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recently i’ve reached a lovely follower goal and I dont know what else to say other than a big big thank you! i know my blog style has changed a lot and i just wanted to say thank you so so so much for everyone who has stuck with me and my blog until now! I’ve been able to talk with so many nice and talented people from around the world, and even though I don’t talk to each one of you, I probably would love to if I wasn’t that bad at starting/keeping conversations :// But in all honesty Its so crazy to see this trash/mess blog that i created 5 years ago just for funsies getting so much love and support from all of you! ♡

♡ :  i love u and ill probably hit that d*e for u 
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tbh i love u all equally 🤐  also sorry for doing your archive dirty like this

I just saw @xxmileikaivanaxx was following me…. then, I glitched, obviously.

Geez guys, after living such a year in art class, I mean, where I had to deal with so much critcis, rude ones most of the time, it’s incredible to have you all supporting me… Your messages are always so kind ! (…okay, let’s ignore the anon haters…)
I love every single one of you, dear followers ! And thanks to you all, I began to develop more confidence in my work :)
I’m trying new things, I have projects, plans, I have so much fun, I’m happier and it’s thanks to you !
Wow, I can’t believe I got tumblr a month ago, seeing all the things that happened already…

I’m not very good with words, but still, I’m grateful, you’re all amazing persons !

Happy New Year

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Title: Happy New Year

Pairing: Samandriel x Reader

Word Count: 796

Warnings: Fluff

A/N:  I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by an Anon: Samandriel x reader story where he and the reader are together at the bunker for a new years eve party and once it’s the new year he grabs her and kisses her and tells her about his feelings that he loves her? :))

Samandriel wasn’t accustomed to the traditions of humans.  He wasn’t used to these holidays either.  However, he did enjoy your enthusiasm whenever another holiday rolled around.  The way you lit up like a Christmas tree astounded the angel.  He loved the way you never left his side during the party.  It made this whole New Year’s eve thing much easier for him.

Castiel was the one who informed him of the traditions of New Year’s eve and what happened at midnight.  He trusted Castiel’s word.  Samandriel knew that Castiel was more knowledgeable of humans and their traditions and celebrations alike.  He talked to Castiel about his feelings for you, not knowing what to do.  After his discussion with Castiel, he knew just what to do.

Samandriel was broken away from his train of thought when you grabbed his arm.  He looked behind him, seeing a few of his angelic brothers and Sam and Dean.  You were taking him away from the room where everyone else was, but why?

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ok, so, I feel for every character who is in pain. Every. single. one. but the story of Raven Reyes literally breaks my heart. She has been the most consistently least selfish person on this show and yet has had the most taken from her. She is so much more mature than any character near her age and beyond brilliant We see this when she is the one to figure out that they sent the 100 to the ground and confronts Abby. Instead of telling anyone whats happened she stays by Abby’s side and helps as much as she can. She’s the one who points out that the 100 aren’t dying, they’re taking the bracelets off. She refuses to give up on the boy she loves and fixes a flies a 100 year or p.o.s. space ship alone to reach him. She crashes to earth to find that Finn, the only family she has ever had or loved, has betrayed her and slept with Clarke. Instead of hating Clarke she sucks it up and does everything she can to help ensure that they all fucking survive. She doesn’t even hate Finn. She continues to love and care about him respecting the fact that his feelings have changed. She turns her grief to determination and helps build a wicked bomb, then almost dies trying to ensure that it detonates when its supposed to. She is shot in the back, loses feeling in her legs (this really broke me) and trusts Abby to perform an excruciatingly painful surgery for the chance that it might help her. Even after the surgery is only somewhat successful she remains there for support for everyone. “It sucks. but i’m dealing.” *sobs at this exchange* She then has to watch from afar as Finn is strung up and set to be killed in front of the entirety of the Arkers. She places faith in Clarke that she can fix this because that’s what Clarke does, but instead Clarke is forced to mercy kill Finn leaving Raven with no one. No one who understands her. Who loved her intimately. No one who could possibly help her the way she needs to be helped. She could fall into depression, turn everyone away and refuse to move on. She could hate Clarke and refuse to do anything to help her in any way at all (which could have resulted in them not being able to defeat Mt. Weather) She’s lost everything a great deal of that due to Clarke. But she doesn’t give up. She deals. She grieves, moves on and turns out to play one one the most important roles in the success of invading and defeating Mt. Weather. Flash forward a few months, she’s pushed on. She remains herself. She laughs, she smiles, she’s remained close to her friends and never forgets Finn. She does all of this even though she’s obviously in a lot of pain all the time, for her the pain never ended. It just keeps building deeper and deeper. Then the explosion in Mt. Weather happens and Raven again loses so much. She is physically impacted by the explosion but she also has just witnessed the death of not only half of Farm station but also her friend and Bellamy’s girlfriend. Even as she lay on the ground in pain (again) her first thought is to tell Bellamy whats happened. She doesn’t think of herself she thinks of her friends.

