not mine just made it black and white

Benedict Cumberbatch. Going back to the white bristol paper, just to see if I could work with it again. I can, but I don’t like it as much as I used to. *sigh*

Mats used: Staedtler Pencil 2B, 3B,  6B and 8B (wich is actually Carbon, so very dark but waxy) , Palomino Blackwing pencil and General’s Powdered Graphite on Canson Mixed Media XL White Paper, (11X14 )

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Dive In - Pierce The Veil

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So,“ A friend of mine begins, "I take it you still love him?”

I sigh, “I do, and I think I always will, in a way.”

“Why is that?”

“I mean, think about it,” I say, “we never quite made it to be lovers, we got close, but never got there, and because we never lit a flame, there was nothing to blow out. We were just two perfect matches that never got the chance to be set fire, and so I guess without a flame, there is no smoke to clear.”


Star Wars Episodes: VII The Force Awakens

“The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead. I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It moves through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes…feel it. The light…it’s always been there, it will guide you. The saber, take it.”


the librarians meme | [5/9 team moments]

↳   I know you were alone for a long time.  But you don’t get to just give orders and expect them to be followed.

Winter Kisses

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Drabble game

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6.  ‘My eyes are up here.’

17. ‘Its mine!’

22.’Just shut up and kiss me.’

Jungkook x reader

Word count: 787


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You rubbed your hands up and down your arms, hoping to create some warmth. It was a chilly winter’s evening, snow glazed the trees and the ground outside, creating a white canvas, the illustrations made by footsteps and skid marks of sledges. Your boyfriend was currently out buying items such as hot chocolate and other snacks for your movie night, but you wouldn’t be satisfied until you were warm.

You weren’t exactly dressed for the winter weather, though. You had some black leggings on and a tight, low cut t-shirt with a cute bunny on it. Again, it wasn’t attire for the winter. So you made your way to Jungkook’s bedroom, which was littered in clothes, shoes and other entertainment items such as magazines and games. It was like a maze to get through, you had to be careful not to stand on anything and break it.

You were perfectly aware that Jungkook did not like sharing clothes; he had explicitly said this to you the last time you put on one of his hoodies. But you were freezing cold and even though you had your own sweater, there’s nothing quite like lounging around in your boyfriend’s jumper. So you opened the wardrobe and picked out a plain black one, pulling it over your head and sticking your arms through the arm holes. You shoved your hands in the front pocket and relaxed in it, slowly making your way out of the room, closing the door behind you. It smelt just like him with a mix of his washing detergent which also made the fabric ever so soft.

As you were halfway down the stairs, the front door opened to reveal Jungkook, who was wrapped from head to toe in the appropriate clothing. A bobble hat on his black mop of hair, a big coat zipped up to his neck, coated in snowflakes which we melting and drizzling into droplets, comfortable pants and big boots. He looked at you as he closed the door. He gave you a look of disapproval as he slowly unwrapped himself, taking off the hat, the coat and the boots, hanging them up and placing the boots in the corner.



“You’re wearing my hoodie.”

“And?” You said, completing your journey down the stairs, landing on the bottom with a small hop. “I don’t see the problem.”

“You know I don’t like sharing clothes!”

“But it’s so warm and comfortable.” You fought back.

“But it’s mine!” Jungkook sulked, putting down the bag that contained the store-bought goods. “I want it back.”

You rolled your eyes, “You have 5 spare black hoodies, Kookie. You won’t die.”

“You have your own sweater!” Jungkook argued, “Go put that on.” He said, sticking out his bottom lip in hopes to get you to take off his clothes.

You scoffed, “Fine.” You murmured, grabbing the fabric by the hem and lifting it back up over your head. You held it in front of you, making it easy for him to take off of you. When he didn’t, you looked at him, to see what he was doing. But he wasn’t look at your face. No no no, he was looking just a little bit south.

His eyes had rested on your chest, his mouth open in slight awe.

Now, you weren’t exactly on the small side for boobs, which attracted more attention to you than you hoped.

“Jungkook. My eyes are up here.”

He blinked a few times, licking his lips nervously. He slowly took the hoodie off you, “R-right. Well, its just weren’t wearing that when I left.”

“I didn’t feel like staying in the t-shirt I slept in.” You stated.

He cleared his throat, planning on continuing his little tantrum. “But stop stealing my clothes.”

You rolled your eyes, “It was just a hoodie!”

“I don’t care.”

You sighed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Fine. I’m sorry.”

Jungkook shook his head, grumbling about how he hates sharing clothes and never wants to do it again.

“Jungkookie~” You sang, getting closer to him. “I apologised Oppa, can I give you a kiss?”

He tilted his head away, “You know very well not to wear my clothes, Jagi.”

“Oh just shut up and kiss me!” You said, raising your voice slightly.

Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t be so impatient, Jagi.” He said, leaning in for a kiss. You smiled and pecked his lips quickly, picking up the bag he had dropped earlier and skipping into the kitchen. “I’ll steal your hoodie again later.”

“Whatever you say, Jagiya.” Jungkook said, coming up behind you and giving you a back hug. You giggled, turning your head to place a proper kiss on his lips.

there’s so many strange pictures of the beatles, like what are they doing here? do we even want to know??

or like this one


this one I’ve just titeled “leather hoes with discount cowboy boots”

and this french album is a bit… strange

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I just need to get this out.

My personal image of Hermione is fixed in my head as white, because I’ve seen her a certain way since the first time I read the Harry Potter books ten years ago. But I also adore fan-made representations of black Hermione and otherwise non-white Hermione, and I’m so pleased with the casting choice for her in The Cursed Child.

And if you deny people of color the right to claim Hermione Granger – a character who represents equality and empowerment – as their own, I have a huge problem with you.


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Ethan has a “great” idea to get Vanessa jealous but, little does he know, it’s going to cost him.

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ruined | part one

part two / part three

calum + reader

word count: 1286

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you ruin something important to calum and he’s not very happy about it


It was a little more than a month before Christmas and I was in the bathroom of Calum and my shared apartment in London, where the boys were recording. I was bent over the sink, scrubbing madly at the the wine stain I’d accidentally made on one of Calum’s most prized possessions - his signed by Billie Joe Armstrong white T-shirt that he usually kept hanging on the wall above our bed.

I didn’t mean to spill the wine on it, I just took it down to take a picture of it against our black coffee table. I wanted to show it to a friend of mine, who was just as obsessed with Green Day as Calum was.

I also had a glass of red wine on the coffee table as I was taking the picture, which I knocked over accidentally when I banged my knee on the corner of the table.

So there I was, trying for the life of me to scrub off the disgusting wine stain on the once-pristine white T-shirt.

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