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I’ve Always Wanted More

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1496

Author’s Note: I wanted some angst, so I decided to make this and use prompts that I found on tumblr and I have finally finished it. Thanks to the lovely @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me! :)

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May I ask for a Shukita fic where Yusuke takes care of Akira who needs some TLC please

“don’t get me wrong,” ryuji says, tipping the chair back so it balances precariously on two legs. “but our leader is kind of weird, isn’t he?” 

“huh? what makes you say that?” ann asks. “not saying i’m agreeing, of course!” makoto peers up from her book to gaze curiously at ryuji, silent for now but clearly ready to jump in.

“i’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing!” already on the defensive; it seems ryuji can be self-aware sometimes. “just- has he ever talked about his hometown to you guys? his old friends or his family or anything?”

ann’s brow furrows and she raises a finger to tap her chin. “you know, i can’t recall….”

her response is enough to give ryuji motivation to continue. he leans forward, his hands curled into fists. “right?! and isn’t it weird that he’s here in the first place? if i got sued, my mom wouldn’t let me out of her sight! but that guy’s parents just shipped him off to live with a total stranger!”

“maybe his parents aren’t around often? they could travel for work, you know. mine were the same way.”

“yeah but- right there! you still talked about them!” 

“he probably has a reason for not talking about his past,” makoto speaks up, closing her book and placing it on the table. “we shouldn’t speculate.”

ryuji looks as though he wants to protest, but before he can open his mouth akira is finally walking in with morgana perched on his shoulder. yusuke thinks idly of how easy it would be to tap his foot against one of the legs of those chair, how effortlessly he could make ryuji fall back. this gossiping feels wrong. 

yet now that the fact is pointed out, yusuke can’t stop thinking about it. he’ll drop mentions of madarame, clear openings for akira to relate with an anecdote of his own, yet there’s nothing. akira keeps the conversation focused on yusuke, manipulating the subject to remain off of himself. akira is reminiscent of a blank canvas, coming to life only after being touched by the brush of the metaverse and big city. frustratingly, he refuses to open up unprompted.

yusuke isn’t a fan of blank canvases on principle, so he decides to do something about this. he shows up early on sunday morning without a warning text; sojiro is accustomed to seeing him by now and knows his order, leaving yusuke alone with a cup of coffee to wait until akira awakens. as usual akira seems to take his time waking up; it’s late morning by the time he emerges downstairs, his hair as disheveled as always. he’s wearing sweats and a t-shirt this time, which is a new look for him. 

he pauses when he spots yusuke though, murmuring a greeting to sojiro as he goes to yusuke.

“good morning,” he greets, sliding a hand in his pocket.

“good morning,” yusuke replies. “i’m not interrupting any plans, am i?” 

akira shakes his head. “i was just going to the batting cages. did you have anything in mind?” 

“i’ll accompany you,” yusuke says as he slips out of the booth. akira shrugs, half-turning so he can tell sojiro he’ll be back later. yusuke thanks him for the coffee, and together he and akira leave cafe leblanc.

“are you even into baseball?” akira asks once the door is shut. 

“that’s the one with sticks, right?” choosing to ignore akira’s wary look, yusuke says, “i had no idea you played.”

“i don’t, really. just when i have some downtime.” a response, but not enough of one to give yusuke any real information. 

“are you any good?” he presses. 

“i’m alright.” a shrug. “i’m a bit rusty.”

finally, yusuke thinks. “you used to play?” 

a nod, but rather than offering anything else akira asks, “what’s with all the questions?”

“i- is it that obvious?” another nod. yusuke chuckles. “it was brought to my attention that you don’t share many details about your personal life. you know so much about me, but all i know about you is you have a criminal record. i realize i don’t like knowing so little about you. i’d like to learn more about you.”

is it just his imagination, or akira’s cheeks a bit redder now than before? the shorter male runs a hand through his hair, sheepishly avoiding yusuke’s eyes.

“that’s really about it,” akira tells him. “my background really isn’t that interesting.”

“so tell me, then,” yusuke insists. he doubts akira anyway; for someone so brazen in his actions and fearless in his decisions, he has been known to underplay his own accomplishments. what he may think of as boring is probably anything but. 

akira stops, putting a hand on his hip and facing yusuke fully. “let’s go the convenience store instead, then. we can pick up some snacks and go back to leblanc’s.” at yusuke’s guilty look, he adds, “my treat.”

“very well,” yusuke nods. “i promise to pay you back.” 

they settle in akira’s room, both in their usual chairs and with a bag of chips on the table before them. yusuke listens as akira talks about his hometown and playing baseball, of his parents going through a nasty divorce and neither of them wanting akira (he looks too much like his mother, his dad said; he takes after his father, his mom said), of never quite fitting in at school because he never could relate to his classmates.

“i understand,” yusuke says softly, because he knows how it feels to stand out due to circumstances outside of his control. he thinks of class projects and being invited to groups not for his company or personality but for his talent. his classmates talk about subjects yusuke has no idea about, let alone any ability to relate to, and that feeling of isolation. he thinks now of the slight jealousy he feels that he is the one to not go to shujin, and he contemplates later how he believes akira feels like an outsider within the group as well, elevated to a higher plane simply for being the leader.

akira smiles gently. “yeah,” he agrees just as quietly. “i know you do.”


In which Dan wants you to paint his nails and then gets super happy and embarrassed when you do.

About a week before they were supposed to leave for Australia, Dan came to me. I knew 2017 was his year of loving and accepting himself more, so I wasn’t surprised when one night while were in bed he asked me to paint his nails. I was more supportive than anyone else, probably. “Of course, baby,” I said while smoothing my thumb over his dimple, “but we’re going to have to make a run to the store because I don’t think I have any polish here at the flat.”

The next day I dragged him up out of bed and down the street to the nearest drug store. I went to the beauty aisle and perused the countless shades and brands along the wall. Dan had slipped away and was hiding at the end of the aisle. “No one’s going to judge you picking out nail polish with your girlfriend, bear. Come over here and tell me what you want.” He came up to me and we spent the next fifteen minutes going through colors. Eventually he settled on a standard black, a sky blue and a sheer pink. When I sent him to get in line, I secretly grabbed a glitter polish as well. As a treat for being so patient with him earlier, Dan insisted we stop at a cafe and he buy me breakfast.

