not mermaid

I keep seeing people do Mermay stuff so I figured I would sneak one in at the end of May here. 

I’ve been using an iPad to draw lately so it was a good excuse to draw something just for me using nothing but the iPad. It is strange! It is very different than what I’m used to doing but I can see it being really helpful to get my process moving a little faster.

Nothing will replace my giant kindergartener sized 9B pencil though. 


#fbf This Mermay started out as a sketch of a mermaid listening to a shell it turned into this lol this is definitely one of my favorite #mermay2017 pieces so I wanted to share the process with you! Hope everyone has a great #memorialdayweekend ! 😘💙

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#mermay2017 Day 26! My miraculous Oc as a mermaid 🐬 I dont post about her anymore because people started to take her image and use it for their own purpose without asking for permission or anything, which became very frustrating for me because i spend a lot of time working on her and i loved sharing her with my followers but seeing people having no respect for me, my art, or her character was just too much for me. Moral of the story, dont use others people oc as your own. #mermay #MerMay #mermaid #oc #art

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I’ve been thinking about Mermaid stuff in the last week (late into MerMay lol) on twitter for a possibly thing in the future. You might see some things next month about it who knows! Twitter’s getting the most of it.

Don’t worry, Fidds just got a bit bored with Ford’s questions and dragged him under. When they come up, Ford just has more questions which confuses Fidds.


Lance is captured and stuck in a tank at an aquarium. It’s way too small for him and no one bothered to research what merpeople actually eat, so he ends up falling ill. One day Keith’s walking through and feel sorry for the sick merman. So (and don’t ask me how, I dunno) Keith managed to rescue Lance and takes him home. For the time being, Lance chills out in the bathtub. Even though it’s about 10 times smaller than the tank at the aquarium, Lance is grateful Keith rescued him even if Keith has no idea how to care for a merman. He also has to figure out how he’s going to explain to his roommate (Shiro) why there’s a merman in the bathtub.

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