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Miles and Miles

pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 2400

warnings: swearing, talking about death/suicide, etc

summary: connor did take someone to the orchard once… but it wasn’t evan.

a/n: is this unoriginal? yes. is this bad? yes. is this the only thing i have written because i have a drama performance i still have to memorize lines for on thursday and exams all week next week? yes. but either way… have this??? enjoy??? 

From Connor Murphy, 9:11 pm

U up?

To Connor Murphy, 9:18 pm

considering im not two years old, yes, im awake

From Connor Murphy, 9:19 pm

I need to leave my house

To Connor Murphy, 9:21 pm

okay well i may be awake but im still tired

From Connor Murphy, 9:22 pm

R u kidding me?

To Connor Murphy, 9:24 pm

nah im just joking im down. u gonna pick me up?

From Connor Murphy, 9:27 pm

Ill go steal the keys from dad. Be ready in 10

To Connor Murphy, 9:31 pm


Connor had a terrible track record for stealing the keys and sneaking out after dark.

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BTS Reaction: You Sleeping W/O A Bra


“Hello! Since you guys said you would be taking reactions. coudl I request got7 and bts or which ever one your more comfortable doing, reaction to finding out tehre girlfriend doesn’t sleep with a bra on? Thank you!💜 “

- Anon  

Also, This one is going to be a different format than my Got7 Version


This can go either two ways because Jimin is one hell of a wild card lmao, Either:

Jimin is going to get all flustered and not know what to do with himself


Jimin is going to get all cocky like Jackson but try to wake you up and initiate something

Originally posted by chimcheroo


Chances are he will try and start some intimacy, whether your sleeping (although he might get a little reserved), going to sleep, or waking up lol

I already see Namjoon being hella kinky sooooooo

Originally posted by simondismydaddy


He most likely wouldn’t care, I personally believe he would just lay down on top of you using your boobs as a pillow, finding them much more comfortable without your bra on, ESPECIALLY if he’s hella tired

Originally posted by amayskpoparchive


No matter how long you both have been together, if he hasn’t seen you like that before, he’s probably just going to get a bit flustered and awkward, maybe even a bit shook haha lets just be real here

Originally posted by nochuism


Jin I feel would be extremely respectful about the whole thing, he would either cuddle up next to you and be the big spoon, or just shrug and leave the room, allowing you to have complete privacy

Originally posted by allforbts


I think Hobi would be really chill about the whole thing as well like,

“You wanna sleep in a bra? okay cool, I heard its unhealthy tho so like, make sure its a sports bra or something Jagi”

“You wanna sleep in just a shirt? okay cool, borrow mine”

“You wanna sleep naked? okay cool, but don’t be surprised if you feel a boner pressed against you in the middle of the night”

Originally posted by comfyjimin


Let’s be straight up, He’d be a mix of Jimin, Yoongi, and Hobi cause like

He’s gonna wanna use your boobs as pillows and be comfortable and sleep

but he’s also gonna wanna initiate something

but he’s also gonna be hella chill about it, I mean, “Your tits, your decision”, am i right? 😂😂

Originally posted by taedamn


Admin Min-Y Here~

I would’ve turned these into long scenarios but I also wanna spice things up a bit (im bsing, I’m having a bit of writers block, I’m hungry, and I’m feeling a bit lazy lol, I’m running on three hours or less of sleep lmao)

anywayssss I hope you enjoyed!

This is Admin Min-Y signing out~ 😏😂 

Got7 Version

Idea: the bats give the villains a way to contact them after they realize that since many of the villains compete for resources, it would be in their best interests to report their competitors.

This is a very important idea because it comes with the image of Two-Face and Penguin yelling at each other in a back alley, deciding to report each other at the same time, and diving for their phones. Cobblepot frantically scrolls through his contacts while Harvey screams HEY SIRI CALL BATMAN into his speaker. If only they had put Batman on speed dial

24. Dirty daydreams (from this list)

be the change


It was kind of funny how one little fact could change your entire worldview.

Adrien liked Ladybug.

Adrien liked Ladybug, and liked her enough that there was a red and black charm on his keychain and doodles of her initials in hearts in his notebook — enough that he went red and starry-eyed and a little bit breathless when he talked about her, his silly, almost sheepish smile joined by heartfelt praises on his lips.

Marinette thought about this as she stared at the back of his head, her face half-buried in her arms and the toll of the past few days of almost non-stop fighting making itself known even through her euphoric excitement.

He liked her.

Well, okay, he liked the brave, strong, perfect version of herself that the mask allowed her to be, but it was still her.

Adrien Agreste liked her.

Marinette squeezed her eyes shut and bit her tongue against the squeal that wanted to escape, muffling the not-noise in her forearms.

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anonymous asked:

See, you saying your deck was over $300 got me wondering about how much my own deck was worth, but I left it at home so I'm just entering it onto Tappedout entirely off memory. 75% of it done, deck's apparently $250usd.

That’s how I feel every time I build a new deck. Very Whoops! All Poor because I’ve suddenly got a new $300ish investment. 

But for real. Sell you deck and spend a day playing magic with me. You can borrow one of mine since you just sold your deck

take this burden - part 7

[ pull me down - mikky ekko ]


Mo Guan Shan accepted the conditions, trying his best not to argue.

He Tian went back to his apartment to grab his clothes.

