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  • Seven: [wakes MC up at 3 am] Hey, MC. Hey.
  • MC: Seven? What's the matter?
  • Seven: Do you like me?
  • MC: Seven, I married you.
  • Seven: Yeah okay. But did you marry me as a friend or-
Acquainted with the Night (1/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Blood, violence

Words: ~800

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: This story began with a simple idea: what if I wrote an EF AU where both Emma and Killian were Dark Ones?  And now, about a year later, here it is!  It is completely finished, and will be updated on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Endless love, devotion, and gratitude to @ripplestitchskein, without whom this story would never have happened, and thanks to @unfolded73 for reading this through, and giving me invaluable pointers.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld for the gorgeous banner.  Title borrowed from the titular poem by Robert Frost.

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There was little that compared, Emma decided, to the weight of a blade in one’s hands.  When it was well-forged, the hilt balanced neatly between her thumbs and forefingers, the others joining just behind to caress the gilded handle.  The filigree pressed arcane indents into the palms of her hands, swooping letters that spelled her own name, and another’s.  The blade itself was swiveled, leaping in smooth currents down towards the deadly taper, tipped up and out, the way her father had taught her.

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  • MC: I'm starting to fall in love with you.
  • Seven: Oooohhhhhhh... Yikes.

Seven/Saeyoung Choi Relationship Headcanons

  • His s/o probably had to convince him to go out with them
  • He really liked them, he just had extremely self-deprecating thoughts that caused him to push them away
  • He still has days when he feels terrible and pushes them away
  • So they have to understand and be there for him when it happens
  • Seven works a lot, so his s/o better be ready to see him locked in his room for hours of end working on some important project
  • His s/o has to remind him to eat sometimes, even if it is just chips
  • They definitely get concerned and bring him real food often
  • Seven loves to prank his s/o
  • Nothing too mean though
  • Typically just something like changing all their passwords too “GOD SEVEN WAS HERE” or “707 DEFENDER OF JUSTICE IS GREAT”
  • Or he just changes all of their profile pictures on everything to himself
  • He has dressed like his s/o many times just to mess with them
  • Like, they shouldn’t be surprised if they come home and he is wearing their clothes
  • He often finds his s/o asleep waiting for him to come to bed 
  • And he feels really bad about it, promising to try to get better so they don’t have to wait up for him anymore.
  • Seven is such a meme
  • He sends his s/o the most recent and best meme constantly
  • It might get annoying sometimes
  • His s/o probably falls asleep on his lap while he’s hacking and it motivates him to finish up faster so he can move them to a more comfortable place
  • He’s more concerned about his s/o’s comfort and health than his own
  • It’s almost hypocritical sometimes
  • He willingly shares his Honey Buddha Chips with his s/o whenever they ask
  • A sign of true love :’)
  • Goofy dance-offs with his s/o
  • and rap battles
  • and any other silly things s/o might want to do
  • He just loves making them happy.

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hc: i know i’ve said this before, but eisuke is always Thirsty™ for mc, whether it be in his own route or someone else’s. like, he finds everything about her very attractive. hell, he’d probably get turned on if she just yawned or sneezed lmao…he probably calls her to the penthouse just to see her face lolol

i did one of these for 707 x MC x Yoosung so uhhh coming out HCs again

Jaehee x MC x Zen

  • jaehee doesn’t have any family/friends outside of the RFA, so no one’s opinion really matters to her except the RFA
  • zen, unfortunately, has an entire fanbase to worry about as well as potential employers
  • MC and jaehee assure him he doesn’t have to do anything he’s not comfortable with especially as it’ll be much more public than it should be with his career being what it is
  • but zen is very proud and very shameless, and he doesn’t like to “lie” to his fans
  • but his fans are also ridiculous and would probably (incorrectly) piece together photos/tweets/etc and turn it into a “zen is cheating!” / “zen’s girlfriend is cheating on him” until zen found out and had to address it
  • and zen is protective. can’t have people insulting the loves of his life when he can do something about it, so he’d end up making one of Those Posts typed out in the notepad on his phone, screenshotted, and posted on his twitter in a Very Dramatic Fashion 
  • since zen isn’t really That Big, his fanbase is probably mostly a tight-knit group of people and are fairly supportive, if not a bit disappointed. 
  • zen’ll probably describe it less as “a relationship with two people” and closer to “i’m in a relationship with another couple” since mc and jaehee already have the cafe and the apartment above it, yadda yadda. he does’t mean it to sound disappointed in any way, but that’s how plenty of people will take it
  • and that’s what finally spurs jaehee to consider asking zen to move in (though she won’t admit it), and says it’s because the relationship is already public now, so there’s no reason not to anymore
Fighting back

Ever since she was a little girl she had witnessed multiple times how the people around her disappeared taken away by the fire nation and sometimes never returned. When she was three she witnessed how her neighbor was taken, she had gone out but was pushed inside by her mother, that didn’t stop her from watching through the window how the kind man was taken away. He never came back.

