not making fun of he here this is legit a really funny way to come out

OK so since @tom-hiddleston-god-of-mischief and other people showed interest, I bumped up my schedule and so…

Here is my ‘Craig is totally gay and was in love with the MC in college’ post!

So, first off- this is Craig Cahn and the thing that made me first think that he was gay instead of bi. (And fyi I am a Bi myself, so this is more headcanoning and exploring character and not trying to stomp on other headcanons, jsyk.)

Yeah the very first time we met. But look- divorces do happen, and do happen in a chill manner. But… let us note a couple things. One, the divorce literally only happened ‘last year’. Which could mean anywhere from (assuming this is the spring due to college letters and school timetables) 12+ to only 3-ish months ago depending on what counts as ‘last year’.

You only get a SECOND of him being uncomfortable while breaking the news before he is on even ground and is like ‘yeah it’s old news and everything is in perfect order now’. AND THE DIVORCE HAPPENED EITHER WHILE SMASHLEY WAS PREGNANT OR JUST HAD RIVER. Now, this could be a him lying, except… it’s never really brought up again as a thing? Like, we deal with Mat’s feelings for his dead wife, Joseph’s failing marriage, and etc but despite how recent it was we are lead to believe their divorce was perfectly amicable despite the timing.  (Now placing a cut here because this gets long and has more pics.)

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Our Little Secret-Part One

Summary: After a hunt and quite a few drinks the boys learn that you aren’t as ‘experienced’ in one department as they thought you were. Dean thinks he can rectify that

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Oral Fixation for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4700

Warnings: Smut, oral (male and female receiving), insecure reader, language

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. This is the first part of what I hope is a lengthy and smutty series. Any feedback is always appreciated. This is also for @emilywritesaboutdean and @wheresthekillswitch ‘s Do It Like TFW Challenge (The gif is near the bottom)

A thank you to my beta @ayeronda for betaing at an ungodly hour and being so wonderful.

It’s been a long ass day and an even longer hunt. You were more than happy to be sitting on Dean’s bed in the boys’ motel room, sipping on your second, or maybe it is the third beer. And that was just here, it wasn’t counting the four or five shots you had had down at the bar. So now you were here and Sam was riding Dean hard about his strikeout at the bar.

“Dude, you were never going home with her.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.”

You can’t help but chuckle, “What? Two whole minutes?”

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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader moves into a new town and finds out something surprising about her gorgeous neighbor.

Prompt: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to turn me on but I have a boner now.”

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Requested: @whispersandwhiskerburn


You’ve never despised a word so much in your god damn life. It mocks you, rips every little aggravation from the world and throws it right into your fucking face. It’s turned your life completely and totally upside down. Then it spun you the fuck around just to make sure you’re officially screwed.

Having just moved from New York two weeks ago, you can now call Nashville home. Forget a different state, you feel like you’re in a freaking different reality. The friendly residents alone throw you for a loop. You’re slightly convinced that they have some ulterior motive. Then again considering the shady fuckers in your past, you could just be paranoid. 

Growing up in a big city has given you a tough exterior that the men around here seem to be intimated by. It must be the way you carry yourself, also the permanent bitch face that you’ve acquired over the years.

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‘ultimate guess who’ anon fic recs

for those who missed it, @mlficwritersanon​ set up a fun guess who challnge. buncha writers wrote fics anonymously and readers are supposed to guess who wrote what! super neat idea.

anyway, i finally read thru all these and felt like reccing the ones that stood out to me =D/ not gonna be as detailed as my regular recs since i read most of these a while ago, and forget a lot of details xD;;;; sorry. i’ll do my best tho ;0;/ 

and for the record, all of these are reveal fics. that was the theme. :]

[listing these in reverse order, cos a lot of the ones at the end got buried by newer fics ;0;]

A Revealing Interview  Alya Césaire uncovers more than she expects to one afternoon when she interviews Chloé Bourgeois for the Ladyblog.
- this is a alya/chloe fic, in which they have miraculous. it’s rly cute ;0; 

We Were Lovers In A Past Life –  Alya’s kryptonite? Blondes and stripes.
 alya/chloe, with miraculous again. but different! this one ended my life. good shit :’D

Tomorrow’s Troubles – But that was a thought for tomorrow. Those were all thoughts for tomorrow. Melancholy was for tomorrow and so was responsibility.
- ladynoir/adrinette. THIS ONE PUNCHED ME OUT THE FUCKIN SEAT. I HELLA REMEMBER THAT. it was really good. ;0; it’s aged up. that is all i’mma say.

Dredging Up the Past Sabine reminisces about her time with the ladybug miraculous.
- s
abine + marinette mainly [also adrien and tom are in it~]. THISSSSSSSS FIIIIC IS ALL OVER AN OOOOLD HEADCANON!! previous ladybug!sabine was a really popular headcanon early on! This fic is nostalgic to me cos of that, and it’s a fun read. xD I loved the reveal hahah. this was cute.

i’m like dropping hints that i’m ladybug – “…I’m Ladybug.” (In which Marinette tries to get Adrien to figure out her secret identity. She was not counting on him being this oblivious.)
 Adrinette. This one is p fuckin great xD i remember cackling a lot. I liked how it ended up panning out too xD well played, anon //salute

If Only It Were That Simple –  Ladybug and Chat Noir have been partners for three long years, growing closer by the day. One night, Adrien argues with Plagg, as he often does, about not being able to tell Ladybug who he is. He just didn’t plan for Ladybug to hear.

Premier Amour  It has always been said that you never move on from your first love.
 adrinette/ladynoir. gfdfkjgjdfk this one is really sweet. it’s got a tiny bit of angst, but it’s good angst.

The Fox is Out of the Bag –  “Could uh, could you maybe forget about this?” she asked, eyes flitting around the room as if looking for an escape route.
"The whole transforming in front of me thing?” he said, raising an eyebrow.
DJWifi. Lmao this is short and funny. 

Those Freckles on Your Butt – It turns out that Adrien has a thing against modesty and Marinette gets a fateful eyeful.
- adrinette. //sobbing// was this fic written for me? b u t  t s //more sobbing//  no but really this is p damn funny :’D 

My Boss is a Vampire… Well, sort of – There’s something weird going on with the Agreste couple, and Nathalie is determined to find out.That, or she may just be paranoid for no real reason and is coming up with theories that mean nothing. Who knows.
- NATHALIE. MY FAVE BABE. This is another really funny one. :’D [also dem ot3 vibes yaaaaaas]

dropping hints Ladybug asks Chat Noir for boy advice. This goes about as well as expected.
 ladynoir. THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. i really liked this one. i cackled at how the reveal went down here tbh. smh@lb… [also think i might know who wrote it 👀 … too bad i am not participating in the guessing lol] 

Orion’s Belt – Here, kitty kitty.
- Ladynoir/Adrinette. pfff WHOEVER U ARE THIS DESCRIPTION SUCKS. tryin’a sell ur fic here!!! lmao. anyway yea this fic is super cute! just. really cute and sweet. good shit anon :> …except for that description :’D [but it’s really good so read it lol]

No Matter How You Spin It – They were bound to find out about each other eventually. It just figured that it would happen at a time where privacy came at a personal cost to both of them. (Or that time that Adrien nearly died twice on his 18th birthday.)
 ok so this is adrinette, but y’all, chloe legit steals the spotlight anytime she steps into the narrative lmfao. i love her :’D bless this fic. bless this fuckin chloe xD

It Had To Be Her… –  Adrien is used to listening to Chloe’s “secrets”. He’s not used to them changing his life… What he thought would be a simple conversation about his friend’s unrequited celebrity crush turns into one of the most revealing conversations he could have ever imagined.
 adrien&chloe. YOOOOOOOO IS ADRIEN AND CHLOE ON THE FRIENDSHIP MY DAMN JAM? IS IT ALSO THE FUCKIN BREAD AND PEANUTBUTTER OF MY SANDWICH? YES IT IS. sorry y’all i just get a lot of feels about platonic chloe/adrien lmfao. this is really cute ;0; 

I Used To Make You Smile, If Only For A While – She was the first person he’d unmasked for and THIS was her response?
 alya/chat [+ lowkey ninette]. holy ambitious premise batman. this is…so good??? and i could see it happening? like legit my fave alyadrien ‘how they hooked up’ set up here, but holy heck this was a rough read. like, i mean, due to the situation and just the charas…i just wanna hug everyone, poor complicated bebs ;0;

Mint Two-Lips –  Marinette thought she would never taste anything sweeter than Adrien’s sweet, minty flavored lips…until she tasted the exact same flavor on Chat Noir’s mouth.
  adrinette/marichat. sjhdfjkhfjkshdjk SOOOO i don’t usually like kiss reveals cos of the whole unfaithful angle [cheating is an instant turn off for me], B U T!! this one does it right! so i was pleasantly surprised :’D i liked how it worked out in the end too. nice play, anon c:

must be love – What’s a girl to do when she finds out her crush and suitor are one and the same? Ladybug finds out that Adrien is Chat completely by accident, and then proceeds to… have something of a crisis.
- guys it’s ladrien, come on … also   a  ng   s t  //laysonface// like i was dead before i even got out the gate on this one lmao 

Just Asking For Some Privacy – “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?" 
- marinette, chloe, adrien, alya. o m f g. this fic lfdjkfsd these kids. what a mess lmao. i love this

Between The Lines   So he found who she is in the most unexpected way… now what?
- Adrinette. “No, that’s the problem.” FUCKIN CACKLIN’. this is p clever and funny xD  i think the writer’s first language isn’t english, so there are a few places that are a bit off, but it’s p easy to read anyway and it’s p fuckin cute, so it’s worth it xD

Tea and Sweets – When you’re sad, sweets get rid of that salty taste on your tongue. But he doesn’t have any sweets.
- Marichat. AGRESTE. FAMILY. ANGST. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. my jam. hel lo . this was, like the name, incredibly sweet. and made me want tea lol. thANKS

alright that’s it!! i honestly wanted to add a few more than this, cos all the fics are pretty damn good, but i wanted to keep the list as short as i could xD;; [i managed to fail in that anyway, cos i think i recc’d almost exactly half of them…] 

but yea, pls also go check out the others in the collection!!  =D/

So I work at a haunted house as an actor and makeup artist and most of the time, it’s amazing! The actors and owners are super nice and my only complaint with any of them was the skeleton who kept on showing up 10 minutes before we had to be in our places (his makeup usually took me 15-20). But over all, they’re amazing and I feel privileged to come back each season and work with them.