The rest of the day went on as normal, Phil had been awake by the time we got back and we all did our own thing. Dan and Phil went to stockpile some more videos before they left next week, and I decided to use the blue polish I’d purchased earlier on my toes. I was admiring the color against my skin when I heard the guys come bounding downstairs. I squealed and lifted my legs before they could jostle me and mess up the wet polish. Phil headed for the kitchen, saying he’d get started on dinner, while Dan plopped down next to me on the sofa. “It smells like a damn nail salon in here,” he teased. I nudged at him with one of my feet and he smacked it down. “Get used to it, you’re next.” Some of that shyness from the store came back on his face. I squeezed his cheeks between my palms. “I understand if you don’t wanna do this, we can wait or we can never speak of it again.” He shook his head as much as he could and I kissed his lips gently. “Great, then let’s get started!”

We both decided that the black and the blue were too noticeable for his first manicure, but he promised me that he’d wear it when he was more comfortable. So it would be the pale pink. We were in the dining room table and he sat himself across from me. I placed down a nail file, the pink polish and some top coat as well as a couple sheets of paper towel. The glitter polish was secretly between my legs, hidden from view. “Now, when I put all of this on, you need to be careful with your hands. The polish takes some time to dry completely so no typing or whatever else you’d do with your hands. I don’t wanna spend all night fixing smears.” Dan swallowed and nodded slowly. I gave him a gentle smile and reached out for his hands. He placed them into mine and I ignored how cold and sweaty they were.

I filed down a couple of his nails first. I knew he bit them so they were pretty short to begin with, but I still made them the same length. Next, I uncapped the bottle of pink and carefully painted his nails, smoothing off the excess. The polish was sheerer than I thought, and I did another coat asking him if that was visible enough or if he wanted it darker. He told me it was enough. I examined his nails, the color was barely noticeable against his skin. If he didn’t say he had any polish on you’d never know it. I figured it was time for the surprise. “So I was thinking, that pink is so cute, but it needs…something.” Dan raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean something? Did you get like stickers or jewels because I don’t think I’m ready for-”

“You think I know how to put that shit on? No, I just got this.”

I placed the glitter polish on the table next to the top coat. “It’s subtle, but when you go in the sun you could probably see the sparkle.” His face was unreadable. “I-It’s fine if you don’t want it bear, baby steps and all…I just thought you’d like it.” Now I felt bad, this was probably already weird enough as is being his first time wearing polish, I shouldn’t be pushing him. I went to put the glitter to the side. “No, you can put it on. I think it’d look kinda cute. Just maybe not a bunch okay?” I smiled big and uncapped the bottle. Of course not, just a little for flair and then you’ll be done, Mr. Howell.” He put his hands back where I could reach them.

When I was done and the top coat had been applied, I capped the bottles and went to turn on the kitchen light. “Woah! The glitter looks cool,” Dan said. I giggled, he looked like a little kid as he examined his fingers. He tilted them all around and watched the light bounce off the glitter. I smiled, happy that he was happy with it.

Later that evening we were all enjoying dinner and some show in Netflix I half paid attention to. Much to my displeasure, I ended up having to fix his nails a couple times before sitting him down and telling him not to move until we ate. He pouted, but listened to my orders. Now that I was certain everything had dried, he was back to playing on his laptop, but every few minutes I noticed him looking over his fingers, placing them in the light and looking at the glitter. Phil had noticed them earlier, and told Dan they looked nice, even joked that he would consider polishing a couple of his own. That made me smile, Phil was literally the most supportive friend in the world.

That night, while we were laying down in bed together, Dan kissed me until I didn’t know my own name. “W-What was that for?” I gasped. Dan ran his fingers through my hair and wrapped his other arm around me. “For being the best girlfriend ever.” The intensity in his eyes made my face hot. “All I did was paint your nails, bear. That’s not exactly a huge thing.” I laughed uncomfortably and wanted to cover my face. Dan was serious, though, not a trace of humor on his face. “Because most girls and guys I’ve dated would’ve never done something like this for me, even though painting my nails isn’t even that big a deal. You’re breaking gender roles pumpkin.” He was rambling, and he started sounding ridiculous. I wanted him to stop talking, so I brushed our lips together to silence him and and just laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and we went to sleep.

A/N: A little drabble because I really love that picture of Dan with his nails painted! ^o^~ He’s v soft and v adorable (Also I know I made Dan bi in this and that’s not rlly canon but I mean c’moooon)

The Difference

Note to self
Don’t lose the color in your veins
Beauty doesn’t equal pain
Take your life back today
Live for all the right reasons

Note to self
Don’t lose the sparkle in your eyes
There’s a rainbow after the tears you cry
I wish that you would realize
You’re anything but ordinary

Nothing is more self-destructive
Than pretending to be happy
When everything inside you is
Screaming that you’re not
Each and every moment in time
Can be the heartbeat of a bucket list
Love yourself and never give in
Neither will be easy
But soon, you won’t be able to tell the difference

Note to self
Don’t lose the truth in your smile
Letting a demon steal it would be vile
Take your pride back today
You don’t owe anyone an explanation

Note to self
Don’t lose the universe in your heart
It’s better to grow with broken parts
I hope you’ll be reminded
That true love is never one-sided

I know you have dreams
It’s never too late
To bring them to life
You want to be seen
To find your place in the world
To find a home
These dreams didn’t die
They’ve lived inside you all along
Time and trying are the same


We’ve been through every pharmacy nearby. And then some. That veterinary college at West Peachtree Tech, that’s one place people may not have thought to raid for medication. The drugs for animals there are the same we need. That’s 50 miles. Too big a risk before. Ain’t now.


March 11, 2017

Remember when I told you I was visiting a friend in the UK last weekend? Well, I’m doing it again next weekend. It makes me incredibly happy to be in the UK and around her, so I want to do that as often as I can. 

Exam week is still coming up soon, though, which means I have to study very hard before going there and also probably when I’m there. Today I’m working on communication practices - a subject I failed last semester. I’m organizing all my notes and rewriting them where they’re all together in the same place. I can do this!

Sheeran Series || Joe

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

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Word count - 908

Summary - The one based off of Happier (Divide).

Joe’s POV

I was out with the boys the first time I saw her after our break up. We were at a bar in town and she walked in, her arm linked with another’s. We had only been apart a month. I was still hurting, so how was she so fine? What did this new guy who stood by her side have that I didn’t? Granted he was taller, more muscular, and dressed a lot smarter than I did, but what else did he have? What did he give her in the month of us being apart that I didn’t give her in the year of us being together?

