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Traditions (Liam/MC)

By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. I’m just borrowing them for a little while and will return them when I am finished.

Author’s Notes- This is the response to the kiss prompt “distracting kiss”. I struggled with this one. I originally went an entirely different direction (and complained to @violetflipflops a lot) until this idea popped into my head. The timing is also fitting with US Thanksgiving being this week.

Pairing- Liam/MC

Rating- PG

Summary- Eleanor prepares Thanksgiving dinner for her loved ones.

Words- 718

“I know it’s easy to forget, but you’re not a commoner anymore, Eleanor, you don’t have to cook your own meals.” Olivia drawled, casting a disdainful look around the kitchen.

“I am aware of that,” I said dryly, “I’m doing this because I want to.”

It was American Thanksgiving and even though I was thousands of miles from the United States, I wanted to celebrate. So, I had decided to host my own Thanksgiving dinner in Liam and I’s quarters and had enlisted some help.

Speaking of… I shot Olivia a pointed look. “I thought you were supposed to be helping?”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” She asked, leaning against the castle, a glass of wine in her hand, “besides I brought wine. Lots of wine.”

I laughed and looked at the rest of my kitchen crew. Kiara was methodically assembling a green bean casserole while Hana was guiding Penelope through the process of peeling potatoes. The turkey was in the oven, the pies had been baked, and now it was just the final touches that had to be dealt with.

“Something smells good.” I heard the voice at the same time I felt the lips on my cheek. “You ladies have been hard at work.”

I turned to frown at Liam, who had entered the kitchen with Drake and Drake and Maxwell at his heels. “Yes and I’ve noticed that the three of you managed to skip out on helping with the cooking,” I said, raising an eyebrow. “I guess that means that you’re volunteering for clean-up.”

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Idea: the bats give the villains a way to contact them after they realize that since many of the villains compete for resources, it would be in their best interests to report their competitors.

This is a very important idea because it comes with the image of Two-Face and Penguin yelling at each other in a back alley, deciding to report each other at the same time, and diving for their phones. Cobblepot frantically scrolls through his contacts while Harvey screams HEY SIRI CALL BATMAN into his speaker. If only they had put Batman on speed dial

Kinktober #3: Public 

Modern Art AU time! This is less PWP, more story continuation with some incidental sex and a heavy dose of hipster!Kageyama whoops

“Kageyama, let’s watch a movie.”

Hinata leans his head all the way back over the armrest of the couch so he can look over to where Kageyama is sitting. Currently Kageyama is at the kitchen table, one leg drawn up with his foot on the chair, hunched over his sketchbook. He doesn’t even glance at Hinata when he responds.

It had been a good session, that day—Kageyama had decided to suspend Hinata with the shibari ropes. And then, he had decided to kiss Hinata, securing him up first and then dragging his lips slowly over every tied inch of him, sometimes on top of the ropes and other times against the skin ever-so-slightly pinched by the bindings, where it was most sensitive. And then finally, he had claimed Hinata’s slack mouth, buried his long fingers in Hinata’s hair and kissed him breathless. The ropes and the tying always bliss Hinata out, but Kageyama’s heat, his hands on Hinata’s skin, add an element of euphoria he’s sure no drug could achieve.

“Can’t,” Kageyama says, and Hinata’s thoughts are shattered. “I have class early tomorrow.”

All the air goes out of Hinata like a deflating balloon. The thing is, he isn’t lounging around naked on Kageyama’s sofa eating pizza for nothing.

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It Seemed So Real - Tom Holland

Being Tom’s girlfriend and getting to play his best friend / love interest in the new Spiderman movie, was to say the least, a dream come true.

Everything was perfect, from cuddling in trailers to pissing off our director, Jon Watts because we wouldn’t stop messing around and giggling like idiots.

Tom and I were currently in his trailer, waiting to be call to set, me in sweatpants and Tom still in the Spiderman suit.

I laughed as he jumped around his trailer, pretending to shoot webs everywhere, and making the occasional, “Thwip” sound for effect.

“Are you seriously just gonna wear that all the time?” I asked through my fit of giggles, Tom practically lived in the suit.

“Yep,” He said jumping up onto the small sofa I was sitting on. “I still can’t believe that I’m Spiderman! Spiderman! Me! Can you believe it!”

I looked up at him adoringly, the smile on his face sending joy and butterflies through every inch of my body.

I was beyond proud of Tom, and seeing him so happy made the long and demanding hours worth it. “And you know what the best part is?” He said, sitting beside me, eyes locked on mine.

“I get to work with the love of my life, and kiss her on stage.” He said, leaning in and pecking my lips. “And off stage,” he pecked my cheek, “and in my trailer,” he pecked my nose, I giggled.

“And I’m front of the entire cast, who by the way, found it cute at first, but now it’s just awkward and gross,” a voice said from the door.

Tom and I blushed as Robert stood there, eyebrows raised, a slight grin on his face. “Come on, we need you guys on set,” he said, beckoning us to follow.

“But we’re not scheduled for another 3 hours,” I said. Rob shook his head, “There’s a big rain storm coming soon, and Jon wants to shoot Y/C/N’s death scene in it, he said it’ll look more natural than if we tried to make it ourselves.”

I frowned at the thought of having to die, and not being able to be in Spiderman 2, but Jon had said he’d need me back for a few “flashback” scenes, so I was grateful for that.

I looked at Tom who was also frowning, obviously not too happy our timr together got interrupted. “We need you guys down there ASAP, so hurry up,” Rob said, before leaving.

