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loving you {leaves me hurt}

A/N You should probably listen to Drive by Oh Wonder to clue in even earlier about Logan and Roman’s positions in this fic. Also, I really like this one.

Pairing: background/mentioned moxiety, one-sided royality, one-sided logince

Genre: angst, some hurt/comfort (but mostly angst. even when there’s comforting there’s underlying angst whoops.)

Word Count: 1640

Warnings: putting self in dangerous situations, swearing, crying… ANGST


Roman can’t understand why Logan cares because he thinks he hates him. Logan doesn’t disagree, but he also doesn’t leave. 

Roman blindly grabs a blade from his collection and lets his room fade into a training arena. Opposite him is a straw dummy, held together with strings and rags. With a snap of his fingers, music starts blaring, and he charges at the object.

He swings his sword with no precision and little care, letting his hurt fuel his rage which in turn fuels his strikes, effectively destroying his creation in mere moments. He waves a hand and it resets, and he goes at it again, relishing in the tearing sound the rags make and the clang of the sword against the metal pole holding up the dummy. The jarring pain of his arms whenever this happens gives Roman something tangible to focus on, and he finds himself hitting the pole more. He can’t distinguish whether or not he’s doing it on purpose, but it doesn’t matter, because the dummy is unrecognisable again.

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everyone who portrays the amis as 100% white owes me a dollar

Listen listen listen “[character] did nothing wrong” and “[character] deserved better] aren’t statements okay they’re fEELINGS they’re goddamn EMOTIONS like there could be the most horrible character ever who’s committed the most atrocious acts and like I KNOW that what they did was bad but if I love them you bET I’m gonna be screaming "thEY DID NOTHING WRONG AND DESERVE” better at the top of my lungs whenever I can because while I’m aware of what they did and while I am not forgiving them, these two sentences, these “they did nothing wrong” and “deserved better” are the best ways to describe what I personally FEEL about them you get me