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I loved this scene because it really encapsulates the McElroy brothers’ comedy style. If this were some other average group the joke would be that one brother is saying he’s the B-Ball King and the other two saying “uh huh, yeah right you shit head” and stuff. And like, while these brothers aren’t like “yeah! aw, you’re the best and i love you <3″, they do still err on the side of positive. the humor doesn’t come from mocking, the humor just comes from being funny and likeable. the joke is still “justin was not a basketball king but he thinks he is”, but the other two brothers improv on the joke not by going “you sucked at basketball you nerd” but by going “aw man i remember going to all your games, the miracle on wood they’d call you” and its just as funny if not more, but its really good-natured at the same time. 

These brothers are good boys. 

In the video, Jordan begins the recap song by saying that in the past season Lena and Kara became friends, before yelling repeatedly: “But they’re only friends!”

The cast laughs and Benoist joins in, shouting: “They’re only friends!”

They were referring to a LARGE portion of the Supergirl fan community who want Lena and Kara to have a romantic relationship, a pairing who has been dubbed “SuperCorp.”

Jordan later says: “I’m going to get destroyed for what I just did…I just debunked Supercorp,” and Benoist chimes in, saying: “That’s pretty brave.”

McGrath tried to walk back the cast’s comments, saying that “the great thing about what we do is, like any art, anyone can read into it what they want,” but she was laughed over by the rest of the cast.

Wood then sarcastically added: “Sexuality is all about others’ perception of yours, right?”

A number of fans felt the video was extremely hurtful and dismissive to the fans who ship SuperCorp, many of whom are LGBT+.

They felt it was part of a trend in which fans imagining hypothetical same-sex relationships is seen as absurd, while “shipping” heterosexual characters is accepted.

its so humiliating and makes me so angry and sad, bc for once i’d like my ship to be acknowledged in a good way, i want it to be respected-

— sandra (@karagaynvers) July 22, 2017

it’s always non-canon gay ships that get mocked, as if it’s hilarious & absurd, and hoping for more than friendship is inherently delusional

— sam (@korrasam) July 22, 2017

it’s just sad cuz. lgbt fans can’t trust straight actors lol. they’ll always think gay shipping is something funny or weird or ridiculous

— sam (@korrasam) July 22, 2017

The video is particularly shocking as Supergirl has been previously lauded for their feminist message and positive portrayal of LGBT+ people, particularly through the relationship of Supergirl’s sister Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.

Alex, played by actress Chyler Leigh, had a coming out storyline earlier this year that was praised by critics and fans alike and LGBT+ fans have followed their relationship eagerly.

Some fans have accused the show of tokenism, using their one lesbian relationship to excuse other incidents homophobia and queerbaiting.

+they’ve actually learned nothing about the importance and necessity of LGBT representation DESPITE all the #Sanversfeedback they received💔

— Eden Singer (@edensinger) July 22, 2017

One Tumblr user says she contacted Benoist’s publicity team to express her concerns about the video and received a response that said she was making “baseless claims” and made her feel “disrespected and patronized.” (Also threatened to sue her)

Fans have found this video particularly upsetting considering the troubling frequency of the “bury your gays” trope in mainstream television.

Last year CW show The 100 controversially killed off a lead character just moments after she had finally kissed (haha. Yeah they just ‘kissed’) her female love interest. The death sparked 300,000 tweets with the hashtag “LGBT fans deserve better”.

In the past two years, 62 lesbian and bisexual women characters were killed off on television, a number vastly disproportionate to the total number of LGBT+ characters.

This is not my work. I just thought this explains why were so angry. I also saw a post on twitter that said it takes a special kind of cast to go to comic con, a place where your supposed to promote your show, and end up losing viewers. And I havr to admit it does.

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I'm just. Well. Dan and Phil huh. I'm like

WHAT THR FUCK HONESTLU!!!!! today’s the day i’m litro moving out and i watched this on my phone m in between bouts of vacuuming and sneezing from an allergy attack and i am crying????!! IN MY EMPTY CLOSET??!!!!!!! i can’t believe so many things including

1. how good and soft they looked i felt a bit awestruck

2. the fact that we saw dan in phils new “”“"bedroom”“”“

3. phil dragging dan a little for the rebrand and calling him daniel

4. the way they talked about what last year and this year meant for dan omg all that stuff about triumph and success and hard work paying off and this yr being the end of a phase or an era and the start of a new one and a time to explore new opportunities and let his real personality shine thru a bit more and also how phil kept hitting dan in excitement while he read those bits before dan himself even rly said anything bc phil knows what dans years have meant to him just as much as dan does and to see them just like make wide eyes at each other as they mutually recognize how spot on these assessments were wowowoowowowow im ded???

5. them sort of openly mocking the notion of “masculine energy”

6. obviiiiiii THAT WHOLE BANANA BIT like WHAT THE FUCK,?? HALF THIS CIDEO WAS JST PHIL FUCKING W DAN AND THEY JST KEPT SO MUCH OF IT IN and Holy Shit man that was some of the cutest shit i’ve ever seen i mean phil was full face giggling so hard and dan reacted so hilariously and he was tryna seem OUTRAGED AS HE SLAPPED PHIL W A BANANA BUT HIS FACE WAS ALL SCRUNCHED N SMILEY TOO AND HE THINKS PHIL IS SO FUCKING FUNNY ITS PAINFUL and then the way he just sort of manhandled him and pulled him back to stick the banana down his shirt as recompense i mean srsly what kind of gross absurdly flirtatious bullshit i smiled so much my face hurt

7. oh and OF COURSE how could i even FORGET phil referencing ppl interested in seeing him and dan have sex and just giggling about it nothing awk or uncomfortable jst straight up acknowledging that ppl want that but never making it seem like the concept of doing dan is outlandish and all of this on his main fucking channel i am IN UTTER SHOCK AND DISBELIEF. WOW.

they’re just. in such a good place right now. it’s remarkable on every level and i’m fucking overwhelmed and enthralled and sosososo painfully happy for them fuckkkfjfjfjrj

nct dream reaction: as your secret admirer

It wasn’t a surprise to them when you pulled a flower from your locker, a small handwritten note attached with a cheesy line that formed a gentle smile on your features. In fact, it was almost everyday that you would open your locker to find a small gift with a heart felt note to accompany. It seemed everywhere you turned there was something waiting for you, something cute and meaningful that left you in a fluffy mess. “Who do you think it is?” You would ask him, only to receive a shrug in response, already knowing the answer. “I don’t know… Do you like it though?”


