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Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥

It’s 2 am and I’ve decided I’m cleaning and rearranging my room. To cope.

Save Me - Chapter 42

“I’ll see what I can do.” I whispered against his lips. He let go as we both sat up. “Let me go get my computer and email Kelly, my assistant. If she can move things around, I want to stay.” I said as I smiled at him.

Jared seemed very happy with my response. I wanted to stay with him more than almost anything. This new world he has opened up for me was easily pulling me in. But, I didn’t want to get fired either. Basically I wanted my cake and to eat it too.

“Here,” Jared said smiling as he reached for his computer that was sitting on the table and handing it to me, “use mine. Just rearranged your schedule, Vivie. I’ll have Emma take care of the flights you’ll need.”

“You will? Are you sure?” I asked.

“Absolutely, baby girl. I’ll take care of everything.” He said as he kissed my cheek then sat back with his phone already in his hand.

I quickly logged into my email and messaged Kelly that I have a personal issue that came up and needed to stay in Chicago until Friday. That wouldn’t seem all that random. Everyone knows my family is still in the Midwest. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible.

Besides, it’s not like I could tell her I had a sexual awakening and needed more time with the man responsible for it. Although it was the truth and I usually ALWAYS go with the truth, in this case, I’m going with a very muted explanation of the truth. Hopefully it would be enough because anything else was something I wasn’t will to think about yet.

“I probably won’t hear anything until morning.” I said as I handed the computer back to Jared.

He took the computer, putting it to the side. “Come here, baby girl.” He said as he laid back against the pillows of the couch pulling me close to him.

“Mmm, back to the nook.” I said as I shifted myself so that I was able to lay in the nook of his arm. Laying my head on his shoulder then turning my nose to tuck against his neck, I smiled and said, “I could get used to this.”

Dear god, I could really, really, really get used to this.

“Me too, baby girl.” Jared whispered, kissing my temple and pulling me tighter against him.

It was starting to get late and considering everything that had happened today, I was actually pretty shocked I was still awake. My body wanted sleep but my mind wanted to absorb every moment with this amazing man.

I’m not sure how long we laid there in comfortable silence, holding each other. I wanted so desperately to ask him what he was thinking but I didn’t. I couldn’t…I was just too afraid.


Rearranging my altar, moved all of my herbs to the actual surface space in order to create a little area for Freya, my matron goddess. I plan on buying a statue this October in Bergen of her, hopefully I can save enough for that because it’s definitely not cheap lol but for now, I’m creating an image of her from clay, I’ll show you guys once I’m finished. I also made a little autumn space. 🍂🎃 and a space for my ancestors (the bottom left corner you see on the bottom pic). Anyway, once done with this, I’ve got loads of readings to do! I just felt super inspired to rearrange my space. 🕯🔮✨🌕💫