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  • Me: *thinks of how if Drarry was canon Harry would whisper-sing a muggle love song in Draco's ear while slow dancing just the two of them a bit after the war is over in order to calm him down*
  • Me: *makes dying animal sounds*
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Me: Oh yeah the fidget cube, that seems nice but it’s not really my thing, I have other ways of dealing with anxiety/needing to fidget/etc

Me, at 2AM, the day before an interview, thinking about tomorrow’s D&D session: God I need that fucking…… cube………. 

Sudden Conversation In Public Sentence Starters

“Did that asshole just cut in line up there? Jeez.”
“So is it always this busy, or did I just pick a great day to come in?”
“–Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
“I like your dress/shirt/hat/etc.!”
“Would it be okay if I change the channel? I wanna watch the game.”
“Excuse me, did the 12:15 bus come by already?”
“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”
“Are you done with that power outlet?”
“Excuse me. I think I’m lost. Could you tell me how to get to Main Street/other location?”
“Do you happen to have any spare change? I need it for the bus.”
“Could I borrow your cell phone? Mine just died and I need to make an urgent call.”
“Tough luck, buddy.”
“Sorry, I know this is awkward, but…this stall doesn’t have any toilet paper…”
“Hey, are you all right? You look upset.”


Aoi-oritsuru ( 1 / 2 )

Guys, I don’t know about you but this was so sexy, badass, possessive, protective and arousing to me. Omg a protective!Hernando is my thing 😆 It made me scream and giggle at the same time. “Don’t touch my man, you fucker,” that’s what I heard okay 🙈 Unf moment for me~
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I will hold you between
my heart and my lungs.
For when you can’t feel
your own heartbeat,
you can borrow mine;
beating just for you.
For when you can’t seem
to catch your breath,
you can borrow mine;
breathing just for you.
Whether it be miles,
whether it be seconds,
no matter how far away.
My heart is always beating for you.
My lungs are always breathing for you.
And they always will.
—  S.  Renea

They are so flipping domestic it hurts 🙈 Lito is lazily leaning against the fridge just enjoying the view of his baby making breakfast and while smiling the most adorable mischievous smile throws a piece of fruit at his head lol. He is a child okay 😆 And then there’s Hernando my cute cinnamon roll who looks at Lito like he is the most splendid thing he has ever seen. I think for Hernando, Lito is indeed the most stunning art his eyes have ever set upon.
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Disclaimer: As always not mine, just borrowing.

Summary: After Blaine and Kurt break up (the first time) Thor stumbles across him sitting alone in the common room of the Tower and tries to help.

Author’s Notes: I know it has been a couple weeks since I last posted… life has been very rough on me the last few months (that’s an understatement) and the last couple weeks in particular have been less than fun.  I took a little time away from writing to let my brain process and settle.  This was a WIP that I had mostly finished before my little break that I decided to put the final touches on and get out. It is the final story in the individual series of the Avengers and Blaine, this time Thor. It turned out a little fluffier than I expected and I debated if that was what I was going for but in the end, I decided the point of these stories was to show how much the various Avengers had come to care for Blaine on their own like they were all part of one big family.  Anyway, hope you enjoy it.  

As far as the timeline goes this takes place I would say between Out in the Open and Code White.

Warning: Glee Season 4 spoilers.

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The thing is, I don’t even know if it’s ridiculous yet.

The latest addition is the cute tribal-patterned mahogany travel-size in the middle, and, to be fair, the uke on the furthest right isn’t mine - I’m just borrowing it from Helena because I need a good quality one to play at the wedding! Still though … I’m going to have to have someone restrain me whenever I go near a music shop, unless I want to be bankrupt for the rest of my life.


Pairing: Pietro Maximoff & Original Character

Warnings: Smut

Summary: After being nearly dead in the streets a voice assures her that she is safe now. Can she ever trust that though?

A/N: This is dedicated to my wonderful Travel Bug, jessabug916. The OC of Millie is not mine. Millie and about Millie belong to her. I just borrowed them for this story. I hope you like it, my dear.

