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Age: 23
Birth place: Southwest Germany; close to France 
Current time:  18:33
Drink you last had: plain water
Easiest person to talk to: @sternenmaler 
Favourite song: Hard to say currently I’m into Aimer so??
Grossest memory: Dunno maybe ask @sternenmaler she’s like my second brain 
In love: with fictional characters, yes
Jealous of people:  i get jealous but then i don’t care anymore so??? moody af
Killed someone: nope and don’t plan to but less humans  would be good for the earth
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: hohoho 
Middle name: Nop
Number of siblings: three younger ones
One wish: a stronger body maybe…would be nice…strong and healthy …less sickness…
Person you called last: a doc 
Question you’re always asked: Yeah like “where are you from?” or “why are you studying Japanese” 
Reason to smile: When i went to the doc appointment today i noticed i smile alot when i see children. And animals. And random things. There are alot of things..haha i just smile alot
Song you last sang: A Turkish one …hahah……
Time you woke up: 8:00 am….yeah on a free day
Underwear colour: Grey I think
Vacation: I want to go to Turkey before I go to Japan for a year but fuck exams:(
Worst habit: hahahaahh yeah same as @toshiirou actually such coincidence
X-rays: ??
Your favourite food: Sarma I guess. But i eat & love almost everything except okra
Zodiac sign: Pisces

I tag @lightofthedeep @shyfishin @khraddict  @yourmoontothenightsky and anyone who wants to like @gator-ally and @sternenmaler hoho

A New Life → Dethan

Danny frowned a bit as Ethan asked him if he really wanted to leave the hotel and he sat up, leaning on his ellbows as he stared at his boyfriend. “Of course I am sure. I told you what I want for us, I want a place to stay and not these..moody, smelly rooms anymore.”, he explained with a soft groan, sat up completely and grabbed his shirt from the floor and let out another soft sigh as he pushed himself up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom and turned his head. “No coming in. We can’t lose more time.”, he told the werewolf, got inside the bathroom and even locked it, something he has never done since their journey started.

He came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later, fully dressed and a towel around his neck as he looked over Ethan and smiled lightly at him. He walked over to him, pecked on his lips and stroked over his cheek. “Get yourself ready, lazy ass. We are still in need of at least some place to stay…”, he mumbled and pulled away from Ethan.

I love you. I have always loved you, and I will always love you.

orange-dreamsicle  asked:

Hi! A year ago there was a post about not shitting on community college kids. A year ago, when I read that, I had just been denied from my choice colleges while everyone around me was going to their dream school. I had anchored myself to that dream school and so with only 2-3 months to go, I was floundering. In came my local community college. I was an honors student 3 years in a row with a 3.0+ gpa and I felt so low for going to comm. college. But I applied and attended anyway. (1/?)

The rest of the asks:

“It’s just a springboard to where I REALLY want to go” I told myself. A minor set back. But I couldn’t help the disappointment looming over my shoulders. And then I read the rant. I felt so proud. I shook it off and reminded myself that no matter where I go I will shine. And so came the eventually first day of school, the end of the first semester, and now I’m halfway through my second semester. I am so happy I don’t live in that moody funky anymore. Community college is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Their resources are the shit, the campus is 110% nicer than it’s bad rep elitist students gave it and I am watching all those students who went to their precious dream schools come back home and into my same college but I saved the time and hassle. Thank you so much for inspiring me that day, I am forever grateful. And I hope there’s someone reading these messages or the rant and feeling inspired too. 

Normally, I wouldn’t post multiple asks together, but I hope the same thing. I am so very happy that you found a good fit in your local community college and that you were inspired. Thank you very much for sharing this with me!

Here’s the community college rant, btw.

Queen of Thieves (an Olicity One Shot)

I wasn’t supposed to write this AU. I sat down to write something else and this is what I ended up with instead. I am not sorry. Any day I accidentally mashup Olicity and one of my favorite books is a good day.

*I might not be done playing in this universe.

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“Felicity, have you ever heard of hacktivism?”

Felicity stood in the middle of the quad, rolling her eyes at her boyfriend. They’d only been dating, officially, for a month, but they’d been friends since her sophomore year, so she knew where this conversation was likely headed.

“Of course, I’ve heard of hacktivism, Cooper,” she said. “I’m a hacker.”

Cooper grinned, speeding up so he could walk backwards ahead of her. “Exactly, you’re just a hacker. But we could be heroes, babe.”

“And how, exactly, does wiping out a bunch of student loan debt turn us into heroes?” she questioned, tipping her head to the side, causing a few long, black strands of hair to fall into her face.

He’d been pitching this idea ever since Felicity explained what her theoretical ‘super virus’ would be capable of. She knew Cooper had a bit of a Robin Hood fixation, but she’d hoped after shooting him down the first two times he’d have called it quits on the stealing-from-the-rich-to-keep-the-poor-out-of-debt plan. He had no idea the kind of life something like that led to…

Cooper stopped walking, reaching out to grab her shoulders. “The amount of money they charge for college is insane, Felicity. You know you wouldn’t have been able to afford MIT without your scholarships. Neither would I. They’re putting kids into debt just to line their pockets…”

Cooper kept talking, going on about the corruption of the educational system and the greed of big business. Something like that, Felicity wasn’t sure. The only thing she could focus on was the familiar face she’d suddenly noticed across the quad.

And he’d noticed her, too.

Had been noticing her, in fact. He’d been watching her, quietly leaning back against the wall of the student union, his ankles crossed, hands stuffed into his pockets. A small smirk ticked up the corner of his mouth when she finally noticed him and he pushed off the wall, walking over to where she and Cooper were standing.

Felicity felt her whole world slowing down and somehow spinning out of control all at once with each step he took.

He was here. Right here.

He wasn’t supposed to be here.

They’d promised her.

“You went goth,” he said as he finally stopped beside them, smile still on his lips, hands still stuffed into the pockets of his peacoat. He looked casual, but Felicity knew him too well to buy it. He wasn’t any happier about him being here then she was.

Cooper’s mouth slammed shut and he spun around to see who was interrupting him. That’s when Felicity realized she’d tuned him out while he’d been talking openly, in a very public area, about committing a felony. Did Felicity know how to pick ‘em or what?

“What the hell do you want?” Cooper scowled at the newcomer, taking in his expensive peacoat and designer jeans with disdain. To Cooper, this was just another spoiled rich frat boy.

To Felicity it was her past coming back to bite her in the ass.

“Oliver, what are you doing here?” she asked. She kept her voice low because maybe he wasn’t real. Maybe this was some bizarre hallucination or dream and she’d wake up back in her dorm and Oliver Queen would not be standing in the middle of the MIT campus staring at her.

Even though his small smile never wavered, Felicity could see the regret flash through his blue eyes before his walls slammed down and his expression went blank. Typical Oliver. Slowly, he dragged his gaze from her, only to pin it on Cooper.

“Hi,” he said, holding out a hand. “I’m Oliver Queen.”

Cooper ignored his offered hand, furrowing his brow at the name. “Queen?” he repeated. “As in Queen Consolidated? As in you’re the heir to the Queen fortune?”

Oliver smirked, stuffing his hand back into his pocket. “Well, I like to think I’m more than just my family’s money, but yes. I’m that Oliver Queen. And if you don’t mind,” Oliver added, turning toward Felicity, “I would love a minute to catch up with my girl, here.”

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