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Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(YASSSS XD Finally it’s here! YAY for our fave male characters being all confident about being called “Daddy” and being nastyyyy. I tried my best to make them all different :3 PS. I added Carl and Ron’s as I figured some of you might have them as your faves so hope it’s okay but theirs are shorter cause I felt a little awkward…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get an adrenaline rush and just go even faster and harder. He’d chuckle hearing you moan even louder and realizing you just said it accidentally made him feel somewhat even more powerful and would definitely play into it with you. He’d then make sure you’d always call him that way whenever you were together. “Daddy? Is that what I am to you, Y/N? Damn fucking shit I am! Say it again! Daddy wants to hear you say it even louder! So everyone knows who I am!”

Daryl-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and would first think you were trying to say his name. However, with sounds of your moans and the tone you used, he’d soon understand it was out of pure pleasure and seeing your slightly guilty expression after realizing what you just said, just made him want to play into it. “You meant to say Daryl, earlier didn’t you…but it came out as Daddy…Good, because it’s too late to go back now Y/N…”

Rick-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d act all smug and wouldn’t stop teasing you about it. He had never expected for you to say it so suddenly but the instant he heard it, he decided to play along with you. He didn’t even let you time to explain to him it was an accident and just went on at you like he was used to being called like that by you. “Y/N, Daddy didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Why didn’t you say so earlier on! Why did you keep Daddy away from your kinky side like this?”

Merle-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle, feeling immensely satisfied he would just start to go at you even harder. For the longest time, he had been trying to find ways to get you to say it and doing all kinds of things and now that he finally made you do it while you were a moaning mess and without even asking it of you, only made him even more satisfied. “Yes! Fuck, Y/N! That’s how it should’ve been from the start! Say it again! Say Daddy again! Let Daddy hear you say it loud and clear!”

Glenn-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get a little shy and start to chuckle. He knew it was an accident but he wouldn’t ever have expected to make you feel so good that you let that word slip, that it made him smile and laugh. Seeing you all guilty, he’d then start to tease you even more about it and wouldn’t want you to forget what you just said. “Y/N, you called me Daddy…yes you did! Was it that good, that you just had to call me like that? Don’t deny it…Daddy doesn’t like it when you do that…”

Carl-The first time he heard you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be startled and wouldn’t be too sure of what you meant. He wouldn’t hesitate to ask you what did you mean by that and once he understands, he’d start to laugh and tease you about it. “What? Daddy? Are you serious! Y/N, i’m not that old to be called that! But you just said!”

The Governor-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop for a moment, just so he could cup your face and get a good look at you. He’d actually like hearing the word coming out of your mouth and realizing it was an accident only turned him on even more so he’d just want to hear you say it again to his face,as you were all flushed and out of breath. “What did you call me Y/N…I didn’t hear you properly…Say it again…Look at Daddy in the eyes and say it again!”

Abraham-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d chuckle knowing it would make you self conscious and just start to tease you about it. Realizing that you said it accidentally, made him understand he was doing you right and it made him feel all proud about himself and at the same time he just had to make you realize that you couldn’t take back the words you were saying. “Damn Y/N! You like that so much…You started to call me Daddy! Yeah you did! Don’t even deny it…you said it! With no holding back on it too!”

Eugene-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and just start to question you. He’d never expect for you to think of him that way and just got curious about what he did to make you just say that word. He couldn’t deny it turned him on hearing you say it while you were all out of breath but he just had to try and understand what had happened. “Y/N? What do you mean by that? Like Daddy…in the sexual way?…of course that way…I don’t know why i would think of the other…”

Ron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just would stare at you, not understanding your meaning. He’d think you weren’t thinking about him and blurted someone else’s name or something. You’d then explain yourself and he’d just start to chuckle. “Oh I thought you were thinking about someone else…okay as long as it’s me I don’t mind…Yeah I can go with that…Daddy…”

Jesus-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be surprised but slowly he’d feel flattered by it. He hadn’t expected for you to just call him that way in the heat of the moment, that when he heard it, he kinda stopped for a moment to look at you all flushed. He’d then realized what you meant and just couldn’t stop smiling and feeling all proud about himself. “Y/N…did you just called me Daddy? Wow…me…Thanks! I never would’ve thought of myself that way…But since you said it so eagerly I guess I deserve it…”

Dwight-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel all confident about himself and get even rougher with you. He hadn’t ever thought of being called like that but hearing you moan out of pleasure and practically just screaming it, turned him on even more. It made him want to hear you say it over and over again and much more eagerly that he’d start to do whatever he knew you liked and wanted from him. “You called me Daddy didn’t you, Y/N?Well Daddy didn’t hear you right…I want to hear you say it again! So be a good girl and let Daddy hear you!”

Morgan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly weird out by it but he’d learn to appreciate it. It was just really unexpected for him to hear you refer to him like that, that he’d just stop for a moment to look at you to make sure you were fine. As you’d explain to him it was an accident and something common in some relationships, he’d start to chuckle. “Y/N, are you okay? Wh-why did you call me Daddy? Really…People do that…I see, alright…Daddy I am then…”

Shane-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be pleasantly surprised but would act all like he didn’t understand your meaning. He’d realized he was doing you so good that you let the word slip out and feeling so confident about himself, he’d just want to make you admit every fantasies you wanted him to do to you that he’d start to tease you relentlessly until you were practically begging him. “Oh i’m Daddy now…Y/N what did you call me? I don’t think I heard it right…Daddy? Is that what you said…Yeah you did, you said it proudly too…”

Milton-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all flustered but at the same time couldn’t deny that he liked it. Hearing you just moaning it out of pleasure, made him realized he was doing a good job and he’d feel more confident. However, he’d still get shy and would stop just to ask you about it, making sure he heard you right. “Y/N, did you just called me Daddy? Oh, I never thought you had a dirty mind like that…Not that I know of people saying it to be dirty or anything…”

Aaron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly surprised but he just couldn’t stop smiling. He wasn’t ever expecting for you to just say it, that the moment he heard you, he’d stop for a fraction of a second and slowly he’d smirked looking at you. He’d then make you realize your accident and wouldn’t want to stop you from calling him that way. “Y/N, you called me Daddy! You just called me Daddy…You don’t need to apologize for that…I like it…”

Gabriel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be all shocked for a second and wouldn’t know how to handle it. He’d stop for a moment and would nervously ask you about what you meant. As you’d explain to him, he’d then understand you really just said it in the heat of the moment but then would feel so confident about himself he’d actually grow to like it. “Daddy? Y/N…Wh-what do you mean by that…Oh…there’s a sexual meaning to it…I see…Well if it’s you…Then I don’t mind being your Daddy…Daddy Gabriel…”

The Wolf-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d agree with you and make you understand that you should’ve been calling him that way since you were both together. As he heard you, he’d smile and chuckle looking at you so eager and just do you the way he knew it made you ramble on about him. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m the only one you should be calling Daddy from now on! So say it again! Proudly, so everyone know who you belong to…”

Noah-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be genuinely surprised and just wonder what made you say it in the first place. He’d know it was an accident but just would’ve never thought to be able to make you feel so good you’d let it slip that way. “Woah…Y/N, you just called me Daddy…Am I…Am I that good? Awesome…If it makes you happy I don’t mind…”

Simon-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all riled up and would slap your ass in the heat of the moment. He’d understand it was a slip up but hearing you saying it as you were moaning and in such a sweet tone, he’d get kinda drunk off of it and go all crazy over you and would try to get you to say it again as well as making you beg him while calling him that way. “Fuck! Y/N! You know how to get to me don’t you! Yeah you do, you called me Daddy! I like that…So don’t be shy…let me… No let Daddy hear it again!”