“I found the kids, Jon! They were having sex in Tom’s trailer!” Rob yelled out, causing Tom to blush even harder, and me to burst out into laughter.

“Come on, Tom,” I said, attempting to stand, but he pulled me back down and into his lap, arms wrapped around my waist, and face burried in my neck, “But I wanna just cuddle,” he whined.

I rolled my eyes, “I do too, but we need to go, we can cuddle after, I promise.”

It took a solid give minutes to finally get Tom up, and an hour more to do make-up and costume. By the time everything was finished, it had began pouring outside, the distant sound of thunder echoing through the air.

“I know you wanted this scene in the rain, but don’t you think it’s raining a little hard?” Tom asked, Jon, who replied with, “It’s perfect, don’t worry, you guys will be fine, and it’ll be an awesome scene.”

And hand ruffled my hair from behind, “Hey this took an hour,” I said giggling as Michael, aka Vulture, came into view.

“Alright! Let’s get this going, no telling how long this storm will last!” Jon yelled out, causing everyone to scramble to their places.

Along with the poring rain, it was also extremely cold and dark outside, and as soon as I stepped out into the rain, it got much colder.

Michael also stepped out, dressed fully in his vulture costume, and Tom in his suit, everyone’s hair and clothes were instantly drenched.

We quickly got into places and I ran through the scene in my head.

Vulture had captured my character and was threatening Peter, and would ultimately end of stabbing me with his sharp wings, leaving me to die in Peter’s arms.

A shiver went through my spine as Jon yelled out, “Action!”

“I told you not to interfere with my business Peter,” Vulture said threateningly, his arm was across my chest, holding me tightly.

Fear shot through my body, as I began to fear for my life.

“Please, you don’t have to do this, just let her go,” Peter begged, his voice breaking as he tried to hold back sobs.

“How else will you learn your lesson,” Vulture said. His wings began to whir, and I gasped as his sharp wings pierced my back, all the way through so that the tip could be seen poking out of my stomach.

“NO!” Peter cried out, sprinting to me as Vulture took off. I began to fall, gravity weighing down heavier than ever before.

Before my body could hit the ground, Peter was by my side, catching me. We crumpled to the ground together. Peter cradled me against his chest, rocking back and forth, tears mixing with rain.

“ No. No, Y/C/N, please!” Peter yelled out, his voice seemed so distant.

“P-Peter, it- it hurts. God, I don’t want to die,” I barely got out. A metallic taste lingered on my taste buds, blood staining my lips.

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t- oh god,” Peter began sobbing. “Please, you can’t die, I can’t love without you, please Y/C/N!” He whispered.

I weakly grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze, I could feel the life draining from my body.

“Please don’t die, I can’t live without you, I love you,” He continued to cry.

“I lo-” I began to say, but everything went black.

“Y/C/N? Y/C/N!” I hear Tom yell, but I kept my eyes closed, waiting for Tom to finish his lines.

“No!” He let out a blood curdling scream, leaving me to wonder if he would have his voice tomorrow. “Please, wake up, wake up!”

Tom kept sobbing, it sounded so real.

“Aaaaand, cut!” Jon yelled out, “That was amazing! Everyone get inside and dry off, that’s a wrap for the day!” People cheered as they filed into the main building.

I opened my eyes and tried to get up, but Tom wouldn’t budge, if anything he held me even tighter to his chest. “We should go inside where it’s warm,” I whispered, but he still wouldn’t let go.

I knew the scene would be intense, but I don’t think any of us had any idea that it would end up like this.

I shifted so I could wrap my arms around Tom, “ It’s okay, it was just acting, it’s not real,” I whispered to him, running my fingers through his wet hair.

I leaned back so I could look at Tom. The cold air and pouring rain no longer mattered, I was only worried about the sobbing mess of a boy that was before me.

His head hung low, his body shaking with sobs, and rain dripping from his hair. I gently cupped his face, and brought it up so that his eyes met mine.

“It was so real,” he whispered, “Seeing you like that, I couldn’t-” another sob broke his sentence. I wrapped my arms around him again, reading his head against my chest.

“You hear that?” I said, fighting my own tears at seeing Tom like this, “My heart is still beating, I’m alive, I’m okay.” I placed a kiss on the top of his head and continued to stroke his hair, his head still resting on my chest.

I sat there for as long as I could, but the cold and rain was beginning to be unbearable. “Come on,” I said, slowly standing up, bringing Tom up with me, “Let’s get you warmed up and dried off.”

I lead Tom back to his trailer, and he changed immediately into some warm and dry clothes. “I’m gonna go to my trailer real quick and get some dry clothes,” I said to him, but before I could walk away Tom grabbed my arm.

“You can just borrow some of mine,” He offered, his voice weak from all of the screaming and crying he had done. I nodded, understanding that he didn’t want me to leave.

I nodded and he swiftly grabbed a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants from his dresser and handed them to me. I changed quickly in the small bathroom.

Tom’s shirt and pants were huge on me, yet they were comfy and warm.

A soft smile spread across Tom’s face when I came out in his clothes. I joined him on the couch and leaned into him.

At some point we ended up laying sideways on the small couch, bodies squished together comfortably. I let out a relaxed sigh as I melted into Tom, his warmth surrounding me.

Tom’s grip on me tightened, and he began gingerly running his fingers through my damp hair.

“I’m here,” I whispered to him, “I’m safe.”