They decided to move the party to this apartment.

Jian Yi and Zhengxi went to the kitchen with the goal of making food.

The other two stayed in Mo Guan Shan’s new room.

He had his own small bathroom, decorated just as dramatically as the rest of the apartment.

He Tian sat on the edge of the bed as Mo Guan unpacked his things.

‘Is this weird for you?’ The redhead asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You’ve known me for less than 48 hours and I’m moving in with your friends?’

He Tian considered that.

‘It probably should be, but it’s not.’

‘Not yet.’

‘Not yet.’ He Tian agreed.

‘Will you tell me if it starts to get weird?’


‘So, you live alone?’


‘No girlfriend that stays with you or anything?’

He Tian thought about the best way to respond to respond to that.

‘HE’S GAY AS FUCK!’ Jian Yi shouted from the other room.

That works.

He Tian smiled.

‘And that’s how I came out.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

At this point, Jian Yi and Zhengxi stood outside the door.

‘He’s not kidding.’ Zhengxi assured him. ‘It happened six years ago.’

‘He was taking too long.’ Jian Yi shrugged.

Zhengxi rolled his eyes.

‘There’s food now, come eat.’

They sat around the coffee table.

Jian Yi found a movie.

‘This look great, guys. Thank you.’

‘Thanks!’ Jian Yi exclaimed. ‘I made the salad.’

‘Nope.’ Zhengxi corrected.

‘I cut the carrots’


‘I washed the lettuce?’

‘There ya go.’

‘You made all of this?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, incredulously.

‘It’s nothing.’ Zhengxi’s face flushed.

‘He went to culinary school. He’s a fantastic cook.’  He Tian informed him.

‘So, this is kind of nothing compared to what he can do.’

‘If you don’t mind me asking, why are you a cop?’

Zhengxi pushed food around his plate.

‘It’s a long story.’

‘No it’s not.’ Jian Yi said around a mouthful of food.

He Tian sighed.

‘He joined the force because that was the safer bet.’

‘Yeah, it’s real fucking safe.’ Jian Yi grumbled.

Zhengxi stayed silent.

‘I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to bring up…’ Mo Guan Shan felt like he had caused nothing but trouble for these people.

‘It’s unavoidable.’ He Tian assured him.

‘They’ve been together for over a decade. There’s nothing you could possibly say that wouldn’t start some kind of argument.’

Jian Yi and Zhengxi couldn’t argue with that.

Breaking the silence as uncomfortably as possible, He Tian gestured towards Mo Guan Shan’s face.

‘Is the bruise supposed to be getting worse?’

Jian Yi stared at him for a few seconds.

‘Yeah. It’ll be even worse tomorrow.’

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows.

Zhengxi sighed this time.

‘What he’s trying to say, is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better and it’ll start to fade in a few days.’

Jian Yi nodded in agreement.

‘Yeah, that.’

They finished their meal, drinks, and movie.

‘I’m heading to bed.’ Zhengxi announced. ‘I have to get up stupidly early.’

‘Boring!’ Jian Yi groaned.

‘You have to get up even earlier, idiot.’

‘You got me there.’ Jian Yi conceded.

‘Mo Guan Shan, do you work tomorrow?’ Zhengxi asked.

He’d put some thought into this.

‘I’m not entirely sure that I’m going back.’

‘Why not?’


‘Oh, shit. You work there too, don’t you?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

He Tian and Jian Yi looked confused.

‘I work with my…’

‘Ex?’ Jian Yi offered.

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘Well, obviously you’re not going back.’ He Tian huffed.

‘I can’t exactly be unemployed.’

‘Sure you can.’ Jian Yi told him. ‘You have somewhere to stay and plenty of time to start looking for something new. Oh! I almost forgot. Where did you park? I need to get you a sticker.’

‘I don’t have a car right now, I’m fine with-’

‘You can borrow mine. It mostly just sits in the carpark gathering dust. The keys are in the drawer by the sink. He Tian will show you which one it is.’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head.

‘You really don’t need to do all this for me.’

Jian Yi smiled.

Zhengxi shrugged.

And they walked away without a word, closing the door behind them.

He Tian and Mo Guan Shan stood in the living room in silence.

Mo Guan Shan checked his phone.

Nearly two.

‘Do you work tomorrow?’ He asked He Tian.

‘Not until six.’

‘…That’s in four hours.’

‘Six in the evening.’ He Tian corrected, laughing softly, unthinkingly following Mo Guan Shan into his room.

‘Tired?’ He asked.

The redhead nodded.

‘Yeah, I’m not sure why. It’s not like it’s been a busy day.’

He Tian studied his face in profile as he sat on the edge of the bed.

‘Do you…have everything you need?’ He Tian asked lamely, not knowing how to properly exit the situation.

‘Yeah, I’m good.’

He Tian nodded, turning to leave.

‘He Tian…’

Mo Guan Shan’s voice was so quiet, he wasn’t sure if he’d imagined it.

He turned back.

‘Will you stay?’

He Tian was shocked.

This seemed like a very odd time for a come on.

The look on Mo Guan Shan’s face conveyed no invitation.

He was scared.

Of course, he was.

Who wouldn’t be?

‘I’ll be right back.’

Mo Guan Shan watched him leave, feeling like an idiot and walking to the bathroom.