Ezekiel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel satisfied and realized he got even more turned on by you. He’d understand that you said it accidentally but hearing you moaning it out loud and seeing how flustered you got after, just made him want to do you even more. He’d want to do anything he knew you liked just to hear you again and to tease you even more about it. “My dear Y/N…I didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Calling me Daddy so eagerly like this…and begging me…Say it again and i’ll do as you wish…”

Benjamin-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop and would just start to chuckle. It surprised him to hear you moan it so loudly and he just didn’t understood what you meant by “Daddy”. He’d ask you about it and as you’d explain, he couldn’t stop laughing and would jokingly tease you about it. “That’s what Daddy means! Wow! Unbelievable…Y/N, I never thought you had such a dirty mind…or thought you’d ever see me that way…”

Caesar-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle to hear you and go even harder at you. He wouldn’t care if you said it accidentally and pulling you by your hair, he would then make sure you’d understand that from now on he’s your “Daddy” and that it was too late to go back on your words. “What did you call me, Y/N? Daddy was it? That’s right…I’m your Daddy…and no one else can have you like this…So say it again!”

Okay, so I'm sorry but I just saw a post that got me thinking

do you guys remember when this guy

and this guy

didn’t use to talk?

when this guy

was afraid so afraid of this guy

that he avoided him?

when this guy

was so shy and the only on who seemed to make an effort was this guy

When this guy

didn’t really seem all that close with anyone member?

when this guy

didn’t really joke around?

remember when this guy

didn’t used to hug the members all the time?

when this guy

wasn’t all that confident in himself?

when these guys

weren’t all that close?

Beach Sand

Google ‘magical properties of beach sand’ and all you get is a health magazine’s article about how happy walking on the beach will make you. Seriously, I found one article on the magical properties of the beach, and this lady mentions that beach sand is a suitable substitute for graveyard dirt, and I just rolled my eyes. I mean, I guess the beach and tides are related to cycles of life, which might be okay to consider when you’re doing death related magic, but really, that just doesn’t seem right to me. Anyway, my point is all of this information is my personal opinion, because I couldn’t find a single source online.

Magical Properties:

- Beach magic is lovely. Tides remind you of the changing, but constant nature of life. The old will always be washed away, but new things will be brought in, along with fresh starts and a second wind of energy. Beach sand is the perfect representation of that, along with beach water. Use it in cleansing, and to encourage new growth and new changes.
- The beach is a place where all elements meet. The sun, the wind, the earth, the ocean; you can use beach sand to represent the elements, or a specific one, if you charge it, or channel energy into it.
- Most people consider the beach as a peaceful place. Use beach sand in relaxation and peace charms, and possibly to aid in bringing sleep, and in sleep magic.
- It’s been touched by ocean water over and over. This would likely imbue it with the element of water, and the properties of salt. Use beach sand to help one achieve stability through change. It can help pair strength, and emotion, and it can help keep one level headed through overwhelming and stressful events.
- You could probably use it in relation to time. Longevity, resilience, and long lasting ties all come to mind when you consider the agelessness of sand.
- Consider the area when collecting things from nature. If you’re into asking nature, elements, or local spirits for permission, do it. If you’re into just going from feeling, and collecting stuff only when things feel fine, then do it. But consider that some places don’t like people taking natural things from the area.
- Sand, shells, drift wood, and items found at the beach are nice ideas for offerings to certain deities and spirits, depending on what their into.

AN: Okay, so I suck. I keep on saying ‘tomorrow I will have my laptop!’ And stuff, but I just learned that I won’t be able to get my hands on it until AT LEAST Friday, which sucks. So, you guys will just have to live with oddly formatted, gif less, blah imagines until then. UGHHHH. Anyway, thank you so so so much justang6 for requesting this imagine. *The photo is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling and autocorrect errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: After a long day of training with Nat, all the reader wants to do is cuddle with Bucky and fall asleep in his arm, then get breakfast from a cute little cafe early the next morning. :) ❤️

((This imagine is literally going to be just piles of fluff, you have been warned))


Your shoulder skimmed the wall as you walked down the hallway to your bedroom. You grunted in pain and pressed your hand over your shirt on your side, you hadn’t even looked, but you could tell that you were probably sporting a pretty big bruise.

Natasha did not play nicely when it came to training. The entire day was an entire test, she was always pushing you way past your limits and surprising you when you least excepted it. The hardest hit you took was when she roundhouse kicked you in your side by your stomach, which was the origin of the forming bruise.

You slowly made your way to the bedroom, and you were greeted with the sight of shirtless Bucky reclining in your office chair, his feet kicked up on your desk and a newspaper in his hands. A dim, orangish lite illuminated the room from the small bedside lamp that you had.

“How was training, doll?” He asked with a toothy grin, resting the paper he was reading in his lap.

You just grunted in response, resting your bum on the corner of the bed and biting your lip when the pain resurfaced.

“That bad?” Bucky asked, then gestured to you. “C'mere, little old Bucky wants to hold you and make it all better.”

You slowly got up and walked the few steps to get over to him. He put his feet on the ground and set the paper on the desk, then he tugged you to sit on his lap.

“Nat didn’t give me a break today.” You complained. “It was one thing after another, and each one was more painful than the last.”

“Where does it hurt the most, baby?”

You smiled at his cute little nickname, then gestured to your side. Bucky gently lifted the side of your shirt to see, revealing a rather nasty looking bruise.

He frowned and carefully ran his metal fingers over the oddly colored skin, making you shiver at his cold touch. “You need to tell Natasha that she needs to go easier on you, this is absolutely outrageous.”

You rolled your eyes and rested your head on his shoulder. “She didn’t mean to kick me that hard, I slipped up and didn’t dodge her attack like I should have. She is just training me like she is supposed to.”

“I still don’t like it, Y/N.” He muttered as he pulled your shirt back down and laced his metal hand in yours. His chest hummed in delight as you snuggled up to him and fluttered your eyes shut.

His free hand, the still in-tact one, gently ran up and down your shoulder and arms. “Can I take you out to breakfast tomorrow morning?”

Sighing with your eyes still shut, you muttered sleepily, “I have training in the morning.”

“With who?”

“Steve.” You said, with a note of relief. Steve was always a little easier on who he was training that Nat was.

Bucky let out a small chuckle. “Then don’t worry about it, doll. I’ll get Steve to let you off the hook, easy.”

You could help yourself– ignoring your pain, you twisted to face him directly and smiled. He grinned back at you and planted a warm, loving kiss on your lips.

Lifting you up and careful not to touch your bruises, Bucky set you on the bed and pulled the covers over you. After picking up some of the things he had out around the room, he climbed in next to you and wrapped his arms around your stomach loosely.


You woke up to someone gently nudging your shoulders, which drew you out of your peaceful sleep.

“Wake up…” You heard. “Wake up, baby doll…”

Bucky was whispering in your ear as he brought you back into the world of the living, he wanted to be careful not to scar you by being too loud.

Even before you opened your eyes, the pain consumed a good portion of your body. You groaned loudly and cringed, nearly gasping at how much your side throbbed.

