not mentioning that at all

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Who do you most identify yourself as, and who do you aspire to be in the Potter universe ?(past, present, and future generations)

GREAT QUESTION! way to start! alrighty so

  • past: sirius black. loyalty in friendship is something i cherish highly, i have very bad coping methods, i’m way too extra™, and i could go on and on..
  • present: luna lovegood. befriends weird things, spends a lot of time alone, believes
  • future: scorpius malfoy. huge dork, loves libraries (idk omg ahha)

hey do you know whats cool and also terrifying the fact that mark can just… keep gaining powers. by the end of this ep he had and was actively using three (damien’s, chloe’s, and caleb’s) and like… holy shit??? distance limit or no that’s fucking wild???

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you always make it sound that if a character has an ambition they must be aro.. like, just because they are focused on something doesnt mean that they arent open for romantic stuff. and for that matter they can be aro without one big ambition, like its not the only reason why someone is aro

i mean

as an aro person, i am aware of this

honestly, i don’t even particularly need reasons to hc a character as aro, but noting those kinds of character details helps me go ‘oh hey, this might be one reason why they act like this’

my character interpretations don’t always equal canon, and it’s often just me having fun and seeing myself in characters b/c there’s very little representation of ace or aro characters in media 

(and it’s not only characters with amibition that i hc as aro. i also hc characters like Aizawa and Tsuyu as aro)

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Can you recommend any Wiig related blogs I should follow?

OF COURSE!!! Here are some of my MOST FAVORITE KWIIG BLOGS!!! 

P.S Some aren’t strictly Kwiig Blogs but they regularly post/reblog kwiig stuff!!!

@roots-symphony , @wildsflag , @erngilbert , @andyourhostkristenwiig , @sapphiclesbian , @antisocialclimber , @wiigsten , @pattismith , @willforte , @wiigipedia , @howisyourskeleton , @mayawiig , @holtzymannz , @fyeahkwiig


Hey what’s up everyone? I know seeing this on your dash might alarm you, but you know what I don’t care anymore! I’ve had a problem with this every since her redemption arc began in Log Date 8 6 7 5 3 09 whatever! And I’m sick of it literally being shoved in our face and NO ONE POINTING IT OUT


you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

I love the Matt/Shiro BrOTP so have some headcanons that have been sitting in my drafts for weeks

-Matt is a living meme and Shiro questions their friendship every day

-“You know you love me~”

-Everyone questions how someone so calm and mature can be best friends with Matt and Matt kinda laughs in their face

-Matt: Calm? Mature? This guy almost fought a five-year-old over a chocolate bar!
Shiro: I really like the brand oKAY???

-Matt has tried to set Shiro up on one too many dates. It’s really easy since everyone and their mother has a crush on Shiro but Shiro needs Matt to stop.

-He did after a while until Shiro developed a crush on Allura. Cupid Matt was back. Shiro wanted to kill himself.

-Constantly making fun of each other because they love each other

-Shiro: Matt, if you don’t stop, I will literally sit on you.
Matt: Try me.
*high-pitched screams*

-You wouldn’t believe how often that happens. Spoil alert: A lot.

-They’re pretty competitive when it comes to each other. Whether it comes to bets or board games. Tears are shed. Friendships are broken. It gets pretty intense.

-Matt: I got to move on and be who I am! I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand! We might find our place in this world someday. But at least for now, I gotta find my own way…
Shiro: Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic over a pizza slice?

-Once Shiro ate the last brownie and Matt wouldn’t talk to him for a week. The dude really loves his food.

-Shiro: No.
Matt: This is homophobia at its finest. ://

-Once they had a convo on what their ship name would be if they dated, Shiro came up with Shatt, Matt disowned him

-Death jokes make up half of their friendship.

-Shiro: I’m going to propel myself off of this balcony.
-Matt: Not without me, you’re not.

This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.