24. Dirty daydreams (from this list)

be the change


It was kind of funny how one little fact could change your entire worldview.

Adrien liked Ladybug.

Adrien liked Ladybug, and liked her enough that there was a red and black charm on his keychain and doodles of her initials in hearts in his notebook — enough that he went red and starry-eyed and a little bit breathless when he talked about her, his silly, almost sheepish smile joined by heartfelt praises on his lips.

Marinette thought about this as she stared at the back of his head, her face half-buried in her arms and the toll of the past few days of almost non-stop fighting making itself known even through her euphoric excitement.

He liked her.

Well, okay, he liked the brave, strong, perfect version of herself that the mask allowed her to be, but it was still her.

Adrien Agreste liked her.

Marinette squeezed her eyes shut and bit her tongue against the squeal that wanted to escape, muffling the not-noise in her forearms.

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Need a Pair?

Originally posted by anguishborn

Anonymous Requested: AHHHHH. i check your blog everyday hoping to see that requests are open and they are!! yaya i love your writing! can I get a richie x reader x stan where the reader is like richie and stan combined but likes stan more? also, she gets bullied by the bowers crew because of her orthodontics and glasses (can’t say s’s :/ ) tysmmmm❤️❤️
+ hey babe, i’d like to request some stanley angst! thanks, your writing is great ♡

Pairing: Stan x Reader + slight Richie x Reader

Warnings: i changed the first request a bit and left out the whole orthodontics thing because I didn’t want to insult anyone if I got something wrong!

You were never really good at standing up for yourself.

It was something your friends and family told you; the fact that you let anyone walk over you and normally stayed silent. It wasn’t that you wanted to be treated that way, it’s just you couldn’t find the courage to say anything. You often remained silent and when with your friends, that was really the only time you spoke up. But then not even that much.

It was one of the reasons why Henry and his douchy friends liked to pick on you the most. If Henry managed to catch you while you were alone, he could tease you and bully you all he wanted and you’d sit there and take it. You hated yourself for it, but no where within you could you find the courage to speak up.

It just so happened to be one of those days Henry caught you alone, you were walking home from the quarry that you’d been with your friends at and surprisingly the boy was alone himself. You felt your heart sink at the sight of him, knowing nothing could end well. “Hey, four eyes!” Henry called and self-consciously, you pushed up your glasses that had been sliding down your face. You knew better than to start walking away so you slowed your step, turning to Henry cautiously.

Once he reached you, he smirked and raised his hand, shoving you back. You tripped over your own feet, landing harshly on your bum as you groaned. Yet, you only continued to stare up at the older boy, watching as he bent down and took your glasses right off your face. Biting your lip, you crinkled your eyes in fear as Henry’s face blurred.

Henry waved your glasses around as if they didn’t even matter and you felt your heart rate pick up every time his disgusting fingers smudged the lenses or he waved them dangerously above the ground. “You don’t need these to see, right?” Henry asked, smiling down at you like he was far superior to you.

You dug your fingernails into the ground, ignoring the pain. This could only end badly.

“No answer?” Henry raised an eyebrow; “great, i’ll take yes for an answer then.” Before you knew it, with your blurred you watched Henry drop your glasses on the ground and smack his foot atop of them. You cringed at the sound of glass cracking, biting your lip so hard you were sure you’d drawn blood. Once Henry picked up his foot, you looked at the shattered glass with utter disappointment. Why couldn’t you ever just stand up for yourself?

“Have a nice time seeing, loser.” Henry spat before walking off in the other direction. 

Once you were sure he was gone, you pushed yourself off the middle of the street, grabbing your glasses. You stared at the shatter lens, the right lens not even there anymore. How were you suppose to explain this to your mother?

“Y/N!” You jumped at the mention of you name, hiding your glasses behind your back and turning to see Richie and Stan making their way over to you. You waved half-heartedly, waiting until they reached you. “Stan, Richie.” You greeted and watched as their faces fell.

“Hey, Y/N, wheres your glasses?”

“Um…” You paused, unsure if you should tell them but it didn’t matter, because after a few seconds of your silence Stan stepped forward. He grabbed your arm that was hidden behind your back, pulling it so both Richie and Stan could see. Stan’s face fell at the sight of your messed up glasses and Richie gasped dramatically. Looking away in shame, you muttered; “Henry.”

“Jesus, Y/N, You really need to learn how to tell people to fuck off.” Richie tsked, taking the glasses from your hand to look at them.

Looking over at Stan’s worried face, you sighed; “I know.”  You muttered, Stan still gripping your hand. “It’s fine though, i’ll just get another.”

“Isn’t that the second time he’s done this this past month?” Stan asked and begrudgingly, you nodded. “I know- I know, speak up for myself. He’s just…”

“It’s fine.” Richie shrugged, giving back your glasses. “You can just borrow mine.” He grinned, “i’m pretty sure you’d look hot in my glasses.” You rolled your eyes at Richie’s comment, feigning disgust as you both laughed.

Suddenly, Stan directed your attention back on him as his hand slid down your arm to grab your hand. “Come on, i’ll walk you home.” He offered, holding your hand tightly as you stared up at him in shock. Feeling your face warm, you looked away with a small nod.

“What the hell Stan?” Richie exclaimed, watching as Stan begun to lead you away. You missed Stan looking back at Richie and sticking his tongue out like a child in victory.

“Just in case she gets lost!”

“I could’ve walked her home!”

“Too late.”