The customers are often a different story. Some of them are so blatantly disrespectful and cruel?? We’ve had people just dump their trash in a room for us to clean up when we’re all already exhausted from staying up and screaming all night. I’m so genuinely curious as to if these people even realize that the hard working people at the haunt have to pick up after your shit on top of everything else we do to ensure that your experience here is a good one?

I once legit heard a group of teenagers say, “Dude, we should totally steal this.” And he actually tried to steal one of our props. I was so furious because the owners work so hard to keep this place in tip top shape and they often dip into their own savings to afford some of our more extravagant props. This one wasn’t even big or anything, but it was still so infuriating to see such lack of respect or acknowledgement for the effort going into assuring that you have a good time here.

And then there’s the people who flat out insult or harass the actors. The insults usually come from teenage guys trying to act tough in front of their friends and those are always easy to shake off. The disgusting comments are harder, especially for our younger actors. (My first year was as a 14 year old and they put me in a tiny skirt and made me a doll, so as you can probably expect, I wasn’t a stranger to harassment or gross comments.) We actually had one girl on the verge of tears because men 3x her age were making disgusting comments and approaching her in ways that made her feel unsafe. Every year, at the very least, 6 people get punched or kicked and every woman in the haunt has experienced harassment on some level.

There are also always people who feel inclined to reach out and touch the actors?? Like, I get that you are curious and maybe that helps you not to be afraid, but it honestly makes most of us so uncomfortable. It’s not cute or funny when you grab at my hair or dress. It’s creepy. Our policy is “Do not touch the actors and they won’t touch you.” but people often like to take that as, “the actors won’t touch you even if you like to poke and prod at ACTUAL STRAGERS. So, if you touch me, you should be prepared for a more "hands on” experience with the other actors because now we’ll feel inclined to return the favor.

The one thing so many people don’t understand about haunt actors is that we’re real people with feelings and we’re working really hard to ensure that you have a good time. A ton of us have other jobs on top of this that we have to get back to. We do this because we love it and we want you to have fun too! But that does not give you an excuse to be disrespectful.

You’d be so surprised at what a simple “Oh man, you got me on that one!” Or “That makeup is so cool!” Can do for the actors. Just getting one complement on my acting or makeup made👏my👏night👏. And if you’re a decent person, we’re more inclined

Moral of the story is: Be nice to those working at haunted houses.

we're electric

Because I heard this song multiple times at work with nothing to distract me.


Summary: When you become a Power Ranger, your possible romantic partners become limited.


“Hear me out” Trini’s pen stilled mid-word over her English homework. Whenever Kimberly used that sentence, trouble was usually not far behind. She had expected a generally low-key study date at her friend’s house since her own was not ideal. 

“Okay, I’m hearing” She carefully lowered her pen to give the pink Ranger her full attention.

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anonymous asked:


this isn’t short oops i went overboard

  • how did this boy even make it into college
  • no rly. how
  • he did all his apps n stuff the day they were due and was still accepted into his top 3 can u even believe
  • currently dorming with minghao, who legit put a line of down the middle room and said “pass this line and i’ll shave one of your eyebrows off.”
  • mingyu thought he was joking. had to change his hairstyle to cover his missing eyebrow until it grew back (dw minghao took the tape down after bc he felt bad)
  • avid fan of partying…… gets invited to a lot of parties n while minghao is like “do u really have the time to party considering your grades?” mingyu is like “i always have time to party. n also ur coming with me just in case i get drunk as hell”
  • minghao just rolls with it bc he finds wasted!mingyu pretty funny. but minghao is a good person that keeps mingyu from doing stupid stuff whatta guy
  • anyways he’s at a party. and he’s wasted. minghao is trying his best to keep a watchful eye on him but he runs into his friend jun and gets sidetracked in a conversation. by the time he’s done talking he looks back and mingyu is g o n e
  • while minghao is panicking, mingyu is just sitting on the floor in the restroom upstairs bc he accidentally locked himself in and this boy is too sh*tfaced to figure out how to unlock it
  • and here’s the thing, ur at this party bc your friend dragged you along even tho you aren’t a party person
  • you didn’t want to ruin the fun so you just awkwardly stood in the corner of the room waiting for them to be ready 2 go home. unfortunately your friend is quite the Party Person.
  • after someone tries to yike with you, you were like “hell no.” and decided to lock yourself in the restroom until your friend was done doing whatever they were doing.
  • you make it upstairs and you twist the doorknob, n it twists but you can’t open it?? the host of the party walks by n they’re like “oh yeah it gets jammed sometimes you just gotta kick it a lil”
  • so you do that. n you hear a really loud *thud*
  • the door was jammed, but there was also someone leaning on it. you open the door all the way to see this guy just on the floor, perfectly still
  • you’re freaking out like “sh*t sh*t SH*T is he dead???? what do i do hfjdks”
  • but you see his eyes flutter open n he lifts his head off the ground a little to look at you and you’re like “oh thank god”
  • he slowly gets off the ground and walks towards you and you’re like “are you okay?? i didn’t mean to intrude, i just wanted to use the –”
  • and then you jUMP bc this random (but incredibly handsome) stranger puts his two hands on your shoulder and brings his pretty face close to yours
  • and its like you can smell how drunk he is and he’s like “omg…. u saved me i thought i was gonna d i e in here”
  • and you’re just standing there, frozen + flustered, n you’re like “it’s no problem,,, can i use the restroom now,,,”
  • but this boy is drunk n his face is slowly getting closer to yours n you’re panicking and suddenly someone pushes you aside and SMACKS the drunk boy in the face
  • and then he proceeds to turn around and give you this angelic smile like “sorry for my stupid friend! we’ll be going now!” and he drags mingyu away by the collar while muttering stuff in another language under his breath. (as he walks by u do hear him subtly say “i didn’t come all the way here from china to babysit a 19 yr old” lmfao)
  • and you’re standing there like. well. that was something.
  • the next morning mingyu’s at work (the campus coffee shop) with a pounding headache n minghao’s “i told you so” ringing in his ears
  • the party to him is kind of just a blur, and the only thing he remembers is that he was about to kiss?? someone cute???
  • anyways you had to stay up all night waiting for your friend to get tired out, so you decided to buy a cup of coffee on your way to class
  • the second you enter the cafe, the cashier greets you n when you look up to see them you almost drop all your books
  • it’s the same guy from last night. lowkey you’re like “… impossible” but his nametag reads “Mingyu” and you’re like “goddamnit it is him”
  • but he doesn’t seem to recognize you?? and it’s kind of a given considering how wasted he was lmfao
  • while mingyu takes your order, he’s doing occasional glances from the cup and your face and he’s like “huh…. they’re really… cute”
  • after he makes your drink he calls out your name and you approach the counter to take the drink from him and he’s like “sorry, but have we met before?? you seem really familiar”
  • part of you wants to say no but you straight up just say “…….. you got locked in the bathroom at the party yesterday and i let you out. you almost kissed me before your friend hit you in the face.”
  • and suddenly the blurry filter that covered the mystery face was gone and mingyu is like “oh……………………… sh*t”
  • next thing you know he’s spitting out apology after apology and he even offers to pay for your drinks for the next month and you’re like “chill you were drunk it’s fine” but he’s not “chill” in the slightest
  • watching him get all flustered and embarrassed is .. kind of cute.. bc he has this light tinge of pink on his face and you’re like.. ok he is handsome i have to admit that
  • you clearly have the upper hand in this situation + you’re already feelin kind of bold :^) so you ask for his sharpie and tell him to hold out his arm
  • mingyu thinks you’re going to write something like “i’m a drunk idiot” across his arm or something but his face goes from ….. to ???? when your write your number
  • you hand him his sharpie back and you’re like “take me on a date instead. i’ll let you kiss me then if it goes well.”
  • and then you leave and mingyu almost has an aneurysm the end
Jealousy - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Heey! Can u do one where they hang with the squad and Justin and YN are bestfriends but they like eachother and Justin is getting jealous bc YN is talking with Khalil?❤️

Warnings: language maybe…

A/N: IM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG PLEASE FORGIVE ME. also, i’ve never been to disney so idk if these rides are legit or not, aka i look ‘em up on google LOL


The whole squad and I were currently at Disneyland because who doesn’t like Disneyland? Besides that, it was the only amusement park close enough to us and we weren’t going to drive for a half hour to have fun. Everyone else was on Splash Mountain, while Justin and I sat around waiting for them to come back. We had everyone’s belongings so it looked as if we brought our kids here to have a good time. 

Within 15 mintues, the whole gang was back and we were now moving on to a new area. Justin was behind talking with his group of friends, leaving Khalil and I the odd ones out. In all honesty, I didn’t mind chilling with Khalil. He was a chill, humble down to earth guy. Would I date him if given the chance? Possibly. But my eyes were on one person and one person only. That person was Justin. 

Him and I go way back for as far as I can remember. We went to grade school together and ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. 

“Hey, want some cotton candy? It’s on me.” Khalil said. I agreed and went over with him to where the cotton candy stand was and waited for him to order it. He came back with it and I began devouring the pink cotton. “Damn, {Y/N}, you were hungry as hell!”

“That and the fact that I love cotton candy!” I replied, still eating the cotton candy. “You should try some and maybe you’ll like it.” I offered Khalil a piece in which he took a bite out of it. “Hey! I offered you a piece for a reason!”

“I bought it so I felt obliged to take a bite out of it.” He stuck his tongue out at me. I playfully shoved him away, hitting him in the arm. “Ouch! Stop assaulting me {Y/N}.”

“You’re an ass. Get away from me!” I laughed. I pushed him once more and within a blink of an eye, he grabbed my arm and swung me over his shoulders. “Khalil! Put me down! Now!” Khalil instead of putting me down, ran off somewhere, leaving Justin and the crew far behind us. 

Justin’s POV

I watched as Khalil bought {Y/N} cotton candy, something that should’ve been I doing. Khalil had no business with {Y/N}, so what the hell was he doing? Was he purposely trying to piss me off? Or was {Y/N}? Regardless, Kahlil always had a thing for challenging me. Everything was a competition with that kid and somehow, I always lost. Not this time though. I’ve been going after {Y/N} for quite some time now, I never had the balls to ask her out on a date. That’s why I figured that Disneyland would be the perfect place to ask her out. 

Just the thought of Khalil trying to sabotage my chances with {Y/N} was enough to make my blood boil. Just calm your nerves Justin, {Y/N} doesn’t even seem interested in him. This is fine, yeah, this is okay. I’ll be fine—just breathe and get a hold of myself.

