not monday today lol

Today, on #InternationDayofHappiness, even if you’re not feeling particularly happy today (I mean, come on, it’s a Monday lol), maybe try to think of one or two things you’re grateful for having in your life. Today, I’m keeping my wonderful and dedicated friends, my quirky but supportive family, and of course, all of you. Thank you for continuously giving me reasons to be happy. Love you all. 💜

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I went for a greenish blue spread to start off October! Also crying because I just realized that today is only Monday… lol hang in there everyone :)


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The three of swords defined as heartbreak: nah
The three of swords defined as coming to realizations and clarity: yes, good
The reason why realization and clarity may portend heartbreak: realizing that a situation isn’t as good as you thought it was, having the clarity to see things are going to end, etc.

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wow are you dying over the album rn?? im still waiting on mine ;-; - alarm anon

kdsjfls YES!! the pictures are so beautiful and the boys are so beautiful!! but I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get a shua or vernon photocard/desktop stand and i didn’t even get a photocard for the R/S version :(
it’s okay alarm anon!! it’ll be worth the wait :) which version did you buy??

Current Plan:

Get the next update of Kingdom up on Monday.


I, uh, keep extending the notes for what I want to be done which means I keep making the amount of content longer.

So there is a teensy, tiny chance I maaaaaay need to make it Tuesday.

Headcanon that Eijun and the paparazzi are best buddies.

When pro baseball players Miyuki and Eijun are finally publicly dating (same verse as this lol), needless to say that the paparazzi buzzing around them doubles in number. Eijun, being the clueless country boy + ball of sunshine that he is, instead of shying away from paparazzi or getting pissed off of the lack of privacy, welcomes them with open arms lmao. Like literally, brohugs when he sees them and he knows them by name now haha

It becomes some sort of game for him. Find-the-Hidden-Paparazzi. LOL. When he spots a paparazzi stalking him and Miyuki around, he immediately walks up to them or calls after them. So whenever articles of Eijun and Miyuki come out, they always have these fab photos, some candid, and some very very not candid.

Eijun totally loves doing a lot of dumb poses (*`◇´*)


Miyuki: oH MY GOD EIJUN NO (  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )

He still goes with Eijun’s shenanigans though.ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

As Eijun says: “Aren’t you happy? They’re taking awesome photos of us and sending it to us for free! Actual photographers are taking photos of us for free! We should be thanking them instead!!"  (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*)

Yeah, Eijun doesn’t really get the whole paparazzi thing, but paparazzi people love Eijun. He makes their job easier after all LOL (ノ゚▽゚)ノ


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We should talk about Jethro today. Yeah.


Right off the bat we see that Jethro is your stereotypical “emo” teenager who distances himself from his parents and wants to be left alone. 

However, there is more to this “emo kid” than meets the eye. He has a funny (and maybe morbid?) sense of humor, a strong sense of morals and he’s much more intelligent than he lets on. 

The sense of humor is obvious, we see it first when the bus breaks down and he laughs “we’ve broken down…in the middle of nowhere.” We can interpret this in one of two ways: he was excited that something was happening on this boring trip that his parents dragged him on (although it seems to be that he wanted to go cause his father had said “he doesn’t mind us paying, does he?”) or he was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. His excitement, in a way, is almost a parallel to the Doctor, who is usually excited when things go down as well (and even in this episode that is exploited by none other than Jethro himself.) Despite his boyish sense of humor, Jethro is also more intelligent than he lets on.

Again, another parallel with the Doctor is Jethro’s curiosity and intelligence. We first see that he’s smarter than he lets on when he question’s the professor’s lecture about Midnight, and the Doctor encourages him while Val kinda waves him off. All throughout the episode, Jethro asks questions—good questions and it’s shown that he’s not just some lazy teenager who doesn’t care. Jethro cares, and is curious about the world around him. He’s just as eager to learn about the entity as the Doctor is, and although the Doctor’s curiosity wanes slightly as he senses danger, Jethro’s curiosity lingers a little while longer. And his curiosity really leads him to see the entity as the Doctor sees it, a potentially harmless lifeform that doesn’t need to be killed.

“I’m not killing anyone" 

Jethro seems to have a better moral system than his parents, at least when it comes to throwing strangers off a bus into a deadly atmosphere. We barely get to see what he views as right or wrong, though, before his parents force him to only see what they see. 

One of Jethro’s flaws are is low self confidence. Although he speaks up more than Dee Dee, we see him shot down nearly every time by his parents, who tell him “oh it’s just your imagination” or “Jethro do what your mother says” or “oh don’t be stupid, Jethro!” or “He’s just a boy!” Val and Biff obviously don’t value Jethro’s opinion as much as they value their own and it’s just a shame. Val and Biff seemed to engulfed in each other and the people they are talking to instead of trying to understand their son’s feelings and they just make Jethro do whatever they say. We see one instance where Jethro does fight back, only for a moment, though—“what, so I don’t get a vote?” but then in later moments poor Jethro just quietly submits (when Val told Jethro that he saw the entity pass into the Doctor, which isn’t what had happened and Jethro doubted that but Val told him “oh shut up of course you did.”)

