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I no longer want to cry
when I think of you

And I know it sound crazy,
but that thought
doesn’t make me happy,
because it means that I’m moving on
from someone who I loved so much.

It means that I’m losing a piece of you
inside my mind and heart

and the part of me
that still wants to hold on,

—  It means that I’m emotionally getting used to not having you around

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Imagine meeting The Governor along the rode but him not telling you who he used to be, only to be discovered once you find your group

(My first full Governor one shot :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After everything that had happened at the Greene family farm, you found yourself separated from the friends you made back in Atlanta and all alone.

You had tried to look for them in the few days afterwards but no sign of anyone you knew. You had felt like giving up on yourself but as you remembered the hard work you had done to be alive up until now, you decided to keep forward.

Without any of them, you had to quickly learn to fend for yourself and to make anything you need of the little supplies you had.

You never gave up on the thought of finding your friends and it kept you moving forward everyday.

Months and months on end had pass and still no one. Nonetheless, you made yourself little camp each day and moved little by little in hopes to see them all again.


One day, while walking along the wide road, you came across a man. He seemed to haven’t had some company in a while considering his lenghty hair and beard.

He looked odd with how dirty he was and as you squinted, you noticed him actually missing an eye.

He intrigued you in a way that you couldn’t help yourself but to walk in a slower in pace, in hopes you’ll have no choice but to bump into him.

You hadn’t seem much people lately that any sort of human interaction was worth it at this point.

After Woodbury had burnt to the ground, Philip was left alone in the world. With no where to go, and no one else to come along, he travelled the road on his own, in hopes to find the right people and maybe one day, take revenge on Rick and his group at the prison.

The thought of it, made him restless at night and tireless during the day. He walked and walked but wasn’t entirely sure as to where he was going but just kept moving on.

On the road, he did just as usual and moved on to find another place for shelter and food. He hadn’t notice anyone on the road with his eye simply looking at the ground.

Suddenly he heard some footsteps approaching and instantly grabbed his gun to point forward, eyes darting up.

You froze in place and just as him grabbed your gun as well.

The instant your eyes met, he felt a strange sense of relief and without realizing, he lowered his gun.

“What do you want?” he asked.

His voice caught you off guard but really what else could you expect from a stranger. You too a few step back and had just realized, his voice was the first you heard in a long while.

It felt comforting to hear someone else rather than your own or your thoughts that you smiled at him.

It surprised him to see your reaction and truly he couldn’t figure out as to what was happening. Slightly scared, he did just as you, backing away and was about to turn around and leave.

In that instant, you got closer and talked to him.

“Wait! I-I don’t want anything…I have enough supplies for myself…”

He turned back and eyed you up and down, noticing how big your bags were. He felt bad seeing such a person on their own with so many things to carry and thought to himself that he wouldn’t mind offering you help, if you ever asked for it.

As he looked back, you got quiet for a moment before stuttering out whatever else you had to say.

“I’ll be honest with you…I haven’t seen much people lately…You’re the first I have encountered at this point…”

From your sudden change of behavior, it made him chuckle on the spot and he realized himself smiling for the first time in a long while.

“And what? What can I do for you?”

You shrugged hearing him and told him of your situation.

“Well…I’ve been looking for my friends for a long while but still can’t seem to find any of them…Maybe…we can…travel together and find them…”

Hearing those words, strangely didn’t made him uneasy as he just felt like he needs to help you out.

He walked closer and closer and reached his arm out to remove your heaviest bag from your shoulder.

You wanted to push him away but the gentleness from his attitude had just let him do whatever.

He carried your bag on his shoulder instead and started to walk back towards the way you were going to.

Confused, you finally found the courage to yell at him.

“Hey! My bag!”

He chuckled again and simply turn at you. He winked and signalled you to come closer to him.

“We’re traveling together from now on…You Remember? It’s your idea…Besides you shouldn’t be carrying such heavy things…”

You did just as he asked and just felt like smiling to finally come across someone rather charming.

You walked alongside for a moment before turning to give him a handshake.