Time held little importance in her life now. She had no clue how long she had been out, in the streets, but she knew it had been for some time. When you were hiding out, trying to keep alive, it was hard to count the days. She didn’t even know when or if she’d have a next meal, much less anything else.

It wasn’t much, but at least she was alive. The freedom she felt was new, and never like anything she experienced in her life. It hardly mattered that she was dying on the streets in New York, because it was her choice. She knew she’d take that to her end, and hoped it would bring her some sort of peace.

She wasn’t sure how long she was hiding out under a bridge, but she assumed it was at least for a few days. She had no idea what her next steps would be, but she’d have to move soon. There was so much of New York she could flee to, she just had to find the energy to get up and do it.

It was the middle of the night, she knew that much at least. She tugged on the sleeves of her shirt, trying to pull them down her arms to keep her warm. The air was chilly, but she knew it could have been much worse. It wasn’t until she heard voices though that she realized she was wrong; it had gotten much worse. As the voices approached, she stood up before trying to get away. It wasn’t until a man in an metal suit had stood in her way. Fearing the worst, she started to shake.

This was it. This was her last few moments.

“Guys,” a soft voice spoke and she turned to face a girl with dark brown hair. “I don’t think she is a target… Look at her.”

“Hey,” another soft voice spoke and a blur appeared in front of her, startling her even more. “It’s okay. We’re going to get you from here. You are safe now.”


It had been almost three months since Millie had agreed to go with the Avengers. It was a huge change for her and she wasn’t sure if this was even the best place for her to be. She was so confused at first on why they wanted her until it was explained to her. Her old relations with Hydra had made her a target, despite being associated with them by force. None of the Avengers had expected her to be their newest recruit and it was something she never imagined either.

She lived her whole life casted away, like a freak. She never expected to ever find a group that she could just be herself in. That wasn’t to say that it was an easy adjustment. She had started to warm up to the team, but it was a slow process for her. She couldn’t remember the last person she actually trusted. Slowly though, Wanda became a close friend to her. She was the person Millie was able to turn to with all her nightmares, her fears and everything. Wanda’s twin, Pietro was also someone she was close with. She could never quite put her finger on it, but she felt a sense of security around him. She never lingered on the thoughts though, because she didn’t want to know. She didn’t want to dwell on it, because she just didn’t want to know. She was content with their friendship the way it was.

Training proved to be brutal. Nat had taken over her combat training and each session got better and better. She was by no means skilled yet in fighting, but she was starting to hold her own. It had helped that Pietro was willing to fight her sometimes too. Whenever she was feeling like she just wasn’t improving, he offered to spar with her. He always took it easy on her, which she bickered about. She needed to be ready to go into missions. The bad guys wouldn’t take it easy on her just because she was frail. Hell, if anything it would make her more of an appealing target.

She understood his hesitance though. She knew when they first met she was starved and way underweight. Her bones stuck out and she knew she looked sickly. In her time with the Avengers she had put on some weight. She was starting to look healthy again. It was a drastic change from the starving girl they found just months prior.

Just because she was now getting plenty of food did not stop her from thinking ahead. She never wanted to linger in the streets and starving again. So, she started to stash some food away. It was just stuff that wouldn’t expire and that she could throw in a bag if needed.

“Why do you do that?” Pietro asked her as she stashed half a box of granola bars into the box where she kept the food. She turned to see him standing in the doorway. She had never let any of them in on her secret. It was a private matter to her. She hated talking about her time before they found her. She wanted to move past it. She knew she’d never forget, but it was her past.

“Sometimes you don’t know where your next meal will come from.” She spoke as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I just want to be prepared so I never have to go without again.” She said in a quiet voice and he just stared at her for a moment before quickly nodding his head.

“You know you are safe here, right?” he asked and she pondered his words, chewing them over as she tried to decide the best way to respond.