I asked the bartender for another round of shots as I downed the last one in front of me. I could hear her laugh across the bar. I couldn’t help but turn and look. That smile. That smile that I had wiped off her face had somehow grown twice as big as I had ever seen it.

How long did it take to get another round of shots?

The boys had all remained fairly quiet when she walked in. They knew I was still hurting so they had no idea what to say. Did I want comfort? Silence? Even I wasn’t sure. Eventually, Caspar was the one to speak. He clapped me on the back. “You alright mate?” he asked. I scoffed.

“I’m fine,” I lied, taking the shot that was meant for Oli. He didn’t say anything.

“You’ll get there,” Caspar said. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you’ll be happy again too.”

“Whatever,” I said. I waved the bartender over and asked for another bottle of beer and the boys just sighed. Deep down I think they knew that I was gone for the night.

I couldn’t help but sulk in our corner booth thinking about the relationship I had lost with (Y/N). I knew I hurt her, and bad. I didn’t know things were going to end the way they had. If I knew, I would’ve done everything in my power to change it. I didn’t know that work was going to take up so much time. I didn’t know that I was going to be late for things and forget about important dates. I didn’t know we were going to fight so bad that she’d leave. If I had known, if I had somehow been able to predict the future, I would’ve done anything to change our fate. But I couldn’t.

I was drinking so fast I was already holding an empty beer bottle. The boys had abandoned me to go have some fun of their own, and I didn’t blame them. I knew I was being a downer and I didn’t want to ruin their night anyway. So I nursed the empty bottle alone, waving it in the air when a waitress made eye contact with me. She brought me another one.

I couldn’t blame (Y/N) for moving on. It was my fault it had all ended. I really did want her to be happy, and if that meant she was with someone else, I wouldn’t take it personal. After all, her happiness always meant so much more to me than my own. But none of that changed anything. It didn’t change the fact that I was still deeply in love with her. I wasn’t sure anything would change that. Some guy out there deserved her way more than I did, but I couldn’t help but always hope that in the end she’d fall back in love with me.

“Can I sit?”

I had been zoning out at the table but snapped my head up when someone spoke. It was (Y/N). She had left her guy at another table to come and talk to me. “Yeah,” I said immediately. She sat across from me and played with her fingers in her lap.

“How’ve you been?” she asked. I only snorted. “Right,” she said. “Sorry. That was stupid.”

“You seem happy,” I said, not really knowing what else to say.

“I’m okay,” she nodded, a small smile on her face. “I wish I knew you were the same.”

“Hey, I’m alright,” I lied, trying my best to smile to hide the truth. (Y/N) could always see through me though.

“I don’t like seeing you like this,” she said, reaching out to place her hands on mine. I wanted to retract them but I was frozen. “You should get back out there.”

“What, like you have?” I retorted.

“This is only my second date,” she said gently.

“Two more than I’ve been on,” I mumbled. Realizing I was being petty, I took a deep breath and said, “You seem happier than when I last saw you.” She gave a small smile and shrugged. “Look, I know one day, you’re going to fall for someone new,” I said, running my fingers through my hair. The words were tumbling out without me thinking much about them. (Y/N) looked at me with an expression I couldn’t quite read, but I continued. “And that’s alright. But, but if he breaks your heart, just know that I’ll be waiting here for you, okay?”

(Y/N) smiled softly though it didn’t quite reach her eyes. She stood up and turned to walk away, but before she left, she placed a small kiss on my cheek. I watched her leave me with my hand pressed to my cheek.

I needed another round of shots.


A/N: Hey guys, so this one is kinda based off of a car ride I had with this guy that I really like, and as soon as I got home I immediately listened to this song and cried to my best friend. (also, this took me MONTHS to write, im talking since like fucking June-Julyish) P.s halsey is queen

Warnings: explicit language

Song(s) Used: Drive- Halsey

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1401 words (ohh look at that, longer than usual)

Your P.O.V

It was late, must’ve been around 1:45 am on a Friday night. The party I was currently attending with a few friends was still in full swing, but I was bored. Maybe it was because of the fact that I wasn’t drinking, because I had to be the sober driver, but I was bored. My night has consisted of being hit on by my friends and watching my drunk friends act in an animalistic state.

As I was sitting there, thinking about wanting to go home, Dan comes over and sits next to me and leans his head on my shoulder.

“(Y/N), can you take me home? I’m really tired.” He asks, slurring his words slightly. I giggle at how childish he looks, feeling butterflied in my stomach because of the close contact we have. I say yes and we stand up and head out the door.

I jump in the drivers seat as he jumps in the passengers seat next to me. We put our seat belts on and then I start up the car. There’s something about having this insanely attractive guy in the car with me, that makes me feel so awkward and nervous. I wrap my hand around the stick shift and put the car into reverse, reversing out of the drive way, and then when we reversed out, I put the car into drive, and then we were taking off.

I quickly glance at Dan sitting in the passengers side and he looks so peaceful, so content, his face illuminated from my headlights bouncing off of an exit sign that I just missed. “Fuck” I curse to myself. But Dan, he just laughed at me

I feel like I cant keep my eyes off of him, but as dangerous as that is as a driver, I wish I could just stare at him forever.

It’s always been obvious that I like Dan, and it’s always been kind of obvious that he likes me, except neither of us are willing to admit it to each other in fear of rejection. And so we drive, and i think about all of the feelings buried inside of me, hiding them, not wanting him to know just yet, but I always feel like I’m waiting for a sign from him that gives me a definite answer to whether or not he does feel the same way about me.

I quickly glance over at him, and the look on his face, maybe he’s thinking the same thing, maybe he’s thinking about all the feelings that he hides. I guess we let our pride get in the way when it comes to admitting our feelings.

I turn my music on to release some the awkwardness in this silent car. And the first song that comes on is Creep by Radiohead.

“Holy shit, I love this song!” Dan exclaims excitedly as he turns the music up. I let out a little giggle at his excited behaviour. He’s everything I could ever want, he is perfection to me, and also Dan managed to sing out the words perfectly in tune; maybe that was because the actual song was playing, so it was easier for him to get the notes, but he did.

