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Making my Crib

Many of my followers have been asking about my kick ass crib set up and what I used to make it. Well wonder no more folks! In this post I will show you exactly what you will need buy in order to create a mini adult baby utopia of your own….just like mine! (Or better!)

The Crib:
The crib/playpen idea came to me after stumbling across a set of metal saftey gates at lowes (A home improvement store in the US). These gates had long metal poles as opposed to the plastic criss cross pattern that alot of current saftey gates have.  I saw that they were interconnectable….and I also noticed how the baby in the box picture was chillin in this thing like a playpen. JACKPOT!  So I bought one. Then I realized that one isnt enought. You need TWO of these to make a playpen big enough for a big boy like me!

Where to find it:
Google: North States 3 in 1 metal super yard.

You can find these at Amazon for 100 bucks a set.
I found them at lowes. You might want to try searching the inventory at a store near you. It may be a bit more exepensive though.

Ok, now you got the metal saftey gates and have a playpen! But look at it. Its plane. Its blah. It just doesnt look babyish enough. Well, thats where your imagination needs to go wild, because how you dress it up is up to you. Here are my suggestions on how to spruce it up.

Buy a cute blanket that you can rest the gates on. Something you think is cute and fits your AB persona. You can see from my pics that i use a sports themed blanket. Thats because im a baby boy that loves his sports. M

Crib bumpers: Google it.
These are made to go around the perimeter of the crib to prevent a baby from hitting their heads on the crib as well as prevent their little legs and hands to get stuck between the crib railings. As you can see from my pics, I selected a jungle themed bumper. As soon as I saw it, I new it would look good around my playpen. It looks soo babyish!

There are plenty of designs to choose from. Find one that you think looks good. Bonus points if you can buy a matching blanket/bumper set!

What crib is complete without a mobile. Its a must have for any crib. These can be found anywhere.

Latley I have been hanging toys along the railings of my crib. It adds a little extra babyish touch. It gives the crib a very inviting look to any AB. More toys the better I always say.

My vision started out as a playpen, but during a renovation of my bedroom, I found that my set up fits perfectly on top a queen size mattress. Since then I have used it as a crib. And I am very happy!

I hope this helps out all other adult babys looking to build a nursery of their own. You may have to spend some bucks to achieve it, but I tell you it is sooo worth it!

The great thing about using saftey gates as a crib, they can easily be put away….for those of you who keep this side of you a secret.

Welp, thats all folks. I am always available for questions regarding ABDL stuff. Feel free to send me a message!

DIY Tapestry

Tapestries are hella trendy but also like $40-$80, and ain’t NOBODY going off to college got money for that.  But with no more than $15 (and that’s on the higher end because foldedpagecorner and I bought brushes and more paints than we needed) you can make your own, here’s how:

  1. go buy some fabric.  go to walmart and dig around in the clearance bin for a plain color (we wanted white but it doesnt even matter) and get like a yard and a half if you want it as big as the one in the picture it’ll cost you like four bucks
  2. get some paint. we didn’t even check what kind but i’m pretty sure it’s just craft paint and i do remember that it had a matte finish as opposed to glossy or whatever but hey YOUR CALL
  3. find a design. i copied mine from a picture i saw on the internet (lol sorry) but either google tapestries and see what you like or just make something up hey it’s your tapestry
  4. paint it. fyi it’s hard to paint of fabric but just power through
  5. let it dry (we hung ours up but it’s probably find if you just leave it on the floor whatever)
  6. hem the edges if you want it all neat and clean and whatever (i’m going to do that to the one in the picture it just hasn’t been done yet)
  7. hang it in your dorm or bedroom