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I finished reading Lost Light #7 half an hour ago and had to scribble this very quick for some reason, huh, I wonder why

Not a spoiler, don’t worry, especially without context!


And together we’re gonna run around, Todd, we’re gonna… do all kinds of wonderful things, Todd. Just you and me, Todd. The outside world is our enemy, Todd… we’re the only…. friends we’ve got, Todd! It’s just Dirk and Todd. Dirk and Todd and their adventures, Todd… DIRK AND TODD FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Dirk and Todd… some…things… Me and Dirk and Todd runnin’ around and… Dirk and Todd time… a-all day long forever… all a-a hundred days Dirk and Todd! Forever a hundred times… OVER and over Dirk and Todd… adventures dot com… WWW dot at Dirk and Todd dot com w-w-w… Dirk and Todd adventures… ah-hundred years… every minute Dirk and Todd dot com… w-w-w a hundred times… Dirk and Todd dot com…“

Oh my god guys I’m crying! So as every night I was drawing a bit while listening to CR and when I decided to check up on twitter I see this



super quick doodles of the night!

this time I did a bunch of my fave mutuals bc I luv them wow

@lyriumsims​: basically everything u do I love!! shawna? 11/10 precious baby! whenever u reblog/like/comment on my posts I screech because u are fantastic and ily! btw…vlad n’ prism? YES

@crybxbysims​: !!! amazing person alert! your edits are absolutely gorgeous and I love your legacy (currently reading through gen1). I feel like we’d be friends irl and your comments on my posts always make me happy!

@authenticdragontears​: just started following you but I’m eagerly anticipating your next legacy post! ryder and johnny are lovely together + all the kiddos are super cute! your screenies are SO pretty btw like what

@asterllum​: those! cute! red! noses! you just make quality cute posts and I’m a fan! keep being wonderful and oh-so-colorful!

just wanted to do this to let y’all know that I so appreciate all of the support and positive vibes! much love! ❤

anonymous asked:

so - wait, i've been off the tungle for a while and somehow didn't piece this together, you're marrying the author of dragonoak?! :O :O that is so cool! i just started the first book because of your recommendations and gorgeous fanart and holy crap i'm so happy for both of you!!!!

hahaha i KNOW right its so crazy!!!! 

we were acquaintances on the internet for a While until i reached out to them about reading the novels they had been working on for a few years…which is the story of how we became friends bc i read dragonoak in its earlier stages! and everything just escalated from there and well. now!!! we are here!!!!!

i cant believe how LUCKY i am to be marrying (?!!??!?!) someone who i not only love but ADMIRE so much. its so wild to me that anyone i look up to as much as them would choose me of all people…theyve helped me become more of myself and really start to value myself more as a person, which is so much considering my ex did a really good job of breaking that all out of me before. 

lmao im getting sappy i just. im very lucky and very grateful and very in love and its very nice haha


Yooooo :V

@trainersheels had a super nice idea yesterday: Because we both can’t get our asses up to draw our comics we should draw our OCs instead and write down all the important info about them :V

First I wanted to start with pitty but I wouldn’t have finished in 100 years if I did this because I just got so much to talk about pitty lD

So I decided to draw someone I haven’t really drawn before so here is CANY ♥

all the important stuff is written on the last picture :V Full view pls

her design has just changed a little bit compared to the first drawing: she got small boobs now lD

A practice picture bc I freaking thought shading was possible and it’s NOT. But I love these two.

making some icons from my art for funsies :)


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100 followers! thank you  :O

i wasn’t really sure what to do for this so… send me ur locus rarepairs + a specific prompt (sfw please) for them and I’ll see what I can do! A brief description of how you think their relationship would work would be helpful too :)