We stopped at a red light, and I look at him for a little while, just admiring him in all of his glory. His cheeks red from the alcohol that was consumed, the smile on his face, looking content; his lips. Looking at his lips illuminated by the red light in front of us, it’s almost like I can feel his soft lips on my neck and I can’t shake off that feeling. It’s like a tingly feeling on my neck that nerve goes away.

“What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here. I don’t belong here…..” Dan finished the song in a harmonious tune, it was quite beautiful actually.

“Oh my god that was so bad” he laughs. Almost as if his laugh is echoing down the high way. His laugh is so compelling, such a joyous sound. His laugh always makes me happy, instead of feeling the hollowness in my chest, I feel happiness.

This whole process was going fairly slow, I mean the whole ‘Dan and I’ process. Apart of me wishes he woud just make a move already, but then another part of me wishes he wouldn’t. Why? because theres nothing worse than getting what you’ve always wanted, only for it to end up being not what you thought it was gonna turn out to be, and not what you wanted in the first place.

What if that would happen to us? It’s something I’ve had high hopes of for a while now, and what of Dan and I get into a relationship and nothing is what i thought it would be and the both of us wind up being disappointed and hurt. What if?

“What are you thinking about?” Dan leans over to my side of the car and whispers in my ear. The feeling of his warm breath slightly on my neck is enough to send shivers down my spine. I swallow hard, trying not to think about what just happened.

“N-nothing, just trying to concentrate and getting you home in one piece.” I joked. I could feel his eyes on me, burning through my skin, and I knew what look he was giving me. His smirking face. “But seriously, it’s not important, don’t worry about it.”

We were stopped at another red light and I looked over at his face, he looked like he was almost disappointed. “Well, you’re one of my bestfriends, and i would’ve thought you would be able to tell me anything that’s on your mind.” Best friend. Best friend. Best friend. Just bestfriend, and that’s all I’ll ever be I guess.

“It’s a conversation for later, Dan” I sighed as I started driving again, about 5 minutes away from his flat. But he wasn’t having any of it.

“Pull over” he demanded

“What? Dan n-”

“Pull over (Y/N) Goddammit!” He shouted. I obeyed and pulled over on the side of the road

“Dan! What the fuck’s your problem?” I yelled at him, looking at him like he was crazy (but i was probably the crazy one)

He looks at me, his brown eyes burning into mine. “Fuck sakes (Y/N)! I know theres something you want to tell me! I’m not stupid.” I look down after he says those words, contemplating whether or not it’s worth it. I look at him with regret in my eyes. Regret for not telling him, but also regret for even having this conversation in the first place. He looks at me almost the same way. “(Y/N), you know I like you, so if thats what you were thinking about, then please tell me. I can’t be left with all these questions with no answers to them.” Dan confessed softly. His confession should’ve shocked me, but it didn’t because he’s right, I knew.

“Then you must know that I like you too? You can’t be that oblivious can you?” I admitted, slight annoyance in my voice mixed in with a giggle (if that’s even possible). Dan laughed shaking his head.

“Yes, I can be that oblivious.” he giggles to himself “So, what do we do now?” Dan asks, uncertainty in his voice.

“Well it’s simple, we can’t stay here on the side of the road all night. So how about I take you home?” I asked but he smiled and shook his head no.

“Orrrr we could….” He smiles and leans in, closer, closer, closer until i feel his lips on top of mine. We both smile into the kiss and honestly? It’s everything I imagined

“All we do is drive. All we do is think about the feelings that we hide. All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign, sick and full of pride. All we do is drive…”


it’s not yours
it’s not mine
it’s not ours

it is a dividing line in
between our hearts
and minds

the fear clutches
us both and we
stop in place

like that can erase
what took and still
takes place when we speak

I can tell you want me
in some ways and I know
you can’t take me in others

I’m not the same

I will take you with all
your bruises, your late night
early morning shame stories
I can’t take anything

I will throw them all
in the back of a truck bed
I borrowed from a buddy
and I will drive to a place
that isn’t muddy

I can take those things you can’t
I will add in the rest
with the plumbing and wiring

I can take those memories
those voices that never quiet
and build them into the silence
of drywalls, stiffle their moans
with three coats of blue striped

sometimes you just need to
roll up your sleeves and hammer
your fucking heart out

until the job is done.


Here is a sketch comic I made called Ducks, in five parts.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Ducks is about part of my time working at a mining site in Fort McMurray, the events are from 2008.  It is a complicated place, it is not the same for all, and these are only my own experiences there.  It is a sketch because I want to test how I would tell these stories, and how I feel about sharing them.  A larger work gets talked about from time to time.  It is not a place I could describe in one or two stories.  Ducks is about a lot of things, and among these, it is about environmental destruction in an environment that includes humans.  Thank you for taking the time to read it.


anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where everyone in your friend group teases you and Eric for liking each other and fianlly dylan convinces him to ask you out?

((I changed it to just confessing to Eric, I hope you still like it though!!))

I don’t really understand why people pick on me. It is as if every little thing I do is always wrong and I can never get anything right. People just seem to be able to rip on every little thing about me: my hair, my face, my clothes… my crush. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily say that people bullied me about liking Eric, it was more teasing than anything else. Brooks would laugh whenever I talked to him, making things extremely awkward, Nate would give me this look whenever he was around which was annoying as fuck, even Dylan would join in sometimes. I guess it’s all just fun, though.