“I’m Y/N by the way…I figure since we’re traveling together now…Might as well introduce myself…”

He nodded and smiling at you, he offered you his hand.


“So Philip…What brings you here?”

Your question threw him off guard and he truly didn’t know how to answer properly. He didn’t want to think about all of it and decided to only let you know what he deemed was right for you.

“I-I’m looking for a place to stay safe…”

“Did you ever had any other people with you…like a group…”

You learned he had been alone from the start and how he lost his family to the world, just as you.

You both ended spending quite some time talking to each other that you couldn’t deny that you felt good to finally have someone to talk to.

He made you laugh and smile and you knew in the few hours, you had a new friend in him.


Quickly, your friendship grew stronger with days and weeks that passed, only for it to turn into genuine feelings on his side.

Every day your enthusiasm and cheerfulness brought him out of his dark thoughts and he couldn’t help but even forget about his revenge.

It wasn’t useful or necessary for him at this point. Travelling to different places and scavenging around with you was enough to bring him what he had been yearning for lately, happiness and that he felt it with you around.

He hoped you felt the same for him and tried his best to make his intentions known and somewhat clear.


One evening, after eating around your little fire, he had decided to finally cut his hair and shave off his beard, hoping that you might prefer him if he didn’t look as dirty as this.

To his surprise, you offered to help and he couldn’t deny you. Feeling your hands, in his hair and how careful you were to trim it properly, made his heart skip a few beats.

At a certain point, he wanted to trim his beard on his own but you ended up kneeling in front of him to continue on with your work.

Your delicate hands all over his face made him flush and just want to pull you to him. You chuckled as the hair in his face came down and just had to back away for a moment to compliment him.

“Wow…I can’t believe you’ve been hiding all this under all of that…You’re really handsome…”

He stared at you for a long while and into your eyes, making you subconscious about your actions and words.

“You find me handsome?”

You wanted to get up and leave, making him grab your wrist to keep you still for a moment. Getting embarrassed, you managed to get away from him and walked away.

“Y/N, I-I just need to know-”

However, little did you knew a walker had made its way closer to your camp and grabbed a hold of you.


In that instant, Philip only saw red and quickly ran over to help you. He pushed the walker away from you and putting himself in front of you, he grabbed at its throat.

With all his might, he lead it towards the nearest tree and let his rage out, by pulling and digging at its throat. Blood spewed and finally it stopped moving around.

He was out of breath but still the only thing on his mind was your safety. He turned around and looking at you pleadingly, he asked you if you were fine.

“Are you alright?”

It had took by surprised and had in all honesty shaken you to feel that walker all over. You shook your head and instantly felt his arms wrapping around you.

He started to stroke your hair to comfort you and without hesitation you hugged him back. You found yourself enjoying his warmth and comfort so much, you cried into his chest, missing such feeling in a long while.

“Y/N…D-don’t cry…I’m right here…I’m here for you…”

You held onto him even more hearing him speak, making him finally confess all of his feelings for you.

“I-I’ll always be here for you…”

You looked up at him, curious to his meaning and felt his hand reaching to tuck your hair and cup your cheek.

Feeling like you knew what he meant by that, you felt like it was better to smile at him and be able to laugh it off.

You nodded and whispered, “I know you will…You nearly risked your life for me…You’re such an idiot…”

Your comment made him smile as well and stroking your cheek, he inched closer.

“And i’ll do it all over again…”

Before you could smile even more, he pressed his lips to yours, making you kiss him back instantly.

You realized how much he meant to you and remembered everything that had happened between you and him to get at this point.


Months and months had passed and still your happiness with him hasn’t changed. You and him grew stronger together and your love for one another was undeniable.

You felt like you knew everything about him and just had a feeling of how good and kind he must’ve been before all of this.

Despite feeling guilty at times, he could never truly bring himself to tell you the whole truth of his past and would usually avoid answering your questions whenever you would get too curious.


One morning, as you were both walking hand in hand as usual, you both finally came upon a high gate at the end of the road.

You got surprisingly excited and just tried to figure out as to what was written on the sign. You didn’t knew how long you had walked away from each camp but from the license plates you knew you were in a whole different place.