“Shhh…” Bucky hushed softly, petting your hair. “Today is going to hurt a lot more than it did yesterday, I already got you some painkillers to start the day off.”

Swallowing, you nodded and opened your eyes. Bucky was sitting on the side of the bed with his pajama pants on still, his longer brown hair messily tied back into a small ponytail on the back of his head. His arms were on either side of your head as he looked down at you with a sad smile.

“I can carry you to the breakfast place if you want.” Bucky offered.

You imagined him holding you like a child as he walked down the street, as if the metal arm didn’t already draw enough attention.

“I can walk.” You said stubbornly. He chuckled lightly, then took your hand in his and you slowly slid out of the bed.

After a long time of trying to put on your clothes, Bucky saw that it wasn’t working very well and decided to finish dressing you. You scoffed at him (you were an independent women, after all), but secretly you knew that it wasn’t worth all of the pain in doing it yourself.

Bucky looped his arm in yours and helped you walk down the busy streets until you came across a small cafe that the two of you had often gone on dates to.

Just like a gentlemen, he opened the door for you and led you to the usual table in the corner by the windows.

You sat down and soaked in all the natural light that the windows had to offer, earning you a light sigh and a hand holding yours on top of the table from the boy across from you. “I really do love you, Y/N.”

You grinned and squeezed his fingers. “I really do love you too, Bucky bear.”

The two of you ordered and relaxed, sipping your teas and coffees as you watched the blue sky and clouds pass by out the window. Despite how busy the streets looked, inside the cafe is was quite and serene.

Suddenly, you didn’t really feel the pain any more.

Preference "How they react realizing you left some hickeys on their neck"

(So yay more preferences :3 i’m a little busy this week and thought it was better to just write preferences for this week! Hope it’s okay! Yay for our faves being all 😏, well most of them XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners)

Negan-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d check himself out for a good long while and get kinda turned on by them. He’d spend his time touching the marks and would see them as a sign of your possessiveness. He’d totally loved it that you were able to feel that way for him and wouldn’t mind at all for the world to see it, he’d probably even brag about it.

Daryl-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d feel all warmhearted and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling about it. He’d look at it and remember what had happened for him to be left with them. He’d grow to like them even more knowing for sure you had did it to show how much you loved him and because of that he wouldn’t even bother to hide it.

Rick-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get a slightly hot and bothered and wouldn’t stop thinking about it. He noticed it in the morning, when he was getting ready and as he stared at it, he got turned on. He’d spend the day, thinking about it and glare at you lustfully just to see if you would notice him.

Merle-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be impressed and would definitely want to get back at you by doing the same. He’d spend some time looking at them while getting ready in the morning but the more he did, he just couldn’t let go until he did the same to you. So he’d walk back to your bed and climb on top of you to get his “revenge”.

Glenn-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d feel as if he understood your feelings for him and would smile whenever someone asks about them. At first, he was shy to show them off but as someone asked him, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell then it was from you and by then it didn’t even matter if everyone saw them.

Carl-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all nervous and pop his collar up. He liked that it was a sign of your affection and all but he’d definitely be scared to be scolded by his dad and Michonne, so as soon as he saw them, he had decided to button his plaid shirt up completely and even going the extra mile by popping his collar.

The Governor-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d smirk and would think about them all day. He loved the fact that for once, you were the one making sure he was yours and that everyone knew, and just thinking about it, he’d want to come back to you to do the same. He’d even wear his shirt with the first few buttons unbutton to remember.

Abraham-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d find it silly and cute of you for being so affectionate toward him. It didn’t even bother him if anyone saw them, so he walked out wearing his normal white tank top and as they would point them out, he’d look over at you to tease you and just start to talk about how you spent your time making him “yours” in the end.

Eugene-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all awkward but would act oblivious about them. He hadn’t noticed it until people looked at him weird and as he saw them, he gasp and pulled the collar of his shirt up. However, when he sees you smiling and all, he’d stop and just wanted to be as casual as you so he’d try his best to act like he just didn’t knew what people were looking at.

Ron-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be proud about them and would just think about you. He’d enjoy spending his time noticing them one by one and even more when other would point it out to him about them. It just made him smile to know that you had made him yours and basically showing it to everyone.

Jesus-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be stunned to noticed so many of them and would probably spend his time counting them all. He had noticed them all until he walked passed a mirror and saw a few and gradually saw them all. He’d then count them and remember the last night, he’d then just be stunned by how much time and effort you had put it for him and just think about you.

Dwight-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d take his time to look at each of them and trace them as he’d remember about how it all happened. As he’d be washing his face in the morning, he’d noticed them and would look at himself in the mirror, realizing how much he meant to you and gradually start to smirk thinking about last night. He’d then call you over.

Morgan-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d cover them up by spending the whole day with his jacket completely zipped up. He thought it was endearing of you to show your love that way but as he walked out earlier, Rick had noticed the marks and he instantly got shy so he decided to just wear his jacket out.

Shane-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get all excited about them and be completely casual. He’d notice while putting in his shirt and suddenly the more he saw them, the happier he felt and just couldn’t stop looking over at you. He’d then just decided to wear his shirt even more unbutton than usual just so everyone could see.

Milton-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get startled and always try to distract people away from looking at him. He wouldn’t notice them until he saw you smirk at him and once he knew, he got nervous. As he just had no time to change, he’d just decide to to change the subject whenever others would notice his neck.

Aaron-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d jokingly get angry at you and complain to you. He’d realize it as he was getting ready to go recruiting and although he liked them very much, he just had to make you realize your fault. He’d then promise you’ll get your fair share once he gets back home and that you’ll be the one out embarrassed tomorrow.

Gabriel-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be delighted but then get embarrassed as he couldn’t hide them. He’d try to rub them off but when he realizes it wasn’t useful, he’d end up spending most of the day in your room while sulking at you. Whenever someone would look for him, he’d awkwardly hide behind the door and lie about being sick.

The Wolf-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d laugh and push his hair away from his shoulder to show them off. He didn’t even realize them until he looked down his neck and saw some “bruises” as he touched them, he didn’t feel anything and understood it was from you. It made him happy and he just casually moved his hair away.

Noah-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d nervously chuckle and always move awkwardly to try to cover them up. Once he realizes so many of them, he’d get gradually nervous and the more he noticed the stares from the others, the more unnatural and awkward his movements and attitude were.

Simon-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d whistle and look over at you at like he’ll get back at you. He’d just notice how many of them there were when Negan would look at him wide eyed and asked him what was with the “bruises”. He’d look at them and understand what had happened so he’d look back at you with lust and start to ramble on about his night with you and all.

Ezekiel-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d spend the day teasing you about your feelings for him and wouldn’t bother to hide them. He’d see them while getting ready and just had to look back at you like he was preparing something to get back at you. That’s when you’d notice him wearing his lighter shirts and every time he’d look your way, he’d just get closer to you to tease.

Benjamin-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d get embarrassed and would spend the day casually holding the collar of his shirt with his mouth. He didn’t have any turtleneck so that was the only solution he found. When people would ask, he’d just act as if it was a strange habit of his and try to brush it off as much as he could.

Caesar-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d be satisfied and find it hot that you had spent so much time on him. He’d see them early in the morning, as he’d wake up in bed next to you. Seeing how many they were made him just want to do it again with you, so he’d stir in bed and as you’d wake up, he’d give you a look and just get on top of you.