He stripped the jeans off, pulling a pair of pajama bottoms from his bag, opting to leave He Tian’s shirt on, telling himself he was doing it because it was soft and comfortable.

While that definitely was the case, he knew why.

He Tian did too, after this morning.

Mo Guan Shan was dreading the moment He Tian decided to bring that up.

If he came back.

He shouldn’t have said anything.

He barely knew this dude.

If anything, he’d just given him the wrong idea.

He just wanted to be alone…right?

That’s what he should be doing.

Focusing on getting his shit together.

Not making some virtual stranger stay the night with him because he didn’t want to be alone.


He brushed his teeth, thinking about all the levels on which this was stupid when the front door opened again.

He Tian entered the room again, dumping an arm full of blankets and one of the soft pillows Mo Guan Shan had slept on last night on the bed.

He pulled one free of the bundle, spreading it out on the floor, dropping the secondary blanket and pillow on top of it before turning on the stained glass lamp on the bedside table and pulled the chain on the ceiling light to turn it off and the second to turn the fan on.

It took Mo Guan Shan a few seconds to realize what he was doing.

He looked at the king-sized mattress.

‘He Tian, you can-’

‘No.’ He Tian assured him. ‘I can’t.’



Mo Guan Shan couldn’t decide if he was relieved or offended.

He settled with guilty.




‘Don’t apologize to me. You’re not sorry, and neither am I.’


Mo Guan Shan walked past him, sliding into the soft, warm, bed.

‘Do you want me to close the door.’

‘Yes, please.’

He Tian pulled it closed slowly, settling down on the pallet he’d made for himself.

‘Light off?’

‘Also yes.’

They lie in the dark.

He Tian’s chest tightened at the soft, unmistakable, sound of someone trying to control their breathing.

Trying not to cry.

Eventually, He Tian whispered

‘I really want to ask you if you’re alright.’

The response was a barely audible.

‘Please don’t.’

recoveringrabbit  asked:

I should say "no, Jane, no prompt taking!" But instead I say "20 and or 28, please, Jane?" I am a bad friend.

RAAABBIITTT!!! <3 You are the greatest friend. Also, here’s “You can borrow mine” and “Drive safely.” Non-SHIELD AU.

“Ugh, Fitz!” Jemma yells over her shoulder as she rummages through her closet. “Where did you put my suitcase? I can’t find it anywhere!”

Fitz walks in the room, a pen hanging from his mouth. 


She looks behind another box and groans. “My suitcase, Fitz. I know I put it right here, but I can’t—”

“Why would I know where it is?”

“Because I always put it back in the same place, so you must have moved it!”

“I don’t even live here!”

This makes her look up at him, and the two of them blink at each other before she reminds herself that Fitz is her dearest friend in the world, who so kindly came over to help her in her hour of need, and she should probably stop yelling at him.

Fitz shakes his head, putting one hand to his temple. “It’ll be fine, just … you can borrow mine.”

It takes her a second before it registers. 


But he’s out the door before she can stop him, and this is not the first time she’s been grateful that he only lives a few doors down. By the time he returns, she has an armful of clothes to put in the suitcase he provides.

“Thank you, Fitz.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he says with a smile. “Now, I’ve checked you in and printed your tickets, so you should be able to go straight to security. I’ll go start the car.”

He’s halfway down the hall when she has the presence of mind to call out his name, summoning him back to her.


She has to take a moment to smile at him, because she didn’t even ask for this. He’d just assumed.

“Fitz, I’m going to drive myself.”

He furrows his brow at her. “What? Why?”

“Because it’s an hour drive, and you have a class in thirty minutes.”

Maybe she should be embarrassed that she’s already memorized his schedule, but she’s too busy trying to shove the last of her belongings into the suitcase.

“Yeah,” he says, “well, that’s the nice thing about being a professor, isn’t it? I’ll just cancel.”


It’s true that he’s her friend, but it’s also true that he has this way of looking at her that takes her breath away. It’s the eyes, she decides. They’re breathtaking. 

“Jemma,” he says, “you shouldn’t have to go alone.”

She wonders if he knows the truth underneath that, that she’s grown so attached to him these past few years that she almost wants him to come with her. But he hasn’t offered, and there’s no way she could ask.

“I”ll be fine,” she says, even as the reality hits her. It’s funny how grief works sometimes. Jemma can be perfectly fine and then— “It’s just a heart attack. I’m sure my dad will be … I mean he’s already …”

She’s not sure if she fell into his arms, if he pulled her in, or if they somehow met in the middle. She does know, however, that she doesn’t ever want to let him go.

She has to, though, so she does, feeling calmer than she was before. She smiles at him to let him know.

“I’ll be fine, Fitz, truly.” She gathers her suitcase and her purse, checking for her passport before heading towards the door. “Shall we?”

“You’ll call me?” he asks, trailing behind her. She waits until he steps through the threshold, then she locks the door. “When you get there. If you need anything?”

“I’ll call you,” she promises. He leans in to give her a hug good bye, plants a peck on her lips, and she’s in the car before she realizes he kissed her. 

She sits there, two hands on the steering wheel, too overwhelmed to process it all. If she hadn’t already been in the process of seizing the day, if she hadn’t been reminded of the fleeting nature of life, she might have run away. Instead, she steps out of the car, marches over to her best friend in the world, and kisses him back.