He wasn’t quite sure why this was the route he decided to take. Though you two were already friends, he wanted a way of showing you that you meant so much more. But with the constant fear of rejection, he did it in a form that was much less obvious. He knew what you liked, and never got the same thing twice; always wanting to shower you in surprises. He knew it was risky, in fact, he was almost sure you might have already caught on.

“You know, this handwriting looks really familiar.”

Despite the vague assumptions you would make, he continued to play dumb. “It looks pretty average to me.” He wasn’t ready to slip up yet, and probably not for a long time. Spending all his pocket money didn’t seem so wasteful when the outcome was seeing your shining smile, even through the small storms of life.

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It was a struggle, every time he stood in the market or the florist, trying to decide on whether he should pull your favorite flower or buy a new kind of treat. You two weren’t friends, just acquaintances. He had already known he liked you before, but he really decided to start pulling the crazy stunt of being a secret admirer after a small project you two had been partnered with in class. At first, he just did it to see your reaction, worried that it might have been too much when he noticed your friends teasing about it. But he came to realize that you actually liked the gifts.

“It was the cutest thing ever. I wonder how they knew my favorite flower?”

Ah yes, this is what spiked his interest in treating you to even more. With the little money he had, he would always buy a small item before school, slipping into your bag or locker along with a note during breaks where you couldn’t catch him. He wasn’t quite ready to admit it was him, even when he got a little upset of you assuming it was someone else. “Maybe it was just a lucky guess.”

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He wasn’t so worried that you wouldn’t like the gifts, or that the notes were too cheesy, or even if he was found out. The only thing he was worried about was if he was going further than he anticipated. He remembered a time where your friends wouldn’t stop teasing you about the gifts, and seeing you get embarrassed and flustered almost made him feel bad. He was glad to know that, despite the fake insults you threw with the pressure from your friends, you genuinely did like the small gestures.

“I don’t know who you are, but this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

He recalled the time you had apologized to no one in particular about the harsh words you had said, not realizing the boy was around to hear it. So instead of backing down in spite of rejection, he just passed off the gifts a bit more secretly, so you wouldn’t have to deal with the silly judgment of your friends (and so he could see the smile you embraced when you were alone).

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He was a nervous wreck every time he thought you were coming close to finding out it was him. Though he teased you to no end about the cute little gestures of this “mysterious person,” it was really just mocking himself in the end. Sometimes he’d fret on what to get you, or that his notes were written too obviously, but in the end it always seemed to make you happy. Sometimes he felt bad though, that he teased you too much about the gifts and notes and how you actually thought they were cute.

“Can’t you be nice for one second? You obviously don’t have the sincerity to do such a thing yourself.”

Funny to think that he actually does, and technically you’re defending him. It was refreshing, because he knew you liked the gifts. It was risky, because he didn’t want you to find out. And it was hard work, mocking himself but also making you feel bad for someone whom you don’t necessarily know. “Geez, sorry. I guess if you’re happy, I am too.”

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One of those ‘it’s-not-stalking-just-admiring-from-afar’ kind of deals. He knew more about you than one may have thought, nothing strange, but just general facts. He’d leave a flower with its meaning and why he chose it, or a snack with a cheesy pick-up line to bring up your spirit. He knew when you were sad, when you were happy, and what to do on those specific occasions. At first he didn’t think it would work, trying to make you a little happier during a rough time by sending gifts, but it seemed to help a bunch.. even if it was just a note with a piece of loving encouragement.

“Maybe it’s not so bad when you have someone looking out for you every step of the way.”

Some people found it weird that you had someone watching your back, but you couldn’t care less, and he loved that. Seeing you ignore the comments you’d receive about his actions, and just generally appreciating them, is what kept them coming. “I’ll always be here for you, don’t worry about a thing.” Maybe someday he would be with you physically as well, just maybe.

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For a loud mouth, he was pretty good at keeping his small gestures hidden. Though there were times where he was little too loud when you’d find the little gifts and notes in your bag or on your desk, in which he ended up running away before you could see who it was that was squealing in the distance. Because of his young age, he didn’t really have the pocket money to buy you much, so gifts were always extra special and the notes were filled with silly jokes and rambling nonsense. Yet at the end of the day, you couldn’t ask for anything better.

“These notes never really make a lot of sense, but they’re still cute. You’re just mad you don’t have any.”

He knew your friends liked to tease you about the occurrences, and he was initially going to give up… but after seeing you defend his actions, he was even more motivated. “I could write a whole essay of nonsense, and they’d still love it?” His assumptions may have been a little far off, but he was ready to walk to the edge of the world for your appreciation.

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This kid is quite awkward, so actually approaching you was out of the question. In fact, he went as far as to force his friends to pass on the gifts, even if it was just setting things on your desk or slipping things into your locker. He was not willing to risk being caught. His gifts were usually handmade, occasionally a snack or plush doll was slipped into the mix, but he didn’t have much money. At first, he thought it was dumb to make crafts instead of buying a gift, but after seeing your cute reaction to them, he became less insecure about the habit.

“All this time and effort put into making something just for me? Awe man, how am I even worth it?”

Despite knowing your adoration to his actions, he was kind of upset watching you find them, knowing that you didn’t know who it was. “You’re worth more to me than you think.” From then on, maybe being caught wasn’t such a bad idea, if it meant you’d probably adore him as much as you adore his gestures. 

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The Baffled King

Note: Hey @camael-fanart and @skarhead I banged this tiny lil ficlet out for you just now. RETICENT as I am to even approach Drarry given your discriminating Drarry tastes but here you go. It popped into my head when I saw skarhead’s St. Sebastian art except I reversed it lol.