Perfect Storm ~ Peter Parker

Request: Hello! May I request an imagine where it’s reader and peter and she’s staying at peters place but there’s a thunder storm and she really afraid so peter comforts her? Thank you in advance!

Word count: 1,692

Relationship: Peter x female!reader

Warnings: none lots of fluff!

A/N: I hope you guys like this I worked really hard on it! Feel free to leave some requests and questions <3

Astraphobia. The fear of thunderstorms. Even the smallest of storms could make her worry. She was able to control her anxiety with deep breathing so no one was aware of it. She was embarrassed by it, she thought of it as an irrational fear. Even her best friend Peter didn’t know. She didn’t want him to know because she thought it was stupid and idiotic of her. Today the sky was dark, the clouds were an almost an inky black. The somber weather caused her day at school to be dreadfully long. Not only was the day long she had a pit in her stomach making it incredibly strenuous to pay attention to anything. She kept her eyes out the window all day worrying about what was going to come from these storm clouds. The sound of thunder echoed her ears causing her to tense up and popped her out of her train of thought.

“You’re sleeping over tonight, right,” Peter asked, smiling at her as they walked down the hallway to leave the school.

“Yep,” she replied giving him a warm smile back wrapping one of my arms around him and leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Do you want to come over, right now, I would hate to make you walk over tonight during the storm alone” he offered.

“Yeah, but I don’t have extra clothes” she responded, frowning

“You can just borrow some of mine” he insisted.

“Really” she squeaked, she didn’t mean for it to come out so high pitched, but it did which made Peter chuckle.

“Yeah” he shrugged opening up the school doors. Once they got out the doors they felt a huge gust of wind causing Y/N to shiver and the pit in her stomach got a whole lot bigger. She was practically clung onto Peter as they walked to the train. Peter got on the train first and offered his hand to help Y/N onto the train she gladly accepted, but after he helped her on he didn’t let go of her hand. He lead her to the back of the train, and they took the 2 open seats towards the back. Even once they had sat down Peter didn’t let go of her hand, not like she was complaining. Even though she rode the train every day, she hated it. It made her very uncomfortable especially when she was all alone. She kept her eyes out the window watching the lightning in the distance, which caused her chest to tighten and her breath to hitch. She took a deep breath which wasn’t unnoticed by the boy sitting next to her.

“Are you okay?” he asked with worry in his eyes.

“Yeah I’m fine, don’t worry about” she bubbled, squeezing his hand and giving him a small smile, then looked back out the window. It felt like hours, but they finally reached their stop. They stood up, and Peter led her through the crowd of people staying on the train. It was about 5-minute walk to Peter’s house to the train station. Right as they walked out, cold rain drops began to flow down from the clouds. She wrapped her arms around Peter shivering. Peter pulled away from her grip, taking off his sweatshirt and putting it over their head. Once it started to poor they started to run for Peter’s apartment. They burst into the apartment building both soaking wet and panting getting a weird look from a lady who was at the desk.

“I am completely soaked” he breathed, letting out a laugh, causing you to giggle while trying to catch you breath.

“Me too, and I’m freezing” she shivered wrapping her arms around herself, trying to warm up. Water dripped down her face and she knew for sure her makeup was a mess. Peter grabbed her waist pulling her close to him trying to warm each other up as they walked to the elevator. Once they arrived at Peter’s apartment, he took out his keys, which slipped out of his hands causing Y/N to laugh as he struggled to pick up the keys and unlock the apartment. Peter just being his goofy adorable self-was enough to make her forget she was terrified of the storm raging outside. He finally got the door open, and let her in first. Peter walked in after locking the door. He turned around admiring his best friend. The wet strands of her hair in front of her face made her look cuter than ever, but the way her clothes clung to her body in a perfect way made Peter melt. There was a small amount of skin exposed, because her shirt had ridden up a bit, sending shivers down his spine, and it was from the cold. She looked like a goddess to him. “Alright, Parker I’m soaked and I was promised some clothing” she laughed pulling him out of his haze. She walked towards his bedroom, Peter following close behind. He dug in his drawers grabbing her a big t-shirt, and sweatpants.

“Here, princess” he sassed sarcastically throwing the clothes to her. Which caused her to roll her eyes as she walked to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom sink and grabbed a towel to wash off her make up that was making her look like a raccoon. She took off her soaked clothing and put on Peter’s warm, and surprisingly comfortable clothing. She looked up in the mirror smiling at herself, loving how she looked in Peter’s clothes, but that smile was soon wiped off her face when a huge cackle of thunder made her jump. Anxiety washed over making her heart beat fast. All of the sudden it felt like the walls were closing in. She burst out the door taking in a deep breath as the sound of thunder filled the room making her wince.

“Y/N are you okay” Peter exclaimed running up to her, grasping both her hands.

“I may be a little scared of thunderstorms” she confessed bowing her head down.

“Hey, look at me,” he cooed cupping your cheek raising your head to look at him. “I’m not gonna let anything or anyone hurt you, there is no reason to be scared when you’re with me because I’ll protect you”. She smiled at him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her head into his chest, holding him as tight as she could. Peter wrapped his arms around her back rubbing it slowly trying to soothe the beautiful girl in his arms. Eventually, they pulled, and he led her to the couch.