Her kiss is slow and gentle, meant to convey the feelings she’s been keeping to herself. It’s not until he puts his hands on her waist that she realizes she’s in love with him.

She wishes she had all the time in the world, but she knows the plane won’t wait for her. When she ends the kiss, she watches his eyes, her hands still cupping his jaw. 

“Drive safely, Jemma,” he says.

“I will,” she promises, “Goodbye, Fitz.”

He swallows, and she is reminded that she now knows the flavor of his lips. In another time, in another place, she would stay here forever. In this time and this place, she leaves.

“I’ll call,” she promises as she gets back into her car. “I promise.”

She doesn’t hear what he says when she closes the door, but she does see him waving in the rear-view mirror. She has a lot to worry about ahead of her, but there is a certain comfort knowing that she has Fitz behind her, ready to support her when necessary.

She puts the car into drive and goes, confident that she can face what lies ahead, certain that she has something worth coming home to.


I was going through my small library of old pieces and came across this Jily piece with a little flicker of Wolfstar.

Lily has nearly perfected her healing magic and it comes in handy more often than she would like. And sometimes, she doesn’t even need the charms to do a little healing.


  • Lily pressed her cheek further into the arm rest of the chair she had curled up in
  • She had taken refuge there after a certain Head Boy got her kicked out of the library earlier and was ultimately the last one standing when the clock struck midnight
  • She wasn’t sure what time it was now as she tugged at the blanket wrapped around her body
  • There was a faint breeze coming in from the window, autumn was fast approaching at Hogwarts
  • She could still feel the heat radiating from the fire she had lit ages ago, it was still crackling and her books were still snuggly tucked between her thighs and her chest
  • She knew she should force herself out of her cozy little spot and crawl into bed but the peaceful feeling of the common room was lulling her back into her sleepy haze
  • That was of course until she heard the portrait hole swing open and multiple bodies come clamoring inside
  • Her head shot up immediately at the noise
  • She knew the sound of the Marauders anywhere
  • And she figured they would come bustling around the thin corridor sooner or later
  • It was the night of a full moon after all

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Fic: Creeper (Part 3)

Summary: The conclusion of “Creeper,” but can totally be read on its own as a separate one-shot. It’s time for Dan to go home, and nobody is happy about it.
Word Count: 2,216
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, 2009 Phan, Non-explicit sexy times, Sad bois
Author’s Note: After all that work on my phan timeline, I’m too lazy to look up what time Dan’s train was actually scheduled to leave Manchester on October 21. For the purposes of this fic, I’m saying sometime in the late afternoon. It’s fiction, ya know?

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Creeper Part 1
Creeper Part 2

Sofa to Manchester Piccadilly

Dan’s train home isn’t until Sunday afternoon, so they decided to spend that last morning cuddled on the sofa, marathoning old Buffy episodes, because they’ve both seen them before and so it doesn’t matter if they miss long sections of plot when they start making out.

Which happens frequently.

Phil lies on the couch with Dan lying on top of him, a blanket pulled over them for warmth … though they’re doing a pretty good job of generating their own warmth whenever Dan initiates another bout of kissing.

“I don’t want you to leave,” Phil says softly while Buffy and her pals are battling some Native American ghosts over Thanksgiving dinner on the television screen. His arms are around Dan, but he’s making sure not to hold him too tightly, like Dan is made of something delicate and breakable. This whole weekend, he’s been careful to let Dan set the pace of things between them, not wanting to spook him, not wanting to push him into anything he isn’t ready for.

And it seems that what Dan is ready for is lots and lots of kissing.

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Aoi-oritsuru ( 1 / 2 )

kaasuto  asked:

#4 (from the 'I love you' list) with Alex, please? (Question: Is it okay to send you multiple numbers for one request or are you more comfortable writing one number per request?) Anyway, thanks for writing your amazing stories and I hope you have a great day/night!

29. Alex x reader 

“I’ve spent the night here a million times before, and you’re telling me that there isn’t one article of clothing that belongs to me in your closet or in a drawer somewhere?” You huff in frustration, taking a quick glance through Alex’s wardrobe. You’d fallen asleep at Alex’s apartment, so you just stayed the night, not really planning to. So now, you had to get ready for work and you had nothing to wear.

Alex comes up behind you, wrapping her arms around your waist and resting her chin on your shoulder. “No, babe. You haven’t left anything over here except a toothbrush and some toiletries.” She presses a quick kiss on your cheek, hugging you tighter to her body. “It’s not a big deal. Just borrow something of mine.” 

“I guess..” You sigh, looking through her closet once more. “We just have very… different senses of style. If I went into work wearing what you wear…” You trailed off, picking a gray shirt out of the closet. 

“Oh come on, you’d look great wearing a trash bag, for God’s sake. You can pull off everything, my love” Alex gives you one quick peck on the lips. “Pick an outfit, then meet me in the kitchen for breakfast. If you come fast enough, coffee may or may not be involved.” 

You feel her arms unwind from around your torso and her warmth leaves you as Alex heads into the kitchen. 

You spent about ten more minutes looking through Alex’s clothes until you found something you felt comfortable enough in. You’d picked some blue jeans, a gray v neck shirt, and a leather jacket. You finished off the outfit with the black combat boots you’d worn to Alex’s last night. 