What was I thinking?

Harry shook his head and muttered to himself, adjusting the bags of groceries in his arms. He could have stashed them in his endless coat pocket but he was distracted by his stupid mistake from that afternoon. Neighbors gave him funny looks as he grumbled, making his way home to the flat he shared with Draco, shaking his long curly mop of hair now wet from rain as if he were a dog just bathed.

What was I thinking? What on earth was I thinking?

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (10)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 10 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 3,506 (ish)

You were all sat around the table in the board. You were looking anxiously at Junmyeon he seemed extremely displeased and you were yet to find out why you were all gathered around the beautiful marble table.

“So it’s obvious someone around this table is working alongside Luhan. I’m giving you this chance to come clean so that we can deal with it lightly. I’m feeling generous.” Junmyeon looked around the room, but everyone continued to stare back with blank faces. No one answered. Your mouth was growing dry. The situation was becoming extremely tense. You held Minseok’s hand under the table and squeezed it lightly. He turned to look at you and gave you a light reassuring smile.

“So nobody wants to speak up?” Junmyeon scoffed, running a hand through his hair. It was all becoming so frustrating and you had no idea who you could trust in this house.

Yixing sighed rolling his eyes.

“Come on, it’s obviously Jongin.” He pointed in Jongin’s direction who was sitting opposite him on the table.

“And why would it be me?” Jongin frowned. “You’re just saying that because you’re not particularly fond of me, besides, I haven’t a motive.”

“Of course you’ve got a motive.” Yixing spat, shifting forward in his seat, his expression had turned cold. “I mean number one you were the Tell-Tale weren’t you, so what stops you from pulling this type of shit again? And if that’s not enough of a motive for you, you clearly worked with Luhan who’s to say you didn’t know he was the bad guy right from the start, you never miss a shot yet Luhan is still alive? Purposeful if you ask me. How can we trust you?” Yixing smiled cockily at Jongin, sitting backwards in his seat again. You looked about the table and one or two faces did look convinced.

“Well consider this Little Miss Princess Zhang, the individual working for Luhan would obviously be looking to kill Y/N no? Now why would I do that, huh? I mean I wanted to be intimate with her once upon a time didn’t I?”
You heard Minseok grunt from beside you as he squeezed your hand tighter, as if marking his possession.

Yixing shrugged, still smiling. “I don’t know… Still salty that you were rejected and she ended up marrying the one who tried killing her multiple times maybe?”
Jongin let out a low growl. It didn’t sound human and it was unlike anything you had heard before, it made you shiver slightly as his face turned dark. He rose from his seat and looked Yixing square in the face.

“Listen you asshole, if I wanted to graft that hard for the girl, I would’ve gotten the fucking girl. I don’t see you married with her either? There are plenty more, and better might I add, fish in the sea. So let me tell you now that I’ve got my priorities straight.” He hissed, saliva spraying lightly over the marble.

Minseok stood up, his eyes were thin slits, it was never a good thing when Minseok looked like his, you tried grabbing his hand and pulling him back down, but you failed at your attempt.

“Don’t you dare talk about Y/N like she’s some cheap piece of trash. You couldn’t get better even if you tried you bastard!” He reached over, pushing Jongin’s shoulder.

“Oi! oi! Calm it now!” Junmyeon shouted raising his arm, signalling for them to sit down. Admittedly it wasn’t looking too good for Jongin at this point in time. Minseok reluctantly dropped himself on the seat next to you, pecking you on the lips just to make sure that he had made his point, earning another grunt from Jongin but not a guttural as the previous.

“Well I honestly think its Tao…” Sehun mumbled from under his breath. You raised your eyebrow; you had forgotten that Sehun existed for the past day, so you were a little bit shocked to hear him speak. You looked over at Tao who was not very pleased at Sehun’s suggestion.
“I mean I’m sorry, but he just appears back here all of a sudden how are we supposed to trust him? I mean if that’s not motive enough then I don’t know what is.” Sehun looked at Tao and shrugged his shoulders unapologetically.

“Like I said before, it is not me! The only reason I came back is because Y/N got herself into trouble, if I hadn’t saved her Red would’ve killed her. I couldn’t go back because he knew I was double crossing him by that point.”

“Well why don’t you go back now?” Sehun asked bluntly, looking ahead at Tao, no emotion in his eyes whatsoever.

“What would that do? Luhan knows I’m on your side!” Tao banged his fists on the cold black marble, creases forming on his forehead. “It’s not me! Don’t you think I would’ve made a move ages ago if it was?!” You stared at Tao; you didn’t know whether or not you could trust him. But then having said that he did save you and if he did want you dead then he could’ve just let Red kill you. Why would he make it harder on himself by freeing you and doing the job himself after? You couldn’t breathe this was becoming too much, you felt nauseous and uneasy, as though you were about to be sick.

“Hmm funny. I think its Baek.” Jongdae shot Baekhyun a dirty side glance from across the table. “He’s just been too nice and calm even after all of the drama had unfolded, besides he’s the son of Red. I think that’s a motive right there. Yeah he claims his sister is dead, but can we actually confirm that?” Jongdae drummed his fingers lightly against the arm of his glass chair, staring intently at Baekhyun.

Hmm funny.” Baekhyun mocked Jongdae’s voice. “Because I think it’s you Dae. I mean you’re so uninvolved in the grand scheme of things. Isn’t it just all too convenient? Besides, I’ve been trying to ignore it, but since we’re letting it all out…I still find it really funny how you were the only one in the living room with Minseok and Y/N that night, whom knew they were going back home and the BAM! All of a sudden Minseok is kidnapped. I wonder how Luhan knew they would be returning home? Hmm?” Baekhyun smiled sadistically at Jongdae “If that’s not telling Jongdae babe,” he said mockingly “then I don’t know what is…”

Minseok frowned moving uncomfortably in his seat, looking between you and Jongdae.