“All I ever had in my life it was just me, and I know that is who I can depend on.” She spoke. “While I want to let all my guards down, I can never forget why I have them up in the first place.” She tried explaining. She thought that he and Wanda would understand her reasoning the best. She tried to get to know the team and she wanted to fit in, but she was always cautious. She never meant to be, but it was the part of her that was forced to survive on her own for so long.

She had not expected Pietro to even really pay attention to her words or even begin to understand her reasoning. He hadn’t spoken anymore on the subject or her hoarding the food, nor did she really think he would. They discussed it for a moment and then talked about something else. It wasn’t until about two weeks later that she found a box outside of her door piled full of food and a note that said sometimes you can depend on others too.


In the seven months she had been with the Avengers, she had learned to let her walls down even more and let more people in. In that time, she had managed to get even closer with Pietro.. She wasn’t sure how, but he had become her best friend. He was the one person she was fully able to let all her guards down around. It had come as quite a shock to her. She learned to trust her instincts though. She was getting better all around and had even done her first mission with Tony, Wanda and Clint. While she was still unsure about Tony, she had to learn to trust him. She tried her hardest. She knew it was nothing personal, just his interest in science that had left her a little anxious around him. She’d never forget the scientists she knew from her past.

The mission was quick and easy, but she was excited that she was finally cleared to go on one. She remembered Pietro waiting as they returned, taking both her and Wanda into his arms. It was the first time he had ever hugged her. She remembered being startled at his touch. She enjoyed it though as he wrapped his arms around her, reminding her of one of the first things he had ever said to her. You are safe now.  It was times like then that she believed in those words. Since that moment on the roof, Pietro hugged her more often. She never complained. She liked the touch of his skin against hers. She knew there was nothing behind it. She had never really experience touch, at least not in a gentle way like his. She never minded when he stroked her hair, or the times that he rested his head against her shoulder while they sat there, reading a book. He was often amused about her love of books in other languages. She had even tried to convince him to teach her Romanian, but it hadn’t gotten further than her asking.

Like all friends did, they fought. She hated fighting with him each time. It always sent her emotions spinning and hazing her judgement. In the end, she was left with sour feelings and a headache. There was nothing worse than the gross feeling the aftermath of a fight left her with. The problem was Pietro was an easy person to fight with. Hell, he picked a lot of their fights. She noticed almost immediately that he was a complete grouch in the morning. As soon as he woke up, she avoided him until he started to fully wake-up and had some coffee.

Sometimes she couldn’t avoid him though. She just stared at him, with her eyes wide and an angry expression on her face as he stormed out of the room, a new curse word slipping his mouth with each step. She just took a shaky breath as she tried to will herself not to cry. She hated giving his anger the satisfaction of her tears. Unable to fight it, a soft sob left her as she placed her head in her hands, the tears spilling down her cheeks. She knew later he would apologize for the hateful things he said, but it did nothing to ease her pain now.

“My brother can be such an idiot.” A soft voice spoke, causing Millie to jump out of surprise. She tried to dry her face quickly as she turned to see Wanda standing there, a small smile on her face.

“He is just so cranky,” she mumbled as she sat down at the table. Wanda sat across from her, before reaching out to give the other girl’s hand a light squeeze.

“I do not excuse his behavior. He can be quite insensitive,” Wanda began before sighing. “I guess I really understand his anger and other people don’t. Maybe I just let it slide more because he is family. He just moves so fast. His whole life is at an increased speed. It’s impossible for anything to quicken to meet his pace and so he must slow it down.” Sipping her coffee, Millie just nodded her head slightly.

“I get how that is frustrating for him, but we all have inner problems and conflict we must deal with. It doesn’t give anyone the right to jump snap at people.” She spoke and Wanda just laughed.

“Pietro has always been temperamental. I’ve always been more so the voice of reason,” she spoke and Millie just nodded her head slightly. She knew that much from being friends with them.

“It’s just no excuse,” she started and Wanda quickly nodded her head.

