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I'm a walking contradiction

Aries: My self-esteem is lower than the deepest depth of tartarus, I speak louder than god. 

Taurus: My love is for all of everything, but I’ll give everything of all for only one.  

Gemini: I’m the one who speaks every word that’s on my mind, with a head full of unspoken matters. 

Cancer: I’m as cold as ice; you’ll never know a warmer heart. 

Leo: Let me be the one at the top; please don’t let me be alone. 

Virgo: I’m soaring to perfection faster than light; I’m standing still, I’m not moving a toe. 

Libra: I’m the fairest judge, you’ll never see me sentence a man. 

Scorpio: Tell me the harshest truth, please give me your most beautiful lie. 

Sagittarius: My name is apathy, please now that I love you; please love me back. 

Capricorn: I obey to the rules of society, I myself am my only god. 

Aquarius: I’m the center of society; I am the lone wolf. 

Pisces: I’m the oldest spirit - the youngest child at heart.

– p


i don’t say: the first time you held my hand, i was grounded to this earth in a beautiful way. like ships had come home in me. like all my dreams about flying.

i don’t say: i am so grateful for the moments you held my hair back or stroked my knuckles or fixed my dress or gave me that little reassuring squeeze or walked me through a panic attack. i am grateful for every night you stayed up late texting me and every tear you brushed away and every pint of shared ice cream. i am grateful for everything.

i don’t say: i owe you sunrises. i owe you laughter. i would fight to protect your happiness with every tooth and fiber and atom of my being. i love you deep.

- r.i.d

30 Day OTP Challenge: 1) Holding hands

“Sometimes he squeezes back but he still doesn’t wake up.”

Ahh I’ve been wanting to do a challenge like this since 2011 lol. It may switch between AceSabo and CoraLaw (and who knows maybe LuZo since I miss that ship lol)

So anyways this could also be placed in the Tokyo Ghoul!AU that I drew some time ago. But overall is an AU. At first it was gonna be happier but well I wanted to practice certain things like perspective and this happened oops


Vernon Icons

read terms before using


It feels strange. Until a few years ago, we didn’t even know each other.  But now we spend time together saying things like, “the sunset is so pretty” without even thinking about it.

- Hachimitsu to Kuroba (Honey and Clover)


we are the crystal gems, 

we’ll always save the day, 

and if you think we can’t

we’ll always find a way. 

that’s why the people of this world believe in…

garnet, amethyst, and pearl…and steven!

the signs essence

based only on people i actually know well enough to do this for, which is why they aren’t all here

aries: flower crowns, too long showers, regrets, broken glass, the sea, greece

taurus: nice but popular kids, sunglasses, sun before a storm, hard-cover books, bath and body works, new york city

cancer: photography, piercings, giraffes, summer sandals, open doors, seven, oregon, water color

leo: sandy beaches, chocolate milk, perfect white nail polish,  crinkly-eyed smiles, dogs

virgo: truth, dark red lipstick, sunsets, warmth, rhododendrons, drunk sex, filmography, empty journals, arizona

sagittarius: hedgehogs, dairy queen,  perfect black nail polish, responsibility, cacti, silly tattoos

pisces: selfishness, lace dresses, high heels, over-the-bed canopies, torn paper, anime