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ik makeup is gender neutral nd (trans) boys can wear makeup nd (trans) boys can b feminine nd wear what they want etc etc but honestly it’s not that simple ?? shit if i went 2 school wearing the makeup i liked nobody would think im a boy ? everyone would either b questioning me 2 death abt whether or not im still a boy or i’d b straight up written off as a girl. i don’t pass in public anyway but if i wore eyeliner in2 town i can tell u right now that every person who so much as glanced at mi would think that’s a girl. so, yes, spread the idea that traditionally feminine things r gender neutral, but don’t expect trans boys 2 immediately start slathering on the glitter

Rebirth of Chen An: Chapter 21

What an unreasonable man; they only met once on a plane. Even if his habits remained the same as in his previous life, these trivial quirks shouldn’t have aroused Ivanov’s interest enough to investigate him.

Chen Zhang An’s death should have been good news to Ivanov. It is the removal of a powerful competitor after all.

‘I thought Chinese people are all very friendly and warm. Hey - hey, don’t go, long live the friendship between Russia and China!’ Following close behind Chen An, Ivanov started spouted strings of utter nonsense.

What an idiot.

Chen An couldn’t help but frown. How could a madman like Ivanov be his competitor?

‘How do you say in it Mandarin? We have a shared destiny! Hey, An, how about a drink?’ Ivanov didn’t seem ready to part with Chen An yet.

With Ivanov’s looks and wealth, he really didn’t need to follow behind a man whose looks are nothing exceptional.

Chen An felt a sudden bewilderment; Why is Ivanov following him? Is it just because he share a few similarities to ‘Chen Zhang An’?

But even more perplexing, why is he in the cruise bar drinking with Ivanov?

‘I haven’t introduced myself; I’m Ivanov.’

For a man with such striking looks, he would attract attention no matter where he goes. Ivanov reserved the entire bar the moment he stepped inside, his burly guards standing guard at the door entrance like stone guardians, scaring away all the other tourists who tried to enter the bar.

Without a word, Chen An picked up a glass and took a sip.

His indifferent demeanor gave Ivanov an odd feeling that he was trying to kick an iron plate. Jeering disdain flashed through his eyes as he lightly circled the rim of his wine glass with a slender finger. ‘As is the usual custom of making friends, aren’t you going to tell me your name?’

‘But you know that already, don’t you?’ Chen An replied languidly. He isn’t dumb enough to jump into hole Ivanov dug for him.

He couldn’t quite accustom himself to the strong alcohol. It seems like his sensitivity to alcohol has increased immensely since his rebirth, because in the past, not even a thousand shots could bring him down. In fact, he had once depended on this alcoholic capacity that is as vast as the sea to seal a deal with Ivanov’s father on the bar table.

Whether you are a man or woman, whether you are a child or a senior citizen, all Russians like to drink. Vodka in particular, is an integral part of their lives.

The glass of martini in his hands felt like a glass of poison; Chen An had a restless urge to finish it in a mouthful.

Could it be that after switching a physical body, his alcoholic tolerance had turned to shit?

‘Don’t be a girl, An. Drink it all.’ Ivanov smiled as he raised his emptied glass in his hand, his words successfully provoking Chen An.

Though Chen An appear to be in his thirties, but his soul is that of a man over forty years old. He didn’t enjoy being looked down by someone so much younger than him one single bit.

Especially when he was a champion drinker in the past.

Chen An then did an action that he regretted to the bottom of his soul. He raised the glass of martini and downed it completely.

Translator’s notes:
*Although An is Chen An’s given name (with Chen being his family name), but typically with Chinese names that has only 2 characters, people will address them with their full name as oppose to only their given name. To do otherwise, would be informal, almost like a pet name. So, for a stranger who you technically only met once to call you ‘An’, it is a little creepy.


Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho!

Brook is up next in the lineup! (and with that, the results from the voting-thing I posted 2 days ago).

Not too much to say here. Although, trying to decide on what color I want to make for Brook’s heart was a bit tricky. Much like Manny, Brook’s heart is a reference to something from the show, although it’s far more tied to one of Brook’s abilities.

I mentioned this before in an ask I answered recently, but I’ll go ahead and say it again here. Each of the redesigns are bobbing to a different beat. When all the designs are done, I’ll say which songs each bonehead is bobbing (if you guys want me to say it that is). With that being said, it should be pretty obvious which song Brook is bobbing his head to. XD

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Insinuation 2.3

Not much to say here. Last chapter was very much a setup (and minor exposition) chapter - hopefully this chapter takes the pieces that were set up last time and puts them into motion.

Or in less metaphorical prose, hopefully this chapter will deal with Taylor’s decision regarding Tattletale’s contact post. If I’m lucky, it might even show the actual meeting, provided Taylor decides to take Tattles up on it.

Which I’m relatively sure she will, or chance will have her meeting the Mozart Gang soon anyway. After all, it would be rather narratively odd for it to not happen after the way Insinuation 2.2 ended.