“It isn’t, and I am sure he knows how much of an ass he is.” She paused. “Just don’t take it too hard, because you are special to him and I know he doesn’t want to hurt you. Regardless of his words and how it seems now, that is.” Wanda spoke and Millie just stared at her, before slowly nodding her head.

Later Pietro had apologized and like always, she assured him it was okay. Wanda’s words stuck to her throughout the day. She didn’t want to linger on them, but she had. Somewhere along the way, Pietro had become special to her too.


Just looking up at the sky and the stars, Millie was glad for the chance to escape from all of the noise. She was starting to enjoy herself at these parties, but that didn’t mean that the noise or the crowd didn’t eventually get to her. After a while it became too much for her, and so she would break away from it.

It was so hard to believe that it was almost a year ago that she was discovered in the streets. Her life had taken quite a turn, and for that she was grateful. She never expected anything from life. She learned early on that it only led to disappointment. She was hopeful though. She knew in an instant her hopes could be crushed, but she couldn’t stop from feeling like maybe, just maybe, things would be okay.

“I figured I would find you out here,” a voice spoke and she turned to see Pietro standing there, a smile on his face. He handed her a glass and she just raised her eyebrow.

“Please tell me this isn’t more vodka,” she spoke but he just shrugged at her words, giving her all that she needed to know. She just shook her head before sipping the drink and wincing. “Ugh,” she mumbled. He just snickered.

“Is the party becoming too much?” He asked as he took the glass from her hand and setting it on the banister. She just nodded her head.

“Yeah, but I also like being outside. The sky is breathtaking at night.”  Her movements stilled as he reached down to grab her hand. Never before had he held her hand like this. She wasn’t sure if she was complaining though. There was something wonderful about the way his warm fingers warped around hers.

“So are you.” He said in a quiet voice. She stopped and her mouth dropped open as she turned to stare at him. If it was anyone else, she’d laugh at the cheesy joke. There was no humor here though, because she knew he meant it. She took a deep breath, trying to settle the thumping in her chest from her heart.

“Pietro,” she spoke softly and he just nodded his head, like he somehow understood all the words she wasn’t sure how to say.

“I have something I need to tell you,” he spoke softly and she just nodded her head as their eyes locked. She had a sinking feeling on where all of this was leading. She wanted to plea with him not to take them down this path, but she was just stuck. She had no idea what she was feeling, or what she even wanted anymore. She waited for his words, but all that came was his mouth pressed against hers.

Her world spun. She couldn’t believe how amazing the kiss felt. She hated to admit that the thought of his mouth had plagued her recent and most private thoughts. His hand gently touched her face as he pulled away.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” She spoke and instantly his hand and his face fell. She saw the disappointment and hurt all over his face and she wanted to soothe him, but she wasn’t sure how. This was a road she never wanted to travel with him. There was so much more to it than just how she felt about him.

“I wanted to,” He admitted before reaching for her vodka, and gulping it. He slammed the cup back down on the banister and shoved his hands in his pockets before looking at her. “What do you want?” he asked and she had to stop to think her words. She wanted to tell him all of the reasons on why she couldn’t just kiss him back. There was a list of reasons why she had to keep her distance. There was no way she could ever just let herself fall for him and be okay with that. She was too much of a survivor to just let it all down now. There was always the chance she’d have to leave, and she didn’t want to hurt him in the process. She could go on and on about reasons. She had to overrule her basic want for the best terms of her survival. It didn’t matter how Pietro stirred emotions inside of her, or how alluring and tempting the handsome man was.

But she wanted it too.

“What do you want?” He repeated and she just shook as she tried to process it all. Her head was a mess, and so was her heart. She was so torn, and through it all only one thing was really clear. She wanted it too.

“This,” she muttered as she threw her arms around him and standing on the tips of her toes to press her mouth against his. She felt him grinning as he returned the kiss. She was sure later she would have to sort out her emotions and explain it all to him, but in that moment she didn’t care. For once in her life, she was going after something she wanted.

Damn, it felt good.


