not mine obviously but it's amazing

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69 - What turns you off?

When someone is too cocky to give you the time of day like?? hello I am a person.. Also arrogance.. and when someone talks negatively about me when I can hear them uhg that makes me so mad like there is a difference between constructive criticism and just bein plain rude.

70 - What turns you on?

OOOK well for one when guys smile and like they have extra smile lines it’s like they have extra skin on their face so you KNOW its reall cause you can’t half ass smiley lines! I dont know how to explain it but its soO cute!! Good music taste.. obviously.. And um really high goals? I think it’s amazing how goals are executed? that sounds weird but the entire process is fascinating to me lol idk a strive for something is  A+ !! And sweaty palms cause I’m so embarrassed by mine but I get happy when someone else has the same issue lol!!