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emoji reviews: wolf face

Apple’s weird shading almost works for this one if the lighting wasn’t all over the place. But those cold, emotionless eyes and ears that look like they forgot to draw them in until a second pass… 2/5 Unintentionally Scary.

A cheeky, mischievious boy. What’s he up to? Wolf things, probably. 4/5 Love that mischief.

Microsoft’s style really works in this ones favour. Consistent triangularness. A pointy lad in all the right places. 5/5 Full Points

An adorable little puppy! Doesn’t look much like a wolf though. Ears too pointy. And is that hair? 2/5 Possible fursuit head.

Hey so this is a cat? 0/5 Cat.

Something feels missing here. I can see what they were going for, but did somebody take a bite out of this one? 2/5 Fix him.

A realistic friend and boy. Not much to say here. Sure is a wolf I guess. Can’t complain. 4/5 No imagination required.

Lopsided as ever. Hey buddy, the camera is over here. What’s with the red eyes? Go full spooky or not at all. 1/5 Might be a werewolf.

*Points at Miniature Schnauzer* look at my wolfdog. 0/5 No.

This wolf hasn’t slept in three years. Look at the bags under his eyes. His muzzle looks like it’s drooping down. I’ve never seen a sadder emoji in my life. 3/5 Somebody save this poor pup.

Have you guys ever seen The Brave Little Toaster? You know the air conditioner? Yeah that’s him. Toaster/10

Interesting approach, yet somehow has only created the lumpiest awoo of all. 2/5 $300 Fine


‘He’ll send a postcard’ 

‘Wish you were here’ 

not actually finished but for some reason I’ve finished shading the head and so I made just the head an entirely separate thing so hhhhhh take my art

Best Things About Vic Fuentes

So, time to share some of my favorite moments of my favorite band, this time it is Vic Fuentes!
(Best videos/gifs I could find)

WARNING: Most videos are from live performances, if you’re using headphones make sure to lower the volume.

1. Starting on a more serious note,the speeches he gives are super motivational and moving:

Like that didn’t make you cry.

2. FUENCIADO- I mean should I say more? So much love here:

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3. The way he shows the lyrics with his body/how into it he is:

4. His cute lil dances oml:

5. Him being proud that he’s Mexican:

6. The way he laughs/smiles fml:

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7. Dose fingers on dat guitar:

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8. How much he cares for his brother:

9. The SASS.

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10. His.Hair. Kill Me Now:

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Eyyyyy guess who barely got any writing or drawing done this weekend?

But I managed to start sketching this other thing so that counts for something I suppose

they r tired


Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho!

Brook is up next in the lineup! (and with that, the results from the voting-thing I posted 2 days ago).

Not too much to say here. Although, trying to decide on what color I want to make for Brook’s heart was a bit tricky. Much like Manny, Brook’s heart is a reference to something from the show, although it’s far more tied to one of Brook’s abilities.

I mentioned this before in an ask I answered recently, but I’ll go ahead and say it again here. Each of the redesigns are bobbing to a different beat. When all the designs are done, I’ll say which songs each bonehead is bobbing (if you guys want me to say it that is). With that being said, it should be pretty obvious which song Brook is bobbing his head to. XD

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jajalone  asked:

What do you think happened while toothless and hiccup were trapped in ice? Did hiccup know that toothless was protecting him? I've been always wondering what was in toothless and hiccup's minds during that and how toothless started to glow

I actually wrote my thoughts (sort of) on this in a fanfiction rather than analysis form! Thanks for the question and I would love to discuss! This is probably the most terrifying moment ever in HTTYD 2 the more I think about it, and I’ve always thought people don’t talk enough about how crazy this moment with Hiccup and Toothless is.

My viewpoint is that Hiccup and Toothless were in a very dangerous situation trapped in the ice. The ice likely coated almost every part of them - maybe even including eyes and nostrils - based on how Bewilderbeast ice forms. If you note, the Bewilderbeast shoots water, but it turns to ice after it leaves the mouth (there’s an explanation as to how that works in “The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2,” I believe, but I’m afraid I don’t have the copy with me at the moment). So that means the water would have splashed and surrounded them, and even Toothless curling his wing and body around Hiccup would not have been enough to shelter the young Viking from becoming trapped and completely immobilized.

Which I find incredibly terrifying. Dying, losing oxygen, unable to see, and unable to move? Oh my gods no no no no no.

Granted, I can also imagine very plausible and arguable alternate situations where there are small pockets within the ice based on how Toothless shelters Hiccup. This could also aid explaining how Toothless is able to break free more because he would be able to use SOME movement. But I think it is more likely the ice was basically completely solid near everywhere. There are probably some people who think Hiccup could move within a cavity that Toothless made for him, but as I said, water is a fluid, and before it freezes, it would have gotten everywhere. Hiccup’s trapped and immobile to a large degree if not completely. 