Spencer-When he realizes you left some hickeys on his neck, he’d spend the day following you and ask about your feelings. He’d see how many they were and was just so glad he just had to be sure if you really liked him. So he’d walk around anywhere with you and ask you what they meant.

Michonne-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d act in disbelief despite actually loving them. She’d see them and enjoy the care you took in giving her so many but realizing she had to go out and all, as well as seeing you being happy about it, she’d just had to start blaming you and make you self conscious about your “mistake”.

Maggie-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d bite her lips and be all satisfied until you’d walk in. She’d love seeing all them and just thinking about your feelings made her giggle and all. However, as she’d hear you in the room and all, she’d get flustered and try to get your attention on anything else than her staring at her neck.

Andrea-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d be reminded of last night and would be distracted by her thoughts. She’d noticed them as someone would point it out to her and as she’d look at them, the thought of you came back to her mind and she’d just suddenly get quiet.

Jessie-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d find it lovely but way too embarrassed to go out exposing them. She’d look for any kind of clothes able to cover so much and just end up wearing a scarf despite the weather and just act as if she was really sick just to avoid questioning.

Beth-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d blush and be all shy about them. She’d get prepared in the morning and as she saw them she’d be reminded of what you both did and get shy. She’d then try to find any piece of clothing able to hide them and just spend the day being awkward.

Sasha-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d go to you and try to find a playful way to get back at you. She’d only notice them once someone would point it out and feeling embarrassed, she’d go look for you and call to you. Once she sees you, she’d drag you over and tell you she’s getting “revenge”.

Rosita-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d be really pleased and think about you. She’d be reminded of the night before and just be happy. However, when people would noticed, she’d glare at them and start to act all offended, by asking them what they were looking at as well as tell them to mind their own business.

Enid-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d freak out a little and spend the day with her hair always around her neck. She’d see them while in the mirror and try to get them to rub off. However, as it wouldn’t work, she’d realize her only choice was to not push her hair back so she could hide them at least a little bit.

Tara-When she realizes you left some hickeys on her neck, she’d get all flustered and nervous, as she only noticed it once someone pointed it out to her. She’d be pretty oblivious but as soon as someone said something, she’d be reminded of the last night and start to sweat and get all red, ending up just not answering the questions

Imagine Negan having an interest in you when he visits Alexandria but Father Gabriel protecting you from him

(Rewatching the episodes of this season just really inspired me to write this one :3 today Also I believe someone also messaged me this request so hope it is as requested :) Lol I live for Gabriel being innocent but savage at the same time and Negan being creeped out XD So I hope it’s okay and you can somehow appreciate it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

After everything you and your friends had went through it wasn’t easy to always wake up in a good and bright mood in the morning.

However, luckily for you, you had Gabriel in your life. Every morning since, you’d wake up to him hugging you tightly from behind and him kissing your forehead before leaving.

He was positive about how it would all turn out and always reminded you that it wasn’t the end of anything. Thinking about everything he’d say, you had gradually came to believe in it and for the moment you accepted it.


One morning, you had woke up to the sight of the Saviors inside of Alexandria and suddenly you just didn’t enjoy accepting how things were.

They had barged in your house taking everything that was “theirs” and didn’t even bother to be careful or whatsoever.

You ended up being led outside of your own house and just stood by the stairs, looking at them with an angry and frustrated gaze as they took out your furniture.

As you did so, Negan and Rick were walking and talking just behind and passing by you. You then heard Negan talking about Maggie and how she was a special kind of widow at this point and that he needed to see her.

It ticked you off even more and made you turn around to get a good look at the man who made this nightmare happen.

As you did, you saw a tall bearded man in a leather jacket, smiling and laughing, and it made you look at him in disgust and he suddenly noticed you.

He was taken back and looking back and forth between you and Rick, he started to get loud.

“Hot diggity dog! You are fine as hell! Rick, who is this lovely lady! How come I haven’t met her yet…and how are we not together…”

He suddenly got closer to you and instinctively you tried to back away but couldn’t as he ended up reaching to grab a hold of your arms.

He chuckled seeing your reaction and eyeing you up and down, continued, “Oh did I scare you? Sorry…I’ll introduce myself first…Hi, i’m Negan…You know you’re really hot…It’s hard for me to stay calm…”

You didn’t know what to say and just still tried to get away from him but his grip only got tighter. Rick wanted to step in and help but as Negan looked his way, he instantly stopped.

He then looked back at you and tried to coax you into telling him your name.

“Come on, honey…Introduce yourself, I want to get to know you…”

As he was towering over you and his grip was tightening, you got even more nervous and eventually you surrendered to him.


However, as you were about to tell him, you heard a familiar voice from behind.

“Would you like to pay your respects before meeting, Y/N…”

It made Negan jump and as he turned around, he couldn’t hide his shock.

“Holy shit! You are creepy as shit! Sneaking up on me with that collar around  and with that freaky ass smile like that!”

It was Gabriel and as you looked at him, you just wanted to run over to him for a hug but obviously you couldn’t with Negan still holding onto you.

As Negan stared at him, Gabriel stared back and eventually took notice of how he was holding you closely to him. In that instant, he just wanted to tell him you were taken or just punch him and get you back but knew it would be a rather stupid move to do so.

Instead, he remained calm and thought it was just better to distract him otherwise.

“My apologies…That wasn’t my intent…I simply wanted to know if you were interested in paying your respects to the deceased…”

As Negan listened and looked at him, he suddenly scoffed.

“No…Not anymore! If that pregnant girl is gone then she’s gone! I found my new interest, right…here! So Y/N’s your name, huh…”

As he said that, he turned to look back at you and winked. You grimaced and mumbled to him to let go, but it only made him laugh and smile even more.


It made Gabriel sigh and he stepped in closer. Still trying to maintain his calm tone but with his fists closed, he said, “I understand your interest…but maybe Y/N…would like you to let go of her…”

Negan turned back to look at him and eyed him up and down. He noticed the way he looked at you and as he looked back at you, he understood something.

He started laughing and as he turned to look at him, he held you by your shoulders even closer to himself and said “Ho-ly shit! You two are sleeping together! Goddamn, Rick! You got some sinners here!”

As his tone got louder, Rick looked down to the ground, while Gabriel only got even angrier at him and it started to show.

Staring back at you, Negan continued “Y/N…you’re such a naughty and dirty girl! Sleeping with a priest…What else are you down for? Huh?! Tell me…What other dirty fantasies do you have?”

You tried to push him away and you tried to tell him to let go of you but he just couldn’t care less.

“Y/N…Baby…Come on tell me about yourself! Don’t play hard to get with me! Of all people! You got yourself, a priest! That means either you were damn easy or you were real desperate!”


Finally, fed up with the whole act, Gabriel got really angry and got closer to him. He reached over for your arm and in a quick move he managed to pull you away from Negan’s grip while also pushing him away.

As Negan stumbled and got back on his feet, Gabriel put himself in front of you and in an pissed off tone, said, “Who she sleeps with…is none of your goddamn business…Don’t ever…Ever think of touching her that way ever again…Or talk to her in that disrespectful tone…”

Negan’s smile slowly disappeared as Gabriel’s tone got rougher.

Despite Negan being much taller than him, he felt somehow threatened by the way Gabriel stared up at him, especially when he continued making his way towards him.

