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Yo, I think Kex (the shiny crobat) somehow has fallen in love with Excalibur (@daily-team-skull-grunt)


I assume this was a shipping meme since its between all my ship meme asks ;v;

But here’s the spicy child Viper! Ignore Excalibur’s face, he just bitter still about the whole Nebby thing.


Once I was playing Caitlyn and my support (Karma) started saying: “Why you don’t poke? You’re so bad! I can’t stay in this lane with this ADC!” So she moved to mid lane and we lost the game. I hate when my supports do that instead of teaching me how to play better!

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  2.  just.. this interview in its entirety he smiles like the whole damn time
  3. when he doesn’t wanna say what he’d get viktor stalberg for christmas lmao (right towards the end at 2:22)
  4. u know this isn’t really a moment but the fact that he scored the most goals in his career this season
  5. also.. every time he smiles thats sappy but TRU ok

+1 it’s not a jeff moment it’s a me moment lmao but roadtripping to raleigh with @kawikashoji to see him and the canes play at home?? an iconic moment for me

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for your meme: Elrond on Numenor not letting him on their lawn anymore

lmao u little…anyway:

1. Actually I hc it a bit more….Lindon refusing to come onto Numenor’s lawn anymore? Something about the timeline and - this is not a relationship of equals, or a…Numenor “defying” the elves of ME lmao. Numenor is way, way more powerful than the whole elven population of western ME at the time of the dissolution of their alliance – the gap was huge at the War of the Elves and Sauron and that was before Numenor’s spike in imperialism that now isn’t even centered on “but they GOTTA build infrastructure for their fleet for everyone’s protection!” I feel like a lot of Gil-galad’s elves privately had concerns about the Numenoreans for a long while but desperately needed their support for, like, survival. Before the war, to fight Sauron, and after the war, because Sauron had diminished the elves so badly, until finally the Numenoreans got so unbearable Lindon broke away and threw its lot in with the various peoples of ME instead. OTOH, it could have been more like….the elves groveling to Numenor for aid, until Numenor kicked them to the curb. Or trying to suggest they stop fucking ME up, until Numenor got offended. Anyway lol the period where elves were likely really troubled by the Numenoreans but are also grateful they saved them… “maybe it’s just….growing pains…like us…?” they say, brightly.

2. Either way, I think Elrond would be especially distressed by the Numenoreans plummeting down the tyranny slope on even more levels though, because a) these are his brother’s people! technically, his nephews and nieces (which is a particularly strong point given perfect elven memory!) Too historically/personally (at the same time lmao) entangled with Numenor to be objective about them (or to be perceived objectively by them, tbh). And b) Rivendell especially is likely still allied with and owes both protection and gratitude to the less powerful Eriador humans who took refuge there and joined Elrond’s army in the war after Sauron destroyed their homes (and made a big difference, looking at the evidence). Can’t imagine this subject not coming up when the Numenoreans became almost as bad. Depending on what the political climate was like and what Gil-galad allowed, if Elrond couldn’t/wouldn’t tell the Numenoreans ‘wtf are you even doing,’ I think his response would be like, *quietly withdraws*

3. OTOH I once wrote a meta, which is kinda old and narrow but still legit imo (and wow I still REALLY like my Nazgul idea), with my opinion on what a disaster it would be if Elrond ever did decide it was a good idea for him to try to convince the Numenoreans to not be such assholes and tbh I love drama.

4. kjhfsdkfjd there’s what, like almost 1,500 years between the dissolution of Numenor’s friendship with the ME elves and the Downfall? AND IT JUST GETS WORSE. So like, [internally screaming] [goes internally hoarse from internally screaming] [lol i didn’t know getting to watch over all my brother’s descendants actually meant dying inside but hey it’s whatever] [i wonder what Elros would think if he saw this?] [thank god, thank god, Elros is dead]

5. The thing about the Faithful still secretly keeping contact with Gil-galad though…imagine Elrond drowning Gil-galad in letters from the other side of Eriador - how are they? what’s happening? is anything getting better? what’s the new king like? what happened to [x out of date issue]? are they safe? etc. And probably like, being really private about it because the prevailing (and utterly justified) attitude toward the Numenoreans is likely ‘fuck them may their stupid island sink into the ocean’ and….like, I don’t think he would have assholish apologism about this. Just…….*kicking through the ashes of 2,000+ years of memories* ‘haha you know what you guys are 100% right and also kill me now.’ Tbh I think it’s this, not anti-half-elf prejudice (which isn’t really a thing in Tolkien), that would give him the worst identity crisis and cause other people to give him the most grief. The immortal clone of the Ur-Numenorean, lmao. I love irony!! I love suffering!!

6. People not mentioning Elros around him anymore. People not teasing him about his absurd overextended pseudo-family anymore. Someone sniping superciliously about how Elros must’ve been an ignorant sheltered twit to have unwittingly wrought such a poisoned worthless society, and getting their teeth knocked out. (No of course I haven’t seen that snipe on tumblr, whyever would you think that. >_> >_> >_>)

7. Tbh when it comes to the Numenoreans’ “we want to be immortal” and jealousy of the elves thing, I think he must sympathize, because I mean like……he……wanted… become immortal….too? He became immortal, when he was given a chance to choose otherwise? I don’t think he did it because he was afraid of death (not that I think he wasn’t afraid of death at all either, just that I don’t think it was the prime reason - I hc Elros as being fairly afraid of death too tbh) and obviously it wasn’t to go to Aman, but I don’t think those were the Numenoreans’ only issues either….to want to live! To think life is good, to want to keep doing more with it, to want to keep doing more in it, to be attached to the world and one’s culture and one’s people and to not want to leave the places and people one loves, to want to know if one’s children and grandchildren will be happy, to want to see what will happen in the future - The love of Arda was set in your hearts by Ilúvatar, and he does not plant to no purpose. Nonetheless, many ages of Men unborn may pass ere that purpose is made known - I can’t see him being dismissive or scornful, or even him having no feelings in general, about this element of the Numenoreans’ clusterfuck, however bad his feelings are about the rest.

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