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ok but real talk tho

its great that disney has a basically canon gay character but can we talk about how they made my boy cyrus like the boy who is obviously straight and likes andi? like its amazing representation! hes very blatantly gay and has a real bad crush on jonah but the whole situation is just real messed up considering jonah will never like him back


you’re playing an angel on supernatural. what has that been like in terms of public perception of you just on the streets in los angeles or where you shoot? it’s a little weird. I play an angel on supernatural so everybody comes up to me and they meet me and they think i’m going to be amazing and awesome and obviously that’s true. I am.


I’ve watched this video SO many times now. I can’t express how much it has helped me in all different kinds of ways. It’s not just because of the testosterone changes, but just the way he talks about stuff and gives out a lot of hope. The video is a bit over 3 years old now, but if you haven’t watched it already then please watch it. Emery, who’s in the video seems amazing and the video is just really amazing in itself. 

13 Things Non-Readers Don’t Understand

1. Falling in love with fictional characters

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Why can’t people in real like be as attractive and romantic as the ones in books?

2. Books are surprisingly heavy

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3. Getting so absorbed in a book you don’t notice that hours have passed

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I’m pretty sure it was light out only 100 pages ago…

4. Waiting for your favorite book to be turned into a movie

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5. When your favorite book finally gets made into a movie… and the movie is awful

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No big deal, they just left out all my favorite lines, forgot the best scenes and completely butchered the casting. Other than that it was great!

6. Refusing to get a kindle because physical books are just so much better

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From the smell of the pages to the feel of a heavy book in your hand, e-readers just can’t compete. 

7. That feeling right after you finish a REALLY good book

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How does one function as a human being?

8. The struggle of trying to convince your friends to read your favorite books

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Okay so it’s about this girl who fights these demons and there’s this boy who’s really hot and he has these really cool magical tattoos and of course they fall in love but there’s this other boy who’s the girl’s best friend but he is in love with her but he also kinda likes this other girl. Oh and then there’s this really cute bisexual warlock and his boyfriend… Wait, where are you going? 

9. Running out of space on your bookshelf

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Can’t. Stop. Buying. Books. 

10. Feeling like you’re drowning in your TBR (to-be-read) pile

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I have 53 unread books sitting on my shelves… 

11. The excitement of finally getting a book you’ve been waiting for

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12. Being in denial when your favorite characters die

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Nope, didn’t happen. They were obviously just faking it… right?

13. How many amazing people you can meet through your mutual love of books

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Nowhere will you find more compassionate, loving, accepting people than book lovers. 