“It is you isn’t it? You’re trying to kill Y/N, because she threatened to kill you once. If it’s you Jongdae…” You earned a few amused glances from around the room, the news that you had once threatened to kill Jongdae clearly impressing them.

“It’s not me Minseok, don’t be stupid!” Jongdae whined. But the argument that Baekhyun brought to the table was extremely plausible and you couldn’t help but think it was the truth.

“Yeah well I’m sorry but if you guys think it’s me because of rejection then that means that Yixing is just as guilty as I am. Besides he took the rejection much worse than I did. So yeah maybe he genuinely wants Y/N dead.” Jongin pouted. “He’s a psycho and we’ll all know it!” You looked over at Yixing who was shaking his head and doing his best to disregard the motive that Jongin had graced him with. You had to admit it did seem a bit far-fetched but it wasn’t impossible. After the way Yixing had slammed you against the table that night you really couldn’t put anything past him. Maybe he was willing to kill you if he couldn’t have you, after all didn’t he try drowning himself in the bath tub the night of Kyungsoo’s incident? You were beginning to feel increasingly queasy; you began taking slow deep breaths to stop yourself from vomiting this whole situation was becoming toxic.

“Yeah, well I think Chanyeol has a pretty good motive too” Tao spoke up again, looking at Chanyeol from where he was sat. You shook your head violently; you refused to listen to any of this rubbish.

“No it’s not Chanyeol, It can’t be him!” You protested sticking up for your best friend.

“Shh Y/N let’s here Tao out.” Junmyeon put his hand up to silence you and you began to feel small, your stomach was forming knots, why did you feel so anxious. You felt as though Tao explanation would be plausible.

“Well.” Tao continued “Actually I think Chanyeol has the biggest motive and is the most likely out of all of us to be the traitor. I mean look at the facts. Chanyeol is the only one out of all of us men that had to join Genesis without knowing what he was getting into. Everyone joined for the cause, but Chanyeol didn’t. He didn’t join for justice, none of his family had died at this point, he joined to keep his dad safe since unfortunately Genesis just happened to randomly hire him unbeknownst to him, he was working in a war zone. But then what happens halfway through? Chanyeol’s dad actually dies in the Hilton fire. And it is all Genesis’ fault, if they didn’t hire his father he would still be alive. All the reason to kill Junmyeon and his family right? And if that’s not enough motive, I remember Jongin telling me that you had all refused to let him go back in the building and save his father, especially Minseok who actually striked him down with a knife, meaning he couldn’t run back to the burning building to save his dad. If only Minseok didn’t do that, I know he believes that he may still have had a chance to get his father out alive. Minseok hurt him and took away someone he loves so all the more reason for him to kill Y/N, so he can hurt Minseok and take away someone that Minseok loves too. And if Junmyeon had let Y/N go from the beginning it would never have gotten this far and the love of his life would never have married another man, she would only have had eyes for him. More motive to kill Junmyeon.”

Your eyes widened, along with Minseok’s. No. No it couldn’t be. Tao had to be wrong; his story had to sound perfect by accident.

“Why would he kill Y/N it’s his best friend?” Sehun frowned looking at Tao.

“Well yeah but Jongin told me that he also confessed his feelings to her too, imagine how let down he would have felt when the woman he’d been in love with for ten years rejected him for a man who she’d only known ten seconds. Betrayed? I think so. So this sparked this burning anger inside of him, fierce enough to want to kill her. If he can’t have her then Minseok sure as heck can’t.”

“I’ve moved on from those feelings. I’m seeing someone” Chanyeol shook his head looking at you and Minseok and then looking at Tao.

Tao scoffed sarcastically, smirking at Chanyeol.

“Stop kidding yourself Chan, we all know you can’t get over ten years of feelings in one year. It’s not possible, admit it. Seeing someone is a great way to mask the feelings you still have deep down, no?”

You felt a wave of uncertainty take over your body, you were panicked and you weren’t sure if you were doing a good job at hiding it. You looked up at Chanyeol who was now purposely avoiding your gaze, why was he doing that?

“I don’t feel well” You whispered to Minseok, your voice shaking as you spoke.

“Just try breathing babe, this is important we can’t afford to miss it. Maybe we can catch the individual out.” He mumbled, staring directly at Chanyeol. Tao’s plea made complete sense and you were becoming increasingly worried, it couldn’t be Chanyeol…could it? Tao shifted backwards smugly into his seat staring at Chanyeol who was staring down at his red sweaty palms.

“Okay that sounds like a very solid motive, but I still feel as though Minseok and Sehun could be in on it to.” Kyungsoo said, looking blankly at Minseok and then Sehun.

“Kyungsoo!” You cried. Why was he turning it on your husband, after everything you’d helped him with and the friendship you had slowly began to build, why was he attacking you in this way.

“What? I’m just saying. It doesn’t mean it is them; we’re just bringing out plausible motives are we not. Don’t shoot the messenger.” He leaned back in his chair rolling his eyes. “Listen we all know that they were closest to Luhan, who says they’re not all working together? Luhan could have asked them to join him. Those three were inseparable why wouldn’t they agree to join him?”

Your breath slowed for a second or two. No. You pinched your thigh under the table, why would it be your husband. Of course it wouldn’t be him. He wasn’t stupid. You shook your head.

“It’s not Minseok.”          

Kyungsoo shrugged his shoulders at you and crossed his arms over his chest. He didn’t seem as though he was willing to take the argument further, but the way he was looking at Minseok was telling you that he still stood by what he said. Tensions were high in this room, the air around you was thick and you were scared to utter a word. You had never been in the midst of so much doubt up until this point in your life.

