not mine but i wanted them in the same place


The memory of the people is very short. I knew I was there to carry their message, their stories, but at the same time it was all wishful thinking, in one place so you’re worthless, you have to feel useless. I’m just a fucking actor, I was an idiot. But I wanted to help them and I fought this feeling. They are people who have lost everything, lawyers, doctors, are like you and me, they’re afraid, they are alone and full of doubt.- Theo James. 

This picture is so symbolic to me. It was taken at my grandparents house. It perfectly represents them. Y’all wouldn’t understand, cause ya don’t know them. But here’s the deal….

Ma loves plants… and she certainly has a special touch when it comes to growing them. I mean, we’ll buy plants at the same time, same place, same plant, I’ll take perfect care of mine (so I think), but then I go visit her, and her’s are like 10x bigger than mine lol. Anything she touches GROWS! I’ve never been able to get coleus to grow from seed… but here we have a fine example of how much plants love Ma, a cute little coleus babe, growing freely in front of the walkway… not planted… it just wanted to be there. 

Pa is a “mechanic”… and he certainly has his own way of doing things! He’ll take a good running car, and find 10 things “wrong” with it. He’ll say “well this doesn’t need to be here!” as he’s pulling wires out from under the hood. Sometimes he fixes things, sometimes they never run right again. lol. In the most recent years, he’s been tinkering with old riding lawnmowers. He’ll take pieces from this and that, puts them together, cuts scrap metal to build parts, fabricating the entire mower into something different. He takes the blades off, and makes them into little “tractors”. Just something to keep him busy. He can never sit still, sometimes we worry about him cause he wears himself out, but really… it’s what keeps him going. It’s what makes him happy. He’s always been such a hard worker. And quite crafty I must add! 

This picture just means so much to me. I don’t know why, but I love it so much. It portrays both of them. Ma, and how plants love her… and Pa, with his many projects, nuts and bolts scattered everywhere. I just love it. I love my family so much. I’m SO blessed to have such amazing grandparents. They have made me so much of who I am. Forever grateful for them. <3

jaderz-mega-yikes  asked:

What do you like more: the moon or the stars? What do you like most about them? Where is your favorite place to be and your favorite person to be at the place with? What's your favorite memory? (I like deep questions ☺) 🌌💕💕

imma let nicole answer this when she gets the time, but here are mine:

  1. the stars.  they’re always there in generally the same place no matter how much time goes between not seeing them.  I also couldn’t see them for most of my life because I needed glasses, so seeing stars for the first time I very much remember. I love them.
  2. I’m gonna say the Irish countryside, and honestly I’d want to be there alone (sorry Nicole)
  3. honestly, that first seeing the stars memory is probably right up there.. but I’m gonna go with the first time i got frostbite because it’s so darn funny :D

~ Lucy

  1. stars. my dad and i took some pictures of the stars in november with a special lens and i’ve never seen so many of them in my life there’s just so many of them and they’re so beautiful and they’ve been there for so long and i want to wrap myself up in the stars and sleep
  2. my favorite place to be is just someplace safe with people who love me? people feel more like home to me than places so make of that what you will
  3. i’m not sure what my favorite memory is right now? i tried to think of a happy one but all i can think of are goodbyes and that one waltz last spring where everything came together for me and my partner and it felt safe and perfect and right but that doesn’t exist anymore so.. i guess something i’m proud of is my showing last semester where i choreographed, performed, directed, and produced the show in addition to making my own costumes and running both the lights and sound (sorry i would suck at making a patronus tbh)


A goal of mine...

I am working to get to a place where I feel genuinely excited and happy about my partner’s partners/potential partners. I want to celebrate them.

I work every day to get to the root of my feelings and not just acknowledge the symptoms. I am so grateful that my partner is patient, willing to listen, and non-judgmental. That goes a really, really long way. And I promise to do my best to always provide that same support.

anonymous asked:

What made you all want to be agents ? If you were recruited like Carol, what made you say yes and what was it about you that made them want to recruit you in the first place ?

I was going to be a cop and they took me. I said yes because its the same thing but you get to make more of a difference. I don’t know what they saw in me. Still don’t and I run the place.

- James.

I was recommended. The father of a good friend of mine from school was in it. Suggested that they keep a look out for me. They did.

- Walter.

Fuck oliver tbh

The dude deletes connor application for one of the best universities there is because he doesn’t want his boyfriend to leave him…… only to dump him weeks later…… not only that but he gets a job at the same place that him despite connor asking him not to AND keeps hanging out with his friends and getting them to side with him playing the victim….the nerve…

i carve out armor for the places i have none.
my vines strangle, my thorns prick, my beasts
have teeth. me, safe, my mouth too crowded to
fit strength and softness in the same breath.

imagine me awestruck at how a sunrise filters
through lace curtains, or how those perennials
you planted in the garden crawl their way into
the new year, delicate and reborn.

i asked them how, they whispered back:
what shame is there in healing?

—  for laura, s.a.