You read out loud the sign, “Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers.”

It made him scoff and shake his head.

“That’s welcoming…Come on let’s keep going…”

You held him back and shook your head.

“No…Philip…We can’t…We have to go see them…”

He exhale knowing your reasoning, your friends. From their personalities and their names, he could tell exactly that he had come across them and just didn’t want you to meet any of them.

You were his and he just felt like keeping you to himself rather than see Rick again and have him taking you away.

He knew he wouldn’t ever let that happening but if you were as close to Rick as you claimed to be than he knew he’d have to really kill the man to stop it.

He gave out a usual excuse and tried to persuade you.

“Y/N…It’s been months since you’ve seen them…What makes you think they got there?”

You reached for his other hand and tried your best to look and sound pitiful.

“But…We don’t know yet…They might be or not…We just have to check…Besides we’re not plunderers…I’m pretty sure we’re lost!”

As he listened, his emotion went from exasperated to happy from your silly little remark.

Still he tried to be stern but in the end, let you pull him towards the place all while smiling and making promises that he knew you’d keep.


You finally both arrived at the gate and instantly were greeted by a rather unfamiliar face. The man asked you nervously as to who you were and as to what you both wanted.

You explained your situation and suddenly the man froze at the mention of Rick’s name. He asked to be certain you were talking about the same person and was just shocked to hear you.

Quickly, he went down and seemed to have leaved you for a moment. Instantly, you smiled at the news and thought of seeing your friends again and turned to Philip.

You hugged him out of excitement and were just enthusiastic about maybe seeing Rick again.

He tried his best to contain his worries and disappointment, only to end up letting his frown show and his hold on you to be cold.

You wanted you ask him as to what bothered him so much, only to be interrupted by the sound of the gate behind you opening.

You finally heard a familiar voice calling you, that of Rick’s and instantly turned to see him. You smiled and so did he for a fraction of a second before seeing his eyes widen in shock.


Instantly, he reached over to grab your arm and pull you away from Philip before aiming his gun at him, along with everyone else around.


You were shocked, you couldn’t understand as to what was happening and just got angry to see him act this way.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

In a stern tone, he kept you back and told you, “I’m keeping you safe! What did he do to you? Why is he here?”

Your anger slowly turned into true confusion and you just stared at Philip and back at Rick.

“What do you mean? You know him?”

With no hesitation, he told you what had happened and spared you nearly no details.

“He tried to kill us back in Woodbury…Called himself the Governor…Got Maggie and Glenn and tortured them…Tormented Michonne over there…That’s why he’s missing an eye…”

He went on and despite Philip trying to interrupt, he didn’t let him and went on with his explanations.

It shocked you even more at this point and you couldn’t believe it. Was he really telling you the truth? But then what about the things Philip had told you, where they all lies. You didn’t know what to say or do that you simply stared at him.

Before Rick could keep going, Philip felt like it was his right to talk to you.

“Y/N don’t listen to him…I love you…I’ve been here for you…Whatever he says it’s not the truth…I never done those things…”

Rick was even more pissed and just started to raise his voice before the others joined in to confirm his side of the story, making you lost in your thoughts.

From the way Philip’s eye shifted nervously and how he tries to raise his voice, you knew by then it was part of the truth and just didn’t knew what to do with all of it.

Just as you Philip saw your doubts and just started to not care for the others and to repeat to you that he loves you, in hopes you’ll hear him out.


Holland Roden, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki crackship

The Winchesters&Banshee - requested by anon

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Lycanthropy | Remus Lupin

Request: Could you do a younger Remus Lupin x reader where the reader is a werewolf also but she doesn’t tell him because she doesn’t want to scare him off, because SHE doesn’t know that HE is a werewolf either? 

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Once a month I turn into a monster. Once a month I have to hide from everyone I care to protect them. Once a month the beast awakes.