And when it’s time to throw the Doctor out, Jethro doesn’t know what to do. He is both Dee Dee and the Professor rolled into one, breaking down because of the stress of the situation and also reluctantly assisting Biff in the murder of the Doctor. Had things gone differently and the Doctor been a bit more stronger than he was after Midnight, I could easily see him going after Val, Biff and the Professor for taking their aggressions out on Jethro and Dee Dee or at least offering them to travel with him. Who knows, maybe on the way to talk to the leisure palace director, the Doctor saw Jethro and said nothing to him except a whisper “don’t grow up to be like your parents” or something like that.

I think Jethro is a fascinating character and it would be cool to see him and Dee Dee in a story together and see how the events of Midnight had changed them (for better or for worse.) 

Hi guys… I hope you all had a good weekend and you’re ready for Monday tomorrow.. or maybe you’re like me and had school today #noweekend lol… basically I’m about to do a rambly rant so get ready lol nah but seriously is anyone else getting really tired of this plastic surgery talk? I know I am.. I honestly don’t even know how to respond to half the messages we get… like I’m so sick of talking about her boobs and her lips and now her chin? Oh and about her “rib removal” (wtf) like first it was about how she’s lying about her height, then it was her scars, now this… like you guys love drama lmao.. idk it’s just getting so old now, there’s really nothing left to say.. we can argue, spread rumours, speculate but like …. ugh I don’t know.. every day we get multiple messages along the lines of — did she gets her boobs done?? Omg her lip fillers are so obviously!, I can’t believe how fake she is now!!1!…. like it’s to the point where I just wanna reply with “who cares” to every message haha

I honestly don’t think Alexis needs or needed anything done, and I don’t want anyone who looks up to her to think they need to go under the knife to be beautiful .. at the same time I’m not going to sit here and bash her and call her fake and plastic because at the end of the day it’s her life and her body and really isn’t any of my business and REALLY we don’t know what she has or hasn’t done, I’m not confirming or denying anything because I can’t, only she can!!! But like can we just change the subject now? Please? I feel like we’re beating a dead horse… or whatever that expression is lol.. I really appreciate everyone who sends kind messages it’s very sweet.. let’s focus on the positivity.. Please 💛💛 if you read this ily - keira xo

today was p cool even tho i never ended up catching mewtwo :0



OH GAWD!!! ((O  [ ] O)) i didn’t think i was gonna make it!!! GWAH!!! thanks for helping me stick it out at the end @countofeight !!!! SO! (O  w O) heheh! i had a lot of fun with this, as always! XD HAHA! and i coincidentally took a bunch of pictures of snapdragons earlier this week! so wow! lucky! LOL! i don’t know who wrote this weeks winning micro fic because it was sent by an Anon! but here’s the original text!!!! (EDIT! the Anon has been revealed to be @ineffablehux !!! thank you so much!!! i happy enjoyed this piece! <3)

Ren tucked the flowers behind Hux’s ear, threading them through his hair, which had been braided back in complicated patterns. “Snapdragons,” Ren stated, “it’s this country’s national flower.” “Desire,” Hux murmured. Ren looked at Hux. “What?” Ren’s voice sounded choked. This close, his breath tickled Hux’s ears, which had probably turned pink at this point. “S-snapdragons,” Hux stammered, “they represent desire.” “Ah, well, I’m sure that’s not a sentiment you’re familiar with, is it, General?”

BUT I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! which… i mean… you may not have answers too, of course, Anon, i mean… it’s just tiny fiction! LOL! but still!!! this seems to be an canon-verse story, since they mention planets and Kylo calls Hux “General”, so are they runaways in this?! cuz when else would Hux’s hair have gotten long enough to braid!? and they don’t seem to be “together” yet but if they ran away together this sounds like an EXCELLENT slow-burn story! HEHEHEHEH!!! X3

and that’s what i love about MFM! it makes me think think these kinds of things! LOL! LOL! so please come forwards if you’re willing to Anon! (^ O^) i’d love to say thank you!!! but also, as always, thank you SO, SOOOO much to everybody who took part! it’s always so much fun!!! it’s still Sunday for me in terms of sleeping, but Monday is here for most of you and it will be 3:30 PDT soon!!! WOO!!! (O  w O) looking forward to another fun week!!!

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sweater paws jimin~ requested by @withlove-sydney 😊

i died halfway through because the cute was too much