not meant to be conceited

Harry Styles - Rich Girl Imagine

[Thank you to you and your friend! Enjoy and I AM SO SORRY IT’S BEEN LIKE A YEAR. I’M A FAILURE!]

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I’ve touched up the designs to my little Super Looter guys!

Looter from Super Looter: The titular character and once the star of an immensely popular arcade game. Though those days are long gone, his ego remains just as large. Looter is often a guy full of many complaints, and refuses to face reality and accept he’s hit rock bottom. Despite being a bit whiny, Looter has the qualities of a good leader and is maybe even a bit of a ‘family man’ to his roommates… but it’s kinda dragged down by the fact he’s also keen on breaking and entering, petty thievery, and extravagant heists… you know, a real upstanding citizen who just so happens to have a criminal record.
(Also, don’t tell anyone, but I hear he collects merchandise of himself!)

Jay from Speedy Satan: Despite being a would-be star of a kart racing game canceled due to it’s controversial religious stance, Jay has an unusually positive outlook on life (in a cool way.) Jay lives for a thrill and can make the most mundane tasks COOL and EXTREME. EXTREME dishes, EXTREME laundry, EXTREME laying on the couch. She’s a bit competitive and quick to say the first rude thought that enters her brain, but she’s a nice (AND COOL) chick!
Word of advice, do not accept any offer to “race you there.” She takes it VERY seriously.

Squobby from Star Scrounge: Nowadays, most people say Star Scrounge was “ahead of its time” but to Squobby, it was “the scariest moments of my life.” The poor thing has always suffered from anxiety and leads the life of what one might call a “hikikomori.” She’s very reclusive, cowardly, and rejects any invitation to go to the outside world. Underneath the tough exterior of her metaphorical armor, Squobby’s a very nice little alien and a good friend.
(Under her not-so metaphorical armor lies a squishy little alien!)

Masaru from Baka no Densetsu: This excitable little friend was the noble hero of a game that never made it outside of Japan. They have an intense urge to help anyone in need! But have long since strayed from their main objective (Gotta fulfill all of those sidequests first!) Masaru’s hyperactivity might be off-putting to some, but their helpful nature makes them easy to get along with. I mean. You tell them to do any chore and they do it no problem!
(No, bad! Don’t take advantage of Masaru!)

LockBlock from Block-a-Tock: A lazy square guy who was nothing more than a matching color block in his game. Lockblock often shirks responsibility around the apartment and digs into his roommates’ snack stash without asking. He often comes off as sarcastic and uninvolved. One might wonder where they stand with the guy because he doesn’t seem to care about anyone or anything.
(But shh! He’s the one to lock the doors at night, balance the checkbook, and make sure the bills are paid. I wonder why he does it in secret…!)

Squibbly from Star Scrounge: The villain from the underappreciated cult classic Star Scrounge. Squibbly is quite the megalomaniac. He possesses a prowess in all things technological. The blowing up the planet thing? Not a fluke at all! He meant to do that! We think…
The guy’s incredibly conceited and is quick to point out the flaws in his roommates. Someone of his status should be living “much more extravagantly,” after all.
(He quite enjoys the simple, mundane Earth life, though. He follows several TV shows religiously and maaaaybe got hooked on some MMOs.)

thatmudblood  asked:


Send ⚠ and a name, and i will make a bad presentation slide about that muse


  • Is part of the Slug Club. With Slughorn. I do not envy you even a little for that.
  • Cheeks I’ve now realised look made for pinching
  • Can you dance? If so, that’s a weakness. If not, that’s still a weakness
  • Can’t wear green without looking like a Christmas ornament 


  • Eventually has fantastic choice in friends (me)
  • Pretty strong magic, actually
  • Loyal to the point of sheer stupidity (no, I’m not “bringing it up,” but if I was, then you’d have to admit most people would have told Snivelly to sod off much earlier)
  • Has James Potter’s heart (and he has yours)
There's no way I would be late – A definite Why I ship Aokise

Back in the day, I loved visiting an LJ community called shipmanifesto. On that community, people would write essays on their OTPs, more or less for the sole purpose of documenting the universal question Why – Why do I ship this? What makes this ship work? What is the cornerstone of their chemistry? I liked reading those essays, because they weren’t about fighting it out which ship was the ~most legit; instead, they gave me insight to people’s reasons for being passionate about a certain dynamic, even if it wasn’t one I was that personally invested in.