Alex’s jaw practically drops when she sees you in her clothes. You sit on the barstool at the counter, raising an eyebrow. “So? What do you think?” You ask her, spinning in the stool. 

“You look… wow.” She replies as she looked you up and down. Something about you wearing her clothes was incredibly hot. She caught a glimpse of the popped collar on the leather jacket and chuckled to herself. “Except, that collar makes you look like a Greaser.” She laughs some more, “Come here. Let me fix it.” 

You get up, walking around the counter to meet your girlfriend. “Don’t laugh at me!” 

She fixes the collar and tugs on it, pulling you in for a kiss. “I’m sorry baby. You look hot, though. Like if we didn’t have to be at work in 20 minutes, I’d be all over that.” She gestures over your entire body.

“Why thank you, Miss Danvers.” You joke, taking her hand. “I still think I’m gonna stock up on clothes here, though. I have a feeling I’ll be spending the night here very often.” 

  • Me: *thinks of how if Drarry was canon Harry would whisper-sing a muggle love song in Draco's ear while slow dancing just the two of them a bit after the war is over in order to calm him down*
  • Me: *makes dying animal sounds*
  • (Idea's not mine, but I love it anyway ©)
EXO Reaction || Pregnant Girlfriend Crying Over The Littlest Things
Similar Reactions:

| Big Bang |


*You see a dog shelter in TV and start crying over how they have no owners*
“Honey! It’s ok! You don’t have to cry, they are well taken care of! Please, just don’t cry”


“Hey~ It’s ok~ I know you’re very sensitive, but it’s just a remote control. I’ll go and buy some batteries for it, ok?”


*Unsure what to do*
“Baby, it’s me who stepped on a lego, you don’t have to cry for me…”


“I will clean up the coffee, don’t cry. Our baby shouldn’t hear you cry so often”


*Totally confused*
“Are you ok? You’re not crying over the fact that we don’t have nutella, right?”


“So, the internet says that it’s normal… Hmm… Come here, you can cry on my shoulder, it should make you feel better~”


“I’m here for you whenever you lose a slipper~ You can always borrow mine until yours is found, okay?”


*Just wonders why this happens*
“Is it the mood swings?”


*Tries to be sweet for once, really wanting to make you feel better*
“Maybe you’re stressed? Should I massage you a bit? That could help”


*Starts crying with you*
“I know, this documentary on penguins is so sad…”


“Aww, you’re crying so much, it worries me. Last night you cried because your friend forgot to call you… Are you okay?”


*Kisses your cheek*
“I’m here with you~ So just come to me when you’re sad, we can cry this out together~”


Someone really should take this game away from me

When I said Yosuke was making sensual noises in P4DAN I wasn’t kidding


you fall in love more than once. it’ll happen again, and it’ll be just as amazing and as extraordinary as the first time. and maybe just as painful. but it will happen again. [inspired by]

dwarven-beard-spores  asked:

you should DEFINITELY read the wizard of oz, and if you like it (and you can find translated versions) a few more of the oz books too!!! There are many, but The Marvelous Land of Oz and The Road To Oz are some of my favs :) In terms of magic fuckery and bizarre happenings (and in tone too, a bit) they are not too different from HMC, and I'm sure she was informed by them in her own writing :)


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has actually been on my to read -list forever! I didn’t even know there were more oz books than one whoops…..

but I’ve understood that HMC has many references to the book(s?) so that alone is a reason to read them. now you’ve given me even more reasons :D

Others React to Sakamaki’s Love Towards Sister! Yui

Haha totally didn’t forget I had these in my inbox *sweats nervously*


Ruki: He would probably just blankly stare at them and just brush it off at first, but it slowly gets weirder to the point where he had to ask.

- “Livestock, are you aware of…Your brothers’ behavior recently?” “Um…” “I’m not surprised…” “I don’t know what to do about it! You think haven’t tried pushing them away!?”

- Legit, he can’t even ask her a simple question without them hounding on him.

- “What the hell were you doing with her!?” “Ayato, I was just asking if she still had a book of mine she borrowed.”

- This gets hella annoying.

- He wouldn’t ask her to live with them because the Sakamakis would come and smash the door in by a second.

Kou: Finds it weird but it’s hilarious to him how much the Sakamakis love their just-now-found-out sister.

- He uses this as either blackmail or pranks he pulls on the brothers.

- “M-neko-chan~!!! Let’s go on a date!” “Kou-” “Hell no! You’re coming with us back home!” “Aw, Subaru-kun is so mean to me! Comfort me!” “Get the hell off of her!” “P-Put that down Subaru-kun!”

- “M-Neko-chan, how does having your first kiss with an idol sound~?” “What are you talking about?-” “Oh, sorry you’re out of luck~! Imouto-chan already had her first kiss with us so you’re gonna have to look somewhere else!” “L-Laito-kun!” “Ew~ How gross! M-neko-chan probably hates you for that!” “No she doesn’t, right?” “U-Um.” “Right~?” “Y-Yes.” “Jesus this guy has a major case of incest crazies…”

- Still hangs around Yui just to piss them off.

- It just gets annoying when they’re having actual conversations.

- “I had a cat at my old church, her name was Cloud because she had a lot of white fur that made her look super fluffy.” “Aw, that’s so cute~! Do you have any pictures~?” “I do, but it’s in a scrap book…I kept a mini-scrapbook for her growing up!” “Oh oh oh, bring it to school so I can look!-” “Hey, go bother someone else you girly idol!” “I swear to god…”

- Like he legit wanted to see pictures of Cloud.