I start heading towards Eric and Dylan, who were standing by their lockers. Eric was wearing his KMFDM, which I loved seeing him wear. It reminds me of all the times me, Dylan and Eric hung out at his place and listened to them, and Rammstein.
“Yo,” I grin at them.
Eric just looked at me with a look that signified I successfully attained his attention, Dylan greeted me back, though.
Eric always wanted to seem really cool around me all the time. It was sometimes kind of aggravating, but in a cute, endearing way.
“Well,” Eric inhaled, “I have class now. I’ll see you two faggots, later.” He flipped us off as he walked away. I shake my head at his childishness.
“We,” I paused while I close my locker and turn my attention to Dylan “have math now.”
“Indeed, we do.” Dylan replied. “Wanna walk together or…?”
“Yeah, sure.” I smile warmly at him.
We begin walking to class, slowly because Dylan hated math, but not enough to ditch it. Plus, I wouldn’t let him ditch math, who else would I throw things off?
“You really do have the hots for Eric, don’t you?” Dylan smirked.
“No!” I feel myself flush red,“it’s not like that I just…” I didn’t know what I could say in that moment to make my feelings for Eric seem invisible. It was obvious, painfully obvious in fact and I hated it.
“You can say, it’s not a bad thing. In fact I think you could make a great couple.” I instantly feel myself flush a deep red, and I could feel my face heating up, and I could feel my heart racing. “Mrs Harris, mrs (y/n) Harris, mr and mrs Harris. Has a nice ring to it if I say so myself.” Dylan laughed, I punched him in the arm as a signal to stop.
“Shut the fuck up,Dylan, I could fucking destroy you.” Dylan could sense my frustration and decided it would be best to stop.
“Why don’t you just ask him out?”
“Why don’t I just ask him out?”
“Yeah, I mean, you’re,” a pinkish hue arose on Dylan’s cheeks as he continued,“cute.”
“But he’s hella cute, he’s so out of my league.”
“Take it from your uncle Dylan, you’re out of his league. I can assure you, anyone would be lucky to bang you.” He places a hand on my shoulder and I growl.
“Shut up.” I try to hide my smile as I brush his hand off of my shoulder.
“Dude, go for it, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.”
I smile at the thought this mightn’t be unrequited love, maybe Eric had feelings for me too? Dylan was happy he made me smile, he was like my big brother.

It was lunch, and I can feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I am shaking, terrified of the outcome. I walk over to the lunch table where Eric, Nate, and Dylan were sitting.
“Hey, look, it’s Eric’s girlfriend.” Nate chuckles.
“Shut up.” Eric rolls his eyes, used to this type of teasing.
I was too focused on what I was going to say to even notice Nate’s remark. I take a deep breathe and say “H-hey, Eric.” I try to make my face less red.
He looks up at me, “yeah?” His mouth still full of a sandwich.
“Um, could I like, um,” I fiddle with my hair a little bit before proceeding,“ talk to you for a minute?” Dylan winks at me, only adding to the stress.
“Sure,” Eric says swallowing his sandwich,“what do you need?”
“I thought we could like… talk alone.”
“Oh,” Eric gives a quick glance to Dylan, who’s now wiggling his eyebrows. “Sure.” He says, drawing his attention back to me. He gets out of his chair and we take a seat at an empty table. There’s a few minutes of awkward silence. I just play with my hair, trying to pluck up the courage to confess to him.
“So,” Eric scratched the back of his head nervously.
“So.” I begin mumbling a little bit, opening my mouth, but nothing was coming out. Finally I regain control of my vocal chords,“ can you help me with this class project?”
Eric’s face dropped, he seemed disappointed, as was I. It was just too nerve racking.
“Uh, sure.” He says harshly, he seemed angry and I didn’t know what I had done. He shoots up quick out of his chair, causing the table to rattle, and storms back over to his previous seat. He left me there alone. Dylan looks over to me with a confused look on his face ((:0)), I mouth the words ‘i chickened out’ before slowly getting up and leaving the cafeteria.

Dylan follows me out and grabs me by the wrist. “No.”
“'No’,what?” I sigh,“ I chickened out, no big deal. I’ll tell him some other time.” I tried to wriggle my arm out of his vice like grip, but he wouldn’t cooperate.
“No,” Dylan said with demand in his voice, “you go back in their, and you ask him the fuck out? You hear me? If you actually have a shit about him, you’ll ask.” I look down to the floor, thinking. I pull my arm away and start walking the other way.

This was it, I was ready. I had been preparing myself for days now. It was Friday, Eric’s favourite day of the week. I thought he would’ve been in a good mood today. I saw him standing at the lockers with Dylan, like every morning, I approach them.
“Hey, Eric.” I smile at him.
“Hi.” He says coldly, I guess he’s still salty about the other day.
“Can I come over tonight?” I say, hoping he’d say yes.
He sighed and rubbed them back of his neck, “sure.” I smiled, “Dylan, you coming too?”
Dylan looked at me then looked back at Eric and shook his head. “Nah, I’m busy tonight.”

I was heading over to Eric’s place, trying to find some courage in me, because I really do care about Eric and I want to know if he feels the same. His house wasn’t too far away from mine, just a few blocks. I get there and take a deep breathe. I knock on his door. His mother opens the door.
“Oh, hello, y/n, you here for Eric?”
“Yes, is he home?”
Mrs.Harris calls for him, he’s there relatively quickly and invites me inside. My heart is pounding, but I need to suck it up. Man the fuck up.
Eric leads my down to the basement, he sat in the recliner and I sat on the other seat.
“So, um…”
“'Um’? Is that all you’re going to say?”
“No. No it’s not.” I shake my head,“Eric I have feelings for you.”
All of a sudden the world stood still, the concept of time was no longer existent. My heart was banging so loudly he could probably hear it. Everything was going so slow. I look down, not knowing what to say and not thinking he’d reply. I part my lips, about to apologise before he places his lips on mine. I blush furiously.
“I like you too.” Eric smiles, pulling me in close again.

we are still kids (but we're so in love)

A/N: Thank you so much to @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan for including me in this writing challenge! I had so much fun doing it.

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Fairy tales were not Emma Nolan’s cup of tea. And with the things that had happened to her in her twenty six years of life, which were almost straight out of a storybook, who could blame her? She had all the makings of a heroine from a tragic novel.

She had been found on the side of the road when she was less than a day old and had been thrown into the foster system before her eyes were even open for more than a few moments at a time. Her birth parents hadn’t wanted her; that much was for sure. And from what she had heard about the foster system where the foster parents cared more about the cheque than the wellbeing of the child, Emma shuddered to think about what her life could have been like if she had grown up in the system.

Thankfully for her, she had been adopted when she was a year old, by Ruth Nolan, and couldn’t even remember her time in the system. She knew she was lucky in that aspect, for so many children were lost in the system.

Ruth had adopted her as she wanted her son, David, to have a sibling and not to grow up alone. She wished she could say she knew David’s father, but the man had passed a six months before Emma was adopted. And David, who was only a few years ago, had been in every one of her memories as early as she could remember. He had been there for her when she was learning to tie her shoe laces, ride a bicycle, and when she had her first boyfriend.

Robert had been the love of her mother’s life. And when he had passed, she couldn’t imagine living a life loving anyone else. She had told Emma that some loves were like that, where you so wholly loved someone to the point where they were your entire heart. That your love for that person was filled so fully of compassion, dedication, and raw emotion. They were your entire universe, and without them, it was hard to even breathe. And Robert was that person for Ruth.