As he finally got close to him, he then told him, “She isn’t yours…She’s mine…So from now on every time you come here…You’re going to leave her alone…Because if I ever see you do that to her again…I won’t be able to keep my calm…Do you understand…”

As Negan listened, he got slightly frightened by him and his eyes widened in surprise by what had just happened. With nothing else to say, he nodded and told him he understood.

“I get it, priest…She’s yours and yours only…As long as you’re here…I ain’t ever fucking touching her again…”

Gabriel nodded and then turned back to you and reached his hand out for you to hold. You quickly grabbed his and followed him as he walked away.


Still scared from what had happened, you clung to his arm and felt him squeeze your hand. As you looked up at him, you said, “Thanks Gabe…”

He smiled hearing you and said “You’re welcome…That’s what i’m here for…I’ll take you to the church…we’ll stay there until they leave…alright…”

You nodded at him but feeling as if you were being watched, you looked back behind you only to see Negan smirking and pointing back at you, as if he was saying he was going to get you back.

Imagine being at the line up and seeing Merle, your husband, as a Savior.

(So I had this request where Merle fakes his death and becomes a Savior for a long while and I finally came around to write it. I changed it from him being your brother-in-law to him just being your husband also there’s a little bit of Negan as well cause I couldn’t resist adding him XD, hope it’s okay and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners,)

It was a dark and cold night, you hang on tightly to the bed carrying Maggie and followed Rick’s lead.

You ran as fast as you could but came to a stop the moment you noticed you were completely surrounded and had no where to run. They ordered you to get on your knees and with no choice did as they said.


You waited for a while and suddenly a man with a baseball bat got out of the RV.

He chuckled and got closer to all of you.

“Pissin’ our pants yet? Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

His voice and demeanor scared your and made shivers run down your spine. He asked for the leader and as he got the answer, he chuckled and introduced himself.

“Hi…i’m Negan…you’re Rick, right? I do not appreciate you killing you my men…”

He smirked and started talking to all of you about what was going to happen to you and the what the New world order was. As a revenge for the death of so many of his men, he revealed was going to beat one of you.

“All this…all this is just a weak pick of who gets the honor…so who’s it going to be? You? You…or maybe…you?”

He eyed you up and down and smiled standing in admiration of you. He then wondered if you were ever chosen would he really be able to kill you. He started to laugh and acted smug as if he was flirting with you.

“Yeah…how about you, honey…what’s your name?”

As you looked up at him, you suddenly heard a familiar voice objecting to him and someone surging from the crowd.

“No! No! Not her!”

You couldn’t believe your eyes and neither did your friends, it was Merle. He was well and alive after all.


When you met up with the group in Atlanta, at first, you and Merle bickered a lot and didn’t quite get along.

He was rude and an utter nuisance to the group’s well being and you just had to always put him in his place. You didn’t shy away from insulting him, smacking his head and telling him about his wrong doings.

However, just as for the others in the group, you still cared for his safety and showed your concern for him when got injured.

It made him laugh to see you that way and soon, your bickering and fighting turned into flirting and the both of you falling for one another.


One evening, inside your tent, he asked you “Say it again…” while catching your hand that was about to slap him.

You tried to get his hand away from you and got annoyed by how lightly he was treating the subject matter.

“Damn it, Merle! Were you even listening I said to stop picking fights with the others! Did you get that? Please can you just spend at least one day without causing trouble with the others…”

He chuckled and shook his head, and ended up grabbing both of your hands.

“No…I already got that part and I promise, i’ll do just as you wish…I meant the first part of your sentence, say it again…I like hearing it from you…”

You stopped trying to fight him and suddenly got shy from his request. Looking away and in a hush tone you nervously repeated just as he asked of you.

“I love you, Merle…”

He loved that no matter how mad you were at him, you reminded him you still loved him and he smiled even more while pulling you closer, he quickly gave you a kiss and hug you tightly.

“I love you too, Y/N…”

He kissed you again and was being so sweet and loving you nearly forgot the reason you got angry until you heard the ruckus outside and reminded him.

“I’m serious Merle, no more fighting with the others!”

“Okay, okay! But I’ll only promise…if you marry me…”

He took out a ring from his pocket and showed it to you. You were shocked, your eyes got watery and you had no words to describe the joy you felt.

He slipped the ring to your finger and immediately went back to kissing and hugging you.


Although, you both loved each other very much, your “marriage” was short lived as one day, you had stayed in the camp while he left for a run with the others only to be left alone.

They had come back with another man instead who revealed he had no choice but to handcuffed Merle to the rooftop.

It angered you to know this man, Rick, could ever think he could just do that and expect you to just accept it.

You and Daryl had then urged everyone to go look for him and as you did, you only found his hand instead.

No body, no evidence as to where he might’ve gone but only his hand. You cried yourself to sleep that night and many other but as you traveled you had been able to move on little by little.

By the time you got to the prison, you were able to be yourself again and help with everything that needed to be done. You even found it in yourself to forgive Rick and had grown to accept him.


Merle, on the other hand, was in Woodbury, working for the Governor. Just as you he thought about you everyday and would’ve wished going back to get you.

However, since he was found and saved by The Governor he somehow felt in debt and stayed to help him. As he met up with Andrea, he didn’t hesitate to ask her about you and Daryl. He was relieved to know you were alright the last time she saw you but it broke his heart to know how much you grieved for him.

He was determined to get back to you and tried to convince The Governor to go look for you and the others.


In the weeks that followed, he tried to figure out were you could be but as he did, Philip told him to worry and take care of other business.

By then Merle realized, he was being used and that he’ll probably never be able to leave Woodbury with the way things were. Wanting to see you and Daryl again, he came up with a plan to fake his death.

He managed to convince them and was now left alone in the world looking to find you. He remembered a prison being mentioned sheltering people and tried to look for it.

After days and days of walk, he finally arrived, he saw the place destroyed and infested with walkers. Believing you had been there, he cried thinking the worst of outcome for you.

He walked along the road and spend months and months on end trying to find the old group or at least other people, he finally met up with a group of people and found himself helping them just as he did with the Governor.


After what had happened to the prison, you and your friends had been separated only to reunited along the road.

You all finally found a place to call home and were able to settle and hope to live there for the rest of your days.

However, you still went through some ups and down and came across another group who was threatening your livelihood.


And now here you were on your knees, seeing your husband for the first time after thinking he had died. You were in such disbelief you couldn’t find the right words to say anything all while wondering if you were dreaming. 

For the first time, Merle was objecting to Negan and was trying to find a way to save all of you. 

“You can’t kill her…or any of them…”

Negan got pissed to see one of his men standing up against him and sarcastically scoffed.

“Oh my fucking bad! I didn’t knew you were in charge now? What you want me back inside the car?! Geez! Just move out the way!”

He pushed him away and tried to get back in front of you but Merle tugged on him. 

“Wait…I can convince them to give us everything…I know these people…”

He pushed him again and finally got to you and pissed he said “I don’t give a fucking damn shit if you know these people! I care to beat the holy hell out of one of them for what they did and get half of their shit!”

Looking into your eyes, he noticed tears rolling down your cheeks and your breathing being ragged, you were sobbing. 

“Oh…sweetheart…don’t cry…he’s just trying to get me to spare your lives, it’s not a bad thing…”

He chuckled and as Merle heard that, he truly believed you were going to be Lucilled and went to stand in front of you.

Looking into Negan’s eyes, he said “I don’t ever beg…but i’m begging you now…please don’t kill her…I haven’t seen her in months on end…and I miss her…”

You looked up towards and in that moment, you didn’t care about anyone around and didn’t hesitate to get up and hug him. He turned to hug you back and for what seemed like an eternity you finally felt at ease.

