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WOW IM BACK - about fanart!

for those who don’t know i actually hit post limit trying to reblog long exposure fanart/content to a new fanblog?? post limit is like 250 i think. thats SO MUCH STUFF YOU GUYS MAKE FOR ME WTF 💕

so that poll- the popular vote was actually to “keep everything on this blog”, but reading the responses i think “make a blog for fanart” had a better argument. some people can’t blacklist the “art for me” tag for various reasons, and felt my blog was getting a little cluttered/overwhelming with all the fanwork. while on the other side’s opinion, reblogging fanart here was good because it boosted lesser-known artists work to give them (heh) exposure

so i’m gonna try for a compromise

i made a blog specifically for fanart and other fan-made long exposure content:


…instead of reblogging fanart here from now on, it will be reblogged there. please follow that blog to continue seeing all the amazing fanart made by really sweet artists!!!!!

HOWEVER i will continue to reblog one piece of fanwork once a week as a sort of special feature! (”fanart feature fridays” maybe??) does that sound ok?? i’ll still tag it with “art for me” and “not my art” in case anyone wants to blacklist it (unless you’re on mobile- then you’re kinda out of luck sorry..) 


To @yurarat and @skydog64

Thank you two for helping me feel a little bit better

I still have no hecking idea why I feel so meh or bleeeh, maybe it’s a mixture of things, but either way, thank you two both for your support and for making me smile a little bit more today <333

(Also sorry if I got your skelesona wrong bro, I was looking at your icon for a ref ppfttTT–)

(related to the falling ceiling stuff, my hopeless me does fun things)

I just want to share with you how desperated my mom is, because, due to my ceiling problems, here is like 2 guys that come everyday makes analysis of my ceiling state, and every single time, three things follow me out of danger :

my computer, my tablet, my three books of tfc.

And every single time, my mom looks at me with some despair and says: you know, these man won’t hurt your books.


I realize that if, like Neil, I was on the run, in my duffel bag, you would find my computer, my tablet, tfc, and probably some clothes, food and water. Well, in my 3ds to kill time, probably. Not enough space for a Trojan fangirl binder unfortunately.

Let’s start the “what will we find in your runaway duffel bag” game

Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

Sweetie to Ara: Umm… So basically what’s happening to you is called being ‘in heat’. It only happens to cats, though, or in your case, beings who share cat characteristics. I-it’s completely normal, buuut, umm…It’s, uh, kind of hard to explain exactly WHAT it is? Hhh this is so hard–

Ara: ??? (is such a confused child ppftT)

@yurarat I DREW IT BROOOO HHHHHH what has I doone? ;w;

I’m such an awkward child, so I’m proooobably not drawing this again anytime soon hhHHhhh–

it really annoys me that i can’t draw anything i like at the moment. i feel like what people follow me for is my art, and instead they’re just getting queued gifs and posts about me being sad right now. i so badly want to just make something i think looks nice but i can’t even be happy with a basic shape.
i’m sorry there hasn’t been much art lately, as you can tell my mental health isn’t the best at the moment.

E x c use me but I just followed somebody with amazing art and they just followed ME and started liking my art

M y   life is falling apart worse than cooked fish to a fork. ;;u;;