not mine i just made it transparent


I made this for my Colours Theory Class a couple years back as the final assignment to make my own personal “trading cards” and Kamen Rider was the theme I went for~ It had to have a theme of colour (that is why some of these are “off” purposely~~ XD) 

In Order of Appearance:

  • W - Complementary
  • OOO - Transparency
  • Fourze - Achromatic
  • Gaim - Saturation
  • Kamen Rider (The First) Vibration
  • Baron - Value
  • Decade - Fluting
  • Wizard - Luminosity 
  • Agito - Analogous
  • Drive - Bezold Effect 1
  • Kuuga - Monochromatic
  • Kabuto - Optical Mix
  • Faiz - Tertiaries
  • Kiva - Bezold Effect 2
  • Amazon - Quantity

“That feel when you listen to a new song/band that speaks to you on so many level and is also hitting your mood like PERFECTLY”

It just blows you away and leaves you breathless all at the same time

For me today that’s:
Whisper - Burn the Ballroom

Might make this a button after finalizing it.
first transparent post ive made here i think

I can’t help myself with heart eyes TuT ♥


i made some transparent lawyers with flower crowns yaaaay DISCLAIMER i just edited the pictures, the art is not mine. I got the original pictures off google, i honestly don’t know who the original artists are. if you by any chance know, please let me know so i can credit them.

Update: Athena’s original art belongs to @athenacykes 

Bobby & Simon’s original art belongs to @jaboncito


I made some rooster teeth logos with the bisexual and pansexual flags for the rt bi pan network!! This network has been amazing and very welcoming ever since i joined, you guys are all very nice and lovely people <3 thank you so much for being an awesome network and i hope you enjoy the logos!

(feel free to use for anything, theyre transparent!! just give credit if you do~)

she is definitely my fav Octoling


I was very busy yesterday reading a Tetrox/Arnick fic,and I tried to illustrate a scene but I failed totally .3.

and yes,Tetrox doesn’t looks like this and I know

but I originally made this at school with 0 references and all

I just linearted and colored it

If I ever draw her again I will make sure to use a reference

Character belongs to @tamarinfrog

I’m making an edit for a friend of mine, and I needed a transparent rose child for it. So I made one lol.

Same rules as always, y’all are free to use it as you like. Just like/reblog the post (you don’t have to credit me, you’d be a cool potato though).