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tbh i waited like all day for the q&a n im not disapponted at all. someones voice, to me, is always like a huge big ol turn on so like, the that you have something a lot of people dont (im kind of an Audiophile if you would not just in a sexual sense) is really sweet. Youre audios arent cringy or gross and really let my mind wander, as well as other things, so in a way thank you??? I don't even knoe but im really estatic to hear what youll put out nect and i hope its soon!!!

Thank you! As someone working towards being in the voice over biz myself, voices are a huge thing for me. People’s voices just show so much about a person and they’re all so unique! Voices are such cool things, and I’m really honored you like mine, haha. I’m also glad my audios aren’t cringy or gross cause that’s something I strive for, to create NSFW content that is as realistic as I can make it but still have it fulfill a fantasy! 

Why I love Campaign/ Oneshot Podcasts (and you should too)

1. They’re great people. I met Kat and James at Acadecon 2015 and they were friendly and nice and awesome to meet. You always worry when you meet your heroes but I’m so glad I met them.

2. They taught me that more than a good system to play, a good group of people to play with is vital.

I’m a narrative RPG player so more crunchy systems were intimidating but I’ve seen James (and Kat) play those with just as much fun and Ive started a new group.

3. They’re super approachable and easy to contact. By twitter or email or tumblr, they’re so cool and friendly about it.

4. They taught me: Don’t be afraid to try the new. Oneshot shows this more and with changing characters and systems I’m now up for a new system, especially if I’ve seen them do it.

5. To love star wars. Star wars Edge was my first and remains my favorite RPG system but star wars wasn’t my fav universe. Now Kat and James and Bacta Basics have taught me to make it home and really to appreciate it.

(To a person who loves writing novels and fanfiction, you can never have to many universes to love.)

6. Because they’re a small startup of a network that I can get behind and support for all these reasons. They have a patreon and me and my husband back them because we love them so much.

I love supporting them and feeling like I’m really doing something. And how they seem to appreciate it makes it so worth it to see them do more cool things.

7. Because their show and all the guests and games they play is always awesome. They get me through the rough days and long drives.

8. Campaign is a running story full of laughs and adventure and has an amazing community behind it. Kat Kuhl has collaboratively made us something her own that’s beautiful.

My husband doesn’t get fanfiction and why I create things in someone else’s world but nothing explains my love of living in another universe more than Campaign.

9. Because Kat Kuhl is my hero. She calls us heroes but she is mine. Working with her best buddy James and doing something like campaign. She’s awesome.

She encouraged me to GM my first game months ago and now I teach new systems and run games regularly to varying groups.

And she’s adorable and I want to be like her. I’m excited and believe that with hard work I can do the awesome things too

** I cannot recommend @campaignpodcast and One Shot more. For the amazing people who run it and star in episodes, the stories and worlds they create and just everything. Everyone needs the Oneshot Podcast Network.

When you ask me my favorite things, we are going to talk about my fav author Brandon Sanderson and the OneShot network of heroes.

Summary: Between the demands of helping the turtles and Splinter relocate and her reinstatement and promotion to investigative reporter at Channel 6, April has barely had time to stop for breath. But when she and Vernon report on the work of a certain Dr. Stockman, it’s his grad student, Irma Langenstein, who catches the interest of the organization that’s been abducting scientists across the city. Fortunately, Irma has more connections than anyone realizes, and Donnie does not take kindly to the abduction of his online gaming partner.

Now, Irma is stuck in an enforced witness protection program in the new lair, there’s a vigilante running around the back streets of New York, and citizens are reporting mysterious lights in the skies above the city. Which is all in a day’s work for the best reporter in NYC.

Rating: PG/K+.
Universe: TMNT 2014.
Tags/Warnings: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Friendship, Family.

Author: Fantasiawandering

This project has been a real challenge, but also a great amount of fun. I’m really grateful for the fact that the artist who chose my story, without knowing it was mine, happened to be a good friend who could stand listening to me rant about how the story constantly refused to cooperate. Leah and I ended up challenging each other to create content in a universe outside of our comfort zones, and there was something really comforting about having someone right there with you to bounce ideas off of and to cheer you on. Creating in isolation is a bit like working in a vacuum, and it was really cool to work on a project without feeling quite so alone.

