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Hi there! Just recently found this blog and it is ADDICTING. Can't go online right now but just wanted to let the other anon know (the one that had an anti that was different than most) that it's totally okay. Mine is hella different and Jack liked it for some reason, so yeah! I think the more antis, the better. :3

AAHH omg thank you so much! Sadly we haven’t been as active bc we both ran into some troubles but we’re back now!

I agree - the more Antis, the better! :D


sakurada dori; monochrome boyfriend aesthetic

Day 1
Day 2424
Today I’ve been feeling up and down. Loved and ignored. Happy and sad. No matter what I’ve been feeling I will always be grateful in one thing: trusting myself. I am so happy with the person I am today, 2424 days into hormone therapy, and I thank that little boy in the first picture who had the courage to do something I am still in shock of. I was scared and depressed before day 1 but I found a community of people online who supported me and will forever attribute the bravery I had on that day (June 16th, 2010) when I started hormones, to them. Since then the community has grown into something beautiful and I am so blessed to be part of it. Now it’s my turn to help people and it feels amazing that everyday I look online and what I’ve always wanted has happened. I’ve always just wanted to help people and be a resource for them. Here I am, 6.5 years into this, and feeling so fulfilled by the work that I do. Helping people is what I am meant to do and maybe this comparison will help people, maybe some people will hate it. But I’m so proud of who I am today and even though I feel low, ignored, and sad. I’ll always have the feeling of love and happiness by my side, especially coming from you guys, the amazing online trans community that we all built together. ❤🐝

The 20 Strictly Running Commadments

1. Don’t be a whiner. Nobody likes a whiner, not even other whiners.
2. Don’t make running your life, make it part of your life.
3. When doing group runs, start on time no matter who is missing.
4. Don’t compare yourself to other runners.
5. When standing at starting lines, remind yourself how fortunate you are to be there.
6. The faster you are the less you should talk about your times.
7. Don’t always run alone.
8. Don’t always run with people.
9. The best runs sometimes come on days when you don’t feel like running.
10. Be modest after a race, especially if you have reason to brag.
11. All runners are equal; some are just faster than others
12. There are no short cuts to run excellence.
13. There is nothing boring about running, there are, however, boring people who run.
14. Look at hills as opportunities to pass people.
15. Don’t try to outrun dogs.
16. Without goals, training has no purpose.
17. Go for broke, but prepare to be broken.
18. Unless you make your living as a runner, don’t take running too seriously.
19. Runners who never fail are runners who never tried anything great.
20. Running is simple. Don’t make it complicated.

The signs as Lazy Town songs
  • Aries: Go Explore!
  • Taurus: The Mine Song
  • Gemini: Master Of Disguise
  • Cancer: The Greatest Genie
  • Leo: We Are Number One
  • Virgo: Cooking By The Book
  • Libra: When We Play In A Band
  • Scorpio: Galaxy
  • Sagitarrius: You Are A Pirate
  • Capricorn: I Am A Prince
  • Aquarius: Man On A Mission
  • Pisces: Lazy Scouts
study sounds masterpost

here are some of my favorite ambient noise tracks to play when studying. enjoy! (note: i did not create these, i just found them online)

Harry Potter 

Lord of the Rings

Star Trek

Other places

Christmas Prompts!

These prompts aren’t mine, i found them online and credits to this person that created this list! Go check them out and give them a follow.

Just send me a number from the dialogue or from the situations (remember to put if its from the dialogue or situations so i wont get confused) and character of your choice and I’ll write it! Feel free to send in your own prompt, too!


  1. “Is that a mistletoe?”
  2. “Who keeps hanging all this damn mistletoe everywhere?”
  3. “It’s too cold!”
  4. “Ho ho ho, bitches.”
  5. “No, no no, get away from those presents!”
  6. “Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.”
  7. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!”
  8. “SURPRISE! I’m your present!”
  9. “None of these Christmas lights work.”
  10. “I didn’t expect you, of all people, to be this excited about Christmas.”
  11. “No, you can’t be Virgin Mary for the Nativity Scene.
  12. “You can’t put alcohol in hot chocolate!”
  13. “Why is there a reindeer on my front lawn?”
  14. “Kids, it’s time you knew something.” “You can’t tell them Santa’s not real!” “I wasn’t going to…but you just did.”
  15. “I knitted you a sweater!”
  17. “Thanks for lending me your jacket.”
  18. “If you throw that snowball, that means war”
  19. “That tree is not going to fit…” “I knew it wouldn’t fit.”
  20. “Baby, it’s cold outside.”
  21. “I love ugly Christmas Sweaters.” “Well, I don’t. Why’d you make me wear one too?”
  22. “Ya know, this Christmas cookie frosting would taste a hundred times better on you.”
  23. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” “NO MORE FROZEN!”
  24. “Wrapping presents is like impossible!!”
  25. “But it’s Christmas…you’re supposed to be here with me.”
  28. “Look, It’s snowing!!” 