Yuuma: Weirded out, but somehow impressed by the efforts they go by just loving her in that really weird way. He hangs around her so that she could talk about the whole incest thing and he’ll try to give some advice…But at some points he’d find it funny.

- “Hey Sow, would that neet actually run in gym if we put you on the line or something like that?”

- “Pff, look at that little shit treating ya like your his mate or something! Hahahaha, god you gotta move out of that house or something unless if you want fucked up kids!”

- “Why don’t you just move in with us?” “Um…You know they ask questions if I just go to the bathroom.” “Right…”

- “Sow, let me do something.” “Eh?” “I wanna experiment with something” He pulls her into a hug, like it looks really cute from the outside since he’s so tall and she’s small. He lifts his head and sighs. “Yep, he’s definitely glaring at me…”

- Shuu literally went up to him later and told him to stay away but he was just “fuck you neet, you can’t control her life.”

- Both Yuuma and Yui hide in the gardens to hang out like 3 times a week.

- Still bites her and the brothers are livid.

Azusa: This poor cinnamon bun is just like “Oh…That’s how you treat a sister…?” Someone had to explain why it was completely wrong and also against Yui’s religion. But he tries to help out if he can, but he’s just kinda confused on the situation a lot.

- “DON’T YOU EVEN GO AROUND HER!-” “I…Accidentally bumped…Into her…”

- He got yelled at a lot.

- He didn’t mind because sometimes he got hit afterwards.

- Tries to respect wishes of the brothers, hint: tries.

- Bites sometimes = Kanato throwing tantrum.

- “Yui-san…” “Yes, Azusa-kun?” “Why does…Reiji-san look like that…?” “Like what?” “He…Looks down on me a lot…When i’m around you.” “Oh, I’m sorry…They’re like that a lot-” “It’s fine…I like it a lot.”

- Hangs around Yui in hopes to get hit.

- “I’d appreciate it if you would distance yourself from my younger sister, I do not wish for her to be influenced badly.” “But…You hit her with…A flogger…? And…Bite her a lot…Like we do…And-” “I would also appreciate if you didn’t bring up past actions.”


Carla: He wouldn’t be surprised…Like at all.

- “Of course…”

- If he even breathed around her, Ayato would be all up in his case.

- “Don’t go thinking that she’s your territory, she’s mine!” “That’s hilarious, I recalled her being your sister…”

- Legit wouldn’t care…

- Bites with no hesitation.

- “Goodness, how disgusting can those Sakamaki get?”

Shin: Finds it gross, but uses it as a source of teasing.

- “Aw, shouldn’t your brother kiss is better for you~?”

- “Do you still sleep with your brothers~?”

- “God, hope you don’t get pregnant!”

- “They might as well chain you up like a dog with their overprotectiveness!”

- “God, don’t kiss in front of me. I might gag!”

- Bites with the intention to irritate them.

- Finds it funny that they punish her for being around him.

- Of course he mocks the Sakamakis too.


Kino: Highly disgusted.

- “Sister, how about moving with me? I cannot let someone like you be around those animals.”

- “God, those vampires make me sick.”

- Literally tries to take her away, doesn’t work out well.

- “You are welcome to live with me anytime Sister.”

- Got her a smartphone to communicate with her, specifically telling her to hide it from them and only use it if they are far away enough.

- Believes they’re full-siblings.

- “Um…Onii-san?” “Yes, what is it?”

- “I’m not surprised they would do this.”

P.t 2 of Sister! Yui Au

anonymous asked:

Madison slowly falling for a cocky but extremely nervous Jefferson is my life. Can you write some of that please? There is not enough Jeffmads in the world.

“Is this your pencil?”

The voice behind him makes James jump, causing him to almost hit his head against the side of his locker. Cursing softly under his breath, James spins around, his eyes landing on a vibrant purple shirt that makes him want to close his eyes immediately. But instead he lets his eyes lift up, lingering on the smirk of the guy in front of him before sliding them up to his eyes.

“Your pencil,” the guy repeats, waving one in James’s face. “Is it yours? I thought I saw you drop it.”

James stares at the number two pencil that is still being waved in his face, and is about to say it isn’t his when the guy just leans over him and places it on the top shelf of his locker, leaning back with an even wider smirk.

“Thanks,” James finally manages to get out, despite the pencil not even being his. But he supposes it’s the thought that counts, anyway. So he turns back to his locker, shutting it with force (it always gets jammed), and then turns back around, a little surprised to see the guy still standing there. Does he know him? “Uhm…”

“I’m Thomas, by the way. I sit behind you, in history.”

“Oh, right.” James remembers him now, or at least remembers how he always seems to be dozing off in class whenever James turns to hand him a paper. “I’m James. Nice to meet you.”

“I’ll bet it is,” Thomas shoots back immediately, and James hopes he manages to refrain from rolling his eyes. By the smug smile still on Thomas’s face, he’s guessing he does. “How come we’ve never talked before?”

James shifts on his feet, not really knowing how to answer the question. “I don’t know. We just…haven’t?”

“Well I hope that will change.”

