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Fortune Teller AU because Lance is a hopeless romantic and would totally do something as cheesy as ask a fortune teller about his love life. You can fight me on this.

It’s a shame he was interrupted by his “rival” tho :3

Criss Cross Jeans | sims 4

I wanted a longer version of the pants that came with vampires, but did not find any. So it ended up with me making them into jeans! And I am kinda digging the result. :^)

  • 8 swatches
  • disallowed for random
  • properly tagged
  • pls don’t re-upload ♥


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Kravitz loves music.

Lup and Barry both play instruments.

How excited do you think Kravitz is the first time Lup pulls out a violin, or Barry sits down at a piano? He’s just watching them super intently and maybe it’s kind of weird at first until he explains. Eventually they all play together and it’s a really nice thing that they share. They’re at each other’s houses after work, and those houses are filled with music and laughter and light.

(All three of them keep trying to teach Taako to play an instrument. Any instrument. It hasn’t worked so far mostly because Taako hates to practice.)

Kravitz has people to talk about music with, people who don’t get lost when he gets to the technical stuff. And it’s like he’s been saving up everything he had to say all this time, because when Kravitz gets started on music he doesn’t really stop. Have they heard this piece? Do they know this artist? The really great thing about this or that period of music is what they did with sound, how the whole tone of popular music changed in response to… Kravitz is adorable when he gets excited about music, his whole family thinks so.

Kravitz has a new family and he couldn’t have picked a better match if he tried.



This eyeshadow includes the original 9 shades plus combo shades, with a total of 25 shades. This is a very warm eyeshadow palette and looks good on every skin tone!

  • base game compatible!!
  • custom catalog thumbnail
  • do NOT claim as your own/reupload
  • please tag me if you use this, I’d love to see it on your sims!



EA Wavy Hair I Revamped

Hi everyone, your girl here is back with another EA mesh revamp. A lot of you have been asking for wavy or long hair, so here is the first of the many more yet to come. I am going to include an override version of my revamped hairs from now on - they will have no custom thumbnails. Remember to pick only one package when downloading. Enjoy 💙

  • BGC
  • Teen-Elder, Female
  • 18 EA swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • hat compatible
  • enabled for vampires & aliens

Check the before (EA) and after (my edit):

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New update gear for Splat 2! :D Dario doesn’t have to hide his hair anymore and Garrett dons on the boyfriend jacket for good! Both still use the same guns, Luna Blaster Neo and 3K liter! Got a couple of other kids who will be updated too so keep an eye out for that!