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you’re playing an angel on supernatural. what has that been like in terms of public perception of you just on the streets in los angeles or where you shoot? it’s a little weird. I play an angel on supernatural so everybody comes up to me and they meet me and they think i’m going to be amazing and awesome and obviously that’s true. I am.


MERICCUP WEEK 2014 » Day 7: King and Lionheart

remake of my first ever mericcup gifset [x] obviously this song means a lot to me

and would you just look at my tags

#new otp i swear #expect more au gisets in the future


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Strip Mario Kart - Everlark

So I’ve been through a really rough few weeks (I had a miscarriage a couple weeks ago) and was planning on submitting this or another fic to S2SL, but life obviously got in the way.  I finally got my inspiration back in the form of this very light happy everlark fic I’ve had in mind forever.  Someone (I don’t remember who) posted a cartoon drawing of everlark playing Strip Mario Kart forever ago and its been in my head ever since.

It is somewhere between one shot and drabble length, so I’ll call it a drabble-shot.  All mistakes are mine.  And I’m dedicating it to such a wonderful fandom (particularly Court for being amazing, streetlightlove1 for putting together such a great fundraiser and hawthornewhisperer, even though I know she isn’t a big everlark fan) that is always here to give me an escape from real life when things get hard.

I know that if I weren’t drunk right now, there is no way in hell I would ever suggest something so ridiculous.  With my best friend, no less.  But after two margaritas at the taco place after dinner and a beer back at Peeta’s apartment, it seems like the best idea I’ve ever come up with.  

We’ve been playing Mario Kart since we got back and so far we’re in a dead heat, with two wins each.

“What do you say we kick this game up a notch?” I say as I run to the fridge for another beer.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked as I tossed him one.

“Three words.  Strip…Mario ….Kart.” I start giggling and he just laughs.  

“Ha, ha Katniss, very funny,” is all he says after taking a swig.

“I’m totally serious!” I exclaim.

“You’re drunk,” he laughs. “Don’t me wrong, I love drunk Katniss. You scowl way less than normal. But there is no way you are serious right now.”

I try to scowl but it quickly turns into a giggle.  “I’m just drunk enough to think it is a great idea, and just sober enough to know I’m gonna kick your ass.” Peeta laughs but says nothing.  “Come on Peeta, best friends play strip Mario Kart all the time.”

“Don’t you think it might…” he hesitates, “Complicate things?”

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anonymous asked:

Yoooo menacing steps anon may have been me bc that sure sounds like me, and I DID try to send you an ask once, and Tumblr WAS a useless POS and made it very unclear whether it even went thru, but I don't remember if there was supposed to be a part 2. Publish the ask and if I see it and it was mine then I'll probably remember wtf I was talking about.

YOU GOT IT. .。・:*:・(✿◕3◕)ノ here’s the ask in its entirety:

anonymous said to problhams: Oh thank god I thought I was alone here in bottom!TJ hell. Think about denial!TJ: DEFINITELY not interested in AH, but if - IF - he was, it’d be the dynamic u usually see in fic, because AH is some upstart immigrant w a god complex, obviously he’s meant to bow and scrape to The Amazing TJ. Except one day, at the height of a good verbal smackdown, AH takes a menacing step forward & TJ takes one back, toward the wall. Of course AH notices, and notices the

AND MAN, ANONYMOUS, if it was you, or whoever it was, you were going to such a good place. i’m so thirsty for wherever this was going, hand to god.