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God has faith in him, in all of us. Even in our darkest moments. Oh, you really believe that.

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i just stumbled on a shitton of posts by some stonathan shippers, all hating on harringrove, yelling that harringrove is abusive, that billy would’ve killed steve if max hadn’t stopped him, that billy kept mocking steve at school, when instead jonathan and steve are a healthy relationship because steve stopped being an ass, got jonathan a new camera with nancy and became a better person


steve mocked jonathan at school, he bullied him, broke his camera, got into a fight with him AND if the police hadn’t shown up, jonathan would’ve kept beating the crap out of steve, just like billy would’ve

so, like… why don’t we all mind our own business? if steve became a better person, letting stonathan work and become a good ship, why shouldn’t we - harringrove shippers - get the same? why shouldn’t we hope for it and write about it? i want billy to get the help he needs, i want him to get out of that house, to apologize to max, lucas and steve, and to become a decent person


i love one (1) man

Additional Plot Ideas from Katsudeku AU Hitman!Katsuki pt. 2

+ The one who asked for the underwear in the first part was Mineta, you know how that turned out 

+ Katsuki, for the first time in his hitman life, questions about why Izuku, who looks so innocent, is going to be assassinated? Who would even ask to kill a nerd like him? Thoughts like these were always squashed in his head, these type of questions were forbidden to ask in the agency, but why now? What makes him so different from all the others he’s killed off before?

+ When Izuku blurted out he wanted to fall in love, Katsuki couldn’t believe what he was hearing, is falling in love even part of a bucket list? This should be a piece of cake right? No Katsuki, it’s not.

+ A little snippet of what happened when Katsuki tried to desperately hook up Izuku with other people

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i’m just curious

has someone ever ruined something for you by fetishizing it?

After rescuing Sora from the clutches and possession of Master Xehanort. Kairi and Riku must then look after their injured friend back to good health. Finding him one night outside the mysterious tower, looking at the stars, Sora shares to Kairi how he managed to fight back the internal struggle of keeping his heart whole against  Xehanort.