“Yo JB! You good?” Ryan called to me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded my head in response and caught up to where everyone else was. I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that everyone else had moved on. {Y/N} and Khalil were walking back towards us, acting as if nothing had happened before. 

“Pick me up like that again and I’ll kick your ass,” {Y/N} threatened Khalil. “And I’m being serious. Don’t think I’m joking.” Khalil’s plan was back firing on him, just what I wanted. 

“Hey {Y/N}, want to go on the Mad Tea Party?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes. To my luck, she said yes. Now everything was starting to fall into line. {Y/N} and I interlocked arms and waited on the line for the ride. There was a great amount of silence between us so I decided to break it. “So, how’s Khalil?”

“Annoying as per usual. I really don’t know how all your friends are annoying. Even you, you’re annoying as hell.” She replied, showing no remorse in her choice of words. Operation asking {Y/N} out was currently a no-go. 

“But I’m a good annoying, right?” I nudged her in the side.

“I guess.”

I let out a sigh of relief, maybe things weren’t looking so bad after all.

By now, it was the end of the night and before the park closes, they put on a display of fireworks. {Y/N} stood by my side while everyone kept their distance including Khalil. I turned around to see where exacty they were and Khalil mouthed to me, ‘Good luck bro!’ I smiled back at him and gave him a thumbs up. {Y/N} interlocked hands with me and rested her head on my shoulder. 

Alright Justin, you’ve been doing everything humanly right tonight. Time to pop the question. “Hey, {Y/N}. Can I, uh, ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up?” She smiled up at me, awaiting what I had to say. 

“Okay, this isn’t scripted or anything and you’re not about to get punk’d but, we’ve been friends for as far as time could tell. And over that time, I’ve gotten to know you for the strong, sweet, funny, independent that you are today. What I’m really trying to say is, will you {Y/N} {Y/L/N} be my girlfriend?”

“Oh of course Justin! I thought you’d never ask!’ {Y/N} swung her arms around me and came in for a kiss. And as if the Disney staff were watching us, the fireworks started going off. This was a great way to end the night, after all the obstacles I faced today.

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A/N: me after finished this. Up next, Forbidden Love :)

dating nct yuta!!121!! (again, on the right blog this time.)

yakisoba prince :“)
• takoyaki prince :”)
• hansol is the best friend
• “hansol, stop making fun of my boyfriend”
• but sassy
• let’s talk about his sass
• on a sass scale from 1-10, yuta is a jisung.
• “yuta, what are you wearing in this mv wth”
• “at least i can work it more than you can :”)“
• “this jacket brings out my shit personality”
• “baby, you don’t need a jacket for that :”)“
• "yuta, that drawing looks so weird, you should start over”
• “whoever drew your face should start over :”)“
• you hear johnny and hansol and jaehyun and mark yelling "BOOM. ROASTED.” in the background, every, time.
• yuta doesn’t know what it means. but he likes it.
• girl group dances with yuta is a thing
• dances with yuta is a thing
• dances with the bassbot members is a thing
• of course along with that, them laughing at you is also a thing
• sharing ear buds w yuta :“)
• going sightseeing w together is one of you guys’ favorite things
• pictures pictures pictures
• yall are so photogenic like wth :’) im attacked
• ok but you know that moment when you feel all empty, hopeless and angry all of the sudden? yuta is the person you call or text and he comforts you and it makes you feel so much better
• that was random but it popped up and it’s such a yuta thing
• serious when he needs to be, happy and funny when he needs to be
• such boyfriend material
• but he’s not the type of boyfriend that things outside of the boy and gets you chocolate and sweets and ice cream.
• you ask for tampons/pads? that’s all the boy will get you :“)
• of course that doesn’t mean that he won’t get you all those things if you ask, he definitely will whine a bit but get it for you
• cuddles with yuta are almost nonexistent, meaning-
• you guys don’t cuddle but it’s technically a cuddle, like, he hugs you while you guys are laying down but it’s not a cuddle, YOU KNOW
• kisses w yuta are mainly on the forehead or nose.
• random english and japanese speaking
• yuta doesn’t like you fangirling over other groups or other idols in general
• he pretends to hate it when you fangirl or overly compliment an nct member, but he doesn’t really mind, as long as it’s not taeyong, bc if you fangirl over taeyong, it’s legit
• you guys are like a newly wed couple
• but it’s like baby sitting bc-
• “jaemin, why are you here”
• “….jeno.”
• “……what the heck jisung.”
• “this is our date night-”
• “who am i kidding, we can’t have a normal date night ever as long as im an nct member”
• saying “i love you” doesn’t really surface in your conversations too much, but it does from time to time, mainly over text or call. or when he’s been away for a long time and you first see him after him being away, or when he’s leaving for a concert or a company trip.
• he calls you “baby” a lot
• bc you’re his baby ;“)
• lots of dates in the park or just walking around town
• you call him "prince”
• bc he’s your prince ;“)
• or yuta. bc. his name’s yuta. and vise versa. pet names are pretty common too tho.
• not much, but you guys often go stargazing too
• omgggg story time, FIRST SNOW W YUTA
• ok so in korea, there’s this saying about love and the first snow fall of the year and seeing it with them. idk how it exactly goes but you get the gist of it
• ok so, you two were out on a coffee date, cute, small, little meeting. it was fun and kind of meaningless bc it hasn’t been too long since you guys first started going out.
• yuta liked you since you two first met, but not in a love way, like a friend, and vise versa but those feelings grew little by little as you two began seeing more of each other.
• so here you guys were, in a coffee shop, on the third coldest day of the year so far, reaching almost negative 10 degrees. drinking coffee.
• it was fun, there wasn’t very much talking but it was comforting and warm.
• you guys finished your coffee and started to head outside when suddenly there was a loud cheer on the other side of the street. someone yelled "SNOW! SNOW!” and you two looked up and there it was. snow.
• yuta smiled at you, but you were too busy admiring the snow and touching each little snowflake that your hands could reach.
• yuta them realized that his heart was beating and he didn’t feel cold at all in negative 10 degree weather when he was with you.
• you smiled at yuta and waddled back towards him like a little girl who was seeing snow for the first time in her life.
• you snuggled back up towards yuta and smiled “it got cold”
• yuta hugged you and wrapped his arms around you like a large drape.
• :“) that day was the day that yuta fell in love with you :”)
• he’s so friggin insecure bc people made such a big freaking deal out of it omg
• he always is looking in the mirror if he’s not looking at the crazy comments online and it just makes you so sad bc it’s still yuta. the guy in front of you is still yuta, so what’s the problem?
• he comes to you but yuta’s the type of boyfriend who doesn’t like voicing out his problems (like serious ones where he seriously is hurt) he just laughs and plays with you and that’s stress relief for him
• ofc you don’t shove the problem in the poor boy’s face if he doesn’t want to talk about it and is struggling alone. but you do hint at it and you don’t do it to make him feel uncomfortable, you DO IT BC YOU LOVE HIM AND WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY AND STOP COVERING UP HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE WITH A MASK.
• ok, yuta teaches you weird phrases in japanese, and tells you the wrong meaning for them.
• LIKE IT’S SO FUNNY, HE TEACHES YOU THE WORD FOR LIKE, “THE CORN CHURNS THY BUTTER”, AND LIES TO YOU AND TELLS YOU THAT IT MEANS “the soft glistening of the river water that reflects itself on the high sky”
• “let’s go outside.”
• “no, you stupid girl, it’s hot. im not about to sweat the hair dye out of my hair.”
• “ok”
• “i wouldn’t do that” AND YOU LOOK AT HIM AND YOU’RE LIKE “yes you would, tf, you did this two days ago”
• so many cute selfiessss
• you guys buy drinks together, selfie, you guys are out for coffee, selfie, you’re at his concert, selfie, you’re in a cafe together, selfie.
• yuta is super open on his opinions unless they’re mean opinions, but still, and he is not afraid to tell you that he thinks you’re completely wrong and list the 12 reasons why he thinks so.
• “why are you even an idol, just be a lawyer”
• “did u eat”, “no”, “why”, “because my friend took me to a yakisoba place and every time i look at it, it feels like im in a restaurant that cooks and serves your hair”, “bye”
• yuta is a dog person he is not a cat person he is an outgoing doggie person
• but as it says so above like 40495967 bullets ago, you guys did get a lil pup and her name is mochi.
• why is teasing mark w yuta so much fun :“)
• doyoung is always on the verge of fighting yuta to the death bc he thinks that he can be sassier than yuta
• he could be, but yuta is naturally sassy, frankly there’s nothing doyoung can do at this point, he must give up
• yuta doesn’t read much but he loves it when you read stuff out loud to him it’s just, soothing
• you guys eat chicken together a lot it’s great
• you guys take lots of selfies of you guys in traditional clothing
• yuta tries to cook but most of the time he’s just like “order delivery”
• i forgot. weird adlibs, puns, and pick up lines. oddly, it brings yuta a lot of joy even though he’s like “ew stop that’s so gross”

- jenny

dragonthorku  asked:

Jax quick question about Abs. Ive been training mine but Idk how to get them to pop up? My friends said to do crunches everyday and to eat a lot of seafood, but Im not sure what to do. Can you help me get my Abs ripped?

Of COURSE!!! First things first we need to find out what type of Abs you are going for/have. and Yes there are differences and we will talk about 

the Main 4 Abs there are

First things first though, if your diet is shit you are gonna fuck yourself over. Always remember this

Now lets get to it. Like I said there are 4 Main different types of abs out there. So we need to see where you are


I’ve seen this GOD KNOWS how many times from when I was growing up. To nowadays. This is literally when you are a kid and your abs just naturally develop on their own. like they literally just appear. I remember in the locker room these skinny kids would have abs and we thought they were so jacked haha it was funny. But heres the part that makes me so Jealous. I keep it real with teenagers who are naturally cut If you have the genetics for that. you have HIT THE GOLD MINE my friend if you start working out! When you are a beginner working out you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. So the fact that you are already have Abs is gonna make you look super Impressive when you add size to your frame


and Legit if you are training consistently you can Eat a LOT of FUN FOODS! Some of my best friends bragged about how when they were training they knew they had to eat big to get big so they feasted on Burgers, Protein Shakes, Pizza, Chickens, Eggs and Steaks and they got huge and every cheerleader wanted them. If you got the genetics for it, you are teenager and you havent started training yet. Enjoy the Fun times of high school


these are kind of similar to naturally cut abs but they take a while to get depending on the amount of flab covering your body. They mainly come from when your body fat percentage is low enough from training and dieting and you can see them. 