  1. Ice skating
  2. Snowball Fight
  3. Snowing
  4. Christmas Party
  5. Sweaters
  6. Christmas Caroling
  7. Snowed In
  8. Christmas Shopping
  9. Decorating the Tree
  10. Christmas Morning
  11. Christmas Eve
  12. Visiting Santa at the Mall
  13. Tree Shopping
  14. Writing Letters to Santa
  15. Christmas Music/Movies AU
  16. Decorating for Christmas
  17. Getting Stuck Under the Mistletoe
  18. Christmas w/ Kids
  19. Sledding
  20. Building a Snowman
  21. Secret Santa
  22. Baking Christmas Goods
  23. Exchanging Gifts
  24. Gingerbread Houses

@huxloween Day 5: Halloween fashion

It took him all day but Kylo finally found the perfect outfit for Hux: a pumpkin sweater. Now he has an excuse to call him Pumpkin~

STARTER SENTENCES from What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

“So it’s 6 PM in the night time… which is when I wake up.”
“Now I’m going to wake up my flatmates.”
“I really love living in a flatting situation.”
“I like to hang out with other vampires.”
“I like the company.”
“I transformed into a dog and had sex.”
“We’re gonna have a little flat meeting in the kitchen in about 15 minutes, okay?”
“You don’t have to come but I thought I’d extend an invitation to you just in case.”
“It’s a spinal column, yuck!”
“Maybe I should bring a broom down here for you, if you wanted to sweep up some of the skeletons.”
“I got you this chicken.”
“You’re a cool guy but you’re not pulling your weight in the flat.”
“Well, I’m glad to hear that I’m cool.”
“You have not done the dishes for five years.”
“I’m so embarrassed when people come over here.”
“You bring them over to kill them!”
“_____’s like the rebellious young vampire.”
“He’s just like the young, bad boy of the group.”
“Now you are vampire.”
“I dragged man’s body down the hallway, and noticed that there was no dust. Like, I kind of… I kind of swept the hallway.”
“To be living this long and to have seen the things that he’s seen and still, like, kind of have it together, I mean, hats off to him.”
“My thing was, I would poke people with implements.”
“If you’re going to eat a victim on my nice clean couch, put down some newspaper on the floor, and some towels.”
“We’re not these mopey old creatures who live in castles.”
“One of the unfortunate things about not having a reflection is that you don’t know exactly what you look like.”
“We can give each other feedback and help each other out until we’re looking great.”
“When you are a vampire, you become very sexy.”
“I go for a look which I call ‘Dead But Delicious’.”
“We would like to come into the bar, please. Invite us into the bar, please.”
“You don’t know of a night dentist?”
“The deal is that he is going to give me eternal life.”
“It’s their last moment alive so why not make it a nice experience?”
“Um, I hit the main artery. So, yeah, it’s a real mess in there.”
“I think we drink virgin blood because it sounds cool.”
“I reckon the best thing about being a vampire is flying.”
“The neighbors can see you flying around the house.”
“I am doing an erotic dance for my friends.”
“It really, really sucks that I can’t eat him.”
“We’re just about to walk past some werewolves so some shit might go down.”
“We’re werewolves, not swearwolves.”
“He’s definitely my best mate, and I’m not gonna eat him.”
“Okay, I’m the main guy in Twilight. You know the main guy? Twilight? That’s me.”
“You can’t tell everyone that you’re a vampire.”
“I’m over being a vampire. It’s shit.”
“Our friend has just been killed in a fatal sunlight accident.”
“’Dearly departed…’. That’s us.”
“Vampires don’t like nuns.”
“You can’t go to the ball as Blade. He’s a vampire hunter.”
“You don’t look that great, but if you eat someone on the way…”
“Are you predeceased?”
“As soon as one vampire takes a bite, it’s a frenzy.”
“There should be no eating of the human.”
“Fuck off to a tree.”
“He’s probably still a little upset having seen his best friend disemboweled by werewolves.”
“I decided to bite her and we’re gonna be together forever.”

Wait For It (Hamilton) & Yuri On Ice

No-one can explain why Viktor came to me.
He’s gonna be my coach for this year’s Grand Prix
He quit his career in Russia,
when he saw a routine that I did online.
He has angered all Russia
Cause now Viktor is mine.

The ice doesn’t discriminate
Between the winners
And the fakes
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep giving anyway
We bleed and we cry
And we break
And we make our mistakes
And if there’s a reason he’s by my side
When so many have tried
Then I’m willing to skate for it
I’m willing to skate for it

Minako-sensei was my first dance teacher
But even back then my
Viktor’s presence did feature
Yuko-san was an otaku,
and told me everything she found.
When he won, I watched all his routines
and he never failed to astound.

Fame doesn’t discriminate
Between the winners
And the fakes
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep fighting anyway
We jump and we fall
And we break
And we make our mistakes
And if there’s a reason he is my guide
When all the rest would cast me aside
I’m willing to skate for it
I’m willing to skate for it

Skate for it

I am not gonna stop until I have won
I am desirable
I’m a sexy katsudon
I’m not gonna be scared, I will be bold
I am not losing now
I am taking the gold.

Yurio has risen up to senior class.
He has something to prove
He cannot stand to lose
Yurio’s mind is ferocious
He learns so fast.
What is it like in his shoes?