Raven Reyes has every right to break down, to fall to pieces because life is so unfair. She has every reason to want to crawl into a hole and refuse to keep living. Raven Reyes who has a heart murmur and could die at any time. Raven Reyes who never had a mom, who lost the only boy she ever loved, twice. Raven Reyes who could have given up so many times, who is in pain every second of every day and still is there to support those who aren’t coping after the things they’ve seen and done, who pushes through the pain to be the best mechanic Arcadia has.

Raven is in so much pain and it’s only getting worse. As if each new horrible thing that happens to her just feeds off of her remaining strength, allowing the pain in her hip and leg to go deeper and deeper. Just like her emotional pain she refuses to let her physical pain stop her from living. And i’m terrified that they are finally going to push her too far. They are going to push her so far that she finally breaks because she just can’t possibly go on. Raven has been through so much and I just don’t think even she can keep going like this. She is the backbone, the bridge that connects the past to the future and if Raven doesn’t survive the next episode I don’t know what I will do.

The garden from Shadow at the Waters Edge (with some artistic liberties)

Wanted to actually work on background this time. I learned a lot of new things while doing this piece (like how much I actually hate doing backgrounds).

This was not going to be a gif but after everything why not -_-.

If you have any suggestions for future drawings just drop a message.



~Fourtris: the intimate scene was beautiful, even though I was kinda pissed off that they brought that into Insurgent, when it only happened in Allegiant in the books.

~Miles Teller as Peter 👌

~ All the action and special effects.

~ How the leader of Amity was a black woman and the leader of Candor was an Asian man.

~”I fell in love with Tris Prior.” <4

~When all the Dauntless come running down the steps with their guns and your like “Wowowow I want to be Dauntless.”

~The truth serum scene. It was so raw and powerful, and I nearly cried.

~When Tris is shooting at Eric, and Caleb’s like, “Ow my ears.”

~ Tobias playing with the Amity kids

~ When Tris and Tobias go upstairs after the fight in Evelyn’s house, and Caleb just there like, “Well this food looks delicious.”

~Tris telling the little girl to stay upstairs, and then protecting her when Eric puts the gun on her. Also when she says “Be brave” to her.

~When Tris sees Tobias in Erudite and they were screaming and fighting for eachother 😭

~Tobias slamming his fist on the table at Evelyn’s house.

~ Caleb being an idiot in the train with factionless.

~Tris looked SO CUTE when she is in Erudite with her hair all sticking up. She was like a baby parakeet.

~The factionless houses were amazing. I reacted the same way as Caleb, like, “whoaa.”


~How everything was so rushed

~The freaking box. WHY?! I didn’t like how they made it the centre of the movie and ignored a bunch of other things from the book which were amazing.

~The fact that Marlene was only introduced so that she could die. If I hadn’t read the books first, I only would’ve known her name after she died.

~What happened to the Tris-Christina-Will problem? I hated how Christina forgives Tris like 10 minutes after she confesses to killing Will, and how they left out Cara, who is such a interesting and vital character in the books.

~How Tris calls Tobias “Four”

~Evelyn kills Jeanine, when its supposed to be Tori who kills her.

~Speaking of which, WHAT HAPPENED TO TORI?! She was one of my favourite characters from the series, and they reduced her to literally nothing.

~They didn’t show Tris’ fear of guns in Insurgent.

~No fighting between Tris and Tobias.

~THE ENDING. They showed everyone pretty much skipping off into the sunset and everything being happy and perfect, BUT NO. That is not at all what it is like in the books, and I didn’t like it one bit. There was no suspense for Allegiant.

~When Caleb watches his sister being strangled and held off of a train, and he just stands there, like seriously, SHE IS YOUR SISTER, DUDE.

~I was so worried when Jeanine’s people attack the Candor compund, because I literally thought they shot Uriah. I hate how he got like two lines as well.

~How Evelyn is literally the same age as Tobias.

Despite all my complaining, I liked Insurgent as a movie on its own, but definitely not as a book-to-movie adaptation. All the special effects were really good, and there was some amazing acting, however, I feel like they focused too much on adding new things to the plotline that they missed out a lot of the book and rushed through things. I would still watch Insurgent again and enjoy it, but I will always prefer the book to the movie.

Remember that fankind stick together.


Right now, I can feel everyone’s hearts beating as one! 

Happy 1 year anniversary, Undertale. I owe Toby and this game so much. I made so many new friends, learned new things about myself, made new friends, met new people, and played an amazing game!
Thank you for all the fun times, and thank for all the fun times ahead Undertale!


Happy 35th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ | August 13th, 1982

❝You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing ‘West Side Story,’ I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much.❞