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Anon told me about the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island and they’re totally right, Percy would definitely want to participate 100%. And dress up while he’s at it. And drag Jason because someone needs to carry him around.

My Theory Pt. 6 - The Intro

My Theory Pt. 1 - I Need U

My Theory Pt. 2 - The Prologue

My Theory Pt. 3 - Dope

My Theory Pt. 4 - Photo Book, I Need U, & Prologue

My Theory Pt. 5 - Everything About the Photo Book

BTS - I Need U / Prologue Timeline

this is a really short one just based off the intro of Yoongi rapping when the promotions for the first part began.

So here we start off with a guy that can be vaguely similar looking to Jin (even though this specific angle looks like JungKook from the photo book LOL)


There is a flower that comes up multiple times, obviously a white lily, the same kind that Jin later holds during I Need U, and also the same flower projected onto his chest.

In the video, they guy is seen running through a series of backgrounds and settings, all in which look familiar.

Taehyung’s jumping scene where he over looks the water, even the colors are a striking resemblance, even the exact same posture.

This is completely identical to Hoseok’s passing out scene.

This one is a little bit iffy, but it has the same layout as the area that Taehyung walks away from, even the windows on the buildings are similar (They are indeed walking in different directions, it’s just the way that the video is shot that it might look at little weird, but yeah, opposite directions)

Once the guy arrives to the flower, each petal slowly breaks off and disappears.

Maybe this is their way of saying that Jin lost all his friends, and he was too late to rescue them in their time of need as they all took their own lives.

With the way that the lilies are shown on Jin’s chest, he could be what’s keeping the boys together. He chases after it, and finally accepts that it has withered away.

During the bridge scene, Yoongi raps the lyrics ‘Others are running ahead, but why am I still here?” possibility hinting that Jin is referring to all his friends being gone, and he’s the last one left. Maybe giving Jin the idea to take his own life ’why am I still here?’ which could be a direct link to Namjoon writing ‘You Need To Survive’ on the foggy mirror in the Prologue.

The intro occurs after the events of the Prologue and I Need U, seeing how empty everything is. This video could be Jin going back to some of the final moments of the members before they died. And in all scenes, you can see him running in the opposite direction of the original scene. 

Taehyung jumping to the left, the guy running to the right

Hoseok walking forward, the guy running back.

Taehyung walking down the hallway, the guy running up.

This is Jin wanting to turn back the clock, wanting to reverse all the events, wishing his friends were still alive.




What You’re Missing if you Don’t Watch Hankschannel

Shameless Spoilers 5x07 (ish)

So I got my hands on one teeny tiny page of script that contains a Mickey/Svetlana scene. Not 100% sure what episode it’s from but I believe 5x07, the script was dated 8/29/14. I would post a pic but they blacked out the scene they didn’t need so a flashlight was required lol (the part that wasn’t blacked out was Lip at the registrar office). No major spoilers that we didn’t already know but I figured I’d post it.

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“Alya, you don’t need to do this,” Marinette says.

“Like hell I don’t,” Alya growls as she sifts through photos.  “This was the agreement, I don’t out you to your parents, you stay out of my way.”

“Alya,” Marinette protests, but Alya ignores her as she scrolls through the photos she’d taken of Ladybug and Chat Noir during yesterday’s fight.

Marinette suppresses an irritated growl and settles down into her seat.

“I swear if he keeps trying to score with Ladybug on the side,” Alya mumbles to herself. “Look, he’s holding her hand here,” Alya says.  Marinette makes a show of looking over Alya’s shoulder.

“He’s helping her out of the way,” Marinette says.

“He’s holding on a bit tightly for just ‘getting her out of the way’.”


“Don’t ‘Alya’ me,” Alya growls.  “You keep secrets from me, guess what, you get to deal with me making doubly sure that nothing fishy is going on.”

“There is no secret Ladynoir romance going on, Alya,” Marinette says.

Alya ignores her.


Oh gosh, I’m so sorry, everyone!! I was unable to come up with enough pre-orders to actually make these charms, so this giveaway is going to have to be cancelled.

However!! The Free! giveaway is still in effect, so if you’re still interested in winning some charms, go ahead and check out this one:

AGAIN, my apologies! And to those of you who have pre-ordered, I will be issuing full refunds.

I’ve noticed something about the robots’ cores.

Rabbit’s core exploded, killing people and causing several space disasters

Hatchworth’s core broke and let lose many badgers into the manor, resulting in him being in a vault for a very long time

But what about the Spine? We haven’t heard if he has had a core disaster…well, not yet. We were told that his green eyes would be explained in the comic and from this, his core most likely has something to do with it.

But in all, blue matter is pretty dangerous but we still let robots who are powered by it and can destroy us play us songs and hug fans.