“I-I love you Merle…I-I really missed you…”

“I love you Y/N…”

He stroked your hair and back and listened closely to the sound of your voice. Just as you he had forgotten about everyone around, until he heard Negan chuckling.

“Oh…I get it…you love her cause she’s the wife you were looking for…If it relieves you…I never planned on killing her…but I do plan on taking her back with me…and now that I know about all this…she just got even more interesting…”

You both stood in shock and Merle didn’t want to think what he could be thinking. He turned to look at him and noticed him smirking. 

Merle felt his stomach turn and could only shake his head saying “No…no…you can’t take her away from me this way…”

Imagine Dwight and Negan being both interested in you during the line up.

(As promised, i’m back! :D unfortunately, i’m still not writing the request in order…but I hope it’s okay with everyone. Here is the Dwight and Negan request, hope you all like it and it makes sense. I also hope I got Dwight right. Gif not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owner)

From the moment, Dwight found you along Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita, he acted differently from his usual self.

He had hurt your friends but the instant you pleaded him to stop he did.

“Please! Stop…we’ll do as we’re told…just don’t hurt any of us…”

He smirked and said “And why should I listen to you! Who are you anyway…?”

“I’m…Y/N…could you please just put the gun down…”

You said holding onto your friend Daryl on the ground after he had been shot.

He listened and got the both of you near your other friends.


Instead of hurting you physically the same way as he did to your friends he would only threaten you.

"You beg for them one more time and it’ll be your last…Now get on the ground with the others!”

As the other Saviors, were preparing to meet up with the rest of your group, you waited in the woods along with your friends surrounded by the Saviors.

You had checked up on Daryl’s bullet wound and seeing the concern in your eyes Dwight had let you. Instead of yelling to you to separate he simply turned a blind eye. He didn’t even knew you yet but he already didn’t want to disappoint you.

As you all waited, you noticed how Dwight was gazing at you. You felt uncomfortable and unconsciously you scooted closer to your friends as if to hide yourself.

When night fell, you heard a voice over Dwight’s radio saying “Alright…you can bring'em over…we’re rounding them up…”

“Got it…Get up! All of you and get in the car” Dwight said while picking you up and leading to the truck. He shoved your friends in but when it came to you he subconsciously got you in the car gently.


The drive was short but it seemed like an eternity.

The car came to a stop and you heard the voices outside.

“Bring them out!”

The door of the car opened and Dwight pulled you out first and the others followed. He pushed you forward and you noticed your other friends on their knees.

Seeing how scared Rick was along with the others you started to feel even more fearful of what was happening.

As you were shoved to the ground with the others, Dwight stayed behind you with the gun pointed at you.

Another Savior then told all of you

“It’s time to meet the man!”

An RV’s door opened and someone came out.

“Pissin’ our pants yet?”


The person walked out of the darkness and revealed himself. He was a tall man with black slick hair. He wore a leather jacket, with a red scarf and held a barbed wire baseball bat.

He chuckled and “Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

You shiver in fear and obviously couldn’t hide it well from the Saviors.

Dwight felt bad and wanted to comfort you. He could only looked down on you and drew himself closer to you to somewhat reassure you.

Negan looked at all of you and it made him laugh even harder. He looked back and noticed you and Dwight. He walked over to you and eyed you up and down.

“Well…what do we have here…”

He lowered himself to your level and said “I’m Negan and you?”

You stared at him intensely and he chuckled and got up in your face making comments

“That’s an adorable face your giving me!…What are you? Disappointed?Angry? Mad? Whatever it is, besides cute it can’t possibly look threatening…So, What’s your name?”

Dwight answered in your stead and told him “Her name’s Y/N…”

You stared back at Dwight and told him

“You don’t need to answer for me…I can do it myself…”

Your answer caused Negan to smile and as you looked back at him you told him “My name’s Y/N…”

Negan raised an eyebrow out of curiosity and asked “Really? Well Y/N…you have an absolutely pretty face…as well as the rest of you from what I see…”

Still inspecting you he continued “Mmhm… yeah you look good…I also mean it as you seem to be the only one who doesn’t look like shit…Did you follow all my men’s order because I can’t think of another reason as to why you’re in a such good condition…”


Dwight cut you off and answered “It only took one threat from me for this one to stop! That’s why!”

“Hmm…I see…A listener…I like that!”

You got angry at the both of them but didn’t dare to say anything more out of fear of what might happen of you did.

However, when Negan playfully tapped your cheek, you pulled yourself away from his touch and boldly told him “Don’t touch me…”

He laughed and said “Oh…a fighter as well! A shame you’re part of whatever group this is…I’m going to have to teach all of you a lesson and I’ll have to include you…”

Thinking you made a mistake with your response, you shook your head and you slowly started to tear up and told him

“You don’t have to do this! We were only defending ourselves…please…don’t hurt us…”

Negan wiped your tears away and shook his head

“No, don’t beg like that…Don’t act all innocent…you killed my men and expected to kill me in the process…you’re as dangerous as the others here!”

He simply chuckled.


Dwight had noticed you shaking and obviously that you were crying. He wanted to protect you and tried to come up with an excuse

“She’s dangerous but in all honesty she isn’t much a threat…she keeps begging for other people’s lives, clearly she’s a softie…”

He looked at you and smiled and it made Negan curious.

He looked at him and said “I didn’t asked you…Why do you keep answering for her?”

Dwight then got nervous and said “What? No i’m not!”

He got up and it took one look at Dwight to make Negan realize as to why he had kept talking in your place

“Oh…I get it…You like her don’t you!”

He said pointing at you and smiling.

Dwight stuttered “ Wh-What? No! I-I don’t like her! She just understood me the first time and shut her mouth unlike her friends! I’m only telling you what I know about her!”

He looked back at you and said “Wow! See the power you have over this guy…You just met and he’s clearly head over heels for you!”

You looked back at Dwight and he could only stare back at you for a moment and then look away. 

Negan put his free hand on his chest and then said “Aww…i’m honestly touched…you guys are quite cute together…”

His words somehow made you blush and Dwight just couldn’t say anything.

Negan laughed and then got a serious look on him. He dropped his hand and told Dwight “But it’s a shame you’ll never be with her, buddy…”

Dwight felt his stomach drop at Negan’s word as the only thing he could think of was him eliminating you.


Fearing for the worst to happen, your tears had started to come back and you could see that your friends were as anxious as you.

Dwight then just couldn’t hide his anger at what Negan had said and asked “What? Y-you can’t kill her! This isn’t what you had planned!”

He got in front of you and closer to Negan. Negan backed away as Dwight was yelling at him. His attitude had surprised you and especially Negan.

Negan smiled and said “I didn’t say anything about killing her…I was just thinking of something else…”

He walked away from Dwight to get back closer to you to get a clear look at you

“I don’t know if you could tell but…from the start of all of this…I had my eyes on you as well…I mean there’s a reason I got to you first…So the only thing I can think of now is to please you…you know because I want you to choose me over this guy!”

Dwight turned around quickly and stared at Negan as he smiled at you.

Negan continued “So i’m guessing what you want right now is your friends to be safe and sound right?”

Not letting you answer he told you “So…how about I take you away with me as a hostage, I don’t kill one of you as I had planned and you guys give us half of your shit…That way, you’re happy and i’m happy!”