Now that season 3 of the Kurobas anime has started, I decided to pull this post from my drafts and finally finish it. Because there have been a number of times when people have literally given me the WhyWhy do you ship Aoki? Why would that ship ever work? Why do you think they’d ever theoretically last together? And there’s nothing like a cohesive post to answer those questions on my behalf, instead of having to go through the same song every time.

So, here’s my Aoki ~gospel, based on my interpretation of the characters and their dynamic. Here is Why.

Huge Ass Disclaimer: This is not a post about why any two characters are supposedly better together than any other permutation of characters. This is a post documenting the reasons I love the dynamic of these two characters, and why I feel that their chemistry would also yield a believable, balanced and inspiring relationship – in other words, why it’s my OTP. This is not a post about trying to undermine and derail the ships of others’, nor the only possible interpretation of their characters. It’s an attempt to celebrate and take pride in my own. Please proceed accordingly.

edit @ 22nd of Jan: I put in some additions to clarify on some of my original choices in wording, which can be found with the [edit] tag.

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the signs as “britney” (2001) album songs

aries: anticipating - “why you wanna make me long for you? move it baby over here so we can set it off”

taurus: before the goodbye - “kinda hard for me to let you know, still don’t let my feelings show”

gemini: overprotected - “i need to make mistakes just to learn who i am, and i don’t wanna be so damn protected”

cancer: cinderella - “all you had to do was yell, and i’d be there for you”

leo: boys - “not tryin’ to sound conceited but me and you were meant to be”

virgo: i’m not a girl, not yet a woman - “but now i know, life doesn’t always go my way”

libra: when i found you - “i found myself when i found you”

scorpio: what it’s like to be me - “if you wanna stay around, i’m telling you, you’ve got to figure me out”

sagittarius: i’m a slave 4 u - “what’s practical is logical, what the hell, who cares?”

capricorn: bombastic love - “you made me realize, not to compromise”

aquarius: let me be - “you try to feel me, but I’m so out of touch”

pisces: that’s where you take me - “all things fall in to place, my heart, it feels so safe”

Exo Scenario: Compared to Chanyeol’s ex ~

A scenario where Chanyeol is the main character’s first boyfriend and she was kind of unsure about what to do in the relationship and kept comparing herself to his ex? Thank you!

Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it and let me know what you think :)

It wasn’t a great feeling, comparing yourself to Chanyeol’s ex girlfriend. But you couldn’t help yourself, scrolling through her pictures on Instagram and wondering why exactly he had gone from someone that looked like her to you. You couldn’t exactly compare yourself to her. She was far prettier than you were and every time you scrolled through her pictures, you felt a pit open in your stomach, making you a little sick. 

When you felt tears come to your eyes, you knew that this wasn’t going to work. You closed down the app, vowing not to look at her pictures again because they just made you upset. You wondered if Chanyeol saw the differences between the two of you, wondered if he compared you to her all the time like you did. He had to, didn’t he? 

You supposed it didn’t help, this envious feeling in your heart, when Chanyeol was your first boyfriend. You were surprised when he had asked you out in the first place. But, you were optimistic about why he had asked you out, and after about a month of dating, you were starting to really develop feelings for him. Far deeper than you had expected to feel about anyone else.

It was when you were hanging out with his other group members, all of them watching a movie together at the dorm, that you felt that envy come out again. And it wasn’t just comparing yourself to his ex girlfriend either, but to all of the other female idols that he could potentially be dating. 

Chanyeol seemed to notice that you weren’t feeling well by the look on your face because he nudged your shoulder, his hands going to intertwine with yours. He brought your joined hands to his lips, pressing soft kisses to your fingers. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked in a whisper. The two of you were sitting in back of everyone else, huddled close together on the couch while most of the other boys sat on cushions and arm chairs, leaning against one another while some others slept.