“Wanna watch movies all night, Aunt May is on a business trip for the next 3 days” he explained sitting down opening his arms for you to cuddle with him. You hurried into his arms as you heard, another boom come from the sky. She buried her head into his shirt inhaling his scent. He grabbed her hand and rubbed small circles on her palm. With his other hand, he grabbed the remote and turned on the T.V. She snuggled into him, as they binged the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Every time thunder would strike Y/N would somehow manage to cuddle closer into Peter. He admired her the whole movie. The way she laughed during a funny part made his heart stop. The way she would smile when her favorite character did something cool. When she gripped onto his shirt during the battle scenes, scared someone she liked was going to die. Every facial expression made Peter want to never let go of her. His heart ached when she left to go to the bathroom because he missed the warmth of her body against his.

“I’m going to go get some candy” she yelled making her way to the kitchen. He scrambled up running the kitchen coming up behind her putting his arms around her. He put his head on her shoulder.

“Whatcha doin” she asked popping an m&m in her mouth.

“Nothin” he mumbled flipping her around and taking her back to the couch. She got back into the spot in Peter’s arms feeling safe and warm. She had never felt so safe before in her life. It wasn’t because he was Spiderman, it was because she trusted that Peter would do anything to protect her. Half way through the second movie Y/N had fallen asleep. Once Peter noticed he turned off the T.V and lifted her up bridal style, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled into him, making him smile down at her. He laid her down on his bed and turned off his lamp. He got under the covers of his bed and Y/N rested her head on his chest and Peter snuggled his arms around her. They had never cuddled this much before, but Peter liked it. When he was around her he felt a joy that he had never felt with anyone else. The feeling of her skin on his made him instantly warm. The sight of her sleeping made his heart skip a beat. He bent his head down to kiss her forehead, and she smiled in her sleep.

“Goodnight Y/N” Peter whispered, holding her close to his body. He closed his eyes and felt Y/N adjust her body causing him to smile uncontrollably. He started to wonder why this girl made him so happy. He didn’t know how long he was thinking, but he looked down at the sleeping girl and he wanted to kiss her, which was something he had been feeling for the past year. He finally pieced it together.

He was in love with his best friend.


My boyfriend is reading Harry Potter for the very first time. And just so he wouldn’t have to borrow mine I gave him a second hand copy I found in a thrift store. It’s so battered and it must have been soaked in water at one point. But we both love it! The sound it makes when you turn a page is so wonderful. Like some sort of old book sound! I didn’t know that was a thing but it TOTALLY is!!! :D

Like Son, Like Father Timestamp

A/N: This is the first of three fics I’ll be writing for my 2000 followers celebration! I’m so sorry for how long these fics are taking. This one fought me. I wanted it to be a little funny, but the characters told me that there is nothing funny about this. Major thanks go to @littlegreenplasticsoldier and @manawhaat who both helped me fight with this monster, even though neither had read the original fic. (Seriously, so much fighting. They deserve so many medals.) I hope I managed to keep the reader at least somewhat in character!

Summary: This is a timestamp following the events of Like Son, Like Father, which is set primarily in the beginning of season 11. (”The present” is around episode 11.04 Baby.)  You don’t have to have read LSLF to get this, but it would help. In LSLF, the reader is sent back to May, 1984 to protect John from the demon traveling back in time to kill him. While there, she has a fling with John, even though she’s in love with Dean, who has never indicated she’s anything more to him than a sister. When she comes back, angst ensues, and she and Dean finally get together. This timestamp is set in the beginning of season 12. Mary is back, and everything is just awkward.

Pairing: Past John x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Some Dean fluff. Mostly angst, though.

Word count: 10,357

Disclaimer: Several scenes from the show are essentially relived here. I do not own those scenes nor have I written any part of them. The characters are not mine and those scenes are not mine, I’m just borrowing them.

Originally posted by dreamingintheimpalawithdean

When Mary first arrived on the scene, saving you and the brothers from Her Majesty’s She-Devil, Toni Bevell, you were nervous. The anxiety was partly due to the fact that you were meeting your boyfriend’s mother, your apprehension only amplified by the fact that she’d been dead for over thirty years.

Mostly, though, it was the whole “I slept with your husband” thing.

Your nerves frayed as you dealt with the Brits, hoping they didn’t know about you and John. They’d known so much, but hopefully your trip was long before the Winchesters were ever on their radar. After what seemed to be far longer than necessary, the Brits were gone and formal introductions were made. Hopefully, Mary would think your shaking was due to the torture. When it was time, Dean held you close, introduced you as his girl, and no mention was made of your little trip to 1984. After the house was cleaned thoroughly, you all piled into your vehicles and headed to the bunker.

The drive back to the bunker was more than a little nerve-wracking, since you spent it in the truck with Cas instead of in the Impala with the Winchesters. It took a toll on you, not knowing what was being said between Mary and her sons, but Dean and Sam reassured you they wouldn’t say a word about it. Mary didn’t need to know. And not only did she not need to know about your two-and-a-half-night stand with her husband, it was probably better if she didn’t.

Back at the bunker, everyone tried to pretend that everything was normal. A shower schedule was created, take-out menus were shuffled through and evaluated, dinner was eaten around a table (a glowing map table, but still a table), and Dean ate pie like a one year-old on their birthday (it got everywhere). If there had been a studio audience, they might have believed that everything was fine, but you didn’t think any of you did. There were too many landmines lying around and all of you were becoming experts at sidestepping the the triggers. To make matters worse, Mary continually disproved Dean’s preconceptions about his mother, while Sam spent the whole night staring at her like she would disappear if he blinked.

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anonymous asked:

(for the song prompts thing) "I'm not gay" by J Pee, voltron fandom and of course. Shance.