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On my way to the airport yesterday, I was picked up by a cabbie named Chuck.

Chuck served in the Navy for 22 years. He worked, lived, and partied across the Pacific Islands until deciding to collect his retirement. When he saw my poster tube, we naturally got on the subject of why I was in Vegas, how I studied sea turtles and was presenting my research here, etc.

He thinks turtles in general are the coolest (“I mean, nothing else ‘cept maybe the armadillo has a shell! Think about that! That’s why they’ve been around so long!”), and one of the first things he said was, “I wish they’d start doing better and we’d bring ‘em back from the brink of extinction because man, they are such good eating

I didn’t bat an eye. I’ve heard this before; I also know that some very successful conservation efforts are borne out of a regular person’s desire to eat a species sustainably; that locals get involved with conservation efforts for this very reason. We chatted about this and I got to tell him about turtle excluder devices (TEDs) used in the shrimp trawling industry. We agreed how we would both much rather pay taxes that go to funding TEDs on every trawl boat in the Gulf than to our corrupt governor or legislator’s next mansion. That it’s hard for a seasonal fisherman to fund a $700 TED on a boat, or that scientists and government officials don’t get that he and his daddy and his granddaddy have been doing this their whole lives, and have a bad taste in their mouth from people telling them what to do and telling them that they know better.

Chuck may be “just” a cab driver, he may be a retiree, but he reads Science magazine. He may want TEDs so that he can sustainably eat shrimp, whereas I want them to save sea turtles and couldn’t care less about eating shrimp anymore. He’s plugged in, and he isn’t stupid; his background is just slightly different than mine, and we want the same things.

We naturally got onto the topic of climate change. Chuck acknowledges that something is going on, that the Earth’s climate is heating and changing. He’s not sure whether it’s entirely anthropogenic, and a 15 minute cab ride to the airport was neither the time nor the place for me to throw facts at him.

Instead, I focused on the fact that Chuck, regardless of the cause of climate change, wants to see humans try to make it better. He said, “We have got to do something or this (gesturing to the surrounding sprawl of civilization on either side of the highway) will all fall apart.”
So that’s what I said to him. I said, “Chuck you know, that’s it exactly. The science is pretty sound, our models are getting better and better every day, but at the end of the day, shouldn’t it just be enough that you want to make the earth a better place for everyone? That the sooner that we get past this rhetorical pitfall of ‘who dun it’, we can start to make actual, appreciable changes?”

Chuck must have been about 82 years old. I’m nearly 25. He’s been around, seen a lot. And he remarked to me at the end of the cab ride how much he enjoyed talking to me, how it made his day, and how this was a new, great way of thinking about climate change and activism. That we have nothing to lose by switching to sustainable resources, eating less meat, telling our politicians to get their acts together and make good on their climate summit promises.

I reflect on this on Earth Day, and because March for Science isn’t far from my mind today. I’m reflecting on how the newly published video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson revs me up in certain ways, but how problematic I find some of its rhetoric, and some of the rhetoric on the March for Science official facebook page.

For whom is this video made? I’ll tell you, from the time I spent with him, Chuck wouldn’t have been compelled by this video. He’d have been indifferent at best, and angry at the worst. This video isn’t made for him. But isn’t it important that he, and people like him, be reached, encouraged to make a difference, feel like they’re not considered ‘less than’ just because they’re not scientists?

What did work was having a conversation with him. Being kind, talking about things person to person– no lecturing, no fact regurgitation. I think that my conversation with Chuck will have more of a lasting impact on him than seeing that video ever would. And talking with Chuck has had an impact on me too. It reminds me that I’m a citizen of the Earth just like him. And that outsider perspective is absolutely key to my work and how I relate to the science I do. What does it all even matter if it’s not positively impacting people like Chuck? What does it even matter if I can’t sympathize with the shrimp boat drivers that have to rely on a transient resource to put dinner on the table for themselves and their families?

It occurs to me that this conversation could have gone much more differently for Chuck if it had been a different person in his cab. If it had been a different sea turtle conference attendee, or a different scientist. That someone could have jumped down his throat for his ‘good eating’ comment, or his thoughts on climate change. And he wouldn’t have walked away from that conversation telling the person how he was going to go out and buy a book on sea turtles now.

We march for science, but let us also march for the people who stand to benefit from it, whose lives are made better from its advances. Let us march for them even when we don’t see quite eye to eye on certain issues, for certainly the issue of saving our planet is more important. I think far more often than not, we can all agree that something needs to be done. I think we’ll find that people are more willing than we realize to join in and help. And we need them if we’re going to win this fight.

A date with Eric #1

((Lol, no one asked me to do this. I don’t care. Did it anyways. Fuck you all. Enjoy Eric Harris fluff. Fuck.

“REB, YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!” I yelled and snatched the whisk out of Eric’s hands.
“They’re just fucking brownies, y/n, what does it matter?” Eric shrugged.
I frowned, my lip quivered, “just brownies…” I sniffed and widened my eyes, “JUST brownies. No Eric, these are our brownies and we’re going to make them right!”
“Well shit. I can’t believe I agreed to do this with you.” He said angrily as I tightened the knot of his pink apron, which has roses painted on the front.
I giggled, “Sucks to be you.”

I took the bowl off him and instruct him to tip the caster sugar and butter in. He reluctantly did so. Eric had always had a soft spot for me, which is why he asked me on a date, probably. We had always been friends, ever since the 7th grade when he first moved to Littleton, We were always close: me, him, and Dylan. Eric asked me out in school, leaving a little note in my locker which read:
Dear, y/n,
I know we’ve been friends for-fucking-ever but I kinda wanna hang out alone… more than friends? I’ve had a crush on you for a while now and I just thought it would be okay to ask. If you don’t want to, then just ignore this and just act like you never read it, but if you do then come talk to me and we’ll arrange something.
Love, Reb
I had never read something so precious in my life, and truth be told I had a crush on him too, so I accepted his proposal, and we decided that we’d just hang at my place.