A grin played on her face as she unwrapped a jolly rancher before leaning back on the bed. She had just heard from Wanda that they had landed and the mission was finally over. She knew there would be some debriefing, especially on a mission like this. It was a short one, thankfully. She hated being left behind from the missions, but she knew it was for the best. She was just excited that he was finally back.

It had been quite some time since her first kiss with Pietro, and things had taken quite a turn. While the kiss was amazing, that was all it was. She refused to let it go further than that, or even gave him much explanation on why not. She had just shut him out for a few days. She hated doing it, but she needed to clear her mind. She had to process it all for herself, and without his wonderful and tempting mouth to sway her in anyway. In the end, she didn’t need his mouth to alter her decision. She knew deep down that while it could complicate her life, it was far better to have him there. Plus, she was tired of denying all of her feelings for him.

He was pretty pissed that she shut him out. He had yelled about it for a while and the two had argued for days about it. It got to the point that she realized that any romantic wishes he harbored vanished, and she thought her friendship did too. Luckily for her, neither of those things happened. Once he got over his hurt feelings, he swore he understood. In the end, the two of them made up and then celebrated their newfound relationship behind his closed door.  

Being with Pietro was a whole new experience for her. It was like taking all the things she enjoyed in the world and wrapping them up into one blissful moment after the next. In their time together, he had given her nothing but toe curling pleasure.

“Pretty Girl,” a voice spoke as the door to the bedroom they shared opened. A small noise of joy left her as she ran into his arms, jumping up and grinning when he caught her. She placed both of her hands on his face before quickly smashing her lips against his. As always, a shudder raked through her as his tongue parted her lips and demanded control of the kiss.

Before the kiss really started though, he pulled back with a small scowl on his handsome face.

“You’ve been eating my jolly ranchers.” He spoke as he lightly laid kisses to her neck, causing her to throw her head back to give him better access to the skin. “I can taste them in your mouth.” She wanted to make some comment, but his lips landed on that spot and all she could do was cry out as shivers ran through her.  Taking just a few steps, he laid her down on the bed, a smirk on his face. He tugged his shirt over the top of his head before tossing it aside.

“I missed you,” she spoke reaching up to run her fingers over his wonderfully toned. God, it amazed her that her boyfriend looked like that. He just grinned at her as he reached to pull her shirt over her head. It took him only seconds to remove her bra, before it too landed on the floor. Without any notice, his mouth latched onto a nipple and she cried out a blissful moan as she arched more of herself against his mouth.

“Don’t be greedy.” He mumbled to her as he pushed her down on the bed, his mouth leaving her. A disappointed huff left her, causing him to darkly chuckle. He just grinned at her as he ran his hands over the bare skin of her stomach, just touching it and causing little whines to leave her. Grinning like an idiot, he unbuttoned her jeans before slowly tugging them down her legs.

Heavens knew how much she wanted that man. She had him plenty of times before, but it was never enough. He left her satisfied after each time, but yet still craving more and more from him. She always wanted to feel him against her skin, or even inside of her. He started a fire that only he could tame. She never minded though. She loved when he dragged her to bed and kept her there for hours at a time.

“Fuck,” she mumbled as his hands caressed her inner thighs, but not moving to where she was starting to ache to feel him. A frustrated groan left her as she bucked against him, hoping to change the location of his hands. It didn’t work. Instead he moved his hands completely, leaving her with a small pout.

He grinned as he bent down to kiss her. She felt him take her bottom lip between his teeth before tugging and earning a loud moan from her. She grabbed at him, but he just pushed her hands aside. She knew he was silently telling her that he’d be in charge of their speed tonight and warned her not to rush him. In times like this she was reminded of the talk she had with Wanda forever ago about how Pietro hated slowing down. This seemed to be the one time that he rather enjoyed it.

It was about fucking time when his hands reached for the hem of her panties. At this time she was barely touched, but still insane for him. All she could really focus on was how much she wanted him. As he tugged them down, he quickly bent down and kissed a old scar along her thigh, from knife training gone wrong. She smiled at his soft moment, but it didn’t last long as he bit the skin of her inner thigh and she cried out and loudly.

