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To everyone in the FBAWTFT fandom, if you’re a creator, be it fanfiction, art or edits, role playing etc, no matter how big or small your following is, thank you for pouring your hearts & souls each day into your work. It can be, and often is, a thankless job, but it’s because of you all that the fandom lives and breathes. To the fans who support these creators, if you’re part of the amazing crowd who like, reblog and comment on our work, thank you for your constant support, and know that you’re part of the reason why we find the motivation to create. If you’re part of the also amazing crowd who choose to silently support our work, we hope that you enjoyed the work, and would love to hear more from you. Regardless of your roles in this amazing fandom, thank you ❤

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“God always has a plan, I’m glad you are a part of it …”

March 16 2017, six months, within that time you have been such a large part of my life. I can’t picture a day that you don’t come into my mind, where I don’t look at a your picture just to make sure I can smile. Despite our differences, all of our challenges, we always come out stronger than before. You influence me, more than you can ever imagine.

 You’re always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on, when I need help with something, no matter how silly, like how to cook rice (small laugh). When I need to vent about work or school you are always there ready to listen and help. 

You’ve taught me so much about myself, things that I never considered or believed to be true. You've taught me not just to look at myself differently, but life as a whole. To understand that every challenge is a test and its our job to try and push past, and if we can’t then to learn from it. 

Happy six months my love, heres to another six.

I love you, Sweetheart ❤️ @lavernewilde-hopps

[A big thank you to  @softlight289 for fitting me into their schedule and producing these incredible pieces for Su and I! 

Thank you so much!]

Mage of Doom legendary gear

Themes: retribution, birds, animal bones

The Retribution Ledger
“Time’s up”

A small journal bound with black leather. There are intricate designs on the face and spine in a brilliant shade of green. A skeletal hand clutches the book, keeping it locked from prying eyes.
The journal, in deep green ink, holds the names, places, times, and details of retribution. The universe keeps a tight ledger to balance out chaos and suffering. This ledger holds the information pertaining to it. In the end, everyone gets what they deserve.
By speaking a person’s name and details of their retribution, the Mage is able to commence it. Any person who has done wrong, who has something coming, no matter how small, their fate is sealed by the Mage.

Liars lose their ability to speak.
False idols lose all recognition.
Abusers feel what they dished out.

The Mage simply reads what is coming to them and it happens.

Talons of the Death Harbingers

A necklace with 3 talons, each from a different corvid. A crow, a raven, and a magpie. Corvids are notorious scavengers who are often seen as omens of doom, death, and destruction.

By holding the enchanted talons of these 3 birds the Mage unlocks great power.

When the crow talon is touched it turns into a spear. The pole is deep, dark green and the spearhead is a dull silver. There are black feathers tied to the bottom of the spearhead.
The spear, when flying towards a target, seeks a critical blow. Any in the path of the spear feels death creeping towards them.

When the raven talon is touched it turns into a sword. The blade is an elegant black and the crossguard is modeled after raven feathers. When parrying, weak spots on the opponent are highlighted in a deep green outline, giving them options of which strike will be deadliest. The darker the outline, the greater chance of it being a death blow.

When the magpie talon is touched, it turns into a dagger. The dagger is an athame, a black handled ritual knife. It’s cut sews doom. Slashes from the blade call misfortune down upon them, opening up weak spots and putting them at a disadvantage. Armor spontaneously falling apart, a weapon breaking, etc

If all 3 are held simultaneously, the talons will turn into their respective birds. The bird’s presence make all living things feel the shadow of death itself wash over them.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~ As a gift, I got myself the chutzpah to start practicing comics and long-form storytelling.

These are the first 6 pages of Fiend and Hera’s story, False Edge. It’s perfect for a first try: I’m invested in the characters, but without being so precious with them that I’m scared to mess up. Plus, it’s full of excuses to draw monsters and violence and gratuitous shots of Fiend’s butt. But for now: nice cat people.