“Okay, the recipe says beat the sugar and butter together.” Eric sighed in disbelief that he was actually being forced to make brownies.
I nod in his direction and mix the two ingredients together until they formed a fluffy, yellow mush, “What’s next?” I turned to him.
He leaned against the counter, his mind somewhere else, my words caused him to regain focus, “Says here,” he paused to find where he was up to in the cook book, “add the eggs.”
“Pass the eggs then, dip shit.” I rolled my eyes.
“You get them.” He insisted.
“Stop being a douche and pass the eggs.”
“Use the magic word.”
“NO! Reb pass the fucking eggs!” There was an adamant tone to my voice.
“Magic word, y/n.”
“Ugh,” I groaned, “Fine. Pass the eggs, Reb, please.”
“Good girl.” He smirked and slid the eggs to me across the counter.

I cracked the eggs and plopped them into the mixture and whisked them in, it changed into a slimy, yellow goop. I made sure to follow Reb’s instructions carefully, listening to each word. After beating in the vanilla essence,I spooned melted chocolate into the mixture and mixed it in thoroughly. Me and Eric took turns after one of our arms got tired. He tipped the flour and cocoa powder onto the mixture and gently stirred it in.
“ERIC HARRIS!” I yelled.
“Whoa, whoa, what?!”
“You’re doing it wrong,” I rubbed my temples as I became rather infuriated, “You’re supposed to sift the flower, now its going to have flour lumps and it’s going to take forever to stir!!!”
“So-fucking-what. It’s just brownies.” he sighed.
“It’s not just brownies Eric it’s-”
“Yeah, I know, I know,” He place his hand gently on my cheek and looked me in the eyes, “they’re our brownies.” I don’t know why but the way his eyes pierced mine made my stomach do a flip, and the way he caressed my face so gently made me shiver.

“Nice job, Reb.” I patted him on the back.
“My brownies are gonna be godlike as fuck, man.” He grinned.
I smiled at the goofy smile sprawled across his face, “Yeah, they are.”

He had chocolate splattered across his cheek and flower all over his pretty apron but he still managed to look pretty adorable. He tipped the mixture into the brownie tin and look pretty pleased with himself, now all we have to do is put them in the oven. I ran my thumb across the warm chocolate that was on his cheek, removing the mark from his face, and inserted it into my mouth. The sweet taste of dark chocolate danced across my tongue, it was bitter but sweet at the same time, just like Eric.
“Let’s put this in the oven, shall we?” Eric said excitedly.
I enjoyed his enthusiasm, because I didn’t see it very much, “Yeah, lets!”
Eric carefully placed the tin into the oven and closed the door. He set a timer for 25 minutes. “NBK?” He asked.
“NBK.” I smiled back at him.

He bounced onto the couch in my living room while I popped the video tape labelled “Natural Born Killers” into the VCR. I threw myself down next to him and began watching the movie.

Things were never usually this awkward between me and him. We hung out all the time, but the thought of it being labelled a date hung over us like a big, grey cloud. We were nervous because neither of us had ever really been on many dates before, and we didn’t want to ruin a really good friendship also. 15 minutes had passed and we were invested in the movie. I had found my focus shifted from the movie to Eric’s face. His lips especially. His lips were a pale pink, like a rose bud. I stared at them when he bit them in anticipation created by the movie, or when he’d take a drink from a pop can. They looked so puffy and so soft. I wanted to push them against mine to badly but I was too nervous. I feel a blush form on my face and force my concentration back on the movie. Little did I know Eric was experiencing the same problems.  He was trying to find away to get my attention, without making the awkwardness worse. Eventually, he got the courage to proceed further. He placed his hand on my knee. I didn’t complain, I just was shocked, I never thought my BEST FRIEND Reb would be touching me. But in that moment he was and I was enjoying it. He slowly etched the hand up my leg, making circles with his thumbs on my inner thighs.
“E-Eric.” I stuttered out, feeling slightly nervous as his hand was only a few inches away from my womanhood.
His hand froze instantly, he looked embarrassed, as if I had just rejected him. He was about to pull his hand way, but I held it there, not wanting him to stop.
“Y/n?” Eric murmured.
“C-Can I kiss you?” The words that escaped his lips surprised me. They were shaky, I could tell he was nervous by the tone of his voice. I looked at his lips again, still pink, still plump and soft looking, still as kissable as ever. It took all my strength not to grab him and slam my lips into his right then and there.
“Yeah.” I tried to hide back the smile that began growing on my face as he leaned in.

He placed his forehead on mine, our hot breath mingled together for a few moments. I waited, excited, for him to finally press the lips I had been wanting to taste for a long time against mine, and satisfy the deep hunger I had for him. They were almost touching. So, so close. Not even an inch away when he stopped.
“Um,” he quickly pulled away, “y/n, can you smell burning?”
I sniffed the air, and looked towards the kitchen. Fuck. I spotted a thick cloud of smoke followed by the sound of a fire alarm, “Shit.”

I leaped up and ran to the oven and flung it open. I grabbed a dish cloth to cover my hand as I grabbed the hot metal tray and threw the burnt brownies onto the counter. I frown, looking at my burnt brownies when I suddenly feel two hands slither around my waist. Eric nuzzled his chin into the nape of my neck.
“This is all your fault.” I whimpered
“How?” He had a harshness to his voice.
“Because you didn’t sift the fucking flower.”
He laughed at my remark, “you’re so cute.” He planted a kiss on my cheek.
“You too, Reb.” I said, with the fire alarm still beeping loudly throughout the house.

~~Notegain’s Sad Elf Ears for Toddlers!!!~~

Quick conversion of @notegain Sad Elf Ears for toddlers.

This is set for the Glasses Category.  

These are in no way mine!  All the credit goes to Notegain for making these awesome ears! Play tested in game but if there are issues, please let me know.

Also, I did a search nothing came up on Google, so I did them for myself and decided to share.  For the few of you out there that like to stir up crap, if someone else has done these then I’m thrilled. The more the better. I did not put these up to outdo someone.  I put them up in case someone wanted them and had the same issue I did in not being able to find them.

My TOU is whatever @notegain has in place for her items.  Please feel free to recolor, add to your Sims uploads as long as credit is given to notegain.

That being said!!!!

Original ears for adults and children are HERE.