… I actually do not like this song bc it’s a little harmful, BUT, I took some inspiration from it a little bit. Hope this is ok. 

“What about this one, Keith?” Shiro asks, holding up a drill for inspection. Keith leans back to look at it before he rolls his eyes. Shiro laughs, putting the bright pink drill right where he found it. They’ve been looking at supplies in Home Depot for a while now and Keith is being really particular about it. Shiro is sure it’s because Keith is getting his own place for the first time.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to borrow mine?” Shiro asks, reaching out to pick up another drill, pressing the trigger to test it. He “aims” it at Keith.

“Because I also need my own drill and I can’t keep yours? It’s not like I want to borrow it all the time.” Keith says, not looking up. He’s been going back and forth between red and black, though Shiro is almost positive he’ll go for the red. Call it big brother’s intuition.

“Blam, blam, blam!” Shiro presses the drill trigger with each word, ending up on one knee as he keeps it pointed at Keith.

Keith squints at him angrily, as he does.

“No way,” a voice interjects, and Shiro stands quickly, slightly embarrassed. He turns, blinking at the sudden appearance of… a really, very pretty guy. Huh. That’s a new one for Shiro. “It’s more like ‘pow, pow, pow’!”

“What?” Keith asks, clearly offended.

“You know, laser guns,” the guy says, wiggling his brows as he shoots them finger guns. Shiro laughs softly, much to Keith’s displeasure.

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you fall in love more than once. it’ll happen again, and it’ll be just as amazing and as extraordinary as the first time. and maybe just as painful. but it will happen again. [inspired by]

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See, you saying your deck was over $300 got me wondering about how much my own deck was worth, but I left it at home so I'm just entering it onto Tappedout entirely off memory. 75% of it done, deck's apparently $250usd.

That’s how I feel every time I build a new deck. Very Whoops! All Poor because I’ve suddenly got a new $300ish investment. 

But for real. Sell you deck and spend a day playing magic with me. You can borrow one of mine since you just sold your deck

take this burden - part 7

[ pull me down - mikky ekko ]


Mo Guan Shan accepted the conditions, trying his best not to argue.

He Tian went back to his apartment to grab his clothes.

They decided to move the party to this apartment.

Jian Yi and Zhengxi went to the kitchen with the goal of making food.

The other two stayed in Mo Guan Shan’s new room.

He had his own small bathroom, decorated just as dramatically as the rest of the apartment.

He Tian sat on the edge of the bed as Mo Guan unpacked his things.

‘Is this weird for you?’ The redhead asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You’ve known me for less than 48 hours and I’m moving in with your friends?’

He Tian considered that.

‘It probably should be, but it’s not.’

‘Not yet.’

‘Not yet.’ He Tian agreed.

‘Will you tell me if it starts to get weird?’


‘So, you live alone?’


‘No girlfriend that stays with you or anything?’

He Tian thought about the best way to respond to respond to that.

‘HE’S GAY AS FUCK!’ Jian Yi shouted from the other room.

That works.

He Tian smiled.

‘And that’s how I came out.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

At this point, Jian Yi and Zhengxi stood outside the door.

‘He’s not kidding.’ Zhengxi assured him. ‘It happened six years ago.’

‘He was taking too long.’ Jian Yi shrugged.

Zhengxi rolled his eyes.

‘There’s food now, come eat.’

They sat around the coffee table.

Jian Yi found a movie.

‘This look great, guys. Thank you.’

‘Thanks!’ Jian Yi exclaimed. ‘I made the salad.’

‘Nope.’ Zhengxi corrected.

‘I cut the carrots’


‘I washed the lettuce?’

‘There ya go.’

‘You made all of this?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, incredulously.

‘It’s nothing.’ Zhengxi’s face flushed.

‘He went to culinary school. He’s a fantastic cook.’  He Tian informed him.

‘So, this is kind of nothing compared to what he can do.’

‘If you don’t mind me asking, why are you a cop?’

Zhengxi pushed food around his plate.

‘It’s a long story.’

‘No it’s not.’ Jian Yi said around a mouthful of food.

He Tian sighed.

‘He joined the force because that was the safer bet.’

‘Yeah, it’s real fucking safe.’ Jian Yi grumbled.

Zhengxi stayed silent.

‘I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to bring up…’ Mo Guan Shan felt like he had caused nothing but trouble for these people.

‘It’s unavoidable.’ He Tian assured him.

‘They’ve been together for over a decade. There’s nothing you could possibly say that wouldn’t start some kind of argument.’

Jian Yi and Zhengxi couldn’t argue with that.

Breaking the silence as uncomfortably as possible, He Tian gestured towards Mo Guan Shan’s face.

‘Is the bruise supposed to be getting worse?’

Jian Yi stared at him for a few seconds.

‘Yeah. It’ll be even worse tomorrow.’

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows.

Zhengxi sighed this time.

‘What he’s trying to say, is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better and it’ll start to fade in a few days.’

Jian Yi nodded in agreement.

‘Yeah, that.’

They finished their meal, drinks, and movie.

‘I’m heading to bed.’ Zhengxi announced. ‘I have to get up stupidly early.’

‘Boring!’ Jian Yi groaned.

‘You have to get up even earlier, idiot.’

‘You got me there.’ Jian Yi conceded.

‘Mo Guan Shan, do you work tomorrow?’ Zhengxi asked.

He’d put some thought into this.

‘I’m not entirely sure that I’m going back.’

‘Why not?’


