not mine but someone cool created it

rules of thomblr

1. u dont make fun of the wonky eye
2. kid a is objectively the greatest piece of art ever created
3. fuck oasis
4. every time someone mentions lp9, the release date gets pushed back a week
5. ed o'brien jumping up and down on the spot in loose trousers
6. “radiohead hoe” is not an insult, it’s a way of life
7. pablo honey era never happened
8. especially that one mtv beach house performance
9. fuck oasis
10. vegetarianism is cool


sticking “not mine: credit to owner(s)” on your blog or under a piece of work you haven’t made yourself but felt the need to post anyway isn’t valid credit.

what it is is essentially just plastering “this isn’t mine but give me attention for it anyway” on someone elses work and thats not cool, why would you do that?

im saying this because recently i’ve been seeing gifs and art that friends or myself have made being posted on here and elsewhere with that little gem underneath and i honestly don’t appreciate it. making these things for fandoms takes time and effort its done with love and we’re proud of what we create. not only do creators deserve to be acknowledged for what they do but its important to us to see the notes and comments and that people like our work or we lose motivation and create less and that means less content for the fandom.  

now i was going to say ‘please source and link back to the original poster’ but no i dont like that either. just don’t repost. just don’t do it. if you get the urge stop yourself and go reblog something nice or learn how to make something yourself. teach yourself! practice! it can be a lot of fun. 

basically don’t repost. “not mine: credit to owner(s)” or anything to that effect is not valid credit!!! Please respect the people who make you things to enjoy and reblog instead. 

❝ What impresses me most about her is that she has a certain drive and determination that can only come from someone who knows what it’s like to have been down and to have struggled. Eva’s struggle has clearly created a fierce focus in her which is so cool to see and here’s the best part… she’s willin’ to put in the daily hard ass work to achieve and accomplish all of her goals in – and outside of the ring.❞

- The Rock on Eva Marie