Download Toddler Version Here   SimFileShare  

Remedy (15) THE END

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smut, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

A/N: This is it. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it. Thank you guys for all the comments on this! And if you’re sad that this is over; we still have Reprogramming, which will be revisited sometime! x

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She still submits to me on occasion; willingly or maybe out of habit, her nature, I suppose. Not what she always was, but the way they made her. Lately I’ve been feeling particularly cross with Hydra. And by cross, I mean I want to fucking rip their collective heads off and shove them up their collective asses, and do the same with the two heads that’ll take the place of the first I rip off. This, because the better she’s doing, the more the horrifying things they’ve done to her show. She’s getting more spontaneous, witty, brave as well. She goes up against me if she feels like it, if only to play around but also when she means to push her own way instead of leaning with mine. I love her for it, I love hearing her say what she wants, I love the way her eyes shine with defiance and her jaw sets decisively. It also never fails to turn me on.

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One of the biggest problems with being both bi and ace is that I feel like I don’t fit anywhere.

As an ace person, there are a huge number of queer people who don’t want me. As a bi person, I’m constantly erased or dismissed in media and real life. I’m not gay, but that’s what most of the positivity is for, so I’m never sure if I’m appropriating what isn’t mine when I use it for myself.

The other problem I have is that I’m sex repulsed, and so the sexual parts of queer culture make me uncomfortable at best. I don’t want to tell anyone to stop doing them, because that’s not my place and the queer community has worked damn hard for that, but at the same time it is hugely alienating to not have many queer situations where I’m safe from the sexualized or sexual parts.

So where do I go? Who do I have? What spaces am I allowed in, and what spaces am I welcome in?

Who is there for me?

Request: Speak

Request: Id love for you to write Juice imagine when he reluctantly introduces his long term girlfriend to the club. She is an interpreter/translator and turns out to be a great asset to the club.

Originally posted by dreamsraisemeup


My life of constant trips was over, I finally had found a job that was close to home. I still would have to travel, but would be able to spend more time with my boyfriend. Juan and I were together for almost three years and though I knew he had difficulties in accept my absences, he had been incredibly supportive.

When I told him about my new job at a publish house, Juan immediately started to look for houses online, wanting us to live together. I was more than willing to share a house with him, but we needed to solve a little problem. His reluctance in introduce me to his brothers.

Juan was a Son, a biker and that family he had chosen was important for him, but also come with some issues. That kind of life wasn’t easy and the club had many enemies. He didn’t tell me everything, but I knew the essence about everything that was happening with SAMCRO. He was afraid that I would get involved with club business and get hurt. I knew it was a risk, but I wanted him and be part of his life.

“Will you take to the clubhouse this weekend?”, I asked as I put his smoothie in front of him. We were having breakfast and he was already fully dressed to leave for work, leather kutte and all.

“Baby”, he sighed. I had came up with that subject a dozen times, every single one of them had been the same.

“Juan, I’m finally stable at one place and we are living together”, I reached for his hand and he held mine tight, “You’ll have to introduce me to them at some point”

“I’m not sure how they are going to react”, he shrugged, “I mean, they know about you…”

“Great! No more excuses”, I got up and cupped his face, “You take me to the clubhouse this weekend or I’ll show up by myself”

Juice’s POV

Y/N had got a job at a publish house, it was a good place. Juice couldn’t be more proud of her. It was obvious she would get the job; she was smart and spoke all those languages. Yes, she could speak a couple of languages and had worked for a long time as an interpreter, travelling all the country working with international companies. Those years had been hard for him; Juice wasn’t good being alone, so when she wasn’t there he would be at the clubhouse, just to have people around.

A lifetime dream was coming true. They were living together and she would be constantly at home. Juice couldn’t be more happy. Well, except for one little thing. He had to introduce her to the club. He knew she was right, he couldn’t avoid that any longer, they had been dating for three years and everybody knew about her. However, he was scared about her getting involved with the club, getting hurt or leaving him.

Juice had been working the entire morning tracking some information for the club, but his peace was interrupt by something happen outside. He rushed there just to find Clay completely angry, looking at a woman who was begging in what sounded like Spanish.

“Nobody speaks Spanish?”, Clay barked and then turned to Juice, “Nothing?”

“I’m a Puerto Rican from Queens!”, he shrugged. However, he knew someone that could help. Mentally cursing, Juice picked up his phone and dialed, whispering to Clay, “Hang on, I know someone”


Y/N had laughed when he called her and promised she would be there in five minutes. Juice was pacing close to the gate and far from Clay who was getting angrier at every minute. He finally saw her car and stepped aside as Y/N entered on the parking lot. He saw his brothers watching, curious and walked towards her.

“Thank you”, Juice said and she smiled, pecking his lips.

“You are welcome honey”, he wrapped an arm around her waist and Y/N let him guide her closer to the picnic table.

“Guys, this is Y/N”, he smiled, nervous and happy at the same time that she was there. That would have to happen sometime, “My girlfriend”

“Finally!”, Chibs opened his arms and hugged Y/N, who hugged him back, “We had been waiting to meet you for ages lass!”

“I know”, she smiled, looking at everybody, “I have been insisting to meet you for so long, but you know, Juan can be stubborn”

“Aye, we know”, the Scotsman laughed.

“Now…”, her expression changed to one that was all business, “How can I help?”

Tig and Happy pointed to the woman, still scared and praying in Spanish, seated on a corner. Y/N knelt close to her and asked several questions, reporting everything to Clay after.

“She doesn’t know much”, Y/N shrugged after tell everything the woman had said, “One name only”

“A name is all we need darling”, Jax smiled, “Thank you”

“No problem. It was great, since I finally get to know you guys”, she smirked looking at Juice, who blushed.


Y/N stayed at the clubhouse. Gemma had come to make coffee and they were at the bar, talking. The boys grabbed beers while waited for Juice searched for the name on his laptop. He finally found something and told Clay.

“Great! Now a Russian mob”, his president cursed.

“I speak Russian”, Y/N said, making all eyes turn to her, “I mean, if you guys need any help”

“Where were you hiding her?”, Jax patted Juice’s shoulder and he smiled. Clay dismissed everybody and thanked Y/N a bunch of times. They drove back home and as soon as the front door closed behind them, Juice lifted her in his arms.

“Juan!”, she squealed. Juice carried her to the bedroom and laid Y/N on their bed, hovering over her. She giggled, cupping his face to make him look at her, “I’m not complaining, but… What is happening?”

“I’m so damn proud of you”, he groaned and kissed her neck, “I love you, I love you…”, he said that all the time as he made love to her. Y/N was part of him, part of his life and he wouldn’t want it any other way.