“Oh Fucking Ass, Pietro.” She mewled as she arched towards him. She just heard his snicker, but chose to ignore that. She felt him grab her thighs before adjusting. A soft moan left her as he parted them before leaning in, tasting her with his tongue. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. She panted. God, he was always so talented at this. She couldn’t remember a time that he didn’t start a fast fire through her as he tasted her.

This time was no different. His mouth worked against her, lapping her up as she reached for a handful of his hair and mewled incoherent pleas. She felt the speed of his mouth pick up as a finger slowly entered her, causing her to cry out again. Just as quick as his mouth and fingers arrived, they departed to. She cried out in frustration as she opened her eyes to see him sitting there with a pleased look on his face. What a smug little bastard.

She watched as he unzipped his pants, pulling them to the ground. She bit on her lip as he discarded the boxers. She felt his mouth against hers as he claimed control of the kiss. Hell, she’d let him freely have it. She felt his tip align against her and all she could think about was how fucking amazing this would be.

Instead of entering her, he teased her. He ran his tip all along her clit. She moaned out, arching against him in seek of more and more from him. Just as his tip aligned with her entrance, he teased her again as he circled it.

“Are you sorry?” he asked and her head spun. What the ever loving fuck was he talking about. She thought as he kept his torture up on her, making her want it so badly.

“Sorry for what?” she gasped out as his hands held her hips completely still.

“For eating my jolly ranchers.” He spoke, causing her head to spin even more. Of fucking course that was all of this was about. She just bit down on her bottom lip before quickly nodding.

“Say it then,” he spoke and she opened her eyes to glare at him.

“I’m sorry,” She said and he just clicked his tongue at her.

“Do you mean it though?” he asked and she wanted to scream out of frustration each time he circled her just to tease her.

“Yes.” She said and he just kissed her forehead.

“You don’t sound sorry,” he spoke as she growled at him. At this point she’d confess to whatever he wanted if he just fucked her.

“I’m really sorry I ate your jolly–” She never got to finish as he thrusted inside of her, causing a loud moan to leave her.

“You are tight.” He spoke in a breathless tone that mirrored how she felt. Within a few strokes, she came around him, screaming his name. All of his teasing just built her up and up. She knew he was pretty wound too as she could tell he was close. Within a few more strokes, he came as he bit down on her shoulder.

“Wow,” she mumbled as he rolled to the side of her. He just looked over at her before grinning.

“Indeed,” he agreed as he reached for her, and she laid in his arms. She grinned as he laid a light kiss against her head.

“I am in love with you,” she said causing him to still. She had yet to tell him that. He admitted his feelings weeks ago, but she wasn’t able to say anything back at the time. She wanted to, but just couldn’t say those words. He looked at her with a wild and wide grin on his face.

“I love you too, Pretty Girl.” He spoke before turning to reach for his candy and offering her a jolly rancher. She laughed as she took it before putting it in her mouth. She had come quite a way from the girl starving on the streets. She knew her life would never be perfect, but this was more than she ever expected. As always, his words rang through her head: You are safe now. At first she never believed them, but he showed her the truth behind them. She was safe with him. She knew that. She learned to trust that and to trust him.

He helped her face each day with a courage she never knew she could achieve.  

I really liked this linando/herlito scene (well, tbh I like all their scenes 😁) because, Lito makes and brings breakfast to his bae. I love how excited he is about HERNANDO going all ‘bodyguard’ and badass at the restaurant with those reporters. I giggled with the exchange that went on: ‘good morning, my bodyguard. I feel so Whitney right now’ and Hernando’s ‘hi whitney’ lol (I don’t remember word by word but, this was the general idea). And the sweet gesture from Lito, putting hernando’s glasses on 🙈 and the tender/passionate kiss 🔫 these two understand and love each other, flaws and all. It is a beautiful thing. They glow when they are together. The smiles, the looks and the playfulness between them is precious 🙊

(Gift not mine, just borrowing it, thanks!)