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I played Yoosung’s route and fell in love with V…this MAN MUST BE PROTECTED.

@sketchyy-pencil ‘s custom mc (girl u ruined me) inspired me to make a custom mc that looks like myself with the man that i love :’)

also, that’s an accurate representation of our height difference…he’s like 5′8 and i’m like…4′11…..

“Sorry for making you wait …!”


Many people asked me about “Our Paradise”  :

- “ Where is part 2?”

- “Will you continue it?”

- “When will it finish?”


  • Guys ! I’m still drawing and I won’t drop it ! Don’t worry (๑˃ㅂ˂̵)و
  • Just because I have to study so I don’t have much time to draw (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) ( and this part has many pages than i thought @@ OMG ~~~ )
  • I don’t know exactly when Our Paradise will finish…. Maybe it will take a long time (╥_╥) but I will try my best !!! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
  • Your messages, your comments, your asks give me a lotttt of encouragement ! (^▽^)

Thanks everyone for supporting me ! Thank you so much !

Feel free to ask me anything or send me a message ! I’m really happy to see because it is my encouragement ! (♡´౪`♡)


it’s ok Jaehyun, he knows it’s your way of expressing love❤️️❤️️

  • MC: Everybody shut up! *picks up phone* Hi mom.
  • Yoosung: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jumin: Come back to bed.
  • Saeyoung: *various sex noises*
  • V: Tell her I said hello.
  • ZEN: Pass the beer!
  • Saeran: *blasting out curse words*

anonymous asked:

Will you do RFA reacting to MC who is really messy and always forgets to clean up after herself? Lol I'm a mess

Hi anon~! I rarely pick up after myself too, whoops ^~^” I can relate pretty well lololol

I hope you like it!!



  • Honestly? He’s even messier than you!
  • He can never tell the difference between your mess and his mess
  • It’s just piles of clothes, bits of trash and food wrappers EVERYWHERE
  • So when he finally takes the time to clean the house, he’ll end up cleaning your stuff too (Mommy Yoosung)
  • Only to come home to another mess.
  • “B-But MC!! I just cleaned it all up yesterday!?!”
  • Will take it to the chatroom to complain
  • He’s not mad, he’s just… not happy.
  • Will probably insult Zen non-stop while he’s whining in the chatroom
  • “Zen, stop talking about yourself already, you narcissist! No one wants to hear about you!” 
  • -insert angry Yoosung sticker here- 
  • You’re even worse than Jumin. He has modesty, Zen. That’s something you should learn—oh wait, do you even have the brains to learn, or are your looks all you have?”
  • Yikes. Angry Yoosung is brutal.
  • (but he’ll never get mad at you!)


  • Will pick up everything without a word of complaint
  • He thinks it’s cute how you’re so messy
  • He’s a very organized person, so he reasons, “It’s because opposites attract, honey~!”
  • He’d watch as you finish a bag of chips and leave it on the couch you just sat in. He won’t even nag you or remind you to throw it away. No, he just finds it completely amusing the way you’re so forgetful. (Actually, you were just too lazy at the moment and lying to yourself that you would throw it away later.)
  • He will actually post pictures of your messes to the chatroom, “Guys, look at MC! She made her desk messy right after cleaning it!! So cute~!”
  • Yoosung: “Seriously, Zen? stfu, it’s too early to deal with your bullshit right now”
  • Seven: “lololol Zen is obsessed”
  • You end up feeling pressured to clean up after yourself because it gets irritating when he tells everyone and their godfather
  • (But your messy habits were still much too difficult to change.)


  • She’s already used to cleaning up after Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • She goes through long days at work and comes home to messy tables, couches and drawers, and you really do feel bad, but you can’t help it!
  • You really, REALLY try to clean up after yourself, but you keep forgetting, and you somehow misplace everything
  • It gets so ridiculous, that Jaehee has to tell you that it’s okay
  • “MC, please don’t worry. This is nothing compared to working for Jumin or taking care of Elizabeth the 3rd…”
  • That’s what she says, but you still try to help as much as you can, even if it’s not much… 


  • First things first: this guy has maids.
  • Every morning after he leaves for work, the maids come around to clean (it’s mostly your mess, honestly)
  • The maids kind of hate you oops
  • (Jumin has to give them extra tips so they would keep working here. It’s the only thing making them stay.)
  • But Jumin wouldn’t EVER scold you for being messy.
  • “Everyone has flaws. It’s only logical. It’s not a big deal, so please don’t worry about it too much, MC,” he reassures you, staring gently into your eyes before gently kissing your forehead. “You’re already so perfect to me… this is nothing.”


  • He finds your bras everywhere (you throw them EVERYWHERE)
  • Will DEFINITELY wear your bra and prance around the house until you whine at him to take it off
  • “Does this look good on me, MC?” he asks you, posing seductively in a lacy red bra.
  • Despite being a messy person himself, he actually cleans up the house more than you do! In fact, he even organizes cleaning days, and makes you tidy up around the house with him. (Although you still don’t get his strange obsession with wearing his maid costume when he cleans.)
  • He’s SO satisfied with himself when he looks at the clean tabletops, shiny floors, and organized cabinets.
  • “Aren’t you proud of me, MC~?” he asks with sparkly eyes, clasping his hands together. “Give Maid Seven a kiss~”
  • Proud? No, not really. Not when he was STILL wearing your bra.