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What You’re Missing if you Don’t Watch Hankschannel

Shameless Spoilers 5x07 (ish)

So I got my hands on one teeny tiny page of script that contains a Mickey/Svetlana scene. Not 100% sure what episode it’s from but I believe 5x07, the script was dated 8/29/14. I would post a pic but they blacked out the scene they didn’t need so a flashlight was required lol (the part that wasn’t blacked out was Lip at the registrar office). No major spoilers that we didn’t already know but I figured I’d post it.

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Quicksilver [Closed RP with scatteredlegend]

Silas finds himself at the end of a tavern, close to the outskirts of Vale. It’s not hard for him, as a mercenary to know where places to go and find people. However, it’s hard for him, as a student, to trying to go inside these damn places in the first place. Apparently, the tenders have a knack for telling students apart from adults. Even though Silas has been here before, students are prohibited to drink alcohol recently due to an accident of one dumbass. 

Taverns, thankfully, are a different story. Hard cider is still permitted so that’s a plus. However, the place is full, so he is seated with someone wearing a white cloak. With his knowledge, Silas knows of one person wearing a white cloak. Frankly, that one person is also famous. 

“I’d thought I would never see the day where I am able to drink cider with the famous Summer Rose.”

Here’s What Happened 4.5.14 in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

  • Zayn Tweeted: x
  • Niall tweeted:x
  • Liam instagramed: x
  • Band Members tweeted:x/x/x/x/x
  • Crew Members tweeted: x/x/x/x
  • Friends tweeted: x
  • Concert: gifs, pictures, videos, audio, summaries
  • Niall said “fuck me” instead of “rock me” (no vine or video yet so still in doubt)
  • Instagram Questions
  1. Where do you get inspiration to write music?
  • Liam said the night was “per-fect" 
  • Harry sang "don’t cry for me argentina”