Yurio doesn’t hesitate
He exhibits no restraint
He takes and he takes and he takes
And he could win this anyway
With his Agape
He changed and he raised all the stakes
But if there’s a chance
that I can now rise and claim the grand prize, then goddamnit—

I’m willing to skate for it
I’m willing to skate for it…

Love doesn’t discriminate
Between the winners and the fakes
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep skating anyway
We jump and we fall and we break
And we make our mistakes
And if there’s a chance that I might still win
When so many gave in
Then I’m willin’ to-
Skate for it…
Skate for it…

People have been asking for the Hawaiian values I was talking about so this is my attempt but they are hard to explain in English. Okay so while these aren’t all Hawaiian values these were the ones I felt like I knew the most and could describe the best. Most of these definitions I found online, I just added the background info and a little bit to the definitions.

Background info: Hawaiians have a very strong symbiotic relationship with the land (‘āina). Our creation legend is actually very similar to the beginning of the greeks. First there was chaos (I believe the name was Po?) and then came Papa and Wakea, the Earth and the Sky. Papa gave birth to the islands and the Stars. The Stars and the Sky have a child, but the child is a stillborn. They bury the child and with the mothers tears the first kalo plant grows (taro). The second child is Haloa aka man. So the reason we have these values and such is because there is this familial connection to the world around us. We take care of the 'āina and it will provide for us. This symbiosis is the key to why these moral values mean so much. Like reason we value these things is basically because we owe the earth, our family, our ancestors, the plants, the animals, the ocean, the sky, we owe all of them for our existence and when you follow these values you are honoring them and all they have done for you. The english translations don’t really hold that same weight, they are just words, they don’t have the generations of meaning behind them.

Aloha is a value, one of unconditional love. Aloha is the outpouring and receiving of the spirit.
This is so important, like it is so prevalent in Hawaii. I have never experienced a community be more loving.

The value of work: To work with intent and with purpose.
As in, don’t be lazy or half ass something for that won’t produce good products.

The value of perseverance. To persist, to continue, to perpetuate. Never give up.

The value of hospitality, a hospitality of complete giving. Welcome guests and strangers with your spirit of Aloha.
We treat most people like family unless they have proven themselves to be rude or undeserving, that’s why tourism starting in Hawaii actually.

Those who are family, and those you choose to call your family. As a value, ‘Ohana is a human circle of complete Aloha.
Family doesn’t mean blood here. Like if someone has disrespected you and doesn’t act pono you don’t have to keep calling them family, however we give a lot of second chances. And almost all family friends are just family. Like I might not be related to them, but they are still family.

The value of teamwork: Collaboration and cooperation. Harmony and unity. People who work together can achieve more.

The value of communication, for “All of us.” We are in this together.
Learn to speak the language of we.
Basically the hawaiian version of “we’re all in this together”

One’s personal sense of responsibility. “I accept my responsibilities, and I will be held accountable.”
This one is super important. When someone says that something is your kuleana it means that this is very important. For example it is our kuleana to pick up litter. If we don’t then the land will suffer. However by just saying kuleana that second sentence is implied.

The value of learning. To know well. To seek knowledge and wisdom.

The value of humility. Be humble, be modest, and open your thoughts.

To honor the dignity of others. Conduct yourself with distinction, and cultivate respectfulness.
This is why we call people older than us Aunty and Uncle, why we call our elders Tutu. Why you always bring food to someones house and offer to clean up.

The value of stewardship. To take care of. To serve and to honor, to protect and care for.

“Thank you”, as a way of living. Live in thankfulness for the richness that makes life so precious.
Granted we don’t say this as a moral value as much as the others, but it is still important. Like saying please is important, but if you don’t say thank you you are in huge trouble because you aren’t respecting those around you.

The value of integrity, of rightness and balance. The feeling of contentment when all is good and all is right.
I don’t really like the way they defined this, it is so much more than that, but this one there really is no proper english equivalence. It’s like doing the right thing because it is right, because this is what is expected of you as a Hawaiian. I have a really hard time explaining it. To be pono is to do the right thing. but it’s more than that. it’s like with kuleana, you are pono because you do your kuleana. because to be pono is to respect all those who came before you and all those who come after you. If an aunty tells you that you aren’t being pono that stops most people in their tracks. it just holds so much meaning and I really can’t explain it better.


I found this awesome little fidget on etsy. It would be great for people who love the concept of spinner rings, but hate wearing jewelry. I kinda REALLY want the yin yang one or the moon one.

Link to product:

Ps, cool fidget/stim toys I find online will now be under the hashtag #online

“so i found a video online that explains the concept very well” your teacher announces before clicking play. a man starts speaking slowly in a monotone against the backdrop of a chart or drawing that includes clipart. sometimes the clipart moves. you try to understand what they are trying to say but can’t focus well enough because the guy is so boring.

“well guys i hope you got something out of that” the teacher says at the end. they won’t just teach what just happened for themselves. everyone else p much got the video. you learned nothing. the teacher can’t hear your screams of frustration