“Nothing.” but you couldn’t even make it sound convincing to yourself, not when you were almost to the point of tears.

In the next second, Chanyeol was pulling on you to get up, making you follow him into the other room. The other members didn’t seem to really notice, though a few did look your way as the two of you exited the room. 

When the two of you were in the safety of his bedroom, he pulled you into his arms only to pull back a few seconds later to trap your face in his hands, making you look up at him. “Tell me what’s wrong.” he begged you, his deep voice shattering all of your resolve to keep everything a secret. So you just broke down and told him how you felt.

After a few minutes of silence, he leaned in to kiss away your tears. You could taste the salt of your own tears, so you were sure that when he kissed your cheeks, he could taste them too. When he pulled away, he swept your hair away from your face and brought you closer, enveloping you in his arms. You wrapped your own arms around his torso, just wanting to stay like that forever.

“Listen, there’s a reason why I’m with you now, not her.” and you did listen to what he had to say, “It’s because she didn’t understand how busy the boys and I are. She didn’t care that I was in another country or that I had a schedule every day. All she wanted was for me to pay attention to her, to always be with her.” and Chanyeol sighed, a little frustrated, “She didn’t care about me, not really. She just cared about my looks and what I could do for her image.”

And he brought his hands to smooth your hair as you pressed your face into his chest, listening to his steady heart beat.

“I think that’s what I like most about you. And why I asked you to go out with me in the first place. You understand that I’m busy and can’t always hang out with you, or go out publicly because of the fans. Not only that, but you’re down to earth and you know what I like.” Chanyeol chuckled and you could feel the vibrations of it through his chest, “You’re probably the sweetest girl that I’ve ever met, and you don’t care that I’m an idol. You like me for me.”

You nodded against him, “How could I not? You were Park Chan Yeol before you joined EXO, and you’ll still be that person several years from now. Anyone that doesn’t see that, or respect your career doesn’t deserve you.”

Chanyeol pulled away, his hands going to your face and his eyes sparkling as they looked down at you, “See? This is what I meant. This is why I’m dating you. You’re not conceited and you care more about others than you do about yourself sometimes.” he leaned down to kiss your forehead, and then further to place his lips on yours, moving them gently against you. You fell into him, your hands going up to twine around his neck, lifting up on your toes to better reach him. He chuckled against your mouth.

When the two of you pulled away from each other, you were blushing. You hadn’t expected the conversation to go quite like that, but you were happy with the things that he had said about you. You were no longer jealous of his ex girlfriend, and you felt much better about yourself as a result of his words. He tucked your hair behind your ear.

“Now, do you want to return to the movie?” and he nodded toward the door, “Or do I need to convince you some more how much you mean to me?” and the dangerous spark in his eyes had you blushing again. 

“Convince me?” you said, your words coming out more like a question. Both of you laughed before his lips crashed down on yours again.

Sense8 will return from Netflix cancellation in 2018 with a surprise two-hour special
After getting canceled by Netflix at the beginning of June following the release of its second season, Sense8 is now getting a last-minute stay of execution in the form of a two-hour special. It will air in 2018, as announced through a letter from creator Lana Wachowski on the show’s Facebook page. The news is particularly unexpected given that Netflix previously posted a response to the multitude of fan campaigns a week after the cancelation apologetically stating, “We’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t.” The show was praised for its incredibly diverse cast of characters, but the multiple-location conceit meant that Sense8 was also one of the most expensive shows on television: some estimates were putting it at $9 million per episode, which may have contributed to the cancelation. Read more
Open House and its Awesomeness :D

So I just got back from open house. My mom and I talked to my principal, an assistant principal, a former teacher of mine, and a teacher i’ve never had who is in charge of athletics and they all pretty much told my mom how great of a person I am and how I am always available to help out around school. My principal even told my mom that I was the first student she liked at my school and that it’s so easy to love her new school because of students like me. 

Then my activities director also talked to my mom and joked around saying she was going to steal me to help her with her biology classes when she goes back to teaching because of my willingness to help in any way possible. 

