall, and then Wrath of the Machine”

“So if you look here, we’re in a setting where the 390 version of Kings Fall hasn’t been unlocked yet”

edit 2:

“The first week of Age of Triumph will send players to the Moon for Crota’s End, while Vault of Glass fans will have to wait until week two. King’s Fall will be featured third, followed by Wrath of the Machine. As each 390 Light version goes live, it will remain playable (without challenges) even when it’s not the weekly featured raid. Every raid will now offer armor with an ornament slot; the gear from Wrath of the Machine, which already had one slot, will now have two.”

And an additional comment from Redditor RiseofBacon:

How it works

Week 1 - CE at 390 w/Featured

Week 2 - VoG at 390 w/Featured, CE also available at 390

Week 3 - KF at 390 w/Featured, CE & VoG available at 390

Week 4 - WoTM Featured and all Raids active at 390

Week 5 & Afterwards - Featured Raid & ALL Raids at 390


I’m going to use this post to talk about the little bio Murdoc wrote for Electronic Beats because I’m just getting around to it now. TBH I was still busy capping every frame we could see his eyebrows in Saturnz Barz. When you adapt to making posts out of old material so much so that you’re able extract over a year of edits out of them, you learn how to really take your time with things. Now with the recent avalanche of material I’m actually finding it hard to keep up. Imagine that! Anyhow:

  • First thing I notice is that he classifies himself as “pop” which is interesting because in previous phases I always got the impression that he wanted to preserve the sounds of his original influences in the music
  • I love that he added in stage directions as if he was thinking that if there was even the SLIGHTEST chance someone could take his bio and turn it into an actual production, he wanted to be prepared. Because anything written by Murdoc is just that good. His unwavering belief in himself is very endearing (or the part of it that isn’t a front is at least- more on that later).
  • “Some people tried to claim I’d sold my soul to the devil in exchange for success.” Some people? Yeah, some people like your own damn self lmao. Are they trying to retcon that? Or is this just more Murdoc being Murdoc?
  • The unintentional Plastic Beach shade is hilarious. Gorillaz was “a UK smash,” Demon Days “literally shafted America right up its Grand Canyon” and we get to Plastic Beach and it’s just “….”
  • “The more whammed I got, the more the songs poured out of me, until I was literally dripping with musical genius.“ Despite the boastfulness of this quote, this is actually pretty sad when you consider the fact that Murdoc uses alcohol (and other illicit substances) as a maladaptive coping mechanism to manage anxiety, insecurity and symptoms of PTSD (note how little he actually says about himself in this bio). And 2D also mentions in his own bio that Murdoc has been actually been drinking more. Then again, he also looked a lot happier and comfortable with the rest of the band in the video so idk.
  • I think we’ll always have to depend on lyrics and actions in music videos rather than his own words to formulate an accurate reading on if and how Murdoc has “changed.” TBH, I was hoping we would get more raw honesty in the same vein as the ending of ROTO (which he took back immediately, but still) from him this phase. For the sake of story-telling it doesn’t benefit his character to remain entirely static. Sure, it’s funny to joke that character development for Murdoc = going from writing a song called “Sex Hoof” to a song called “Sex Murder Party” but the reality is that he has the lived experiences for so much more and I wish they would utilize it more.
  • On that note I’m also slightly disappointed that his dynamic with 2D has essentially reset to what it was before Phase 3.You would think that the rest of the band would have facilitated some sort of intervention by now. Really, I feel bad for 2D fans more because he deserves better than this. It’s absolutely possible to write him as wanting to be in the band without continuing to fortify such an unhealthy dynamic. I might be able to understand if they were going for a social commentary on trauma and mental health but I highly doubt that’s what they’re doing. It also almost nullifies all of the “they all look SO happy now!!” sentiments that fandom (myself included) is circulating (the claim that he’s being “nicer” is what saves it but it remains to be seen if it’s true).
  • He’s “furious” now. I wonder if that means we’re actually going to get activist!Murdoc after all. Do the lyrics “we got the power to be loving each other no matter what happens” sound particularly radical or furious? Not really lmao but I look forward to hearing him follow through on that statement as this phase progresses.
  • I say this every time but I *do* understand that music comes first, lore comes second but imo, the project works best when the two complement each other and sometimes I wish the lore was more consistent. If that makes me sound “not positive enough” the idk what to tell you. These are just my thoughts at the moment. I’m still elated to be experiencing this phase in real time and there are a lot of things I’ve loved sooo yeah.