The pocket argument can be made when you see Toothless bursting forth. It appears there is not much ice under him. Hiccup seems to be in a little world of wing.

But that could partially be from the plasma explosion, too. Sort of hard to say.

Yet just look at these next screenshots. This is why I think both man and dragon got frozen over. The water RUSHES at them and splashes even as it freezes around them completely.

See? It’s still water at the point it covers them. 

And then it crusts over all around… everything.

But however that much happened, Hiccup might not have registered Toothless was protecting him. He would at best have only seen a flash of black color jump up to curl around him as the ice shot toward them, so maybe Hiccup would have registered what happened there. And Hiccup might not have seen even that, for he dives downward flat to the ground to protect his face. He might have heard and felt Toothless, but maybe not. There is some chance he might not even know Toothless is there! But I think he does know his dragon at least is there because this screencap below shows that the dragon surrounds him very closely:

So he knows Toothless has jumped up to protect him, but he’s curled up in a way suggesting his thoughts are all about… well… the whole probably-not-going-to-survive-in-a-block-of-ice deal.

And Hiccup inside the ice would not be able to register what exactly Toothless is doing because he would not be able to see the dragon.

Trapped inside the ice, we would hope Hiccup’s eyes have instinctively shut to protect those poor eyeballs. Otherwise they could maybe have gotten encrusted by ice, too (pending on ice pockets, how close Hiccup is to Toothless, and how Hiccup is curled up himself). But even if he does have the capability of opening his eyes in the ice, he would have been able to see basically nothing. Vague colors at the very most. After all, have you tried to look through even thin, CLEAR ice? The world becomes vastly distorted. This ice is neither thin nor translucent, so Hiccup would not have been able to see what was going on with Toothless at all inside the ice. 

But I doubt he’d even see ice because his arm is covering him, and Toothless is wrapped around him too, and his face is pressed to the ground with an arm curled around his head. Refer to the screencaps I’ve already posted. Hiccup’s in a dark, motionless, pressured, airless world.

And speaking of airless, small pockets within the ice or no pocket all, Hiccup could not really breathe. There’s not much air to be found in a solid chunk of ice, and if his nostrils and mouth are frozen, he has no hope at all. Even if his nose and mouth are free, likely more than some ice has curled around his torso and restricted the movements of his chest cavity, hugely reducing breathing abilities. And the fact he’s just done a lot of physical activities means his body has been in need of oxygen even before he got trapped. Hopefully at least Toothless’ presence has limited the crushing weight the ice could have. So Hiccup definitely was in huge danger of suffocation, and he’s incredibly lucky Toothless broke through the ice when he did.

You can indeed see Hiccup panting, eyes slightly glazed and dazed, when Toothless breaks through and roars. There’s not much thought except, “Whoa… Toothless… you did a thing,” and, “I’m alive?” 

So what is Hiccup thinking? Probably nothing very cognizant or intelligent - at least nothing profound. Losing oxygen quickly does not make for very clear thoughts, and his limited vision would only add to shock, fear, and blurred thoughts. He probably thinks this is the end of his life… no one just gets out of crushing blocks of ice, after all.


Hiccup miiiiiight see a glow of blue and white before Toothless breaks through, but like Valka, he would not fully understand what it means. He might see the glow and know Toothless is doing something, but again, he can see nothing more than vague colors at this point - if indeed anything at all. But he would be able to HEAR Toothless. He would know Toothless is doing something with his plasma blasting abilities to try to free them. That’s about it, though. I do not think his thoughts are moving quickly enough to think something like, “He’ll get us out.” It’s going to be something more basic like, “My dragon is going to fire a blast.”

And if you look at Hiccup’s face, there is wonder when they snap through the ice. He’s finally fully comprehending what has happened in there. He realizes he almost died. He realizes Toothless has saved him. He realizes HOW Toothless has saved him. The glazed, gasping face turns into one that still is shocked and dazed… but now smiling.

I think it’s really only after the ice breaks that Hiccup’s thoughts catch up with him, he notices how close of a call that was, and starts to think about how his black Night Fury is glowing blue.

There is more wonder - and thankfulness - in his eyes and almost-smile as he watches Toothless jump up and Valka tells him the dragon is challenging the alpha to defend Hiccup. Notice, though, that it takes some time for Hiccup to get back on his feet again. He scoots backward when Toothless first jumps away, indicating this ice adventure has been taxing on his body.

To make my long babbling very short, then, I think Hiccup’s thoughts are pretty vague and bent on survival (or his imminent seeming non-survival) with some backward thoughts registering that he hear Toothless’ plasma blast banshee screech. When they burst through, he is shocked, relieved, and ultimately thankful, awed, and touched at what his best friend has done for him.