ANYWAY if you wanna see where this goes (and where Fiend comes in), I’ll be posting new pages at @false-edge everyyyyyy what’s today. Wednesday.

Boy, I’m going to live to hate Wednesdays.

Romantic Tropes I’m an absolute sucker for:

The slow burn where they both love each other but think the other person doesn’t feel the same way but literally everyone in the world knows how they feel about each other.

They absolutely loathe each other but everyone around them knows that they actually totally love each other.

Royalty/Commoner ESPECIALLY when the commoner didn’t know they were royalty and feel so betrayed when they find out.

I mean really, any version of the Person A is hiding something about their identity for decentish reasons and Person B eventually finds out and is just so betrayed and Person A has some version of the “I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. I fell in love with you.” (Chasing Liberty is my favorite, okay?)

Also the “we’re from different worlds” version, too.

And of course Person A is trying to rescue/find/reunite with they significant other and Person B gets enlisted to help but then totally falls in love but thinks Person A really loves sigo, but when they finally are reunited they realize they really love Person B.



endless reasons to love dean winchester 

his enthusiasm for life’s little pleasures

2.13, 2.18, 4.05, 5.08, 7.09, 8.13, 9.13, 10.20, 11.12, 12.16

I received several requests for the way Dean takes pleasure in the little things, so this is for you, my anonymous friends. I think it’s something we can all agree that we love about him. What I love is that no matter what other crap is going on (and there’s always something), Dean always finds things to be happy about, no matter how small. And that never fails to bring a smile to my face. 

My opinion about the signs

Okay… I know this is not really my type of content but I always find these interesting to read so I thought I’ll post one myself.

Aries: you can count on them, don’t take things too seriously, get mad at small things, much fun to hang out with, somewhat egoistic, as soon as they find someone more interesting than you they will hang out with them (though, they will not forget about you)

Taurus: I always become extremly good friends with them, so relaxing to hang out with them, weird humour, very determined and stubborn, talk a loooot, in a relationship they need a lot of physical interaction, they make me feel like home, laughs about every little thing, cute laugh

Gemini: fun people to hang out with, their humour is so… unexpected like they say things you would have never thought about, tend to hide their serious feelings/emotions, take the side of the person they want to impress, think too much about how they can impress someone rather than just beeing themselves (even through their personality is way more charming)

Cancer: a little too sensitive for my taste, can get very annoying but they are too cute to be mad at, need a lot of protection, very giggly, great story-tellers (but they tend to tell you the same story over and over again), materialistic, put you first, loves from the bottom of their heart, pretty smart but dumb at the same time

Leo: warmhearted people, try to be funny and cool all the time (but fail eventually lol too cute), buys you a lot of gifts, attention-lovers, likes to meet new people, very vain when it comes to their appearance, very nervous when having tests/exams, naturally intelligent (unfortunately this doesn’t help them much in school), enjoys good food

Virgo: stress themselves way too much, overthink everything, usually very good in school, gets mad and stressed when things don’t work out as they thought they would, sort of a boring personality, they can talk sooooo much, very sensitive (!!!), tend to be too harsh on themselves, high expectations of themselves

Libra: naturally flirty af, cute smile, scared to be alone, talks most of the time about themselves, makes sure everybody is getting enough attention, very lazy, does things in the last minute, usually the one studying for a test/exam the lesson before, clumsy, needs protection, don’t like confrontations/fights, not good at making decisions or being on time

Scorpio: just like libras they talk a lot about themselves, get veeeeery obsessive over things and people, their staring is so intense that it makes me feel uncomfortable, cares a lot about their loved ones, scared to show feelings, makes very weird but cute compliments you would have never gotten from anybody else, sporty, try to flirt but that’s just a little… cringe-worthy lol