You literally don’t have to do any ab work to see these ones. They come eventually from fat loss But training them does make them look nicer. They dont have any Bulk to them so sometimes you have to get really lean if you want them to feel nice. These are the type of abs most fighters have and are worked/maintained with High Reps and Ab circuits. you know like 8 minute abs everyday


These are abs with Deep Crevices, The TYPE that people want to feel on and want to punch a lot haha. These are Abs built by Weight Training the Abs like any other muscle and letting them rest and regrow. 

Originally posted by want-it-all-universe-fitness

Now the cool thing about these Abs is that if you fall off from Training and get fat Since you built up so much muscle they will poke through. So next time you want have to lose as much fat to make them look nice again

These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing abs and then there is number 4


THESE ARE THE TYPE OF ABS that show they aint all just for Show, The types Gymnasts and those Calisthenic Athletes have 


Originally posted by everybodywantstobefit

Some of my best Friends Just Do Calisthenic work and their cores look amazing and they tell me they don’t do crunches, situps or anything like that. Just Core work

These static movements help work your abs in ways traditional crunches cant and work all these lil stabilizing muscles the others dont and the results (with good diet and consistent training) are something to marvel at. My Friend Myles (third picture with girl) always tells me how when he goes to beach His friends usually keep their shirts on haha cause he stands out haha

But yeah see what type of Abs you want/Have and then go for it. Wishing you the best of luck so you can get Gainz and make all the girls swoon @dragonthorku ;)

spit fire - chapter seventeen

but i will if i need to cause for real, girl, i need you

“A little. Not really.” He changes his answer quickly but then moves on. “What are you doing with Shawn?”

“What?” Once again, Noa is caught off guard.

“I saw you with him tonight. What the fuck is that about?”

Noa begins a slow pace down the hallway as she hears the words leave his mouth, anger flowing through her. “Where do you get off asking me about who I chose to spend my time with?”

Harry scoffs and gives a tiny chuckle. “Shawn is a dickhead.”

“You’re one to talk.” Noa copies his cocky tone, trying to hide just how mad he manages to make her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

read below - or on 1dff (when the site is back!) - story page

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hi! a lot of you are new since the last time i did this, so here’s a quick rundown of what you’re about to read: i do a weekly rec list of all of the fics that i’ve read/enjoyed and all of what i’ve written, with a short review of each one, to let everyone appreciate what i appreciate. basically, a roundup for me to see that i’ve been writing, and an appreciation post for so many authors in the fandom. it’s been a while bc i got busy with shit bang/reverse bang, so this is one for the whole month - after this one, though, i’m going back to weekly/bi-weekly ones depending on how busy i am. always always always please send me fic recs bc i want to appreciate everyone’s favorites, and everyone to appreciate mine. so here we go! 

please remember to leave a kudos/comment on these if you enjoy them - authors thrive on praise.

(Some Of) What I Read This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

story of my life - vodkawrites - @vodkawrites​ - There are 3,140,000 results on Google Search for why you should meet your idol. Meeting your idol could allow you to tell them personally how much they mean to you and can inspire you to be more like your idol. / However, there are 20,300,000 reasons why you shouldn’t meet your idol. / Or; AU where Victor is a famous author and Yuuri is his biggest fan.
(Super cute story where Viktor is a famous author who writes about figure skating and Yuuri is a World Champion figure skater but VIktor doesn’t know)

Open At The Touch - kiaronna - @kiaronna​ -  Maybe Nishigori got ahold of a lock of Viktor’s hair, and some Polyjuice potion. Maybe it’s all an elaborate prank. With this as his only reasonable explanation, he steps forward, snags Viktor by his robes and tugs him in. / “Nishigori,” he says in Japanese, “this prank isn’t funny. Your English is better than when I left, though.” / “Ah,” says the fake Viktor Nikiforov in English, voice dipping, and is he blushing? “What was that?” / “Maybe I got hit in the head by a Bludger,” Yuuri muses. Viktor’s smile grows ever wider, tightening at the edges. “Maybe I never came home from my international Quidditch competition. Maybe I’m lying in the hospital right now, hallucinating.” / There has to be an explanation, mystical and magical or medical, for the best Seeker in the Quidditch world showing up at his door; something besides his portrait, which won’t stop talking to Yuuri anyway.
(Ahhh an amazing hp au with them both as quidditch players and viktor showing up to train viktor - the stuff with the portrait is one of the favorite things i’ve ever read in an hp au)

Blog About It - Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom) - @dawnonice​ - Victor creates a blog where he posts about his husband, skating, and his husband’s skating. Only, shockingly, it turns out that saying he’s “literally Victor Nikiforov” on tumblr does absolutely nothing to convince anybody of his identity, even though he was never trying to hide it in the first place.
(I, too, claim to be literally Viktor Nikiforov, but unfortunately am not. A super cute take on a social media fic - which is one of my favorite tropes)

Five Times Yuuri Did Something He Regretted With Victor - liliths - @mckkachins​ - —and one exception. / “Extend,” Victor said, so Yuuri extended his arms a bit further. / “Stretch,” Victor said, so Yuuri stretched his free leg out a bit further. / “Jump,” Victor said, and Yuuri never had to ask “how high?” / “Yuuri, eat this flaming-hot chili pepper that I bought from the market,” Victor said, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was the tea he had been drinking. / Yuuri and Victor-centric, in which Yuuri makes questionable life decisions with humorous outcomes and with Victor by his side. Oneshot.
(a precious and hilarious fic about them coming to live with each other. i’m in love with their love)

“sleep with” is a stupid idiom - seventhstar - @pencilwalla​ - In one universe, Viktor asks Yuuri to sleep with him on his first night in Hasetsu and gets rejected. / In another, he doesn’t. This happens instead.
(we all know i’m weak for nuri’s writing, but this story is exceptional. read the other in the series too - i laughed. poor, sweet yuuri)

Surrogate - rougeandtonic - (unsure of tumblr, please tell me if you know) - In which Yuuri is broke and jobless and carrying a baby for retired figure skater Victor Nikiforov, Victor is intent on breaking every one of their surrogacy agency’s rules, and Phichit tries really, really hard to be a voice of reason.
(one of my first dives into a/b/o fic - it’s a trope i usually avoid, but this fic has a fun premise, and i’m excited it was linked to me. i’m looking forwad to more)

…or it didn’t happen - Lady_Ganesh - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - The morning after the banquet, Yuuri wakes up to a hangover, a few fuzzy memories of the previous night and the realization that he sent some guy dickpics last night…and had gotten one back. / Cyrillic guy seemed nice. Friendly. Somebody he might have wanted to hang out with, if things had been different. / Yuuri hoped he hadn’t pretended the guy was Victor Nikiforov or something stupid like that. When he got that drunk, all bets were off.
(ahhh a great take on what could have happened at the banquet)

Raison d'Être - cutesudon (vityanikiforova) - @cutesudon / @vityanikiforova - 1. reason or justification for existence; the thing that is most important to someone or something; the sole or ultimate purpose of someone. / President Nikiforov of Russia has a few weaknesses: premium rye vodka, an attention span of 30 minutes, and a torrid love affair with the Japanese Prime Minister.
(mmm, yes. this is a very good fic. i’m looking forward to the rest of the verse, there’s some great stuff coming)

Matched - DefiantDreams - @gia-comeatme - If three men are all in love with each other, in how many ways can there be a couple? / (Hint: Polyamory.) / Or: / Chris and Yuuri match on Tinder, but they’re both in love with Victor Nikiforov (and Victor Nikiforov is in love with them).
(SO I MIGHT NOT HAVE READ THE FINISHED VERSION OF THIS YET but i betaed for it and it is a simply amazing fic, you really really need to read it.)

On Online and Offline Love - AlexWSpark - @alexwspark - Gaming/Streaming AU: In which Yuuri and Victor are gamers, head over heels for each other, and hoping to one day come face-to-face. Of course, when two whipped, adorable fluff-balls are involved, shenanigans ensue… / Mature rating only applies to the final chapter. Chapter titles are taken from the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack <3
(look, i know legit nothing about gaming but i heard some great stuff about this fic and was not disappointed. it was amazing)

Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires - glassteacup - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - Yuuri and Phichit have been living in Detroit for the past five years. Yuuri gives lessons at the local rink and has a new student. Featuring - Yuuri is terrible at being a vampire, Phichit is an amazing best friend, and Viktor is bedazzling like the sun. / Yuuri pokes at his dinner, toppling the neatly piled tower of raw beef on the third try. / Phichit reaches across the table and swats his fork hand. “Stop playing with your food.” / Yuuri sets his mouth in a straight line. “I’m not playing,” he grouses. There’s only so much steak tartare one can eat three times a day. / Phichit rolls his eyes and returns to his phone, finger flicking at the screen rapidly. He’s probably busy with ordering “delivery” on one of his apps. Yuuri wisely keeps his mouth shut except for opening it in between shoving in forkfuls of food.
(i read a lot of vampire aus recently and this one was hilarious. a very different take on it, and i love itI)

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) - lilithiumwords - @amberstarfight - Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.
(so i might have reread this entire fic with the newest update, but, you know, that’s fine. it’s such a fun demon au with so much mythology woven in. i love it.)

Falling For Your Charms - Reiya - @kazliin - Professor Katsuki’s crush on Professor Nikiforov is supposed to be a great secret. / So naturally, the whole school knows
(i need to convince all of no one in this fandom that kaz is a genius, but this fic is so fluffy and soft. i love the take on an hp au that doesn’t have them as students. i’m so excited to see what comes next ^-^)

boy next door - wingchestr - @softboyyuuri / @yuurispasteldildo“Hi, welcome to the Green Bean,” Yuuri says, in the way that’s become something of a joke between them. “What can I get for you today?” / In which Viktor buys way too much coffee from the cute barista at the coffeeshop on the corner, and Yuuri has a terrible crush that Viktor never, ever needs to know about, and somehow it all works out in the end.
(like i said, i’m incredibly new to enjoying a/b/o dynamics, but this one is amazingly soft. i love it so far)

Twingenuity - Caeseria - @caeseria - Victor arrives in Hasetsu, completely unaware that Yuuri has an identical, overly affectionate, twin brother. The resulting temptation might actually kill him before he gets Yuuri to the GPF like he promised.
(you all know i have a yuuri/viktor/yuuri thing, and this is a different take on that trope, but i love it so much. i started the fic months ago but got distracted and left it behind, and i just finished it right before the last few chapters went up. koji is probably my favorite oc in the entire fandom)

“Be My Sex Coach, Victor!” - lucycamui - @lucycamui - Yuuri Katsuki has always been his own worst critic, and a series of unfortunate short-lived relationships has him convinced that he flubs things more in the bedroom than out on the ice. So, of course it would turn out that the ridiculously charming Russian he’s matched with online is a pornstar. / But perhaps, a ‘professional opinion’ is exactly what Yuuri needs…
(”Oh, the pornstar au updated!” is not something that I thought I would yell excitedly, but yet here I am. This fic is written so wonderfully and has a perfect mix of humor and smut that i just,,, i adore this fic so much. I’m so glad i gave it a shot.)

