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The signs as tenebrous celestial abominations

Aries: That which has a million horns, inside which are trapped the eternally screeching fires of its victims ambitions, easily angered. Run. Don’t you dare stop running.

Taurus: The immovable oddity. Unyielding in the face of all reality, from which spawns hordes of insidious brood. Gaze upon it and know your insignificance

Gemini: That thing which is always there, under your bed, in the dark places, where you dare not gaze, should not gaze. Do not gaze. You are never alone.

Cancer: Machinations of unknowable and quantifiable complexity. None can comprehend the grand design, none should try. Minds are putty to be molded into soldiers.

Leo: Know It and know a new purpose, servitude and worship. Adorned in the attention of its legions, nothing matters bar It. It’s visage takes root in any medium, a stygian plague upon reality.

Virgo: The devil in every detail, in every flaw, all of them. Dare not know this evil for its gaze atrophies even the grandest achievement, dissolves the grandest monuments.

Libra: Found in the darkest holds beyond the stars this thing gazes into all interaction and bares grudges for all of it, it sees you. Dare not return it’s gaze lest the weight of the stars bear upon you.

Scorpio: Prone to violent altercations with the fundamental laws of reality. Hopefully you’re not nearby, Pray you aren’t. Suffering takes upon new meaning in the absence of linear time.

Sagittarius: The Truth all are hiding from, it knows. It screeches every grave-destined secret as a cacophonous wail against the pristine sanctity of our ignorance. Do not hear it.

Capricorn: Made of eyes, everywhere, always, gazing. Watching. Glaring. Hating. It sees all that should never be. It guides all that should never be. It will be.

Aquarius: The storm in which every horror hides and peers. You cannot weather it, nothing care, it is the inevitability of the end. Many presume to know it, they do not.

Pisces: The Other Place. The nothingness in which resides the virulent pox of everything else. All that shouldn’t be and isn’t. Do not open the Door. Pray it is not broken.


“We’d dismantled the fortress she had built… The army she had raised… The future she had planned. And the entire wolrd was about to know she had failed. Taken down by a gamer, a junkie and a small town delinquent.”

we know epsilon can drop into bullet time like the other ais but please imagine him doing it for the least important things possible. 

need to think of a witty one liner? bullet time. trying to impress someone? bullet time. dont know what a word means but dont want to admit it? bullet ti