You looked around at your friends and said to Negan “Please…there must be another way…there must be…”

He was taken back and answered “There is another way… it involves one of your friends dying and still me getting your supplies…So really, there’s only one option for you.”

“Why? Why, me?” You said quietly

Negan got his ear closer to you and understood your words. In disbelief, he told you “Why? Well, I told you…I’m starting to like you and now I want to know more of you! So i’m offering your friends lives just impress you! I’m trying as much as I can here!”

Not wanting to see your friends hurt and him getting mad you wiped your tears away and reluctantly told him “I-I understand…I’ll go with you…”

He smirked and grabbed your arm to get you up.

He held your arm and turned around to tell Dwight “Looks like Y/N is choosing me…see Dwight…this is how you get a girl!”


He told everyone to go get the supplies in Alexandria and to bring your friends back.

He then told your group “Alright! Everyone, party’s over! I got what I wanted and something even better than seeing one of you die. So, as of now you are dismissed!” 

He laughed and then held you close to him to bring you to his RV. 

You turned to look at what was happening to your friends and noticed Dwight.

He had gotten mad about the situation and obviously couldn’t hide his feelings for you. He was red with anger and his knuckles white from the fist he was making. He then walked in a fast pace towards you and Negan.

He grabbed Negan’s shoulder and turned him around to punch him and said “I-I found her first! If anything she’s mine!”

Negan caught his cheek and laughed “I guess, you’re not giving up…You really like her that much?”

He turned to you and playfully said “Y/N…looks like i’m not the only one you’re leaving with…with two men liking you this is going to be really interesting!”

He bit his lip and smiled at you and smirked back at Dwight. 

At his words, you could only be worried of what might happen next.

Imagine getting shot in the eye instead of Carl and he freaks out.

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :D It’s super fluffy in the end!! Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

The walls of Alexandria had been destroyed.

You were all in a state of panic and had tried to run towards the closest house possible.

Luckily Jessie was just outside of hers and had taken down the walkers in front of it to let you all in.


As everyone went to take care of Deanna’s wound, Carl approached you.

He grabbed your hand and held it tightly.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

You were out of breath from the whole running and could only nod at him. He stroked your hair and kissed your forehead before leaving to go see what Ron was up to.

You sat there for a while and tried to process everything that had just happened and what was happening outside.


The next moment, Carl and Ron came back and the walkers had breach the house.

You went in to help them hold the doors but soon there were so many of them you couldn’t anymore.

Everyone decided to make their way upstairs and find another solution.

Rick and Michonne then told you to get a bed sheets and cloak yourself with the guts of a walker.

You followed their orders and helped Carl with his cloak while he helped with yours.

As everyone got ready, you all held each others hand and made your way outside.

Walkers filled the streets and had obligated you to walk at a very slow pace.

As the hours passed, Rick had decided it was better to make your way towards the cars and try to round them up and get them away.

You stayed in between Carl and Ron and kept going.


When night fell you suddenly came to a stop. You looked forward and realized Sam had let go out of fear and was in a state of panic.

He was crying and just couldn’t move. His mother was trying to get his attention back and so did his brother.

You looked around and saw the walkers getting closer and closer to all of you. You tried to urge Carl to move forward but he couldn’t as Jessie was still trying to get her son.

Suddenly Sam got caught by the walkers and bitten. As it happened in front of all of you, Jessie started to scream and cry, only to attract more walkers.

She then got bit as well and her grip tightened around Carl’s hand. He tried to let go to keep moving on but couldn’t.

He yelled for his father to do something and it woke him up. He started to chop Jessie’s arm with his ax.

He kept at it until it got completely off. You and Carl fell to the ground and you saw his gun get dropped.

Ron went to get it and as you and Carl got up he pointed it at you.

He was in tears and you could tell he was nervous and anxious and was ready to fire.

“Ron, don’t do anything stupid…” You whispered looking at him while raising your hands.

“You don’t need to do this, Ron, we can survive together…” Carl said while trying to get in front of you to shield you away from Ron.

He shook his head and everyone could tell he was going to shoot. Rick screamed but the next moment Michonne had put her sword through him.


As he died, his muscles tensed and shot fire.

In that instant, you had pushed Carl out of the way and felt an intense pain in your right eye. Your vision got extremely blurry and bloody.

Everyone stood in shock and Carl then called out to you. You heard him vaguely and turned to look at him.

“Carl?” You said in a confused tone before fainting and falling to the ground.

Carl freaked out and started to scream your name.

“Y/N! Y/N?! No…”

Carl got close to you as quick as he could and grabbed a hold of you. He carried you and Rick went in to help him.

They ran towards the infirmary as fast as they could and Michonne slashed through the walkers to keep them away.

Carl was in a real state of panic, he didn’t want to believe what was happening and tried to wake you up.

Rick was behind and told him to calm down but he just couldn’t. He thought of all the good memories you had together since you have met in Atlanta and was afraid to really lose you.


When they finally arrived at the infirmary you were lucky Denise was there.

They immediately laid you on the table and everyone went to work to get you better.

Carl stayed by your side and held your hand. He was crying and kept telling you, you were going to be alright.

Denise started to remove the bullet and then stitch your wound.

Rick couldn’t stand doing nothing and had decided to go kill the walkers. Michonne wanted to go as well but waited to be sure you were all stitched up.

She told Denise to hurry but she reminded her she was in the middle of surgery.  

As she finished up, Michonne kissed your forehead and left to join Rick outside.

Carl didn’t want to leave you but he was so angry about himself for letting this happen to you, he had to let his anger out.

He grabbed the nearest weapon, kissed your forehead and made his way towards the door. He helped everyone kill the walkers in the street and didn’t stop until the sun rise.


When everything stopped, he made his way into the infirmary and went to your room.

He sat next to your bed and still couldn’t believe what had happened. Looking at how you were, he started to tear up and blame himself.

“T-this is all my fault…I-It should’ve been me…not you…you don’t deserve this Y/N…I did…I couldn’t protect you…”

He started to sob and lay his head in between his head. He thought about your smile and how you made him laugh during rough times.

He thought about the times you spent together since you arrived in Alexandria and all the good stuff that had happen since.

You had offer him happiness and he was eternally grateful for you. He was angry at himself thinking he couldn’t even give you that same feeling in that moment and kept blaming himself for it.

“I’m sorry, Y/N…I’m useless…I couldn’t even protect you when you needed me to…I’m sorry…”


As he sobbed and cried by your side, you suddenly heard your name faintly.

You slowly gained strength and felt like you could slowly open your eyes.

As you tried, you realized one eye was unable to and only felt a stinging pain in it. You gave up on it and turned to look where the sound came from.

You noticed it was Carl and couldn’t be any happier to see him. You immediately smile but soon you realized he was crying.

You mustered up the strength to lift your hand and reassure him that everything was alright.

As you did, you put your hand over his head and he raised to look at you.

He cupped your face with one hand and wiped away his tears with the others.

“Y/N?! You okay?” He said looking worried.

You chuckled at him and nodded. You stroked his hair and said “Yeah…I’m fine…a little headache…but it’s okay…”

He shook his head and couldn’t help but hug you in that moment.

“I’m sorry Y/N… I’m really sorry…”

You hugged him back and just didn’t understand what he was sorry for what.

“Carl…I don’t get it…why are you sorry…”

He cried into your shoulder and explained what had happened. 