Sagittarius: now… these people are the absolut oppostie of me, always awkward when we hang out together, not the most loyal boyfriend/girlfriend/friend, always wearing top outfits, always looking good, cares a lot about their hair or in general their appearance, not the best in school, party every weekend, straightforward

Capricorn: makes sooo many cute compliments, I have this weird attraction towards them, extremly sexy, intelligent, can’t sit still, they are very weird people, humour consists of sarcasm and dad jokes and can be very dry, know way too well how to seduce people, not the best in expressing their feeling but they try, ABSOLUT SWEETHEARTS, gets shy when being complimented, very sensitive, never forget their mistakes and always regret them (no matter how small it was)

Aquarius: makes me feel like home at the very first meeting, either pretty chill or being pissed off at silly things, don’t like stubborn people, tendency to be very religious, very good friends, will do everything for and with you, works hard to reach their goals, plans everything weeks/months before

Pisces: I either like or can’t stand them, actually quite egoistic, not the best in using the right words, sensitive af 24/7, dark humour, cries a lot, scared to hurt someones feelings (even if they don’t like the person), avoids confrontations/fights by not saying what’s really on their mind, in a fight they will say the most hurtful things (and will regret them their whole life), using the victim-card way too often, most of the time smiling

Today's Cartoons
  • Gravity Falls: Two Kids spending summer vacation with their weird uncle in a town where bizarre things happen with a big mystery. Also about trust, growing up with maturity rather than grow apart from family, always sticking by your friends through the roughest times.
  • Wander Over Yonder: An Optimistic alien who wants to help people across the galaxy. Also wants to make sure no one is ever helpless like he was and help villains rather than hurt or beat them just because they're bad.
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil: A magical princess from another dimension fights evil with her best friend while having magical and fun adventures. Also shows the fear of the future, fear of growing up, and realistic crushes/relationships/love triangles and how to face them sensibly while growing as a person.
  • Steven Universe: A young boy being partially raised by aliens and has space related adventures while learning about his mother. Also about love and acceptance for everyone and character development that's relatable and real.
  • Voltron-Legendary Defender: A reboot of an 80's show that didn't have much to offer centering around five people who are chosen to defend the universe. Also about teamwork always works, everybody has each others backs, and helping anyone in need no matter how small they seem. Becoming more than just a team, they've become a family all while saving the universe from a former hero.
  • O.K K.O! Let's be Heroes: A boy wants to become a great hero like his friends and family and fight evildoers. Also explains that a hero's journey is long and hard but can be achieved by focus and discipline, while showing that everyone has different sides to them including dark ones and can grow everyday.
  • Society: They're just kids shows, people. 😑

Shout out to the dumb boys who yanked my scarf off in the hallways and then laughed when I dropped all my books. Shout out to the guy who thought it was funny to go behind me during class and pull my bra strap to hear it snap then got defensive when I brought my fist out. Shout out to the guys who would say ‘that shit around your head is ugly you think you’re pretty?’ ‘let’s get married so I can see ur hair’ shout out to you because I love wearing hijab 100000x more because of you jerks

Do the things that scare you until nothing does. Do it every day. No matter how big, no matter how small. Talk to that cute person. Ask for that job. Do it until you gain momentum and life becomes exciting. Know that you are capable of so much more than you know.
—  T. Wuggles

“The truth is..
I’ve always known in my heart, there was nothing I could have done for you.
But I love you..!! No matter what’s happened, I still care for you more than I can bear. If I could had taken all your pain onto myself to comfort you, I would have and here we are again, and still all I can do is sit here and cry. I’m so pathetic!
But.. Sasuke-kun!
If I still have a place in your heart, no matter how small it may be then please. I’m begging you, don’t slip away any further! If we just all stayed together forever. Then I’m sure some day things would go back to how they used to be.”