Sympathy for the Devil - Mythmaker - @catamight“…Are you telling me, that becoming a creature of the night has cured my anxiety?” he hissed, glaring at the wall so he wouldn’t glare at Phichit. For a brief moment, he thought he saw a flash of red reflect off nearby surfaces. / His friend actually had the gall to start laughing, and it sounded a tad hysterical. / – / Yuuri Katsuki lost his dog, lost his ability to place higher than 6th at the Sochi Grand Prix final, and lost his pride when Viktor Nikiforov didn’t know who he was. After the night of the banquet, he also loses something else. Something kind of important. / Something like his mortality.
(Viktor has barely even come into play in this au yet and I still love it. It’s such a fun vampire au and Phichit is the Best and I love him him.)

(Some Of) What I Wrote This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

a picture’s worth a thousand words - Yuuri woke up that morning with 3 things: a hangover that rivaled all his past hangovers put together, all of his blankets and pillows and, apparently, clothing strewn on the floor, and a picture of him and Viktor Nikiforov that made him look even more like a stalker as his phone background.
(Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri takes a bunch of selfies with Viktor at the banquet but deletes them all)

desserts is stressed spelled backwards - Viktor was an insomniac who was lured to the door of his mysterious neighbor who liked to bake at night. One night, when Viktor took his dog out for a walk, he smelled cookies and left a note on his neighbor’s door saying how good it smelled…
(My reverse bang fic! check out this art and this art)

call of the wild - After his failure at the Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Yuuri goes home, but home isn’t back to Hasetsu. Home is the sea, where Yuuri lives as a siren, who feels as though he’s a failure to his family because he’s yet to place a successful Call on a mortal. It reaches Yuuri that Viktor Nikiforov has shown up in Hasetsu to coach Yuuri, and Yuuri doesn’t understand why, and doesn’t feel worthy. He’s not even human, but for some reason, Viktor has chosen to coach him. Nonetheless he goes back to shore. / For some strange reason, Viktor Nikiforov seems unbelievably attracted to Yuuri. / (Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri is a siren.)
(My shit bang fic!! Check out the art)

Monsta X's first impression of a tomboy (like amber level tomboy)

requested by @a-rogue-hope ~


Originally posted by hyungvon


  • the two of you met during this gathering with your mutual friends
  • and then shownu met you 
  • at first he’d thought that you were tomboy tomboy but when your friend told him your ideal type, he’d be ‘oohh’
  • but then when he first saw you, he thought that you were pretty cool since you had this vibe that says that you’re cool
  • and when he approaches you with your friend
  • he can really say that you’re cool since the way you acted with him and your friend was like how you’d treat someone you’ve known for such a very long time
  • and yeah, because of that you and shownu would become best of friends
  • he’d be really used to the way you dress up and the way you always have you hair cut short and what not
  • but when your friend makes you wear a dress and a pair of heels with some make up on since it was your punishment
  • he’d be freaking speechless to see how gorgeous you are 
  • but then he’d actually prefer the way you dress up 
  • since that’s what he liked about you, you were true to yourself
  • that you didn’t give a damn about what others said
  • but then he’d be worried for you
  • since what if you might not get you self some s/o
  • but then just thinking about that
  • made shownu realize that he likes you
  • yas like he’d be overprotective of you
  • he likes you but he won’t confess since he wasn’t your ideal type…. maybe????
  • so yeah, shownu’s first impression of a tomboy you (amber level) would be he’d find you really cool 


  • wonho wouldn’t mind the way you dress or act and whatnot
  • it was during a party when he met you since you were friends with jooheon
  • and when he first saw you, he’d not really pay that much attention to you since you guys weren’t yet introduced to each other
  • but he’d be glancing at your direction from time to time when jooheon bursts out laughing
  • and then he’d really think that you have the same swag level as jooheon
  • and when jooheon introduces you to him
  • he’d be stuttering and would flush when you gave him a smile and a pat on his shoulder
  • when he got to know you, he’d find it fun to spend time with you
  • especially those crazy antics that you come up with 
  • and you didn’t care whether you looked like a some meme or something
  • since you like being who you are
  • and that what wonho would admire
  • yeah, you’re a tomboy so what? wonho doesn’t care
  • he’d be surprised tho if jooheon told him your ideal type
  • since he didn’t expect that from you
  • anyways, he’d also love to go shopping with you
  • since you help him out with some fashion but then he’d always been curious on how you’d look with feminine clothes and long hair
  • so he’d be making you more like forcing you inside the changing room with some dress and wig, he’d be so surprised on how good you looked
  • but he wouldn’t buy you the clothes that he made you try on but buy maybe some sweater that was a little bit feminine but not that feminine
  • and wonho would feel so comfortable talking to you about the most random things that would come to his mind
  • so yeah, wonho’s first impression of you would be you have so much swag


  • this boy would actually approach you right away to be honest
  • he’d find you pretty friendly and fun before he could even talk to you
  • and his instinct was right!!
  • you were fun to be with and pretty honest with those around you
  • and when someone told you to wear a skirt or something
  • he’d be impressed when you turned down their suggestions and told them that you’d rather wear the types of clothes that you’d normally wear rather that wearing something that you’re not uncomfortable with
  • he’d be damn right impressed that he’d want to hang out with you more often
  • and once the two of you would become close and whatnot, he’d be able to see the snapbacks you own and the clothes that you own
  • you’d even let him borrow some of your clothes since why not??
  • and when there’s a party, he wouldn’t be surprised to see you wearing some leather jacket and leather pants
  • but he’d be surprised to see you with red lipstick that he’d find you attractive despite how you can be a tomboy sometimes
  • and when your hair starts to grow up to your shoulder, he’d actually stop you before you could even have it chopped off
  • he’d take thousands of photos of you and would literally have it framed since it’d take him how many months to see that hair length again
  • anyways, minhyuk wouldn’t mind on how you’d act, dress and whatnot
  • he’d totally support you
  • and when you opened up about lovelife to him, he’d be all ears and would ask you about your ideal type tho
  • making him squeal like a girl… since he likes hearing that stuff 
  • and sometimes he’d even just introduce you a guy that he thinks suits your tastes
  • but would just be told off by you since it was awkward and yeah
  • minhyuk’s first impressions of you would be he’d want to be your friend right away since you looked fun to be with and friendly


  • this boy would be confused at first tho
  • he’d take a good look of you before nodding, thinking that you had that amber vibe
  • and would find you cool but a little bit intimidating tho since he thinks that the two of you might not get along
  • but when he gets introduced to you by shownu, he’d change his mind completely about you
  • you were pretty cool and sometimes cute since yeah
  • and he’d be so impressed with your cooking skills despite being a tomboy
  • like damn he can’t even beat you
  • and when the two of you become good friends, he’d be surprised to see you with some eyeliner and lipstick when going to the night club with them
  • but hey, he’d compliment you tho but would also tease you
  • only to receive a smack from you
  • a strong smack yes
  • sometimes when the two of you would meet up, he would find it funny when the two of you have the same choice of clothing
  • like he would be wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a black hoodie, you’d also be wearing something similar but the only difference between the two of you was the headwear
  • you liked snapbacks, kihyun was more on the beanie side
  • and sometimes, kihyun would even borrow a snapback from you whenever they go abroad or when he visits your place
  • and sure why not, you’d just let him borrow it
  • and when kihyun would be abroad, he’d see this snapback, he’d be reminded of you and he’d buy it as a souvenir for you
  • and he’d immediately give it to you, saying cheesy pick up lines and whatnot, making you just look at him with a ‘._.’ before thanking him for the gift
  • and yeah, he’d be more comfortable around you that the two of you would have each other’s back no matter what
  • so yeah, kihyun’s first impression of you would be you’re cool but intimidating at first glance


  • hyungwon would actually like your sense of style tho
  • like he’d wonder where you got those limited edition snapback from and whatnot
  • but then he wouldn’t really approach you right away since shy hyungwon and quiet hyungwon
  • you were like some cool kid for him to be honest
  • and when you’d approach him, he’d be stunned and would be really flushed when you offered him a hand and a smile
  • and yeah, he’d talk to you and after like a couple of hours, you two would be like best buds who haven’t seen each other for such a long time
  • when the two of you would meet up, he’d sometimes ask you where your shorts are 
  • or isn’t it too hot for you to wear those jogging pants or something
  • sometimes when the two of you are hanging out at their dorm, he’d let you borrow maybe a sweater and some caps when you’re too under-dressed for him at this weather or something
  • and sometimes he’d see you as a brother tbh
  • but then sometimes he’d see you as a sister when you do some aegyo
  • but then you’d only receive no response from him
  • sometimes he’d invite you to the amusement park
  • and the two of you would ride some thrill rides 
  • that would leave him speechless, while you are having fun
  • sometimes he’d wonder if you were a girl or what
  • but then you are girl but just amber level tomboy
  • there would also be times when the two of you would meet up and he’d be pouty since you cut your hair again and it was short…..
  • but then hey, he’d be your number 1 fan when you start dressing up like a girl because of a dare and whatnot, he’d even become you bodyguard like he’d push away potential sasaengs coughchangkyuncoughjooheoncough
  • so hyungwon’s first impression of you would be that cool kid that he’s be too shy to approach


