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Bing's blunder, the Host's bat is ready

(Submitted by @justacomicreader who’s right about reblogs and tags not showing up in my notifications sometimes)

[I wrote this on my writing blog recently, but then I realised that reblogs can go unnoticed. So here ya go!]

Bing sniggers at his shenanigans as he waited for the Host to wake up with rare patience. Let’s just say he had practised his art skills on the Host’s face. And he had done a few things that he shouldn’t haven’t, like posting one of the Host’s books online and turning some chapters into terrible memes. Despicable and annoying as it was, Bing is an idiot teenager-like program who likes to push boundaries for the heck of it. Today, he is testing the Host’s temperament, since the narrator has been the only one whom he has not successfully pissed off. Why? Like I said, he’s an idiot.

The Host yawns and wakes, sensing that something was off. Very off, with hints of foolish mischief. As stuff happens, he quietly narrates as per usual and is suspicious of Bing although he knows that the program could do no harm, only mess things up. The Host smiles at Bing like you would to a child, who is trying his best not to laugh his ass off. He asks, “The Host asks Bing what he was up to this time.”

“See… pffft. For yourself” Bing reveals pictures and memes of his mischief, laughing out loud.

The Host stiffens, his face hardens. Messing with his work? Bing has gone too far. He narrates.

“Grabbing his bat, the Host proceeds to chase that imbecile of a Bing down and beat him near to death. And to finish him off with blunt force trauma.”

Bing halts his laughing. He’s in deep shit now. “Oh sh*t.”

The next thing you know, the Host, armed with his trusty bat, is sprinting after a censored cursing Bing skating for his life. Every one of egos, even Bop, agrees that Bing deserved that.