Artist: fivefootoh

A real challenge indeed! I thought it would be fun to tackle the 2014 turtle designs, and I was surprised (but not disappointed) to find that I had picked out a friend’s story! It’s been hard to illustrate, seeing as that I’m not as familiar with this universe as with others. But I finally got myself to stop worrying and just let whatever came to my head to be drawn. It’s been fun to take Fantasia’s ideas and notes, and see Irma and everyone else come to life not only in words, but in pictures.

The first chapter is below; read the rest at: | Ao3!



For as long as she could remember, April had known exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Yet, it seemed that with every turn, she was faced with something else forcing her carefully-laid plans off the rails. The fire. Her father. The years of having to take time off school to waitress in order to pay down her debt. Oh, the job at Channel 6 had been a dream come true, until April had realized that all they needed was a pretty face to jump up and down on things. And then, the biggest wrench in the works of all. The chance encounter on the rooftop that had sent her life spiralling out of control.

She never would have thought that spiral could have been the launching pad she needed to turn it all around again, yet here she was. April O’Neil: Investigative Reporter.

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Hey everyone! ❤️ I got some very sweet messages warning me about artists copying my Art Nouveau Steven Universe pieces, and I wanted to say this before anything gets heated!

My nouveau gem pieces are based on the work of Alphonse Mucha, a fantastic turn of the century artist who’s work I can’t recommend enough! Mucha’s work has often been parodied in many fandoms, long before I ever made mine. Any SU artist who wants to make a Mucha parody like I did is absolutely allowed!

If you see artists create another Mucha parody within the SU fandom, feel free to send it my way, cause I love cool SU fanart!! But also please be kind to them, and if possible, lean towards the idea that it is probably simply another loving homage to Mucha & these wonderful characters, rather than someone trying to steal from another fandom artist ❤️

Lastly, I really wanted to thank each of you who pmd me about this. The fact that the fandom looks out for it’s artists is wonderful, and I am incredibly touched and grateful. ❤️❤️❤️


sticking “not mine: credit to owner(s)” on your blog or under a piece of work you haven’t made yourself but felt the need to post anyway isn’t valid credit.

what it is is essentially just plastering “this isn’t mine but give me attention for it anyway” on someone elses work and thats not cool, why would you do that?

im saying this because recently i’ve been seeing gifs and art that friends or myself have made being posted on here and elsewhere with that little gem underneath and i honestly don’t appreciate it. making these things for fandoms takes time and effort its done with love and we’re proud of what we create. not only do creators deserve to be acknowledged for what they do but its important to us to see the notes and comments and that people like our work or we lose motivation and create less and that means less content for the fandom.  

now i was going to say ‘please source and link back to the original poster’ but no i dont like that either. just don’t repost. just don’t do it. if you get the urge stop yourself and go reblog something nice or learn how to make something yourself. teach yourself! practice! it can be a lot of fun. 

basically don’t repost. “not mine: credit to owner(s)” or anything to that effect is not valid credit!!! Please respect the people who make you things to enjoy and reblog instead. 

❝ What impresses me most about her is that she has a certain drive and determination that can only come from someone who knows what it’s like to have been down and to have struggled. Eva’s struggle has clearly created a fierce focus in her which is so cool to see and here’s the best part… she’s willin’ to put in the daily hard ass work to achieve and accomplish all of her goals in – and outside of the ring.❞

- The Rock on Eva Marie

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Dark Chocolate Marbling

Alright, so sorry for the extra long post but some of you wanted to see it?

Start off with ½ cup butter, ¼ sugar, and ½ tsp vanilla extract (pure preferably). Beat these together well in a big bowl until it’s light and fluffy. Make sure the butter is at room temperature, as it makes it easier to blend. 

Gradually add 1 cup of flour into the mix, once it’s nicely blended. Keep beating the flour into the mixture until it resembles something like this:

Take this dough and roll it into a ball. Gently press it into a 9 inch springform pan (that’s securely closed at the bottom) to make a crust. Keep pressing the dough towards the side, until it fully covers the bottom of the pan. try to even it out so that the baking will be spread evenly throughout the crust.