“Well I’m sorry but two can play at the blame game.” Sehun spat, pushing the silence away with his harsh tone. “I’m sorry but how the fuck do we know that the girl you were talking to doesn’t work with Luhan too. How do we not know that you had practiced emergency drills; that if you called her outside of unscheduled hours that she was to pose as though she was your girlfriend because something was up. How do we not know a ‘date’ is code for something we don’t know about? We have no proof that she is who you say she is Kyungsoo. So dig your way out of that one.  Ever since you’ve been paralysed you’ve been bitter towards us all, maybe you’re wracked with jealousy and anger huh Kyungsoo? I mean if you can’t live a comfortable life why should we when we deserve no better than you? Why is Baekhyun still alive when you took his bullet? You’re a silent one Kyungsoo, only God knows what goes in that head of yours half of the time!” Sehun banged his fist on the marble table as he closed his statement. Kyungsoo was looking at him fiercely now his eyes dark. What he said next shocking you.

“No, none of you deserve to live better off than me. Only Y/N and Yuna do. But they’re fools for getting themselves into this. Why marry men like us when you could’ve runaway with the freedom you were granted.” His voice was laced with venom, making you gasp at how sinister he looked in the moment. “However. Am I salty enough to want you all dead? No. I don’t think so.” He grunted and looked blankly at Sehun again. You were shaking slightly not knowing what to do with your thoughts an emotions.

“Well…What about…I don’t know…Junmyeon.” Chanyeol mumbled from the side, raising his head hesitantly. You all gasped at this statement. Junmyeon’s eyes shot wide open. How could Chanyeol accuse the ring leader, the man who tried to keep everyone safe?

“Me?…” Junmyeon whispered.

“I mean yes….I’m not saying it is you Myeon, but you wanted to kill us once upon a time, who’s to say you still haven’t lived that moment down? But if you are covert under Luhan’s instructions then it doesn’t look like it’s your doing, it easier for you to get to us without being suspected.”
There were a few low grunts around the room but you didn’t know whether or not they were grunts of a approval or disproval. Until Yuna began to speak up.

“No! Don’t you dare pin this in Junmyeon. Just because your motive is highly plausible and now you’re trying to stick it on my husband, I don’t think so! Besides he’s moved on from that dark place. He has no desire to do that anymore. Don’t you see how hard he’s been working for you all these days of course it’s not Junmyeon!” She grabbed his hand and stroked it. This was the first time you had seen Yuna blow up and step outside of her quiet little box. It made you feel inadequate, she fought so hard to back up her husband, yet all you could do was shake your head for yours. Why were you so pathetic?

“With all due respect, shut the fuck up!” Jongdae hissed in her direction. “You weren’t even there when he tried blowing us all up you don’t even know what happened. You only just came into his life, so you haven’t a clue. This brings me to my next question Yuna. Where did you come from and who the heck are you?! All of a sudden some random woman comes and marries Junmyeon, you knew what you were getting into, this whole underground business yet you still proceeded with the wedding, any normal woman would’ve run a mile.”

There was silence around the room, as if everyone was just considering now that what Jongdae was saying, it was true she did just appear from nowhere.

“What the fuck do you want me to say?! I fell in love with him. Excuse me for not knowing there were terms and conditions for falling in love with someone. I couldn’t help my feelings towards Junmyeon; do you think I would have stayed otherwise? If you want to join us for one night of serious passion then maybe I could show you how much he really means to me. So be my frickin’ guest! Besides Y/N didn’t run from marrying Minseok and it was her chance to run, so why is my love any less valid and meaningful than hers!” She shouted from across her side of the table tears streaming down her cheeks. She was correct. If anyone was stupid for marrying one of these men it was you. Maybe she married Junmyeon thinking she could handle it. You on the other hand had already experienced it so why you came back to a warzone was completely beyond you, but love does strange things to the mind and logical reasoning.

“Sweetheart its okay calm down.” Junmyeon cooed, wiping her tears with the pad of his thumb whilst also shooting Jongdae with a bitter glare. “Besides it can’t be her. I knew that she could’ve been anyone at all, so I had background checks run on her in HQ myself and she checks out. She’s completely clean.”
Yuna’s opened wide as she turned to look at her husband, her eyes red.

“Junmyeon…You did that? You had me checked?” She sounded breathless and shocked.

“Babe, you need to understand why I did it.”

“I just thought you trusted me enough. You didn’t even run the idea through me Junmyeon; you did it behind my back. I would never have refused you…”

“Yuna, sweetheart. I had to be sure you were who you said you were.” He reached for her hand, but she grabbed it away. She stood up from her chair and jogged out of the room, her perfume wafting past you as she went.
“Yuna!” Junmyeon called, an expression of worry painted across his face.

“Leave her. Let her breathe.”Minseok nodded at him, leaning back in his seat. The room went silent again before Jongin began to speak up.

“What if it’s you?” He pointed directly at you.

“Me?” You gasped. “That doesn’t even make sense.” You felt Minseok’s body tense beside you, his breathing turning into silent growls.

“Of course it does.” Jongin continued. “We practically ruined your life Y/N we kept you here and didn’t let you go home. You’ve seen and done some evil things. Maybe you hate us and you can’t take it anymore so you want us all dead. You’re a good person, there’s no way you’d be able to take all of us out single-handed you’d be too scared and feel too guilty so you requested Luhan’s help. Maybe him trying to kill you is your alibi, it makes you look innocent in all of this but it’s all a hoax to mislead us.” At this point everyone was blinking at you, it was a good theory you had to admit.
“Unless you have a better explanation.”

You took a deep breath.

“Well yes I believe we’re missing someone out.”

The men stared around the table, not too sure what you were on about.


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andreil + 121? i think itd be so funny and maybe neil accidentally blurts it out in front of the foxes and andrew mocks him for it later

I am so so sorry that this took so long, but its finally here [along with the strength to write all of the other generous prompts I’ve received :) ]

From here.

Summer was just beginning for most high schools and even for some college students when the Foxes were called back to PSU to continue training once again. Not that Neil minded in the slightest, but this year was going to be different, what with the girls on their last season and the new recruits already being a pain in his ass.

They started up pretty easy, much to Kevin’s anguish and Nicky’s delight, going through basic drills that tempered footwork and stamina before moving onto stick work and fundamental technique. And surprisingly, the new kids had gotten on pretty well, with the exception of one who did everything in his power to try an outdo the rest, both in performance and problems on and off the court.