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how the heck do you get tumblr to NOT fuck up the quality of your pictures, no matter how i edit or resize mine, they always turn out blurry. teach me ur ways (also i love your blog and your story)

omg i still struggle w the quality tho!! sometimes they STILL look blurry and im just like WHATEVS

but for my gameplay pics i crop them to 21.389 x 10.5 and resize them to width of 1000px

for my edits like vertical ones i crop them to 8.111 x 10.858! and i usually dont resize them!!!!!!!!! hope i helped!!!!!

Flamethrower Chapter 6


Sorry it took so long guys I had to do a complete re-write TWICE and I’m still not totally happy with it. Eventually I just decided to put it out because otherwise I’ll be writing this one chapter until Doomsday. God willing I’ll be a little faster now that the Beast has been slain.

Summary: Not much is known about Sans the Skeleton. He owns a bar in Snowdin. He has a younger brother Named Papyrus. And recently something’s been raiding his trash for food. Reversing the Roles of the Baby Blaster AU originally created by @spacegate

Part 6 of 17(?)

Notice: this Piece is mostly self-edited and may contain typos, grammar errors and run on sentences. if you spot a mistake, please report kindly

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Imagine Mark Teaching You How to Edit

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

It seemed so complicated when you watched Mark edit. 
All the little tabs and windows. The effects and sounds. There was so much of it! And you had always admired Mark and his knowledge of editing. 
Even now as the two of you sat down together at a computer, you still found everything so overwhelming. 
Mark pointed out the different things you needed. The techniques that were required to make the effects and add the video and sounds together. 
“Do you remember how to put the sound track in?” Mark asked, patient as ever as you bit your tongue and clicked the mouse. 
You beamed when the track fell into place, proud of yourself for remembering it. 
“Excellent!” Mark smiled, “Now you just have to put everything together.” 
You grimaced at the thought of all the work Mark and Ethan put into their videos. The long hours and sleepless nights. 
But then you reminded yourself of the finished product. How so many people enjoyed it and you understood why Mark does what he does. 
“Ok. I’ll give it a shot.” You nodded. “But please don’t go anywhere. I’m still a little lost.” 
Mark grinned, “I’m not going anywhere.”

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I saw someone post the picture of Sorey's dead eyes and because I haven't seen the new episode yet I thought something bad happened to mikleo and sorey was about to kill turns out he was just doing his magical boy transformation. I gotta admit I laughed a little when I saw this. I mean it still looked cool though.

Lmao, it would be so much better if Sorey got mad at Heldalf over hurting Mikleo. At least then Sorey could have, idk, some motivation.

But then - why did they add that creepy shot? Is it some kind of foreshadowing? Are they going for Tainted AU ending? Or maybe there will be some drama over the fact that the armatus is supposed to “add pressure” on Sorey, like Lailah has said?

Or are they just crappy at directing/editing? Probably the latter.

CLUMSY .     y’all …. i’m so happy with how these turned out !!!   &  i still would be Struggling with having to edit archie’s hair    (  by hand  )    if not for @vixenblossom ‘s psd .   my skin is clear .   my crops are flourishing !!!!


so lately i’ve not really been in a sims mood so i didn’t play that much and idk if i’ll have enough screenshots for the whole week but well im currently playing/editing/queuing (is this an actual word)!! + i read all of your replies and i still didn’t have time to make a post to reply to you :-// so hopefully i’ll find time but for now i’m making sure my queue won’t last before the end of next week lol

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*


It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try and readjust the way you thought of things. [x]

Goodbye, Wesley Gibbins. Rest in peace.

carrie fisher (october 21, 1956 - december 27, 2016)

                                 drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.

rest in peace, my angel, and may the force be with you always.