honest opinion on the zodiac signs (based on people I know)
  • *note that these opinions are entirely based on the people in my life!
  • Aries: really caring and understanding and will go out of their way to make sure the ones they care about are happy. they do tend to be too sensitive at times, and also pretty insensitive with their comments, but overall they're really amazing people.
  • Taurus: I don't know many Tauruses, but the ones whom I know are really nice people and although they can be pretty conceited at times, I think they're friendly and kind.
  • Gemini: all the Geminis I know are pretty different, but one thing they have in common is their really bright and cheerful disposition. whatever it is about them makes the atmosphere really bright and happy and I really like Geminis for that.
  • Cancer: there's only one cancer I know so i can't really judge my opinion on the sign accurately. however though, if I do judge my opinion based on that person, I'd say that they can be pretty friendly.
  • Leo: one of my best friends is a Leo, and honestly she's reaaaaaally caring and would literally spend hours trying to make you feel better if you're feeling down or whatever. they can give in to other people pretty easily and can be really indecisive, but they're amazing people.
  • Virgo: one of my past best friends is a Virgo, and they're also really fun to be with. They could hold conversations for hours and hours and you'll never get bored. they can be pretty ignorant to your feelings, but they're really down-to-earth and fun people.
  • Libra: one of my best friends is Libra, and they're literally the most positive sign I know. they have an amazing sense of humour and will laugh at pretty much anything you say. although they can be pretty grumpy at times, they're really really caring and friendly people who will constantly check on you to make sure you're happy.
  • Scorpio: i know a few Scorpios, and honestly they're either an angel or a devil. they could be people who throw insults at you all the time but at the same time they could be really friendly and nice. their sense of humour might be pretty crude but overall they're really nice people.
  • Sagittarius: my favourite sign (obviously because it's mine lmfaooo). i know many Sagittariuses and based on them (not me! but sure why not) they're realllllllly cool people. although they can be really blunt with their words at times, they're really understanding and they have an outstanding sense of humour and pretty much everything they say will make you laugh. they will also go out of their way to make sure you're happy and give amazing advice.
  • Capricorn: they're really caring people and will also go out of their way to make you feel better if you are down. they give amaaaazzziiingggg (and really straight-forward) advice that will knock you back into reality and they're just really kind-hearted people.
  • Aquarius: they're really fun and adventurous people to be with and will literally do anything at all no matter the risks and consequences, and that's what makes them really fun to be with and they make amazing friends.
  • Pisces: really kind and understanding people. when they get angry, it's usually only for a few minutes and after that they're back to their usual cheerful and optimistic self. they also have a really good taste in music.
  • Kurt: Oh no, don't strain yourself!
  • Rachel: Please, I've been sweating my boobs off at Tracy Anderson's for the past nine months. This baby can have my body now, but after that, mama wants it back.
  • Blaine: Well, we got you this organic juice from this special place in Tribeca. It's supposed to make the baby's brain grow.
  • Tina: Okay so hold on, I've heard the story from Kurt and Blaine, but now I want to hear your side - what in the heck made you say yes to being their surrogate?
  • Rachel: Well, obviously there's a full circle story based on how I was raised, but these guys have just been so amazing and I figured they've given up so much of their lives to make me happy, the least I could do was give them nine months of mine and my body. Oh, I love you guys so much. You're going to be the most amazing dads.
  • Jesse: I can't wait for that!
  • Rachel: Aww, here's my husband.
  • Jesse: Because I'm ready to get started on a little co-production of our own.
  • Rachel: So romantic!

MERICCUP WEEK 2014 » Day 7: King and Lionheart

remake of my first ever mericcup gifset [x] obviously this song means a lot to me

and would you just look at my tags

#new otp i swear #expect more au gisets in the future


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Strip Mario Kart - Everlark

So I’ve been through a really rough few weeks (I had a miscarriage a couple weeks ago) and was planning on submitting this or another fic to S2SL, but life obviously got in the way.  I finally got my inspiration back in the form of this very light happy everlark fic I’ve had in mind forever.  Someone (I don’t remember who) posted a cartoon drawing of everlark playing Strip Mario Kart forever ago and its been in my head ever since.

It is somewhere between one shot and drabble length, so I’ll call it a drabble-shot.  All mistakes are mine.  And I’m dedicating it to such a wonderful fandom (particularly Court for being amazing, streetlightlove1 for putting together such a great fundraiser and hawthornewhisperer, even though I know she isn’t a big everlark fan) that is always here to give me an escape from real life when things get hard.

I know that if I weren’t drunk right now, there is no way in hell I would ever suggest something so ridiculous.  With my best friend, no less.  But after two margaritas at the taco place after dinner and a beer back at Peeta’s apartment, it seems like the best idea I’ve ever come up with.  

We’ve been playing Mario Kart since we got back and so far we’re in a dead heat, with two wins each.

“What do you say we kick this game up a notch?” I say as I run to the fridge for another beer.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked as I tossed him one.

“Three words.  Strip…Mario ….Kart.” I start giggling and he just laughs.  

“Ha, ha Katniss, very funny,” is all he says after taking a swig.

“I’m totally serious!” I exclaim.

“You’re drunk,” he laughs. “Don’t me wrong, I love drunk Katniss. You scowl way less than normal. But there is no way you are serious right now.”

I try to scowl but it quickly turns into a giggle.  “I’m just drunk enough to think it is a great idea, and just sober enough to know I’m gonna kick your ass.” Peeta laughs but says nothing.  “Come on Peeta, best friends play strip Mario Kart all the time.”

“Don’t you think it might…” he hesitates, “Complicate things?”

