not mermaid


“He’s the one, the hunters favorite throphy. Found in the deep woods of Poland, a Nöck, Nix or like the old high german word: nichessa. He’s a old and rare water spirit and guardian of rivers and lakes, son of the forest. The hunter has found him, trapped him and made him a part of his numerous collection of creatures, monsters and spirits he seeks after all over the world. 

And here the Nöck is waiting in his prison of glass..” 

Well, I’m not a writer, but that was one of the ideas behind this work.  Uff, it was a nice experiment.  


I drew this mermaid family quite some time ago (also posted just the sisters here a while back here) but I still like thinking about them and what they’d get up to every so often. (Couldn’t decide on the greener vs bluer evening scene so here they both are.)  Might draw more when I get some more time ^^