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So @samiemack and i noticed stuff with some of the leafs players:

Frederik Andersen - Tintin

Connor Brown - that kid from Rocketstar’s Bully

Matt Martin - the villain from Titanic

William Nylander - Joffrey

Auston Matthews - Jack White

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Hey, first of all, I'm not even in the Supergirl fandom and have no idea how different parts of the fandom interact, but what are your thoughts on the original song that was sang by Jeremy Jordan and most of the cast(I think)? Because I honestly don't think it's right to mock an LGBT+ ship regardless of what *some* of the shippers are like, and it just came off as blatantly rude to me. Again, just want to hear your thoughts on it, have a good day :)

Hello, wanderer! Thanks for stopping here :D

First of all, jokes are jokes. Some are rude, some are unfunny, some are silly, some are funny as hell. But the point is – we are all different, we have different experiences, different things make us laugh or offended. Some of us will laugh at the same thing that others will find offensive. It’s quite natural.

Ok, now because you are not in the fandom, I think you need a bigger picture and the context to understand what REALLY happened.

Supergirl cast is constantly harassed by the Supercorp (Lena x Kara, FF ship) fans for MONTHS now. What I mean when I say “harassed”? Few examples.

Rahul Kholi, a POC actor, you may know him from IZombie, a wonderful, sweet, amazing guy played Lena’s love interest for ONE ep. Supercorp fandom sent him on his social media the most awful racist shit you can imagine. A “haired ape” was not the worst. The “go away, Lena belongs to Kara” were normal. Shit he got was so awful that he called Supercorp shippers “fan hooligans” in recent interview. Yesterday he got shit from them again.

Next, Melissa Benoist, the main heroine. For months she didn’t really talk about ships. All she said was, that she wants Kara to be happy. That’s it. But you know what Supercorp fans have been doing? Interesting things. Like, questioning Melissa’s SEXUALITY and wanting her to be with, yes you guessed, Katie (aka Lena). That her relationship with her current boyfriend, who plays her love interest in the show, is just a PR. That she could do much, much better than him, even if I haven’t seen her so happy and careless in months. That she is very unhappy with Kara’s arc and she wants Supercorp but shows runners banned her from saying what she really wants.

And now, let’s move to Chris, Melissa’s guy. This man lost his father to a mental disease, because of it he became an activist who tries to make people aware of this kind of problems. He is lgbt community and black lives matter movement supporter. Basically, it’s hard to find valid things to hate on this guy. But so far, Supercorp fans: sent him death threats, said how much they want him dead, how he steals the screen time, how he is useless in the show, how horrible actor he is, how the whole cast hates him, how he uses his relationship with Mel to stay in the show; makes gross jokes about his appearance, constantly twist his words and take them out of the context to make him look rude. They planned to corner him on SDCC and encouraged people to boo him and asked uncomfortable questions. I talked with a friend who knows this kind of things and who said Chris was nervous in the beginning of sdcc and the whole cast was supporting him. Cool, huh? He suspected what was coming, but thank God that to the SDCC go real fans, not fanatic shippers. I mean, every celebrity receive shit like that, but he gets TONS of it and only because he is an obstacle for a ship. There is no other reason.

Jeremy? Left social media for some time, because he had enough of harassment.

Katie? Doesn’t have social media. Too bad her brother has – poor guy was catfished by a, surprise, supercorp fan.

Btw Supergirl official media? A fucking mess. A girl that was running the SDCC panel and interviews asked on twitter for questions. Supercorp fandom, of course, sent her hate and things you would never ask anyone. Cheers.

Things like that are happening for MONTHS. So, I guess the fact the cast has absolutely enough of shit like this is not so surprising and they are tired of being silent. So, they made a joke song about how Supercorp is and will be friends. Nothing more. That’s it. Some people may think it was mocking and offending LGBT community but, seriously? The cast just clearly said there is NO queerbaiting in the show. That’s the whole crime.

But you know interesting thing? Few minutes before that song Melissa said that PEOPLE CAN SHIP WHATEVER THEY WANT. That includes Supercorp. So, this is seriously homophobia? And you know, I’m confused. There is a lesbian couple in the show – Sanvers. A real and CANON LESBIAN COUPLE supported by the cast and the show runners. But I got an impression that dear Supercorp shippers don’t give a flying shit, because more important is their crack ship. Sorry, I’m not sorry but the whole “we Supercorp shippers are offended because a lesbian couple was bashed and we support and protect lesbian ships” is… an excuse for hating on cast and showing how they are upset, because thing they want won’t happen.

And now the best. Have you seen what Supercorp shippers so far sent to the cast after the SDCC drama? How they started slutshaming Melissa? How they say she should slit her wrist? How she cheated on her husband to hook up with Chris? How she is a typical white fake feminist and let’s fuck her? How she and members of the cast are cancelled? Friendly reminder she, Jeremy and Chris support lgbt rights. Actively. They don’t sit in front of the computers “supporting” lgbt by shipping fictional couples and posting shit on social media. They help. But it’s all cancelled because of one, damned joke.

I understand that peoples’ feelings were hurt. But the shit that cast is receiving right now is 1000 times more horrible and gross than a song about two fictional female characters being friends. I know, they could do it in a different way. But I feel like they reached their limits.

Few more things. Supercorp fans claim that Katie was uncomfortable during that song. It’s a bullshit. She laughed her ass off and not because everyone were laughing, but because she found it funny.

Supercorp fans throw tantrums on social media, their posts about this issue are reaching a lot of notes, because “let’s protect lgbt people from bad homophobes”. The problem is – they don’t tell the whole story. And secondly, I saw a lot of people who claim they don’t watch the show and don’t know the whole story but are there to fight with homophobia. And it’s wrong. People knowing half-truths from one biased side of the conflict are shitting on innocent people who are FAR from being homophobic. Supercorp fandom, because they are salty, are making FUN of the real homophobia problem.

And I know that a lot of people really felt offended or felt triggered. But it doesn’t give them rights to spread horrible, gross lies and throw awful shit at real people.

Rant over. Hope I answered your question.