As far as what Toothless himself is thinking, I believe the determined ferocity in his glare says it all when he breaks through the ice. Toothless is fighting back with all determination to save Hiccup first and retaliate against the Bewilderbeast second… and I do not think the dragon knows exactly how he turns into alpha mode. It is instinct and emotion for Hiccup and this extreme situation that brings it out of him.

And, luckily for the two of them and all of Berk, saved their lives because of it.


My eldest child faces certain death and I am confined to a cell, unable to comfort him?
Confined by your own betrayal.
I’m your mother! I’ve held you in my arms. I nursed you when they mocked me. They said that feeding you was the act of a gruesome peasant but I did because I knew it would make you strong.

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ik makeup is gender neutral nd (trans) boys can wear makeup nd (trans) boys can b feminine nd wear what they want etc etc but honestly it’s not that simple ?? shit if i went 2 school wearing the makeup i liked nobody would think im a boy ? everyone would either b questioning me 2 death abt whether or not im still a boy or i’d b straight up written off as a girl. i don’t pass in public anyway but if i wore eyeliner in2 town i can tell u right now that every person who so much as glanced at mi would think that’s a girl. so, yes, spread the idea that traditionally feminine things r gender neutral, but don’t expect trans boys 2 immediately start slathering on the glitter

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips/ideas for improving my chances of getting into a tumblr collective (ie. nosebleedclub)? this is my second time applying to one but there's a lot of submissions & i really don't know how to make mine stand out from everyone else's.. i haven't had a tumblr blog for that long so idk what poems/etc. might seem more original/unique/interesting.

ummmm okay, so i think ur gonna read my response & p much go ‘i regret coming 2 u with this, this wasn’t helpful At All’ but 

i think the point of a collective is not … so much to have your writing fit the collective, but have the collective fit you? do u know what i mean? if u try to alter your writing for the purpose of trying to join up with a group i think you’ll find that you’re producing really inauthentic work, like you’ll be more concerned w/ whether it matches a certain vibe, style, or theme then focusing on shaping up ur own writing or developing a clearer voice of ur own. 

like honestly my advice would be just to bone tf up on ur own work. ask yourself if you like what you’re writing, if you’re excited by your own work. if the answer is yes & you’re still not getting accepted into the collectives maybe they’re not for u idk. if the answer is no then diversify ur reading. go from ee cummings to mary oliver to joy harjo to danez smith to like, emily o’niell or Whoever. if u want to write more interesting work then u absolutely have to be reading a bunch of different writers & go from there.

i mean, i’m probably…. not the person to ask bc joining up w/ a collective has never been my priority as a writer like it was just something i fell into. which isn’t to say i’m not happy it happened or unbelievably awed & grateful, bc i am. without nbc i wouldn’t be where i am today as a writer but i also think its important to point out that it’s because i was suddenly exposed to all of these writers who were so much better than me & who were my contemporaries & so i learned from them. 

i can go ahead & tell you what i might look for in terms of acceptance into a collective which would be something like: 

1. interesting writing (is the person’s writing generic? would it be easy for me to substitute them for another writer & find myself noticing any real difference? does their writing impact me in some way or make me ask questions about my own work? ultimately, do i want to continue to listen to what they have to say?) 
2. polished writing (i want to be able to tell just by reading that this is something they do frequently, that they are practiced, i don’t mean it has to be clean & neat, but that they care enough about their own work to be diligent in its creation) 
3. community involvement (are they gonna want to participate in the collective? are they gonna wanna talk shop w/ ppl? be friendly & amiable to other group members? why have someone in a collective if they’re only gonna be there to get their work reblogged?) 

besides the last one, its pretty subjective, u know? so like, trying to find a way to fit urself into the expectations of a bunch of ppl could actually hurt you rather then better you as a writer. idk, i wouldn’t be too concerned about it. the focus should be on ur work first & foremost. like if you’re new on tumblr ur best choice might not even be to find urself a collective yet & join. i think i was writing on tumblr for a year before i joined up with nbc. 

so like, my advice would be just to focus on your work. make sure its authentic because the best work always is. ppl can tell when you’re forcing it, & don’t try to cater your writing to a specific audience because its gonna be obvious in the work itself that its not rly the things you’re interested in saying. at the end of the day, & u can take this as my advice for ur original question or as the end to this v long winded ramble i’ve got going on, for any kind of good writing just be authentic, be authentic, be authentic.

Good luck Gotham, You’re Screwed.

(All that is written below is my own opinion and I do not ask that you have to agree with it 100%!)

Right, so here’s the problem that Gotham’s producers, writers etc. have.

They’ve already made The Joker.