By the time MC was eight in her way to school she saw how they were trying to take a girl away, the girl defended herself using earthbending and placing a wall between her and the soldiers. The next day she didn’t saw the girl again. That girl came back two weeks later she was visible bruised and could barely walk.

Less than a year later she started to show aptitudes to earthbending, she remembered how her mother started to cry in the kitchen table how she managed to lift a rock by herself. Her brother urged her to tell him if anyone had seen her, she quickly refused still shocked by her mother cries, she thought it was a good thing, it would give her the power to fight against the fire nation and protect her home.

-Listen carefully MC- her father spoke to her over her mother’s cries –No matter what you need to hide those powers, no one should ever know what you can do. Understood? - He nagged and she nodded

-But why? - She wondered as she stared at him confused

-Do you want them to take you away? Do you want to be far from your family?- MC lowered her head at the question letting her father know the answer as he made his way to her mother in an attempt to convince her that everything was going to be alright and that MC would stay with them.

MC wished things hadn’t turned worst.

Her abilities became harder to control each passing day. One time in her house she was fighting with her brother and the water her mother had in a vessel suddenly trembled and the water started to drop by the edges. Neither of them realized this. One night she went camping with a couple of her friends, one of them left a candle on because she hated to sleep without one so they went to sleep, she woke up because of a nightmare to only realize that the tent was on fire and that they needed to get out quickly. One day she was running to school until she tripped with a stone in the road she hoped she would fall with her face straight to the ground but instead she landed amost gracefully on her feet; she was unable to explain those things.

In secrecy MC disappeared in the middle of the night and went to train as far as she could so no one would see her, she felt bad for disobeying her parents but she wanted to be stronger so she could fight.

A few days after her sixteenth birthday a loud knock in the door surprised them, it was her brother the one who stood up and went to open the door only to be faced with a soldier from the fire nation that asked for someone that could do eartbending. MC stood up as fast as she could unsure of how she should react

-There’s no one like that in this house- the brother answered serious trying to close the door to the guards

-That must be a mistake because we received a report that an earthbender lived in this house- the soldier fought back.

MC’s mother urged her to run away through the window but she couldn’t move,

-I told you there is no one like that at this house- Her brother tried to stop them.

MC’s mother pulled her sleeve to take her out of her shocked state while her father urged her to go out through the window. She couldn’t understand what was happening; she always made sure to take all of the precautions she could so she wouldn’t be caught, she took the bag her mother gave her with food and a few clothes and jumped through the window that the soldiers were unable to see. She wasted no time to run as far as her feet would take her. She didn’t look back, she knew that if she did she would go back to fight the guards and her family didn’t need to be arrested by the fire nation for holding a earthbender in secrecy, who knew what horrors they would do to them.

She rested for a few minutes before continuing her way to nowhere thinking about the possibility of getting into a boat and running away to somewhere else, for once, she was thankful to live in the outskirts of a town near the port, by foot the port was an hour away from her home and it still wasn’t dark. MC held her bag close nervous for the sudden ocean of people in front of her.

The fire nation’s soldiers walked amongst the people as they waited to be assigned to a mission or parting to the job that they were already told to do. She started to look up in hopes to find a place that would give her a roof and food in exchange for a job; she was so distraught by the buildings and the people around her that she didn’t notice when she bumped into a figure, she stumbled backwards without falling trying her best to maintain her balance, it wasn’t too hard to achieve it and she stared at the person with who she had bumped.

Hello. Well this is little mystic messenger avatar au I wrote inspired by @vo-dcc draw, here the things are going to be a little different from the series because I wanted to give it a different timeline that I’ll explain eventually. As you may have noticed I’m awfull at titles.

Well, I hope you like it :)