Damn, every time I write “not much to say” in one of these posts I end up saying lots… Anyway, let’s get crackin’!

they r tired

A bit about coloured shading

Recently a lot of people have told me they like the way I shade and how colourful my pieces look, and I just wanted to give a really quick and rough run through on how I pick my shading colours.

STEP 1: pretty obviously you start with flats. not much to say here.

STEP 2: shading

the secret to making the colours pop is, to work less with darkness and more with hue of your colour picks.

You can see that while I darken my colour somewhat (the square colour picker), a more notable difference is usually done with hue (the colour circle)

for shadow i usually move counter clockwise in the colour picker, i also rarely desaturate my shades

STEP 3: highlights

for the highlights i do the same as with shading, but moving the colour picker into a clockwise direction, and making the colours a bit lighter.

colouring the highlighted outline with the colour of the shadows also adds a nice effect, more on that can be read here

to make the entire thing more playful i usually add another highlight in small doses, which adds more volume and makes the picture in general look more interesting to the eye.

STEP 3: the deets

adding any details that might make the picture look better; that often includes taking the base colour and highlighting some of the shaded parts.

also colouring eyes, gems, any other details that the design might have, etc


‘He’ll send a postcard’ 

‘Wish you were here’ 

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips/ideas for improving my chances of getting into a tumblr collective (ie. nosebleedclub)? this is my second time applying to one but there's a lot of submissions & i really don't know how to make mine stand out from everyone else's.. i haven't had a tumblr blog for that long so idk what poems/etc. might seem more original/unique/interesting.

ummmm okay, so i think ur gonna read my response & p much go ‘i regret coming 2 u with this, this wasn’t helpful At All’ but 

i think the point of a collective is not … so much to have your writing fit the collective, but have the collective fit you? do u know what i mean? if u try to alter your writing for the purpose of trying to join up with a group i think you’ll find that you’re producing really inauthentic work, like you’ll be more concerned w/ whether it matches a certain vibe, style, or theme then focusing on shaping up ur own writing or developing a clearer voice of ur own. 

like honestly my advice would be just to bone tf up on ur own work. ask yourself if you like what you’re writing, if you’re excited by your own work. if the answer is yes & you’re still not getting accepted into the collectives maybe they’re not for u idk. if the answer is no then diversify ur reading. go from ee cummings to mary oliver to joy harjo to danez smith to like, emily o’niell or Whoever. if u want to write more interesting work then u absolutely have to be reading a bunch of different writers & go from there.

i mean, i’m probably…. not the person to ask bc joining up w/ a collective has never been my priority as a writer like it was just something i fell into. which isn’t to say i’m not happy it happened or unbelievably awed & grateful, bc i am. without nbc i wouldn’t be where i am today as a writer but i also think its important to point out that it’s because i was suddenly exposed to all of these writers who were so much better than me & who were my contemporaries & so i learned from them. 

i can go ahead & tell you what i might look for in terms of acceptance into a collective which would be something like: 

1. interesting writing (is the person’s writing generic? would it be easy for me to substitute them for another writer & find myself noticing any real difference? does their writing impact me in some way or make me ask questions about my own work? ultimately, do i want to continue to listen to what they have to say?) 
2. polished writing (i want to be able to tell just by reading that this is something they do frequently, that they are practiced, i don’t mean it has to be clean & neat, but that they care enough about their own work to be diligent in its creation) 
3. community involvement (are they gonna want to participate in the collective? are they gonna wanna talk shop w/ ppl? be friendly & amiable to other group members? why have someone in a collective if they’re only gonna be there to get their work reblogged?) 

besides the last one, its pretty subjective, u know? so like, trying to find a way to fit urself into the expectations of a bunch of ppl could actually hurt you rather then better you as a writer. idk, i wouldn’t be too concerned about it. the focus should be on ur work first & foremost. like if you’re new on tumblr ur best choice might not even be to find urself a collective yet & join. i think i was writing on tumblr for a year before i joined up with nbc. 

so like, my advice would be just to focus on your work. make sure its authentic because the best work always is. ppl can tell when you’re forcing it, & don’t try to cater your writing to a specific audience because its gonna be obvious in the work itself that its not rly the things you’re interested in saying. at the end of the day, & u can take this as my advice for ur original question or as the end to this v long winded ramble i’ve got going on, for any kind of good writing just be authentic, be authentic, be authentic.


Kanji shouldn’t borrow things - Part II

The probably not much awaited part 2 of this dumb comic. Well, nothing to say here but it really ends there. 

Credits to @lysander-lurid because we made up this story together while chatting in skype.

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My eldest child faces certain death and I am confined to a cell, unable to comfort him?
Confined by your own betrayal.
I’m your mother! I’ve held you in my arms. I nursed you when they mocked me. They said that feeding you was the act of a gruesome peasant but I did because I knew it would make you strong.

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