  • this boy would want to be your friend to be honest
  • seeing how much swag you emit, he’d be in awe to be honest
  • and when he approaches you, you’d be so open to him
  • that he’d be touched and would really have fun with you because you were so outgoing
  • that you also reminded him of jackson by the way you act
  • and he’d literally have fun 
  • that he’d also see you as a brother sometimes
  • but then he’d only be reminded that you are a girl when you couldn’t stop staring at this guy who was totally your ideal type
  • and sometimes, he’d just burst that bubble 
  • since he’d be overprotective of you tho
  • that he’d treat you out to dinner after not being able to see each other and whatnot
  • and sometimes, whenever you meet each other, he’d like all the snapbacks that you wear like legit he’d love them
  • he’d even visit your apartment to look at your collection of snapbacks and shoes
  • sometimes the two of you would even exchange or swap some stuff here and there
  • but then when it comes to you doing some cute things or aegyo
  • he’d have some aegyo battle with you while hanging out with jackson
  • only to be disappointed by jackson’s choice, which is himself
  • anyways, jooheon would really cherish this friendship since he doesn’t give a damn about what you like to wear or how you want to act or something
  • since that who you are you are unique, and one of a kind that he’d bark at those who’d try to fight you
  • so anyways, jooheon’s first impression of you would be he wants to be your friend since you have so much swag and you’re fun to be with


  • changkyun would be weirded out at first but wouldn’t mind it 
  • since you were harmless and you looked really nice and approachable
  • that when he approaches you, he’d be asking himself why didn’t he approach you in the first place
  • when you introduced yourself to him and did this fist bump with him, he’d be laughing his heart out
  • totally doing the same thing to you
  • and when you have this ideas, he’d be totally up for it
  • for example when you decided to invite him and the boys over to your apartment to have a melon eating contest with them
  • and it’d be a blast since the boys would also have a mini fashion show at you place
  • since they’d be trying out some of your stuff
  • maybe asking you to give it to them which you’d just give it to him
  • but then when you have your haircut
  • he’d totally compliment you about it like dang you looked good
  • and when the two of you were going to the beach with your friends, he wouldn’t be surprised when you wore beach shorts and some sleveless while the others wore bikinis
  • sometimes, you’d have this soft side of yours that he’d have this urge to protect you or something
  • that it’d remind him that you were still a girl tho
  • but just a tomboy… yeah.
  • sometimes, when there would be a truth or dare, the two of you would always end up wearing funny clothes and have some make up on your faces done by the boys
  • but then when he sees boys hitting on you, he’d actually have fun when you’re too oblivious to notice their feelings, friendzoning them at the same time
  • but then hey, he’d also be all ears when you talk about your ideal type and whatnot
  • for changkyun’s first impression, he’d be weirded out at first but you looked really nice and approachable
Revenge, Interrupted (Steroline Fanfiction) - Chapter 1

Fake Dating AU.

Prompt: “Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU (credit)

Setting: This is a human AU, basically they’ve just graduated college and moved to the same city. Bonnie, Elena and Damon went to the same college and Caroline went to a different one and has never met Stefan or Damon, until now!

Ships: Steroline, Bonenzo and Delena (I don’t ship DE but this is an AU so they’re fine here I promise)

A/N: This is going to be super cliche and fluffy but I think our fandom needs that right now! This is also my first non angst fic and my first complete AU fic, I hope you guys like it.


[Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6] [Ch 7] [Ch 8] [Ch 9] [Ch 10]

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Indecent Proposal - Chapter 1

I got an amazing request from @legolasothranduilion to start writing this story, and the idea was so incredible that I couldn’t deny it. I honestly hope you’ll like my interpretation of your vision, and that you (and the rest of you guys) will enjoy reading it. 

By the title itself you may figure out what the story is going to be about, but I won’t reveal anything juicy. :)

Feel free to comment, and leave feedback, and thanks for reading.

Melody’s POV

“These fucking reporters will seriously drive me crazy one day”, Jared said and tossed the tabloid across the yard.

“I told you not to go to that after party, but you just had to, didn’t you?” Emma bickered at Jared not looking away from her iPad. I swear this woman was a robot. And one of my idols for sure. She’s working 24/7, and Jared doesn’t even try to make it easy on her. 

“Don’t I deserve some fun? Can’t I relax the way I want to? No, because being a rock star and an actor, director and everything else I do just puts me under the spotlight that I don’t even want to be a part of” Jared was frustrated and started pacing across the yard. 

“Melody, would you please take care of the next week’s flights and hotels? I have to take care of this weeks errands” Emma asked me, still being all in her iPad.

“Of course, no problem” I said and immediately started browsing through available flights. Jared had to travel to New York, and later to Milan so I was helping Emma arrange everything. She hired me as her assistant almost a year ago, since she was too wrapped up with planning her wedding, and of course dealing with Jared’s job and life. She needed all the help she could get at the time. And now she got used to having me around, so I stuck around. Hopefully for a long time.

Jared wasn’t so pleased with that decision of hers at first, but since she really had too much stuff going on, he decided she could hire someone, but the final decision had to be unanimous. Which basically meant that he’s the one deciding who’s in and who’s out - as always. That man always had his way with everything. It’s either Jared’s way or the highway. 

“Melody…? What do you mean… Emma, are you even listening to what I’m saying? ” Jared started to freak out and raised his voice at Emma.

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The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post

UGHHHH here we go. 

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post:

Before I begin, I would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place. My knowledge of things comes from my studies at university as well as my own life experiences. Anyone who reads this is welcome to disagree with me. I really have no desire to write posts like this as I feel it causes drama and drama makes me want to vomit and leave the phandom forever – so oh well fuck it – LETS GO.  (please keep an open mind while reading this)

First, I’m going to start with sexuality itself – aside from Dan and Phil. Sexuality is fluid. Meaning it can take many shapes, and can change. Does this mean that someone can change their sexuality? No. It just means that it has the possibility of change – especially during periods of adolescence into adulthood. And that is because, as we discover the world and the people in it, those life experiences not only have an effect on our emotional development, but on our sexual nature.

Adolescence, especially between the ages of 12 – 18, discover sexuality for the first time, and explore that sexuality. Do I like girls? Do I like boys? Do I like both? Do I like neither? Do I like only specific people? How often do I find that I like someone? And how? What is the pattern?

It is not uncommon for people to believe one thing true about themselves while in adolescence while another thing in later their 20’s. This is because the brain is typically fully developed by the age of 25, with the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for reasoning and decision-making) being the last part of the brain to finish developing.

With this in mind, I proceed on to my second part – which is to bring in Dan and Phil.

Back before Dan started making youtube videos, Phil was the one man show. Back in the day, British youtube Culture was prominently gay or bisexual guys (Or at least those claiming to be such). It was the cool thing, it was the in thing – although people at that time didn’t call it shipping (as it was seen as more of an underground type thing (oh my god…those Harry Potter fan fictions…..) the idea of two men (especially effeminate ones) was highly appealing. On youtube, however, many of the british youtubers were all about the LGBTQ scene. Dan, from what we know of his life before youtube, was not. He was just a regular guy with a girlfriend who mainly watched American youtubers who played Rockband. (As evident if you were around to capture his twitter history before he deleted it. Counterphan has part of the timeline that most people seem to miss and also has it captured how many times he tweeted Phil, the context, everything. She was very through with the pre-youtube context of the situation that K took bits and pieces of to make the PhanDirectory aka: the phan bible).

It was only when Dan broke into you youtube scene and became friends with phil that the flirtiness and claims to bisexuality were made. Before Dan, there was Charlieskies. They too, were full of the cute pictures and the flirting – so much so that people thought (and still think) they were dating. To which Charlie has clarified that they never did and that phil wouldn’t do that .

Back then, when the claims to Bisexuality were made, you can see in the comments that people went along with the idea that Dan and Phil were sort of “made for each other”. Friends of theirs promoted the ship and the idea of bisexualness (mainly because that was the in thing to do – these can be seen in most of comments of the Daily booths.)

It’s possible Dan went along with this just to fit into that community and was also doing it for the attention (after all, he was rewarding people with naked Dailybooths every time he hit a follower milestone – what makes you think he wouldn’t also stoop to changing his sexuality for attention too?) This does seem to fit the claim he made in a live show that all of the answers on his formspring (which is where this claim was made) were “full of lies”. Likewise, he has also stated that he was “immature and attention seeking” when it came to Formspring.

But Ren! Why would Dan want attention that badly?? Don’t you think it’s sort of insulting towards the LGBTQ community to pretend to be something you’re not? Yes- yes I do. It’s not cool. And it’s not right. But when you’re young, and not really thinking about the long term consequences of your actions especially when there is no foresight, those thoughts might not come into effect. I don’t really think Dan had any idea that this would bite him in the ass later on. Additionally, as evident by his DML video, he had no idea that his channel would grow at the rate – or to the size that it did. He’s pretty much become the most popular British youtuber to date. How could he know this back then? The things he was telling people were getting positive attention – why would he not continue?

Even though people say that there was no shipping back then, and that Dan and Phil did not have that many subscribers, this is actually extremely false.

Because some of their friends were already shipping them, poking at it for fun, and the fans seemed to enjoy it – why not make a prank video? YISSS. That must be the answer. (I’m not even going to go into detail about the voldy video. That would make this post too long for my taste and none of you want to be sitting here for days reading it).

The spiral of lies everyone refers to – which Dan has gotten himself stuck up in several times – always seems to be the spiral to cover up phan. However, I am under the impression that the actual spiral of lies that was made comes right down to pretending to be into Phil, and being into guys. If he went back against this – I believe the backlash would be astronomically horrible, which is why it continued for a bit, until 2012 where his channel exploded with subscribers.

Everyone calls 2012 Dan’s Anti-phan phase – mainly because he was so against the idea of phan, and denied it so many times (sometimes in aggressive ways) that it really caused a slight backlash from the fans.

However, this is how I look at it:

By this point, the v-day video had made its return and was spreading throughout the phandom. Because Dan’s audience had grown exponentially by this point, many new people were hearing about it (without context) and harassing Dan about an apparent relationship with Phil. I think at first Dan tried to ignore it, or address it subtley in youtube comments, or liveshows, (as seen in my screenshots and Cori’s videos) but when that didn’t work – the customer service blog was made – which was Dan’s super aggressive way of putting down Phan since he felt people weren’t listening to him.

But Ren – he didn’t have to be so mean! Why would he be so defensive unless it was true???

(RETURN OF THE LEMON SIMILE!) <— Ok ok. Soooooo. If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know that I have a simile to describe this situation at hand. Gather around, *here have a cookie!*, sit and Ren will tell you the simile.