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a1y-puff  asked:

The "If you go out dressed like that I'm not letting you out of my sight." with Allen crossdressing :'D (Yullen, obviously, in our RP verse :3)

YES THIS THIS IS PERFECT I can’t wait to have more of this in the RP Haha

If you want to see the dress it’s this one!

Kanda stared at Allen dumbly for a moment, his previous annoyance at being late all but completely forgotten in the face of what Allen was wearing. “You…” He started, then shook his head, “So this was Lenalee’s idea?”

“And mine.” It always amazed Kanda how confident Allen was–even when wearing a dress. Especially this dress, with its dark red flowy skirt, and the turtleneck top that seemed to accentuate his throat. He was wearing a jacket too, just a plain jean jacket he probably could’ve borrowed from his or Lenalee’s closet, to hide his arms, which probably would have given him away entirely. But honestly Kanda didn’t care about that. When Kanda finally trailed his gaze back up to Allen’s smiling face Allen asked, “Like what you see?” 

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anonymous asked:

I would just like to say on a positive note - if that latest screen capping was the worst thing that had been mined for then the shippers are doing an amazing job!!! While I am so, so sorry it meant the blogger deactivated her account, the post was so benign that its laughable that it was even used. That tells me everything I need to know. Keep on shipping sisters and don't take the bait.

I know….it is ridiculous!  He is obviously getting even more desperate for attention and will do whatever he can to get a reaction from us.  

Just ignore.  Do not engage.  Report behaviour that violates the rules.

Preference #233: Shared Parenting.

Request: Can you please do a longish one were y/n is pregnant with Mikey’s baby, but with Ash? Like she had a one night stand with Mikey 3 months ago and nothing became of it then like 3 weeks ago she started dating Ash, and she now just found out she’s 3 months pregnant! You can decide the outcome of what happens next!!! Pretty please!! Btw I love your blog, (actually I’m obsessed!!) not creepy at all :/ love you too though!!
A/N: I changed this slightly, hope you don’t mind. It’s still the same imagine, just with a subtle change in pregnancy dates, and with an extension of added information.

You and Michael had broken up because he ended up having a drunken one night stand with a groupie, he’d drank enough for forty people. You were surprised he wasn’t dead, but you still couldn’t excuse the fact that he cheated on you. And you couldn’t forgive him. Ashton had been like a rock through the whole ordeal. And after two weeks of him being there for you the two of you started dating. Michael was a little angry, mainly at himself for losing you, but he was also happy for the two of you because he knew how much he had hurt you, and he knew Ashton would never do that. You and Michael agreed to be friends, which made things a little easier…

It was easier for about three days, and then things became a whole lot more complicated. You did a pregnancy test and it was positive, you made a hospital appointment and they managed to fit you in on the same day due to a cancellation. The doctor confirmed your pregnancy and told you, you were three weeks pregnant. You knew it was Michaels for two reasons one: the dates matched and two: you and Ashton hadn’t slept together. You hesitantly walked into the guys dressing room and asked Ashton and Michael to come with you. You went to a private room down the hall away from everyone. They sat down in front of you whilst you remained standing “I’m three weeks pregnant, the baby has to be Michael’s because we never slept together” you moved your hand indicating you were talking about yourself and Ashton “I’m scared but I’m keeping the baby, I wanted to know what we were going to do” you said glancing at both of them.

“This isn’t my business” Ashton said getting up but Michael grabbed his shoulder “it is mate, your with her now so it’s just as much your business as it is mine” Michael said. “I’m the father obviously I’m going to be in its life, we will raise the baby okay. And Ashton will raise it too since your dating, shared parenting I guess. Right?” he said looking at Ashton “right” he replied. “So wait two dads and a mother?” you questioned “no a real dad, and a, a..” Michael trailed off “a dad like figure when his real dad isn’t around?” Ashton shrugged “right”.

Throughout the pregnancy Michael and Ashton had been amazing, taking care of you, both going with you to medical appointments and postnatal classes. When the baby arrived both of them took turns feeding and holding the baby. You thought this would be the start of a beautiful and weird parenting future.