- Sakura to Sasuke

credits to @mukanshingirl - thanks 

Reprinted ONLY with Permission | Do not repost!
Activities for Different Energy Levels

I have been in a low-energy state so frequently lately that I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing and contributing nothing to my life or anyone else’s. To try to combat this, I made a list of things I like to do (or don’t hate doing) that can help me get through a day. The less time you waste trying to decide what to do with your time, the better, because that shit is so exhausting.

I felt like I’d share this in case anyone wants some ideas for when you feel totally overwhelmed, exhausted, bored, and frustrated. Here goes!

Low Energy

▪ Listen to audiobooks or podcasts
▪ Edit photos on apps like pixlr or instagram
▪ Look up and bookmark some recipes you’d like to make soon
▪ Play guitar, laying down if needed
▪ Research or plan out future volunteering
▪ Read about meditation from a book or article
▪ Research or plan out steps needed to do a future DIY or art project
▪ Do some light stretching while laying down or sitting
▪ Do some basic chair yoga or tai chi while following an instructional YouTube video
▪ Bookmark new resources for managing symptoms
▪ Make lists or draw diagrams of things you’re interested in
▪ Watch a Ted Talk or informative video
▪ Read using a kindle or book
▪ Scan through previously bookmarked resources
▪ Watch YouTube videos you’ve marked as “Watch Later" 

Medium Energy

▪ Build a model from a kit or printed paper template
▪ Socialize via text or online social media
▪ Research future volunteering opportunities or Return to Work programs
▪ Organize, rearrange, tidy up a section of your personal area 
▪ Make plans for later this week or next week
▪ Manage medication: call doctors, pharmacy. Refill your pill calendar.
▪ Install updates on your computer
▪ Take a long, hot shower. Use nice soap.
▪ Filing: sort your papers into their folders.
▪ Spend some time with a pet, cuddle.

High Energy

▪ Socialize in-person
▪ Learn something new: languages, coding, coping techniques, art, new music, DIY projects.
▪ Cook something healthy for today or for the week.
▪ Creative projects: start one and do your best to finish it.
▪ Plan something and execute it, no matter how small. Bonus points if there is a tangible proof of accomplishment like a model or painting or a song you learned.
▪ Go walk around the mall or Target. Doesn’t matter where, you don’t have to buy anything, just get out of the house and walk a little.


Christine: He’s really quiet and doesn’t talk a lot, he actually mostly hides away from people but he seems like a really nice person!!

You know what I like about artists?

That…every single thing they do it’s amazing.

I’m not even kidding, like, the doodles, man. The doodles are my favorite thing ever because they are just so small, carefree, and fun.

I have a few artist friends, and they sometimes share their stuff in our squad chat and it’s always good to see the doodles because they light up my day. 

I think the doodles are my favorite part of art.

And this is just a guess here, bc I’m no artist in the sense of drawing so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I can just imagine that …every artist is so at ease while doodling and they don’t think much of it and yet it’s amazing on its own way once it’s done. 

Like, this is coming from someone who has like, zero talent in drawing ok? So, believe me when I say that I’m in A W E by every single piece of art. 

I see a lot of art/fanart where they go like ‘oh it’s just a doodle psssssh’ and whenever they are joking or not, I fall in love with it because damn, look at that.

To be able to let every single drop of creativity you have inside you and let it run smoothly across a tablet, paper, or whatever you draw in, it’s incredible. 

I wish I could do that, I really wish so, but I can’t; which is okay ofc, got my talents somewhere else. 

Like, for me, for instance, as a writer, it really takes me…well a while tbh, to come up with a cool thing. Sure, I can ramble about the idea, and expand it a lil, but like, it’s not the final product. 

Doodles? Doodles are art whenever they are finished or not. Maybe that’s just the way I see it? Small, tiny, carefre, charming, cute, for fun. 

*shrugs* I don’t know, man, it’s something that has been on my mind, but I really hope that every artist out there appreciate their own doodles bc I think they are cute and good. 

So, keep up the good work guys, because someone out there appreciate your art, no matter how small you think it is. <3