not mituna mod


ok so im tired and gay and i made ministrife edits of my pride/skin hcs

if u wanna know anything ask (including the kids ethnicities), but their genders/sexualities are in the captions

bless and good night

~ mod bee

> Cronus: Jinx yourself.

The jinxing has activated, and outside of your home planet being destroyed, what you’ve gone through these last three sweeps have been nerve wracking.  Game changing. Pushing your well-minded temper. That, and what you have witness has been some things far past what the Beforus censors would ever allow your specs to see. 

The verdict?

It is pretty safe to say that your session went to shit. 


> What?


kronosaquarii-deactivated201701  asked:

I'd like to see more of him and Mituna before his accident. I mean I have the feeling Mituna was a douche with Cronus but after things changed between these two. Of course I admire Cronus a lot even if he dresses like a greaser. Also I love your blog! The best blog ever about Cronus!

boy oh boy these two sure are the bestest of friends. 

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