‘Oh, shit. You work there too, don’t you?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

He Tian and Jian Yi looked confused.

‘I work with my…’

‘Ex?’ Jian Yi offered.

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘Well, obviously you’re not going back.’ He Tian huffed.

‘I can’t exactly be unemployed.’

‘Sure you can.’ Jian Yi told him. ‘You have somewhere to stay and plenty of time to start looking for something new. Oh! I almost forgot. Where did you park? I need to get you a sticker.’

‘I don’t have a car right now, I’m fine with-’

‘You can borrow mine. It mostly just sits in the carpark gathering dust. The keys are in the drawer by the sink. He Tian will show you which one it is.’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head.

‘You really don’t need to do all this for me.’

Jian Yi smiled.

Zhengxi shrugged.

And they walked away without a word, closing the door behind them.

He Tian and Mo Guan Shan stood in the living room in silence.

Mo Guan Shan checked his phone.

Nearly two.

‘Do you work tomorrow?’ He asked He Tian.

‘Not until six.’

‘…That’s in four hours.’

‘Six in the evening.’ He Tian corrected, laughing softly, unthinkingly following Mo Guan Shan into his room.

‘Tired?’ He asked.

The redhead nodded.

‘Yeah, I’m not sure why. It’s not like it’s been a busy day.’

He Tian studied his face in profile as he sat on the edge of the bed.

‘Do you…have everything you need?’ He Tian asked lamely, not knowing how to properly exit the situation.

‘Yeah, I’m good.’

He Tian nodded, turning to leave.

‘He Tian…’

Mo Guan Shan’s voice was so quiet, he wasn’t sure if he’d imagined it.

He turned back.

‘Will you stay?’

He Tian was shocked.

This seemed like a very odd time for a come on.

The look on Mo Guan Shan’s face conveyed no invitation.

He was scared.

Of course, he was.

Who wouldn’t be?

‘I’ll be right back.’

Mo Guan Shan watched him leave, feeling like an idiot and walking to the bathroom.

He stripped the jeans off, pulling a pair of pajama bottoms from his bag, opting to leave He Tian’s shirt on, telling himself he was doing it because it was soft and comfortable.

While that definitely was the case, he knew why.

He Tian did too, after this morning.

Mo Guan Shan was dreading the moment He Tian decided to bring that up.

If he came back.

He shouldn’t have said anything.

He barely knew this dude.

If anything, he’d just given him the wrong idea.

He just wanted to be alone…right?

That’s what he should be doing.

Focusing on getting his shit together.

Not making some virtual stranger stay the night with him because he didn’t want to be alone.


He brushed his teeth, thinking about all the levels on which this was stupid when the front door opened again.

He Tian entered the room again, dumping an arm full of blankets and one of the soft pillows Mo Guan Shan had slept on last night on the bed.

He pulled one free of the bundle, spreading it out on the floor, dropping the secondary blanket and pillow on top of it before turning on the stained glass lamp on the bedside table and pulled the chain on the ceiling light to turn it off and the second to turn the fan on.

It took Mo Guan Shan a few seconds to realize what he was doing.

He looked at the king-sized mattress.

‘He Tian, you can-’

‘No.’ He Tian assured him. ‘I can’t.’



Mo Guan Shan couldn’t decide if he was relieved or offended.

He settled with guilty.




‘Don’t apologize to me. You’re not sorry, and neither am I.’


Mo Guan Shan walked past him, sliding into the soft, warm, bed.

‘Do you want me to close the door.’

‘Yes, please.’

He Tian pulled it closed slowly, settling down on the pallet he’d made for himself.

‘Light off?’

‘Also yes.’

They lie in the dark.

He Tian’s chest tightened at the soft, unmistakable, sound of someone trying to control their breathing.

Trying not to cry.

Eventually, He Tian whispered

‘I really want to ask you if you’re alright.’

The response was a barely audible.

‘Please don’t.’

His Princess (endless summer fic)

His Princess
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. They all belong to someone else and I’m just borrowing them for a few minutes.

A.N- Just a little bit of Jake drabble that popped into my head.

Rating- PG

Pairing- Jake/female MC

Words- 401

Summary- The evolution of a nickname.

Jake McKenzie gives everyone nicknames. It’s his way of keeping his distance from the world. Don’t bother to learn people’s real names, just give them an appropriate nickname and then forget them once it’s time to move on. That was how it’s worked for years. Until her.

Until the Princess.

At first he calls her Princess because she seems like a perky, do-gooder. Beautiful, happy and eager to lend a hand. The total storybook princess type. So he calls her princess and assumes he’ll forget about her once she is off his plane.

Then she gives him a nickname back without missing a beat. No one else has ever done that. It’s the first sign that there might be to her than meets the eye. And she keeps on surprising him with her level head and her leadership skills. It’s been a long time since he’s been drawn to another person the way he’s drawn to her.

And so he keeps calling her Princess. Not because he still thinks of her as a sweet, do-gooder but to remind himself that he can never have her. That she is far above him as if she truly was royalty. He’s  a wanted man living day by day, he has nothing to offer a girl like her and he has to remember that.

Except she doesn’t make it easy. She flirts with him, she turns to him for comfort and asks for his advice as if his opinion matters. Captain America (probably the most fitting nickname he’s ever come up with) is practically drooling over her, but she keeps focusing those sparkling blue eyes on him.

Then she invites him up to her room and he knows that there is no way to protect himself. He wants her, he needs her. He doesn’t know if he’ll get to keep her, Hell he doesn’t even know if they’ll make it to morning, but he knows he’s going to take her up on her offer.