Imagine for moment that you dislike the taste of lemons. You don’t mind if other people like them – it’s just not for you. But image for a split second that people thought you did. At first, it might not seem to bother you. Oh, haha. That’s funny. People think I like lemons. Your friends think this is funny too. So between you and your friends it becomes a slightly inside joke. Sometimes they call you “lemonhead”, sometimes you pretend to almost put a lemon in your ice tea, sometimes you joke that lemons are your favorite fruit. It’s all in good fun. But then, one day, someone comes up to you and asks you if you like lemons. Casually, you just answer “nah.” But the people keep coming. They keep asking you. Over and over again. 3 times a week this happens till it’s almost every day you have at least 1 person coming up to you asking you if you like lemons. By this point, it’s getting frustrating. How can so many people think I might like lemons?? I should stop with the lemon jokes. So you do. But that doesn’t help anything. Eventually, a rumor starts spreading that someone actually SAW you drink lemonade. Now more people than ever are convinced that you love lemons. Out of sheer frustration for the lies you feel are spreading about you (even though in the context of this simile, lemons are NOT that big of a deal) you lash out at people when they ask you about Lemons, thinking this might finally put an end to it. But it doesn’t. People take your hostility towards lemons and say that it’s just you protecting yourself. After all….you would never get so defensive if you didn’t like lemons.

However, what people fail to realize is that when lies are spread – it’s extremely harmful, emotionally, for the person they are about. I don’t blame Dan for getting angry. Nor do I call it his “anti-phan phase”. I just see it as someone being backed into a corner by thousands of people who won’t let shit go.

I think eventually it calmed down a bit though. I think his new step was to ignore it, and pretend like it wasn’t a thing. Which was pretty much most of 2013.

Now that the phandom is fucking ginormous, I think his new tactic has been to appear as relatable as possible. And that relatability extends to joking about guys being attractive that potential people in his audience might find attractive. Do I think he is legit? Absolutely not. Danisnotonfire has turned into an internet persona. We are not looking at the actual Dan Howell – in my opinion. I have strong, STRONG feelings regarding this matter, but for the most part, imo, whatever we see on camera has been carefully calculated for teenage consumption. Which is why I put 0 weight into anything that Dan says now.

Think about this – management has to know that D&P’s sexuality is a big selling point. There’s no way they would let that be revealed – nor the exact status of their relationship. Because either way, there is going to be horrible backlash. If Dan or Phil were to come out and say they were openly Gay or Bisexual (they aren’t gay – they have said this many times. See the videos), or they were to come out and say Phan is real – they would lose thousands of subscribers that are determined to marry them. People would feel betrayed and lied to, and I personally would have lost so much respect for them for lying this entire time.

If they were to come out and say they were heterosexual, or say they have girlfriends, or move apart, or do something that would prove the non-existence of Phan, it would alienate all of the shippers (which takes up a large portion of their audience, and are the most loyal). Many people in the LGBTQ would feel betrayed and people would be very upset and angry.

It’s a rock and a hard place. They dug themselves into a ditch which I don’t think they can get out of for a long time.

Long story short – and I’m so glad this is all over – Do I believe Dan is bisexual? Maybe. I’m not going to discount the theories that people have put into place. They have really thought about those theories and I have no problem admitting that I could be entirely wrong. But I tend to lean more on the side of the heterosexual boat – personally, just based on my own opinions stated in the post above. As far as Phil - I have no idea. I’m going to go with Hetero just based on the things that I have seen thus far. 

This post is not meant to cause drama. It’s merely a place where I can express an opinion. If you agree with me, great! If not, that’s ok too. btw, you guys should really check out the counterphan timeline. 


Boyfriend! Johnny
  • So I haven’t posted any writing in a while oops
  • And I do have a scenario in the works (GOT7′s Jinyoung) but I’m having a brain freeze with it right now. Like I know what’s going to happen next but I don’t know how to put it into words. It’s complicated
  • I still wanted to post something so I’m gonna do these boyfriend! things maybe? I know a lot of writers do them but they’re fun to read 
  • I was originally gonna try something new, like a babysitter! series but idk how it’d work lol
  • And I also wanna write for other groups too but I don’t know what to. Like I have lots of ideas for scenarios but I’m not sure if they’ll work out
  • Lol I’m a mess
  • Anyways, I’m sure y’all are so done with my talk so lets get started
  • So you met Johnny through an exchange program
  • Your university had a sister university in South Korea and you decided to take study there for the year
  • One of the classes you decided to take was photography cause you thought it’d be interesting and fun to do. Like a bit more lighthearted compared to other classes
  • When you get to class, you’re honestly just really nervous cause you don’t know how to interact with Korean people. You know that they’re just the same as other people, just they speak Korean but you just dunno
  • So you seat yourself close to the back where you’ve got a nice view of the front of the room and you’re not too far in the back but you’re not in the front as well. WHY DON’T I JUST SAY IT’S IN THE MIDDLE
  • Nobody approaches you and you’re just too worried about messing up when you speak Korean so you just listen to people’s convos and try to understand what they’re talking about
  • Cause damn do they talk fast
  • And Johnny comes walking in and you can just automatically feel his presence
  • Like the girls start to giggle and whisper to each other and the guys all come to greet him with fist bumps and pats on the back. 
  • You just know he’s one of those guys that everyone loves
  • And he sits right next to you. You’re just shooketh like whatttttt
  • “Hey, I’m Johnny! Are you an exchange student here? I heard that we were getting some exchange students in this class that speak English.” 
  • “Um, I… yeah.” You say sort of defeated cause dang you were gonna reply really fluently in Korean but you just forgot every word you’d learned. 
  • “It’s fine, you can speak English with me if you’re more comfortable with that. I’m from America.” 
  • And from then on, you and Johnny sort of just always chatted together. It turned out you guys also have a few other classes together
  • You’re really happy that you got to know him cause he really helps you with your Korean when you have trouble remembering grammar rules and stuff
  • After a few months, you guys are really tight
  • Like #friendshipgoals
  • Everyone thinks y’all are dating cause you hang out a ton and Johnny likes to make fun of your height difference by resting his arm on your head or just casually slinging his arm on your shoulders
  • Honestly, you’ve kind of gotten a crush on Johnny. He’s so funny, cute, and nice to everyone that you totally understand why all the guys and girls talk about him
  • But you try to not think too much about your crush on him cause you’re positive that he only sees you as a super close friend, like #bros4life or something like that
  • After a long time, you really can’t stand your crush on Johnny anymore
  • I mean, damn, this dude is hot but innocent and all that… he’s like irresistible
  • So you’re about to blow from keeping your crush on him secret and you make the big mistake about ranting all about it to Doyoung
  • Who automatically tells everyone after you finish ranting
  • And everyone’s plotting how to get y’all together cause they know that Johnny also secretly has a thing for you
  • They’ve seen the way that he looks so much happier when he’s sitting next to you, or how he slings his arm around you so much more nowadays and laughs so hard when he teases you
  • And you’re just oblivious to Johnny’s subtle (like literally almost not there, he’s just upping the skinship level the smallest bit) flirting so they decide to give y’all a little helping hand. 
  • One day, Doyoung slyly puts a note on your desk in one of your classes that you guys shared together that says, Can you meet me on the track at 1? - Johnny
  • Doyoung even freaking copied Johnny’s handwriting perfectly
  • And then Jaehyun did the same to Johnny, by copying your handwriting.
  • So the two of you are both confused as heck cause you’re close friends so why would you guys bother to set up a time and place to meet when you always see each other?
  • But you both meet on the track at 1 and you’re like,
  • “So, you had something to tell me?”
  • “No… You’re the one who asked for me to come to the track.”
  • “What.”
  • “What.”
  • And all the guys were hiding behind a bush, watching you two but Yuta couldn’t take it so he legit jumps out of the bushes
  • Y’all shook
  • The guys are shook
  • Yuta is shook by himself
  • And by then everyone else is like, fuck it, these two are way too oblivious about each other’s feelings to confess
  • And in the end, the guys are all like “Y/N likes you Johnny!” and “Johnny likes you Y/N!” 
  • And after realizing that you both have feelings for each other, you just sort of become a couple. 
  • Okay, that a super long intro… sorry ‘bout that
  • So your relationship with Johnny would be really fun
  • You guys would definitely do some crazy things that Johnny has always wanted to do
  • Like skydiving
  • Now that was one crazy adventure
  • He’d also love to run around in the rain with you
  • Just because it’s random and fun and exciting
  • After you guys play in the rain, he’ll run a hot bath with rose petals and rose oil and maybe some Epsom salt just for you
  • And you’ll always pull him into the bath with you because you feel bad cause you’re sure he’ll catch a cold if he waits outside on the couch with a flimsy little towel wrapped around his shoulders
  • And it’ll be a really chill bath time
  • You guys are totally find with seeing each other naked
  • Although it was slightly awkward the first time you guys did it
  • “Um.”
  • “Do you want to take off your clothes first and then get into the bath and then I’ll come in and take off my clothes or…”
  • “Um.”
  • But after a few times, it becomes natural for you two
  • Johnny loves asking you to scrub his back 
  • And he’ll massage your shoulders, your neck, and whatever other tense muscles
  • It’s just a loving pamper time between the both of you
  • I think Johnny would be pretty big about skinship
  • You guys were already casual with skinship when you were friends anyways so he would get straight to holding hands with you
  • Honestly, he beamed when you made the move to hold hands instead of him for the first time
  • Backhugs would be a thing with you
  • Because of your size difference, he loves backhugs so he can rest his head on top of yours and trace circles on your hips lightly
  • And you’ll just lean back into him
  • PDA doesn’t go that far, only holding hands, backhugs, and pecks on the cheeks
  • He loves running his hands over your collarbone or tapping on your collarbone. For some reason, it calms him down. 
  • When you guys are on the couch watching TV or YouTube, he loves to lie down on top of your legs
  • And you’ll run your fingers through his hair and give him some soothing face massages
  • You’ll rub circles in his temples and between his eyebrows
  • Johnny relaxes so much when he’s in your arms
  • It’s like you just suck all the stress out of him
  • And if you have a book with you, you’ll read it out loud to him
  • But even if you don’t, you’ll make up a story or talk about some moments from your past upon his request
  • If you guys are on the couch and you aren’t in the position mentioned above, then you’re probably cuddling. 
  • Johnny’s couch cuddles with you are usually spooning
  • He’ll start by gently wrapping his arms around you before totally flopping the both of you on your sides so you’re both in a really comfortable cuddling position
  • Maybe kiss your ear a bit (he loves to kiss your ear)
  • And whisper weird puns in your ear
  • Sometimes tickle fights start
  • Just saying, you always win
  • When you’re really stressed out or crying, Johnny peppers your face with light gentle kisses to make you laugh
  • He’ll just cup your face in his hands and kiss everywhere
  • As I said before, your PDA really only includes backhugs, cheek kisses, and hand holding but when you two are alone, Johnny tends to like making out with you 
  • He’ll start slowly and passionate, where you can really feel his love for you seeping out of his lips… lmao that sounds weird but you get it, right?
  • If you guys are feeling it, he’ll turn it up a notch and start getting a bit aggressive and fast, which can lead to a bit of.. well ya know (I’m still smol)
  • Johnny is definitely a very proud boyfriend and loves to show you off since you can come off as a little shy in certain situations
  • “Isn’t Y/N so great?”
  • “If you’re already this impressed then you’ll probably faint later cause she isn’t even showing you all that she’s got. My girl is a special one for sure!”
  • “Johnny, stop you’re embarrassing me.”
  • “You don’t need to feel embarrassed! You’re amazing.” 
  • Followed by him ruffling your hair
  • Whenever you start to doubt yourself, whether it’s about your looks, your capability to do things, or just yourself in general, Johnny is always right in your corner
  • “You know Y/N, you’re so headstrong and that’s one of the reasons I love you so much. You’re absolutely capable of doing whatever you set your mind on and you should never forget that. I don’t care what other people think about you, because they don’t know you the same as I do. I know that you have one of the biggest hearts in the world, and in my eyes, you’re more beautiful than any of those photo shopped pictures of models, actors, and singers. You need to stop comparing yourself to others and see yourself in the same light that I see you in. Because Y/N, you spread so much light where ever you go and to me, you’re an absolute blessing.”
  • Damn, those are the words that I honestly wanna tell everyone… And the words that I want to believe but my low self confidence is like, naaaaa
  • Okay I’m actually feeling so emotional now from writing that paragraph
  • I need to get back onto the road of happy fluffy things
  • Like Johnny getting jellyyyy
  • I’m gonna warn you, Johnny will do a 180 from his usual playful self when he’s jealous
  • He’ll act overprotective and you’ll notice that he makes his posture better to look taller. As if he needs to look taller, the guy is a freaking tree or something.
  • When he notices someone hitting on you, he’ll act casual about it for a bit, just to see if the person will understand that you’re not interested in them.
  • If they’re still trying to get your attention, Johnny will protectively slide his arm around your waist and pull you roughly against him. Sometimes to the point where you end up stumbling into his chest.
  • “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Y/N’s more interested in me than you.” 
  • And he’ll lowkey give them a death glare before stalking off with you
  • “Johnny, don’t be so mean!” *smack on his chest*
  • “They were trying to hit on you, I was just being a man!”
  • “Ugh, whatever.”
  • “You know I love you right?” *peck on cheek*
  • “Yesssss.” *hug*
  • When Johnny gets upset about something, he’ll tend to stick to himself and you’ll have to let him spend some alone time to think
  • You’ll know that he wants some comfort from you if he comes out of his room 
  • He’ll probably want you to hold his hands in yours and look him in the eye and say that everything is fine
  • And when the two of you get in a fight, Johnny will be a bit stubborn about saying sorry
  • So he might give you the cold shoulder for bit but he’ll end up running back to you with a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten letter (if it was a big argument) or he’ll buy you your favorite food/candy (if it was a smaller argument)
  • Johnny would be big on calling you pet names
  • Not stuff like honey, sweetie, or stuff
  • But things like my queen (he once said that you reigned over his heart so princess wasn’t right), baby girl, my love (more when he’s teasing you)
  • For example: “Hellooooo mah love” or “Hey y’all, look! It’s my love!” *runs to you with his arms flailing everywhere* “MY LOVE!” *you run away cause he’s a total embarrassment” 
  • But basically you guys have a total fluffy relationship and he’s the most supportive person ever. He genuinely loves you and is always reminding you that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened in his life
  • Okay I gotta stop before I add Johnny on my could be bias list and make it even longer. 
  • Yes I have that sort of list
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Hi there! Got any kiribaku headcanons for bnha?