Two nights before the full moon, I was sitting by the fireplace with my boyfriend Remus. It was a cold evening in the early winter months, so we decided to stay in the common room just relaxing because I was getting a “cold”. Of course what I was starting to feel was nothing compared to a cold. The beast was starting to awake so I had to disappear, or as Remus knows “going to visit my forgetful aunt that lives near Hogsmeade to help her and see if she’s okay.” This whole aunt thing is a complete lie, I have no aunt to help but that was a lie Remus have to believe in order for me to protect him.

I hate keeping secret and lying to someone I care about and has shown me nothing but love and acceptance of who I am. But I was terrified that I could scare him or even worse, hurt him.

“Sweetheart?” Remus sweet voice brought me back to reality. I looked at him treasuring his beautiful face. He had a tired expression and his eyes looked sunken in almost sickly, but still beautiful.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” I said a little embarrassed by not paying him attention. He just smiled at me and repeated himself. “I said if you would like a cup of hot chocolate or some tea. For you to feel better and keep yourself warm.” 

I smiled and gave him a little nod, “I’ll go”  I say as I stand up putting on my shoes. Remus stood up confused “No darling, you’re sick. Let me go. I don’t want you to get cold and getting more sick.” He said worriedly.

“Rems, you are actually looking more sick than what I do. It looks like you haven’t slept in days. Please, I go. Besides, you’ve been taking care of me all day. Now it’s my turn to take care of you.”  He protested at first but finally let me got.

On my way to the kitchen, I made a stop to the hospital wing, to talk to madame Pomfrey about the upcoming day. 

Back from the kitchen, I got into the common room with two cups of hot chocolate in my hand. I gave one to Remus and sat down next to him, handing him his and getting once again comfortable by his side.

The day was finally here, I left in the early morning hours into the forbidden forest.

The transformation was hurtful as always, I started to wander around the forest making sure to say hidden from everything.

On my final night, when the sun started to appear behind the castle I could feel I was starting to become myself again. As I started to emerge from the woods, I walked to the castle feeling weak but knowing I was going to be seeing the man I love soon I a couple of hours.  I spotted four figures in the distance near the Whomping Willow.  I keep walking getting near to them when I spot him. Remus was between those figures leading me to the conclusion that the other three around him would be Sirius, James, and Peter. 

Remus and his friends, as well as me, stood there frozen, looking at each other. It suddenly hit me what was going on. Remus was like me and he got that idea as well because without a word he walked at me and hugged me. The other decided to give us our space going there walking to the castle. 

With tears rolling down my cheeks, Remus held my face between his wand and made me look into his eyes. He wipes my tears with his thumb and says “You are very strong, but you don’t have to do this alone. Why didn’t you told me?” He said sadly.

Words were getting stuck in my thought but I answered him still crying. 

“I was trying to protect you, and I was afraid that  you could fear me because of what I am.“ 

He stares into my eyes and understood why I didn’t tell him before because he did the same for the exact same reason.

He hugged me again kissing me on the top of the head, after a few moment like that, as the sky became clear, we both walked into the Gryffindor’s tower up into his room to sleep. all the way through the corridors, and up into his room, neither of us said a word. We both were able to realize that the love we felt for each other honest and true. with those thoughts in mind, we laid down on his bed and fell asleep together getting actual rest in a very long time.

“Can you stop dabbing?” TOP scenario

Requested by anon; Could you please make a story with #30 and T.O.P. ? 

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Seunghyun had gotten himself lost in the youngsters trends. Especially dabbing. He would dab at literally everything. He would sneeze, then dab. He would wash his hands or brush his teeth, then dab. At first it was hilarious, but after a while it started to annoy you.

You were walking from the mall with Seunghyun. You were surrounded by shouting paparazzis. Seunghyun started dabbing for the cameras and accidentally hit you in the face. You yelped and held your cheek.

“Yah! Can you stop dabbing for once? You’re getting more annoying than those teenagers” You complained. He grinned at you like a rebellious kid and dabbed once more. You groaned and started walking faster. Seunghyun quickly caught up with your short legs and lifted you up, carrying you in bridal style to the car.

“I apologize ma lady” He said formally. You giggled and hit his shoulder as he carefully put you down and opened the car door.


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