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Good For You // Dear Evan Hansen || Arena Stage


just a lil thing i wanted to do for the voltron vr (i love them so much) pls don repost :’)


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Teen Wolf AU - STEREK - Alpha!Stiles

Somewhere along the way, Derek’s pack keeps dying, one by one, and he loses the control he’s never really had. Stiles, turned true alpha in part thanks to his human pack - Scott, recently acquainted with magic, Lydia, genius and a specialist on all things supernatural and Allison, your friendly neighborhood werewolf hunter - knows that once the pack of Alphas is done with Derek’s pack, they will come after his and he won’t be able to protect them how he should.

Derek is not a fan of Stiles and his band of merry misfits, who keep appearing and helping him, saving him and the rest of his pack multiple times. The night Isaac and Cora almost die, Derek tries to tell Stiles that they can do without the help of humans and a boy turned werewolf (and then alpha) by accident.



God, way to go Justin, making me cry with only one word

I finally caught up on episode 68 of The Adventure Zone while drawing this and just :’^) I’m glad I finally joined in on this wonderful journey and I’m just so amazed with the story the Mcelroys have woven together. Can’t wait for the finale, I’m so happy that I managed to catch up before it ends..!

Also please click full view on the gif or open it in new tab, it looks like garbage on dashboard

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.


“Yep, we’ve been doing those for the past few months. They get harder and harder every time, I don’t know how we’re gonna keep doing this stuff, I think we might have to get some more weaponry.”

“…Yeah…Yep… A few years ago when that first atomic bomb went off…. Near here, they uh… For some reason some of these clothes have just been getting pretty radioactive on us.. So, we gotta go take em’ out.”