P.s. I know I generalized here the whole Supercorp fandom and there are nice shippers. I am aware.

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to all the chucklefucks screeching "you just don't get satire/sarcasm/parody!!" - you can't satirize or parody something by perfectly emulating it, mk? If your attempt at satire, parody, or sarcasm reads as exactly the thing you're trying to mock? You failed.

Not to mention, there’s a big difference between a GOOD satire and satire that’s just a shitty attempt to be “edgy” at BEST. 

Like, this was a piss poor attempt at “satire” at BEST. Everything SNL has ever done (with the SOLE exception of the Sean Spicer skits) is a good example of white mediocrity at its fucking finest. Do better. Or get better taste, it doesn’t matter which, lol.

- Mod A

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Something that I cannot get out of my head, Taako calls Kravitz bone daddy. Like not in a sexual way or anything. Maybe he calls him that to embarrass him? Or maybe he just thinks it's funny? Idk why but it just seems like something Taako would do

I mean granted, There has been times Justin in his Taako voice has called Merle/Clint Daddy. I totally see it with Bone Daddy too lol, Lup would totally make it sexual though.
So it could be just him meaning to mock him as a dad. (thanks to modern shit, Daddy will always have a little sexual connotation but I see what you mean) 

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one of you reblogged the ask taetaetown recieved about using eu at the end of words and how it is racist. In ur tags u said "eu is a fandom joke" "not racist" "its the same as you got no jams". i am kind of confused how it isnt racist so please explain, thanks.

Seeing as how you really are pushing for a reply I’ll give you one. It’s a fandom joke. Because we don’t go around saying it irl when we see actual snakes. It’s the same as no jams which was referring to Jimin not being funny. Its a little part of our boys and their culture that is used in regard to them. It’s not to mock them, it’s just like remembering a piece of our boys. Although some ARMY’s will use it in a racist way (outside of the fandom) the majority of us don’t and I don’t think we need to have this negativity in the fandom where we rip on each other for fandom jokes. The boys wouldn’t want that. We’ve never said it on this blog either actually so we’d like it if you didn’t start attacking us for our views.

Ya know how Scarecrow wears this huge leg brace in Arkham Knight?

Like, when you go catch him in the ACE Chemicals plant I think he gets down on his knees way to easily.

Like, I would’ve loved to see Jonathan try and get on his knees real awkwardly and maybe say something like “Wait, hold up, the hinge just jammed.” or “You wouldn’t happen to have any motor oil on you, would you?” when he mock surrenders to Batman.

Would’ve been funny.

Are you making fun of me?!?! (Sodapop Imagine)

!Okay this is for an anon that requested it, dont get sad if it sucks, im not good at writing shy people!(: (but i tried just for you, my lovely little human) 

I’ve always been a shy girl, more shy than others. I dont really talk to people but im polite. I got made fun of for years and now all socs do is fuck with me. So i always think someones laughing at me or mocking me, its all the same to me. 
For the past few days I’ve been going to the DX Sodapop had been complimenting me a lot, whether its my outfit, my hair, or my shoes, no matter what its something. It’s starting to get on my nerves, I don’t find it funny like he does because I don’t think hes stopped to think that I actually thought he was pretty tuff and maybe I liked him..a little bit. I knew Soda before he dropped out and he was in a couple of my classes, we were even partners once for an English assignment.

“Hey (y/n), you look really pretty today” Said Sodapop as he rang up my items.
“Oh uh Soda can I get so gas on pump three” my voice was quiet and soft, i didn’t even look at him. 
“okay your total is $4.50” he smiled at me as I slid the five dollar bill across the counter, he touched my finger tips as he grabbed the bill. It sent shivers down my spine and I smiled slightly.  "I can pump that gas for ya darlin" He smiled yet again and we walked out to my car.  
I had a black ‘65 stingray even though I was a greaser, i won it in a bet. 
“nice lookin car you got here, not as nice lookin as you though.” I blushed as he pumped the gas in my car. 
“thanks Soda" 

The next day I came in Soda complimented my shoes, he said ’ them red heels sure make your legs look nice (y/n)’ he smiled at me, this mocking sure aint in my favor. 

Soda did the same thing for a week, complementing me then pumping my gas. Its gettin real old. 

"hey (y/n)!" 
Soda ran up to me and sat down beside me. I was gettin a coke at the dingo and reading my biology book for my test tomorrow. 
"Hi Soda” I didnt look up from my book. 
“Okay so i have something to ask ya.” he grins and looks at me with puppydog eyes. How bad could it be..
“okay, shoot" 
"well uh, I was wonderin if you could go to the Nightly Double with me Friday night?” he was still smiling real big. 
“Soda..Is this so kind of joke? You know I really dont need another person baggin on me Soda especially a guy I like! Its just rude Soda" 
I tried hard to hold back my tears and i was successful.For a little bit..
” no no Doll it aint like that! I really like you ya see, first girl I liked a lot since Sandy, a-and I really wanna go with you (y/n) I wouldnt do you like like that.. i really really wouldnt.“ a tear escaped my eyes ” sweetheart dont cry dont cry, Im not trying to hurt you, why would i hurt somethin so pretty" he smiled and i giggled a bit, I knew Soda wasnt out to hurt me or humiliate me, at least I was pretty sure and i think its worth the risk. I kissed Soda on the cheek. “I’ll see you Friday night. Dont you bale on me Curtis.” I smiled and whispered in his ear “I really like you too Soda. thats why I was so upset. Im sorry”
“its alright doll.” he kissed my cheek and stood up. “Its a date” He smiled and went on his way.

