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What if Lance’s vlog starts as a shitty Flirting 101 and dumb jokes

but he starts explaining it’s because he craves attention and he justs feels out of place and wants to be acknowledged and ends up on a long silence because he doesn’t know how to properly express it and feels inadequate

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Okay I ❤️ the ballroom dancing AU! Supercorp + Your Song (Rita Ora)

ah thanks! so much! also this song is now one of my favorites ;)

She doesn’t mean to start sleeping with her best friend.

Lena leans against her balcony railing and tries not to shake too much as she lights her cigarette, shaken from both the chill of the autumn air and the overwhelming memory of what happened last night.

Kara’s still asleep. Lena inhales smoke and tries not to stare, but it’s hard not to. Facedown on the bed, back bare, sheets hanging low by her hips—Kara is more relaxed than Lena’s seen her in a while.

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I’m five years late but this absolutely destroyed me. The whole season Betty was so careful expressing her love for Kate, one small daring step at a time. Kate kept responding positively, which made Betty only fall deeper and believe her feelings were mutual. 

Except, Kate had been sheltered her entire life and obliviously thinks this is how friendship between women is expressed. Not picking up on the underlying implications and signals she’s giving to Betty and Betty gives her in return.

Even before it all comes crashing down, Betty makes absolutely sure there’s no other reading. Kate rubs her shoulders and Betty takes her hand, kisses it and confesses her love verbally. Only when Kate tells her “she really likes her too” Betty goes in for a kiss. 

And that’s the moment everything Betty thought was possible - getting the girl - was all in her head. But it’s not just a rejection of her affections, it’s a rejection of who she is.

wam bam thank you ma’am ! so here we are, well past a hundred followers ; with me still struggling to be productive. i may not have spoken to most of you, but your presence on my dash is more than enough for me to be grateful that we’re mutuals ! i hope to interact with all of you & your lovely muses.

i’ll give thanks where thanks are due WHICH IS TO ALL OF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE ! excuse me while i tag people more than once cause i’m too dumb to remember

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Story time: So I sent my friend a picture of Keith, and asked him to tell me if he was straight or no. My friend in no time responds 'nah he's def. gay' and if that wasn't good enough, I was talking about Voltron to someone, and my same friend asked 'oh is that the gay one?' I wheezed a yes - Quinn

At first I had planned on getting on my soapbox and talking about being bi for bisexual visibility week on here. Its been such an urge since the start of the week. And then I decided y'all probably don’t want to hear all my personal shit, especially after not being very active on here lately, so I ended up tweeting this shortened version, because avoiding oversharing on here was the entire point of my twitter. And then I changed my mind again because thats who I am and I like to talk about being bi, so y'all just gotta deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When I was about 15 I met the first person that I knew as gay. Of course, me being the repressed bisexual back then, I found it life changing for no reason I could figure, but it still was nonetheless. He and I became quick friends, and he influenced me on the lgbt community, since for a while he was the only exposure I had. And I still remember exactly where I was, what time of the day, even the damn weather, of when he said “If you end up being queer, go for gay, bi isnt a real thing, better to be straight instead of indecisive.” And I was easy to influence because I was young and naive so of course that was, unbeknownst to me at the time, a huge shove further into denial and later on, self-hatred. And I’m not out to him. We still talk, that was the only time I’ve heard him say something like that, but I’m terrified of what he will say. This guy, that for a while was my only damn friend, my introduction to the community I would end up realizing Is My community, and he could just say I’m not valid. I don’t know what that would do to me.

But I am valid. I’ve been told I’m not pretty enough to be bi. I’ve been told I’m just hoping if theres a bigger selection I’ll find somebody that will like me. I’ve been told the classic “you’re just confused.” I’ve been told I’m just a straight trying to fit into a community. And all this plus more in less than 2 years, since I wasn’t really out to anybody but myself before that. Only been out in public for less than a year. And my hands and voice still shake when I talk about it. I still choke on the word “bisexual.” I still fall into a spiral of doubt on whether I am actually bisexual. But even though I am terrified, even though I stumble and trip, I make sure I am visible. “Stay afraid, but do it anyway” is the best goddamn advice I have ever seen, thank you Carrie Fisher. So when it is safe for me to do so, I exist openly proud. And I educate people. I explain. I make sure people understand that I am going to be bi whether they understand or not. And it helps. Yes, I’ve dealt with the assholes, but I’ve also been lucky enough to find people that will take a step back to listen, learn, and then go on and be a better ally. I am damn proud that I have had the ability to help people understand.

So tldr, what my overall point is, is that bisexuals are valid and biphobes can go fuck themselves. But also that its ok to be scared, to be confused, to take a while to figure yourself out. But be proud of who you are. You don’t have to speak up if you don’t feel comfortable or safe, nor do you have to fully commit to do it every time. Exist however you wish, but if you want to be heard, then just go for it. Existing visibly is a rebellion in of itself when we are told, even by those in our own community, that we are wrong. So wear your bisexuality proudly, or loudly, or however you damn well please, and don’t let anybody tell you that you’re wrong, because I promise you, you’re doing amazing sweetie


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& they wanted me to do it on Lucas. Boy oh boyyy.

Dating” Lucas: Cons:

  • You would have to be ok with the idea that he is not stable
  • He is manipulative
  • Mood swings 
  • Not faithful 
  • Does not like surprises
  • He doesn’t talk about himself. At all. 
  • His personality depends on the girl he is with (hint, hint) which goes back to why he is “manipulative.” I’ve shown how he treats Bristol and somewhat on how he treats Sorrel. There’s a big difference. And I will show more.
  • He disappears once he is over you (in the sense that, the girl will never see him again)
  • Hates affection 
  • Likes to play games
  • Can be violent
  • Won’t show any type of emotion UNLESS it benefits him 

I won’t list pros because he has none. Atleast I don’t think so/can’t think of any.

“Pros:” (edited 4 something-wicked-sims) 

  • Is hot lmfao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I tag: @josiesimblr for Manny, @pixeltrashcan for Peaches, @numinousxsims for Mikayla (cause I need to warm up to her since her falling out with my bby Luna left a sour note lol), @simsxbayxworld for bae, Mathis, @homesicksims for…hmm I feel like I always pick Nolan, so I’ll let you pick whoever you want lmao, @something-wicked-sims for Zdina I miss her.

You guys can pick whoever if you don’t want to do the person I said. It’s ok. :’)