“Right.” James shifts again and clears his throat, unsure of what to say next. When he looks back up at Thomas, he’s still staring at him with that same, smug smile. James can feel his skin starting to prickle. “I…I have to get to class, so…”

“Of course.” Thomas steps to the side, sweeping out an arm to let James pass, his smile faltering for a moment before it’s back full force. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon.”

“Yeah,” James says, laughing a little. “I’m guessing tomorrow in class.” And with that he steps around Thomas, walking a little faster than usual to make up for the time he lost chatting. But he only makes it a few steps before he’s peeking back over his shoulder, unable to stop himself. He catches a glimpse of Thomas through the crowd of students, still standing by James’s locker, looking down at his feet with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

James can’t help but think of that stupid smile the rest of the day.


Thomas’s inner monologue for the next week or so consists mainly of “oh my god oh shit oh fuckfuckfuck!” and it all has to do with James Madison. Stupid, quiet, beautiful James Madison.

Thomas has sat behind James in that history class for months. He’d even paid Angelica five dollars to get her to switch seats with him. He spent every class staring at the back of James’s head, daydreaming and trying to build up the courage to talk to him. But every time James turned around to pass a paper or a test to Thomas, he’d turn back around too fast for Thomas to even try.

So Thomas had sunk to desperate levels.

He had watched James walk out of class one day, hugging his books to his chest, and Thomas fished a pencil out of his pocket, determined to talk to James. And he did. He pretended that James had dropped a pencil, and he’d introduced himself. The only problem is, James had seemed completely uninterested.

He had barely spoken to Thomas, and his response to Thomas saying they’d see each other soon had made Thomas’s stomach tighten. Had James been making fun of him? None of this was going as planned. And to make things worse, a whole week had gone by since then, and James hadn’t made any effort to talk to him during class.

So when Thomas sulks into history class the following Thursday, he slides past James without saying a word, and plops into his seat with a sigh. He doesn’t even try to pay attention to Professor Washington’s lecture, and decides to stare at the pattern of James’s sweater instead. However, about half way through class, James turns in his seat to look back at him.

“Do you have an extra pencil?” James asks, his voice soft. He blinks at Thomas, having no clue what effect those eyes have on him. “Thomas?”

“Hm? Oh.” Thomas shoves his hands into his pockets, searching, and then realizes his only extra pencil is the one he had given to James last week, the one he had pretended James had dropped. “I don’t, sorry.”

“That’s okay,” James answers in the same soft voice, already starting to turn back around.

Thomas takes a deep breath before reaching out to touch James’s shoulder, hoping his hand isn’t shaking. “You…you can just borrow mine.” He holds out his pencil and smiles, a sudden thought entering his mind. “As long as you promise to let me borrow your notes.”

“You’re sure?” James asks after a moment, and Thomas can’t nod fast enough. He’s sure. “Thank you.” James takes the pencil from him, their fingers brushing against each other briefly, and Thomas thinks his heart is going to burst out of his chest at the contact.

“Anytime,” Thomas murmurs, and James smiles at him, causing butterflies to flutter in his stomach.

He spends the rest of the class staring dreamily at the back of James’s head.

Thomas follows James to his locker after class ends, a spring in his step and a smile still on his face as James hits his locker a few times before opening it. “So…those notes?”

“Right.” James searches inside one of his folders. “Just get them back to me tomorrow, if you can. We have that test coming up in a few weeks.”

“Do you want to study together?” Thomas asks before he can really think about the words. But when James looks up at him in surprise, Thomas feels his stomach drop. Shit. “I-I mean, if you want to. I’m pretty great at history, so I could help you out.”

You can help me out?” James asks slowly. “You fall asleep in class like, every other day.”

Thomas scoffs. “Not true.”

“Angelica takes pictures and sends it to everyone in the class.”

Fuck. “Well…” Thomas searches his brain for another way to convince James to study with him. “I only sleep because I already know everything there is to know about that class.” There. He crosses his arms and attempts to smirk down at James.

“Huh,” is all James says for a moment, turning away to close his locker. When he turns back to face Thomas, he thinks he sees an amused smile on his face. “Fine. We can study some time after school next week.”

“Great,” Thomas exclaims, the butterflies coming back at full force. “I knew I’d convince you.” He throws all caution to the wind and winks at James. “No one can resist me.”

James just hums in response, but Thomas sees his smile getting a little wider. “Well, class.” James points down the hallway. “I should get going.” He sounds almost reluctant, or that’s what Thomas wants to think. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Thomas.”

“See you tomorrow, James,” Thomas murmurs as he watches James walk away. He waits a few moments, holding his breath, but then James looks back at him again, like he did the first time. Their eyes meet for a moment before James spins back around, but not before Thomas sees the slight embarrassment on his face from being caught. Thomas waits a few more moments before turning around, pumping a fist in the air. 

James is totally in love with him.


Somehow, without James really knowing why, he starts to hang out with Thomas Jefferson.

The guy is loud, always talking and waving his hands enthusiastically as he does. He taps his feet, his pens, his fingers, can never seem to sit still. It annoys James to no end, but for some reason, James doesn’t stop spending time with him. He evens finds himself enjoying being around Thomas.

They start eating lunch together, Thomas sneaking out of his study hall and sitting at a cafeteria table with James, trying to get him to eat whatever strange meal he’s made that day. (James refuses every time).