Its a date… 

Okay but

Magmaquas in a 50s au

Team aqua being a greaser band

Archie being the cool leader and matt is his dudebro (you know that hugging scene from grease? Thats their relationship)

Shelly being also kinda pin-up-ish and also a WOC IN THE FRIGGIN 50S so shes learnt to not take anyone’s shit and she is basically the most badass member in the band

Meanwhile the magmas are these preppy white kids who act like they always have several sticks up their asses and who get constantly picked on by the aquas

BUT eventually archie starts falling in love with that cute redhead nerd boy and he is like SHIT WHAT IF THEY FIND OUT THO so obviously the mature solution is to tease him even more

Also of course the aquas eventually figure whats up so they start to passive-agressively mock their leader (daring him to ask maxie out or some shit like that) and matt and shelly are especially assholes with their bro until a certain chubby boy with a cute face and a petite purplehaired girl show up and they get totally the hots for them and its not funny anymore

Hahaha i just want them to be secret datemates in a 50s setting haha h

Alternate: tabitha is a rockabilly (not really but idk i think he’d rock that look) and courtney is beatnik (but also please dont forget the possibility of her wearing a high-waist long skirt and a puffy-sleeved blouse like the other preppy girls like how cute would that be)

Quicksilver’s humor

Evan’s Quicksilver making the rounds this month, and the consensus is that he’s one of the funniest characters in the movie. So I’m posting this compilation of comic panels where Quicksilver is funny. First up: Quicksilver’s first adventure as an Avenger and he’s the only one to get captured by the Mole Man.

Mocking people is the primary way by which Quicksilver expresses humor. A few issues later, Stan Lee hints that Quicksilver is a lot less serious than he appears in these panels:

Sadly, Quicksilver will never again refer to himself as a “Fun-boy”. My guess is Hawkeye had the market cornered on making jokes with the Avengers, and Pietro was stuck with the “protective older brother” persona. So for most of his appearances onward, he’s a very serious character with a lot of angst.

Fast forward to the 70s, where Quicksilver is married to Crystal and makes cameos on the Fantastic Four comic. 

On the face of it, what Quicksilver says here is not funny, and that’s actually kind of an important trait of his humor: usually he’s not telling jokes. It’s funny in context: Ben just left them a little while ago, and ALREADY is bothering them again. Pietro is simply phrasing his annoyance in a polite way.

Here’s another funny panel where the humor is not in what Pietro says but just in context to the scene:

Now back to what Quicksilver does best:

BURN! Through the 70s and 80s, Quicksilver’s mocking could get very brutal. Most of his barbs come across more as bitching and complaining as opposed to funny.

Fast forward to the 90s, and Quicksilver joins X-Factor, written by Peter David. Quicksilver’s humor reaches a new level at this point. 

In the series, he likes to poke fun at Val Cooper, the boss of X-Factor:

But what he REALLY likes to do is rip on Jamie Madrox , a.k.a Multiple Man

Following X-Factor, Quicksilver goes back to being written as very serious. His solo in the 90s as a couple of funny reflections from him. One is about his animal-hybrid teammates:

This panel is when you realize that no word exists that accurately describes what Black Bolt does when other leaders give speeches.

Through much of the next 10 years, Pietro vacillates between being serious / angsty (Magneto Rex) and annoying / bitchy (Kurt Busiek’s Avengers series). Then House of M happens. Watch Pietro gives the Human Torch a run for his money:

BURN!!! And what makes this even better is that he’s telling that to Magneto, the ruler of the world (or at least a big portion of the world)

Quicksilver briefly returns to X-Factor where once again Peter David works his magic. The only problem is, Pietro is a villain in this period. 

As you can see, Quicksilver has a bit of a “refined” vocabulary. I think that’s a very important trait that differentiates his humor from the likes of Spider-man or Hawkeye. 

After House of M, writers other than Peter David start to write Quicksilver as occasionally funny.

This panel proves that Marvel wasted its time trying to introduce Spiderman in Civil War because Quicksilver > Spiderman. :)

Christos Gage then writes him in Avengers Academy and perfectly captures Quicksilver’s mocking condescension:

Then Peter David gets once again a shot at Quicksilver:

And that’s the end of my comic compilation. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of funny things Quicksilver has said and done, but just provides an overview of the type of humor Quicksilver delivers: it’s very dry, and there’s a lot of mocking involved. 

With the popularity of Evan’s Quicksilver, I’ve been thinking a lot about comic book Quicksilver’s portrayal. Because Quickie’s often been part of an ensemble cast, I think many writers didn’t care to make him a likeable character because his bitchyness could be offset by other characters. As long as Quicksilver remained a side player, there was no need to make him a compelling character in his own right. Also writing a bitchy yet likeable character is hard to do. Somehow Peter David was the author that finally seemed to find that balance within Quicksilver…and then that portrayal inexplicably got shoved aside for the next 10 years. So what I’m getting at is that, I actually wouldn’t mind if Quicksilver was a funnier character, like Evan Peter’s Quicksilver. My only concern with the transformation is that I don’t want him to become a joker either. I’m fond of Pietro’s sarcasm and fly under the radar “jokes”. I also like Quicksilver’s angst and seriousness, but I think he’s been written as too serious for most of his history. What I’d like is a character that’s around 60% angsty / 40% funny as opposed to the 85% angsty/ 15% funny we’ve mostly been getting. 

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Who's your favorite character from star vs the forces of evil? And why? :)

i think just star herself! shes very funny, i relate to her quite a bit, and i love the fact that she has elements of a mary sue parody but shes also a fully realized character with flaws and fears and she isnt like, mocked for being self-indulgent and silly and girly. something im getting real tired of is “strong female characters” who are just too cool for school and never have any fun and only show weakness and vulnerability if its for a love interest, and star so isnt that while still being a destructive force of nature. shes a character type im glad we’re starting to see more of, and someone i wouldve probably been obsessed with if id grown up with this show!

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sherlock so desperately wants for moriarty to be involved in the case he stops making any sense. (it's almost like he's a fanboy)

right? i need to rewatch the episode to properly notice all the moments he’s aching for it. poor thing is just desperate for a case on Jim’s level

How to Insult Me on Twitter

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are struggling to come up with creative ways to insult me on Twitter. As a public service, I will organize the common approaches in this post so people can insult me by number.

1. Act like you think I draw Garfield or another comic you think is not funny. 

2. Proclaim that I am the pointy-haired boss from Dilbert.  (Assume a million people haven’t already told me the same thing.) 

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