You then knew what he meant and said “It’s not your fault…It was Ron being foolish and pulling a gun on me that cause this…not you…It could never be you…”

He felt comforted hearing you say that in such a cheerful tone and tried to forgive himself.

As he backed away from you, you smiled at him brightly and wiped his tears.

“I’m fine Carl…really…”

He grabbed your wrist and smiled back at you nodding. He kissed your wrist and it made you chuckle.

“If you say so, Y/N…”

He took a deep breath and smiled at you.

“I love you Y/N…no matter what…”

You chuckled at him and got a little shy from his words.

“Really? Even with one eye…”

Your comment finally made him laugh a little and he nodded.

“Yes…even with one eye…I still love you…I love you…”

You reached for his arm and pulled him over you. You grabbed the back of his neck and you rested your forehead on his and whispered “I love you too Carl…thank you for making me feel better…”

He closed his eyes and believed your every word.

Preference "How they cuddle"

(Here is the cuddling request! I hope it’s okay that I used gif with the characters rather than a specific cuddling gif…I couldn’t find all of them so I gave up :( and went with these ones instead…Hope you all like it and it’s not too short :D Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/Found them on google )  

Negan- Since he is very possessive of you, he would probably always hold you closely to him as much as possible when cuddling. He would make sure you knew how much you meant to him just by his grip on you. To be sure that you loved him back he would always grab your arms to hold him back. 

Merle- He would probably act like a baby when cuddling and want you to be the big spoon as to hold him tightly from the back. He would wrap your arms in his and make sure you knew how much he appreciates you cuddling this way. When he feels a little down he would mostly lay on your chest and want you to hold him.

Daryl- He wouldn’t appreciate physical contact at first but over time he really enjoys you wrapping your arms around him as if to comfort him. At night, he would usually turn around and hug you back. He would rest his chin on top of your head and make sure you felt safe in his arms.

Rick- He would probably cuddle with you by the side. As in he would wrap an arm behind your back while the other hand is holding yours. While sleeping he would also give you light kisses over your face and it would tickle you. Then he would put your head to rest on his shoulder and he would lazily rest his on yours.

Michonne- She would probably make you rest your head over her chest and hold you. One hand over your arm and the other holding your head. You would hug her back and hold her waist tightly. She also really enjoys when you surprise her with back hugs.

Carl- He would mostly hold you from behind and bury his face in the crook of your neck to rest and feel comfort. When you would turn around you would hug him back and press your forehead against his. You would stare at each other and giggle. Eventually you would both get sleepy and end up sleeping in this position.

Glenn- He would hold you tightly against him while spooning. Once you turn around you lay your head on his chest and intertwine your fingers. He would then wrap an arm around your waist and fall asleep this way.

Maggie- When you would lay on your stomach she would rest herself on you and hold your waist. She would rest her head next to yours and press her cheeks against yours. Once you turned around she would lay on your chest and you would hold her tightly against you.

Imagine being Negan's sister and you finally reunite (pt.2)

(So I had a few request for a follow up on this imagine…no specifics so I just went the fluffy route with this one. Hope you all like it and it makes sense :D yay for Negan being a cute brother and Daryl being weirded out XD. Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/ Found it on google)

You woke up and you found yourself in bed. You looked around and noticed your brother asleep in the chair across the room.

You threw a pillow at him and it woke him up. You laughed but he was surprised.

“You haven’t change…” He said smiling.

“You okay?”

You laughed and said “I’m fine”
But then remembering you were carrying a child you touched your stomach to feel it.

You panicked a moment but Negan got up and held your hand.
“It’s…it’s fine Y/N…the baby’s fine…” He said with a concern look.
“I had someone competent to check on you.. After you blacked out…”

“Oh…and it’s alright?”

He nodded and said “Y/N tell me who the father is? I’ll fucking kill him for what he did?!”

You laughed at his attitude and said “Calm down!…The father is…someone I love…and we’ve been together for quite some time…”

“You sure you wanna raise a kid in this world…?”

“Because it’s him…yeah I’m sure…besides we have Alexandria to stay safe in and not to mention the baby will have a crazy uncle for protection,,,” You said with a grin

He laughed but then said "Hmm…You make a point…Is he from that place of yours…part of that other group…”

“I’m part of that other group! And yes he’s also part of it…”

Your brother looked sad and said “Does this mean…you’re leaving me ? And going back there?”

You nodded and explained “I have to…there my friends and…the father of my child is there too…”

He understood and jokingly said “Fine…go back to your new family and abandon me…”

You hit him in the shoulder just as you did when you were you’re younger and said “I’m not abandoning you, you idiot!…You can come visit us…and besides didn’t you tell your people to not hurt anyone I hold dear…Maybe your group and mine can get along…you are their leader…”

He looked at you and laughed. He then said “Only, If you can convince your group to not kill any of my people anymore…”


The next morning your brother and a few of his men drove down the road and you all got to the gates of Alexandria.

Daryl was about to take his bike and go look for you.

You got out of the car with your brother and immediately the gates opened and were met with Daryl. He ran to you and went to grab you for a tight hug.

He didn’t even care about the Saviors around and he just held you.
Rick got out holding his gun to your brother and said “What are you doing with these people Y/N! What do they want!”

You got out of Daryl’s arms and told him “Don’t worry…they won’t hurt us…Negan…their leader is my brother…”

Daryl looked at you and said “What…? Why didn’t you say anything about this…?

"I…wasn’t sure it was him at first…”

He hugged you again and said “Do you know how much I was worried about you…”

You held him tighter as you had missed him. You then mumbled to his chest “I missed you too…”

Your brother got closer to Rick and lowered his gun and said “ My sister…keeps insisting that I shouldn’t hurt any of you…because she holds all of you dear…I won’t…”

Rick looked at you and you nodded to assure him. 

Negan then turned to you and looked at Daryl from head to toe.

He got closer to him and said “As for you…You do one more stupid thing and I swear i’ll be your worst nightmare!”

Daryl was shocked and confused and said “W-what…? I…I didn’t do anything…”

“How do you explain her being pregnant! Man, Y/N you sure you want your child to grow up with a slow minded father!” Negan said while looking back at you.

Daryl was surprised by your brother’s reaction and said “We…we love each other…and it’s not a stupid thing…” Daryl glared at your brother and suddenly you intervened and said “Negan…please…it takes two to make a child… You can’t just blame him…”

Negan started to laugh and said “I’m joking! I’m joking! Can’t I scare him a little bit?" He shook his shoulder playfully. He then pulled him into a hug and patted his back roughly.

Daryl was weirded out and simply stood still.

You shook your head and laughed at the sight of your new family together.

RP Secret Santa

So I don’t know if people are already doing this, and I know we’re barely out of Halloween but

                              Let’s make a Secret Santa!!

What is this?

Every one who participates gets assigned one blog to whom they will give a present come Christmas!! (Please note: this date is indicative. Just try to send your gift during the holiday season)

What do I give them?

It could be anything!! A drabble, a painting, a fanart, a promo… be creative!!

What if I don’t know them?

Yeah, that happens. It’s okay!! You can use the time you have until Christmas to get to know them!! Take a look at their blog, at the very least :)

If you really think you can’t overcome the whole not-knowing-them thing, for whatever reason, it’s okay too :) Send me a message and we can figure something out. 

Who can do it?

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How do I sign in?

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Are there any other rules?

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Have fun, and Happy Holidays!!!