They talk more in class, James finding excuses to turn around to ask Thomas questions. He’s starting to notice that each time he turns around, Thomas’s whole face brightens up. It makes James’s face flush, and his heart flutter in his chest.

He doesn’t understand it.

He doesn’t understand why Thomas Jefferson of all people is making him feel this way. Thomas is cocky, obnoxious, bold…everything James isn’t, everything James thought he hated. But he doesn’t hate Thomas.

He doesn’t hate him at all.

“This is boring,” Thomas whines, tapping his pen against the table they are currently studying at in the library. “Can we take a break.”

“We just started,” James says, re-reading a line of his notes before copying it onto a clean piece of paper. “You’re not even trying.”

“Because I don’t need to try.”

“Right,” James says with a roll of his eyes. “I forgot, you’re a history genius.” He lifts his eyes to see Thomas smirking at him, and quickly looks back down at his notes. That goddamn smirk.

“I am a genius,” Thomas drawls out, clicking his pen closed and then open again. “I can teach all this to you in ten minutes, then we can go do something fun.”

“This is fun.”

Thomas outright groans at that, causing a few students to glare in their direction. “You’re the worst. Why do I even like y-“ Thomas cuts off suddenly, and James looks up at him to see an almost horrified look on his face. “Never mind. I love to study. I’m going to do that now.” He flips open his history book and basically shoves his face into it.

James stares at him in confusion for a few moments, not understanding what just happened. What is Thomas freaking out about? James stares at him harder as he tries to figure it out.

“Stop staring at me,” Thomas mutters, looking at James over the top of his book.

“You stare at me all the time,” James says, his eyebrows shooting up when Thomas lets his book drop onto the table with a bang. “What?”

“I don’t, I do not stare at you,” Thomas splutters, looking distressed. “I-what? Who told you that?”

“Angelica sends me videos,” James says with a shrug. “You stare at me during class. Or at least my sweaters.” James peers down at the sweater he’s currently wearing. “Are they that weird looking?”

“No!” Thomas groans and rubs a hand over his face. “Why are we talking about this? I thought we were here to study?”

“I thought you were bored?”

“I’m not,” Thomas argues, clicking his pen again. His eyes dart up to James’s, and then back down to the table. “You’re the one who must be bored, since you’re the one starting conversation.” He pauses before smiling. “But then, it is me, I would talk to me, too.”

“Shut up,” James says with a sigh, looking back down at his notes. He makes it a few second before the clicking of Thomas’s pen makes him look back up. “Can you stop? Don’t you have a pencil you can use?”

“No, cause you took both of mine.”

“Both?” James asks, trying to remember the second pencil he took. He hears Thomas make a strange spluttering sound. “I only took one.”

“Right,” Thomas says quickly. “One. That’s what I meant to say. One, you only took one of my pencils.” He looks away.

A memory comes back to James, a memory of how him and Thomas first met. “Wait,” James leans over the table slightly, a warm feeling blooming in his chest. “When we met, you gave me a pencil, one you thought I dropped.”

“Did I?” Thomas asks casually, but James can hear how high pitched his voice comes out. “I don’t recall.”

“It was your pencil,” James says, a smile spreading across his face. “You’re a big liar.”

“Well you’re a…a…” Thomas bites at his lips, apparently trying to come up with a comeback, but then he throws his hands in the air, a wild look in his eyes. “Well you’re so goddamn quiet and stupid with your sweaters and your face and what else was I supposed to do? You drive me crazy, I was desperate!”

Silence falls between them after that, and James wonders if the whole library can hear how loud his heart is beating. Thomas is staring at him with wide eyes, his mouth hanging open slightly, and James clears his throat once…twice.

“You…” James licks his lips, feeling his face grow warm. “You…like me?”

“I fucking adore you,” Thomas says, his eyes growing a bit wider at the confession. He stares at James, hands fidgeting on the table. “Do…do you…like me?”

“Oh.” James bites at the inside of his cheek, his whole body feeling like it’s vibrating. Is this actually happening. “Yes.”

“Yes,” Thomas repeats slowly. “Yes.” He says it louder that time. “Yes?”

“Yes,” James says again, laughing a little. “I like you.”

“Of course you do!” Thomas practically shouts. “I’m Thomas Jefferson!”

“Oh my God,” James puts his hands over his face, wincing at how loud Thomas is being. But he guesses he should get used to it. “Don’t shout, Thomas.”

“You like me,” Thomas whispers, and James lifts his head to see Thomas wearing the biggest smile he’s ever seen. “Huh.” He lunges across the table to take James’s hand in his. “We’re going on a date this weekend. I’ll plan it. It will be great, the best date you’ve ever had, trust me. When can I pick you up? Seven is best for me, but eight is alright too, or we can-”

“Thomas,” James interjects, squeezing his hand, which is warm in his. “Let’s study first, okay? We can plan our date after.”

“Okay,” Thomas breathes out, looking a little dizzy. He shoots James another smile before looking down at his textbook.

They study in silence for a few minutes, but James knows none of the information is going into his head. He’s too focused on the feeling of Thomas’s thumb brushing over the back of his hand, and the happiness spreading through his chest.

“Hey, Thomas?” James asks quietly.


“I’m keeping the pencils.”

Thomas laughs softly, lacing their fingers together. “Sounds like a fair trade to me.”