My mom just gave me a hug and said, “I’m so proud of you and hearing what those people had to say about you makes me so happy, you have no idea.”

I love being helpful in anyway possible.


I might just ask my new principal for a college recommendation :)

You know what “Say Uncle” kind of reminded me of? Darin Morgan’s episodes of the X-Files, particularly “War of the Coprophages” and “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space”. 

The X-Files, though having plenty of humorous elements, pretty much always played itself dead serious, it was overall a very morose and heavy show. But Morgan’s episodes were parody, they were genre episodes more or less that played with the X-Files characters in a new bizarre tones. They were surreal and kind of madcap, the whole episode is an experience because its just so weird compared to a normal X-Files episodes

And all 4 of Morgan’s episodes are my favorite, to the point whenever I think fo making a favorite X-Files episode list I know I need to make it more than 5 because 4 slots will end up being his episodes. I LOVE how weird they are, how they put these serious characters into silly situations. They exaggerated character traits, sometimes having the characters be caricatures of themselves. The episodes are VERY aware that its a TV show and of what the audience (fandom essentially, such as it was back in the 90′s) thought and felt and they definitely had an eye on the 4th wall more than normal episodes. They were goofy but clever and the only way to really enjoy them is to let go of the conceit that X-Files is meant to be a ‘serious’ show and let it take you on a surreal journey.

There are some other X-Files episodes like that too (like “Bad Blood” and “Hollywood A.D.”) but I always felt Morgan did it the best. And that’s kind of the vibe I get from “Say Uncle”. Its goofy, its weird, a little out of character, and aware of itself and not afraid to make fun of itself and its characters (and even the audience a little, all with love).

And I love that because its essentially a vacation. It’s a little pitstop, a chance to see a familiar thing in a new way, just for fun. Just a surreal experiment of ‘what if’ and ‘did that really just happen?’. I can’t deal with madcap surreal randomness every episode but I LOVE it for one episode or a ‘once in a while’ thing because its such a breath of fresh air, its a break from the seriousness. SU takes itself a lot more seriously than most cartoons do so it is, in a way, kinda like the X-Files. And it needs to take a break sometime and laugh at itself and just do something completely goofy just to dispel the tension. SU rarely gets the chance to be really really cartoony because its a grounded show and its amazing for it, but every once in a while its helpful to just really go all out and have fun for the sake of having fun. That’s what this episode is, that’s what those X-Files episodes are.

But these episodes aren’t for everyone, “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” is one of the X-Files most highly rated episodes but there are plenty of people who hate it, its very much a love it or hate it sort of thing. And that’s cool. There’s room for all kinds of fans in fandom and we can hate an episode or we can love it but the important thing is that it exists and the people who love it can enjoy it and those who don’t can just skip it during rewatches. TV shows are a shared medium, we gotta accept not all of it is going to be for us and that not all of it is going to appeal to everyone. Can’t be helped

Between the Lines

AN: Alright, I lied. I’m never done with these two. I have no life. 

SFW- Aili doesn’t have copper marigolds, but she makes do.

Solas had already knocked several times on the Inquisitor’s door without receiving a reply before he finally decided to let himself in. He had confirmation from both Cullen and Josephine that the Dalish elf had all but scampered back to her quarters like an overzealous puppy when her advisors had given her the rest of the afternoon off to spend as she pleased. Apparently, whatever had gotten Aili so excited was also keeping her from answering the door.

“Lethallan?” he called out from the bottom of the short flight of stairs that led to the main portion of the room. Silence was his only answer. No, not complete silence. There was a soft noise floating down to him, like slow, even breathing.

Sure enough, Aili was on the floor, laying face down in a large leather-bound tome, her hand still gripping her quill loosely, her fingers smudged with ink. There was a vast ocean of parchment and books and scrolls cluttered around her in messy heaps; it looked as though a storm had blown through her room. Scattered notes covered every available surface, some in hastily scrawled Common, but most in shakily written Elvhen, covered in blots and cross-outs. The carpet was littered with partially empty ink bottles, one of which had been knocked over at some point, leaving a dark, telling stain in its wake. Josephine was going to be livid.

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