Bake this at 325 degrees Fahrenheit, until the edges are golden brown and look like this:

Take the pan out to cool.

Beat 4 pkgs of cream cheese (8 oz each), ½ cup sugar, and ½ tsp vanilla extract into a bowl. Cream it well until you can no longer feel/hear the granulated sugar at the bottom of the bowl when you stick your whisk in. Your cream cheese should be at room temp. and soft–but not melting. That curdles your cheesecake.

If you have a double boiler, good for you. If you don’t use a glass, heatproof bowl and a smaller saucepan so that the glass bowl won’t be submerged in the boiling water in the saucepan. You’re going to melt the white chocolate with steam, just google double boiler and you’ll understand.

Chop up 12 oz of BAKER’S white chocolate, and melt it slowly. stir constantly so that it won’t burn, and take it off heat once completely smooth.

Let this chocolate mix cool, while stirring it. It should be very smooth (in the picture there are still unmelted chunks but they will melt with the residual heat). Once slightly cooler, pour the chocolate into the cream cheese batter and blend well.

Add in the eggs, one at a time. After each addition, beat the eggs in on the lowest speed possible and scrape the sides of the bowls once the egg seems to have merged with the batter. Don’t overbeat, you don’t want to incorporate too much air or there will be nasty airpockets in your cheesecake.

Also, make sure to wash your hands after touching eggs, and not to touch the batter with your hand that touched the egg shells. Sure, you’re trying to impress someone, but giving them salmonella isn’t very impressive.

Pour this mixture into the springform cake tin, with your cooled crust fro earlier.

Now this part is optional. Melt dark chocolate (however much you think you will need) with the same technique as how you melted the white chocolate earlier. You can drizzle the melted dark chocolate over the set batter, and then run a butterknife through the batter to create a nice marbling effect. I failed trying to do mine so ignore the ugly appearance.

Tap the man on the counter to get rid of any airbubbles, and to even out the edges. Then, stick it into the oven at 325 F, for about 55 mind to an hour.

Let it cool, then put it into the fridge overnight. If you are like me, I will be garnishing it with fresh raspberries and mint leaves.

Have fun! 

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How do you typically make ocs? Like, name, basics, and then more into personality and such. (Also this blog seems v cool :> )

Oh my goodness. Making OCs is different for everyone. Usually I have a purpose for making mine. Wether it’s making ocs with a friend that’ll interact, joining an rp group, or even making up your own species and making character out of that. Or even, it just seems like a cool Idea.

Some people start with a name and create someone who looks like they have that name, and some just doodle and go “oh hey they look pretty cool”. (I do that a lot).

However, back stories can be hard if you’re someone like me. For others it comes easy. But I guess, you technically don’t even need a back story. Kyler, for example, is just your average dude. He’s in college and works as a pizza delivery man. That’s it. But Rorik, on the other hand, travels into foreign territories and is multilingual. He plays the ukulele for fun because he’s often alone.

There’s also that ocs can be a way of working things about yourself out. Or even, putting a trait of yourself into the oc can make you feel a little better about yourself. My oc Luca has my social anxiety. When they’re in a big crowd they get really nervous and fidgety, often clinging to whoever they’re with.

Base it off of a show you really like. Shaun is a weapon from soul eater. Or play ideas back and forth with a friend. The more you look at situations to put them in, and the more you consider how they’ll react, can help develop character.

It’s fun. And I hope I didn’t get too derailed from the question


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Howdy Yogi! Could you possibly help me ruminate on something? I would like to know possibly why people get annoyed or even territorial about things they like, such as music or television shows; the whole "I liked it before it was cool" attitude that people have is a mystery to me. Why do you think we do that?

Often we take our interests as a form of identity. When someone else shows interest in that same thing, we either feel connected to that person or hostile toward that person. This is because the interest is claimed as “mine.”

People play all sorts of identity games, creating unreal suffering and grasping at an unreal happiness.

It’s not a big deal—so long as you are not one of those people!

“If you desire liberation, But you still say ‘mine,’ If you feel you are the body, You are not a wise man or a seeker. You are simply a man who suffers.” ~ The Ashtavakra Gita

Namaste :)