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INFP: I actually chose not the best time to ask you this, but on a scale of 1 to 10, am I a good human for other humans?

ESTP: Yes. You are exemplary for reflection and exploration.

INFP: Alright. Do you think people are afraid to talk to me?

ESTP: Maybe? You come off as hippy. *Not a bad thing

ESTP: But you’ll also ask very mature questions that a lot of people our age aren’t ready to start asking in their early twenties. These are not bad things. They are just my POV. I’d put you at a solid 7. You are unafraid to ask questions and you will always respect the dignity of the person you’re around.

ESTP: I think an area of opportunity would be better learning to glean information from ‘shallow’ talk. “Dude, I walked in on a swingers party at Tri Delta once. I’ve never been so sicked in all my life.” “Hey, I tried this ice cream. Have some!” “Oh my god, look at his butt.”

INFP: Lol. How do you mean?

ESTP: I feel like most of the conversations we have that you drive sound like ones between two 80-year-olds looking over a cliff in lawn chairs, slowly drinking Scotch while trying to write the existentialism chapter of their mutual memoirs.

INFP: omg

Since Chiaki is the only geisha in my town (you may have seen her in the Orori house,but unlike the girls there,she is not a courtesan - she’s an artist that dances,plays the shamisen and sings - thus,a geisha),and she has a very wealthy danna now -Kai,the honorable samurai - she deserved to have a proper hairstyle and kimono (well,almost).She is now the most well known (and the only one) geisha in Pontocho.


Today in Cool Stuff Around The Building:

This might be THE most photographed bookshelf at NPR headquarters, but surprisingly enough we’ve never featured it here – get it together, us!  

Librarian Camille Salas (whose cube it occupies) fills us in on the history of the OMG STAR shelf:

About a year ago the “Peach Pit: A 90210 Book Collection” started when RAD (@npr_rad - formerly the NPR Library) team member, Sarah Knight (@sayrahknight) spotted two autobiographies by Jason Priestly and Tori Spelling on our floor. While we are loyal to all things 90210, the name quickly became outdated when our colleagues added more celebrity autobiographies. “The OMG STAR Memoir Collection”, as it is now known, is open 24/7 to any colleague in the building looking for a fun and perhaps educational read. 

The more you know …

– Petra