They somehow survive that night, though the situation is still uncertain. Yet, for the first time in years, he has something to fight for. He holds her as she sleeps and marvels over the fact that she chose him.

He still calls her Princess, but now it’s because she’s the most precious thing in his life, the one thing he is willing to sacrifice anything to protect. His beautiful, perfect Princess.

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#4 (from the 'I love you' list) with Alex, please? (Question: Is it okay to send you multiple numbers for one request or are you more comfortable writing one number per request?) Anyway, thanks for writing your amazing stories and I hope you have a great day/night!

29. Alex x reader 

“I’ve spent the night here a million times before, and you’re telling me that there isn’t one article of clothing that belongs to me in your closet or in a drawer somewhere?” You huff in frustration, taking a quick glance through Alex’s wardrobe. You’d fallen asleep at Alex’s apartment, so you just stayed the night, not really planning to. So now, you had to get ready for work and you had nothing to wear.

Alex comes up behind you, wrapping her arms around your waist and resting her chin on your shoulder. “No, babe. You haven’t left anything over here except a toothbrush and some toiletries.” She presses a quick kiss on your cheek, hugging you tighter to her body. “It’s not a big deal. Just borrow something of mine.” 

“I guess..” You sigh, looking through her closet once more. “We just have very… different senses of style. If I went into work wearing what you wear…” You trailed off, picking a gray shirt out of the closet. 

“Oh come on, you’d look great wearing a trash bag, for God’s sake. You can pull off everything, my love” Alex gives you one quick peck on the lips. “Pick an outfit, then meet me in the kitchen for breakfast. If you come fast enough, coffee may or may not be involved.” 

You feel her arms unwind from around your torso and her warmth leaves you as Alex heads into the kitchen. 

You spent about ten more minutes looking through Alex’s clothes until you found something you felt comfortable enough in. You’d picked some blue jeans, a gray v neck shirt, and a leather jacket. You finished off the outfit with the black combat boots you’d worn to Alex’s last night. 

Alex’s jaw practically drops when she sees you in her clothes. You sit on the barstool at the counter, raising an eyebrow. “So? What do you think?” You ask her, spinning in the stool. 

“You look… wow.” She replies as she looked you up and down. Something about you wearing her clothes was incredibly hot. She caught a glimpse of the popped collar on the leather jacket and chuckled to herself. “Except, that collar makes you look like a Greaser.” She laughs some more, “Come here. Let me fix it.” 

You get up, walking around the counter to meet your girlfriend. “Don’t laugh at me!” 

She fixes the collar and tugs on it, pulling you in for a kiss. “I’m sorry baby. You look hot, though. Like if we didn’t have to be at work in 20 minutes, I’d be all over that.” She gestures over your entire body.

“Why thank you, Miss Danvers.” You joke, taking her hand. “I still think I’m gonna stock up on clothes here, though. I have a feeling I’ll be spending the night here very often.” 


Aoi-oritsuru ( 1 / 2 )

They are so flipping domestic it hurts 🙈 Lito is lazily leaning against the fridge just enjoying the view of his baby making breakfast and while smiling the most adorable mischievous smile throws a piece of fruit at his head lol. He is a child okay 😆 And then there’s Hernando my cute cinnamon roll who looks at Lito like he is the most splendid thing he has ever seen. I think for Hernando, Lito is indeed the most stunning art his eyes have ever set upon.
(Gif isn’t mine, just borrowing it)

Performance Unit Reaction to you being too shy to ask for their jacket

Since my hip hop unit one got such a good reaction, (you can find it here xxxx ) I am going to do the rest of the units! I hope you enjoy :)

Hoshi: Hoshi would always worry about your health, he constantly reminded you to eat all your meals and to bring an umbrella with you wherever you went. So when he felt how cold it was outside, through his heavy jacket, he would instantly be worried about you. He was a little concerned that you weren’t comfortable yet asking for his jacket, so he would go about it in an adorable and cheesy way. You guys would stop walking suddenly and you would ask what’s up. “Wait, I think…I think this belongs to you!” he would say as you rolled your eyes but accepted his warm jacket. 

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Jun: Just as you got out of his car, you wouldn’t be help to do anything but shiver. But suddenly Jun would go “oh I forgot something! Be right back.” and would run back to were you guys parked. You would be a bit ticked off because he was having you wait there in the cold, but Jun would come back with a second jacket in his hands and smugly hand it to you. “You’re always forgetful so I have started bringing this with me. If you just want to borrow mine though, don’t be afraid to speak up sweetheart.”

Originally posted by wouhui

The8: Okay I feel like Minghao would have a bit of fun teasing you, trying his best to have you ask for what you want. “Isn’t it pretty cold out? I love this kind of weather.” and you would just agree and nod while you kept shaking even more. After a while though, when he saw your teeth chattering, he would take his jacket off and hand it to you. “Y/N, if you wanted my jacket, you should’ve just asked! You’re not that hard to read.”

Originally posted by dinfluenza

Dino: I’ve always thought that Dino was a low key gentleman. I think he has learned a lot from S.Coups and could totally see him just throwing his jacket over you as soon as you two left the restaurant from your date. He would probably open any doors for you too. “You look pretty good in that jacket Y/N, I think it looks better on you than it does me!”

Originally posted by performanceunit

thank you so much for requesting! My requests are all open. I OWN NONE OF THESE GIFS.