(Well, sorta)

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Yep! Of course I’m referring to Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). Now, he may or may not be dead and he may or may not be The Joker. At this time, it seems the current consensus is that he’s not proper dead and that he’s not The real Joker – but more like the inspiration behind him.

But, all that we know for sure is that Jerome is very much gone for the moment. Let’s have a moment of silence please…

Back! Throughout the series they’ve been introducing red herrings who could possibly be The Joker. You know that rubbish comedian? The boy who picks up the red hood? And it was looking like Jerome could be another one when he made his debut in ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’. And if they had left it there, we could still be thinking ‘Oooh he could be the Joker yes please very much thank you’ or we might just accept that it was not to be. However, they then brought him back for the beginning of S2. And boy, did we get attached.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am absolutely thrilled they did do that. I adore Jerome’s character and Cameron Monaghan is absolutely perfect imho. And the whole ‘killing him off’ thing? Well, okay, I was in denial about that at first but I see now that because they had him at the beginning of S2, they couldn’t just let him carry on and on for the whole season – it would be hard to continue to have Gotham be that brilliant and shocking with the character for that long, in my opinion. No, he had to be ‘killed off’ then.

And now people are saying it’s possible that Jerome will be brought back? Great, perfect, wonderful! But…But… they’re also saying that he’s not The Joker and someone else will be him?

Let me get this straight - I’m okay with Jerome not being The REAL Joker (because having the whole Joker mysterious backstory is good), although I’d personally really prefer it if Jerome was him. What I’m saying is… they now can’t really bring in The REAL Joker, especially if Jerome is brought back, at least, not for a good couple of seasons. But why?

Well, several reasons.

1) Because Jerome was ‘the Joker’. The laugh (Oh my goodness the LAUGH), voice, language, mannerisms… they’re all the Joker! * They cannot create a character THAT similar to what fans are expecting to be The Joker (and one that shares so many similarities to previous Jokers) and then turn around and say ‘HEY GUESS WHAT, HE MAY LOOK, SOUND AND BE LIKE THE JOKER, BUT HE ISN’T HAHAHA AREN’T WE CLEVER!!’. None of this ‘Inspiration’ baloney, Jerome is ‘The Joker’ to many fans (and gets Mark Hamill’s approval!) and could likely stay ‘the Joker’ to fans, whether it turns out canon or not. The vast majority of fans have accepted him with open arms. And they will not let him go.

Originally posted by minardil

2) Cameron was amazing. Yeah, not much more to say here is there? Well, maybe a little. Like with the character itself, Monaghan was congratulated on his portrayal of Joker-Jerome right from the very beginning and his support has continued to grow. The casting directors for the show are going to struggle to find someone better than Monaghan (because for The Clown Prince of Crime – you’ve got to be better!) and who will be even more loved by fans. And that’s gonna be a mightily difficult task – if not impossible.

3) They cannot have both of them at similar/ the same times. We don’t know yet when Jerome will return (or even, for sure, if he will!) but according to my Starburst magazine, ‘more familiar Bat-foes will be on the way for Season Three, including a prominent role for the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker.’ Ah.  It could be that they’re referring to the return of Jerome, but with what has been said by others, it’s likely that they’re not… 

But you see, if they have them appearing at similar times, then my, what a mess it could be! Unless they completely ruin one of the characters (if you hurt Jerome, I will find you and I will skiiiiiiin you – sorry, fandom clash), then they’re potentially going to end up with two really good, really similar characters appearing together or consecutively. One of them the beloved character of Jerome, the other the beloved character of The Joker. If you add in The Joker and not have him be remarkably different to Jerome (and thus, pretty far from what’s expected from The Joker…) then why bother with a new character at all?

And what happens if Jerome does not return? Well, my points still stand. They’re gonna have to find another amazing actor and create a Joker that is better than Jerome, more loved and different from Mr Valeska, otherwise fans will be just be calling The Joker ‘Jerome mark 2’. They’ve got their perfect character already, and unless there’s a miracle of some kind, it’s going to be hard to have Gothamites move on from The Joker Jerome to Jerome mark 2 The ‘real’ Joker.
At the end of the day, it’s their decision and I’m sure Gotham will continue to be enjoyable but if they continue down the route that they’re hinting at, there’s going to be some pretty disappointed fans (though if Joker-Jerome comes back, we’ll probably be too super duper thrilled anyway to notice this other ‘joker’ dude ;) ).

(Basically, if Jerome isn't The Joker, the only way they can do this is by having the future-Joker not be Joker-ish. Pre-Joker transformation, that kinda thing…ya know?)

So, in short-/ TLDR

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*Okay, so he doesn’t exactly match the comics or the films but if you just accept that Gotham is changing things and it is no way completely Batman-canon, then you should excuse those parts.