i’m very weak for kiribaku… you got me.. they got this super slow burn friendship going on like holy fuck is it killing me. let them be stupid in love. kirishima is my muffin okay and bakugou is such a cutie pie too but in a more fussy puff your cheeks out way (i mean lowkey a demon but he’s so.. cute. he’s shorty chub face over there like calm down creampuff).

so.. They dating. it’s a weird relationship without a legit label but they’re romantic in their own ways. kirishima is very good at expressing affection. he initiates everything cause bakugou deems it weak to indulge in any cute activities. unless kirishima starts it and now he can call it a contest.

kirishima likes physical contact quite a bit for starters. the first sight of any tickles started up when kirishima thought it’d be funny to just blow a raspberry to bakugou’s cheek while he was just chilling. and he was greeted with a smack and a scream like “GET OFF ME” which kirishima giggled at and was like alright alright omg sorry bud! didn’t mean to scare you!

but it leaves off cold for a bit. until one day kirishima offers bakugou a massage. he’s talking about how baku needs it and it’d feel great he promises. baku’s all, sure whatever i don’t care. cause! tickling doesn’t even cross his mind at all like he doesn’t even wonder.

so, they get in bakugou’s room when they have any days off and kirishima is proud of his massage skills and ready to get to work ((also lowkey baku’s mom is like…. ya made a friend. How tho)) but yeah! they’re alone and it takes baku a year to agree to lay down on his stomach on the bed and be vulnerable and let kirishima work on his back. just cause they’ve had a couple kissy sessions doesn’t mean it isn’t awkward as hell still.

btw they’ll have weird romantic confession moments like real late at night for some reason aka bakugou yelling out and swearing while kirishima is more timid and is trying to declare his love passionately but can’t quite do it right.

but back to it. kirishima is real good and bakugou can’t deny it. he’s good at working bakugou’s shoulders into mush, so much so that he’s beginning to drift in and out of a nice nap. and while dealing with all the knots baku has, he can be rough with kneading. so far so good, until kirishima decides the next area to massage at is bakugou’s lower back. he’s like oh he’s not as tense here so i’ll ease up the pressure. and the massaging suddenly feels a lot more like ticklish prodding.

like fucking magic, bakugou shakes out of his nap and starts struggling and yelling wildly like HEY HEY SHITHEAD LET GO in that way that he does. and kirishima being a sweetheart is like augh fuck sorry did that hurt? here hold on how about this? and he tries rubbing small circles down his lower back instead and bakugou makes a bunch of odd choking noises and twists and throws kirishima off of him and onto the bed to his side.

now cue all the “what the fuck did you think you were doing” type statements. and kirishima is dumbfounded. he doesn’t know what he did. but he realizes it when he looks up to see bakugou’s disheveled hair and red cheeks and he starts recalling all the weird noises he was making and the way he was squirming like a kid. he just rubs the back of his head goes “ohhhhhhh. hey, sorry was i tickling you? didn’t mean to, man!”

and the quickest response of “no you weren’t, and i’m not” comes right out of baku’s mouth. and kirishima’s thinking to himself like uh.. i didn’t ask if he was ticklish so what’s with the defensive ‘i’m not’ comment?? so now he has 2 options. to drop the convo or unintentionally tease bakugou by trying to communicate. and he goes with the second one.

kirishima has both of his hands up to let baku know he doesn’t mean anything and goes “no need to be embarrassed, like, everyone is ticklish. i am too.. my underarms are off limits i understand don’t worry" and baku’s all “… i didn’t ask and i SAID I’M NOT get it through your thick skull asshole” and this is the exact personality kirishima dated him for, he thinks it’s cute so he’s like “alright alright whateverrr just lay back down” and bakugou REFUSES

and cue the “oh why, are you afraid i’m gonna tickle you???” and bakugou is so bullshit right now he’s like “I’LL KILL YOU” and it doesn’t end up in a tickle fight yet it’s more of a bakugou is just consistently slapping laughing kirishima. plus kirishima doesn’t even end up starting it, like a week later baku does. they’re wicked slow burn chic.

so.. when the tickle fight first starts, it’s cause kirishima has a nightmare while he’s sleeping in baku’s room. he wakes up super upset and he’s all insecure. when he shoots out of bed he’s already crying and it ends up waking bakugou up. at first he’s like “what the HELL it is 1AM lay back down STUPID” and kirishima turns around like HHHAAHA it’s nothing but he’s sniffling super hard and bakugou swallows his pride for his fuckin bf for once to try and cheer him up, or do anything really.

and he’s like uhh uh oh shit what do i do and he’s running through all the things kiri does for him when he’s out of whack. and he thinks of something. more than he’d like to admit, the cheek raspberries kiri always does are kinda… well.. fun. so bakugou grabs kiri by the shoulder and pecks his cheek. and then after a couple of seconds he blows a huge raspberry.

and kirishima makes the most pleased sounding screech. he’s giggling like W-WHAT OH MY GOD?? in just total awe. and tears are streaming down his face from before still. and bakugou is like aight it keeps making him smile just a couple more blows. but like, he’s having fun. and the next thing he knows he thinks back to their earlier convo where kirishima mentioned his underarms. so he stops the kisses and hooks his fingers under kirishima’s arms and squeezes a bunch of times.

now, kirishima was gonna try and tickle bakugou at one point but never in his life did he think bakugou would stoop this low. he’s like “aaAAH you’re cheating!!” and he’s still recovering from crying and kind of snorting. he falls back and basically crushes baku but he doesn’t care like as long as kirishima isn’t crying anymore. and ngl he really is enjoying this stupid play fight. he’s all smug and proud of himself as kirishima rolls around trying to get baku’s fingers out of his armpits and he’s like “bakugouUUUUU!!!!!! MERCY” and dying.

bakugou does finally stop and kirishima is still laying on baku’s lap and panting like a dog. but he has a big smile on his face. and bakugou goes “–alright. now shut up will you” and plops back down thinking it’s OVER.

when kirishima finally recovers he snuggles up closer than ever and gives bakugou his fav type of kisses, the ones that are like just little pecks on the corners of his mouth. and we all know… that kirishima is a sweet boy so of course he’s like “AAA thank you for all the love i love you so much you’re so good to me” and bakugou is like “!! FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE SLEEP ALREADY”

and kirishima just laughs and is like “god i can’t believe you TICKLED me, you’re going soft dude i thought you were gonna blow me up instead” and after he finishes his sentence he scratches at bakugou’s tummy a couple times to punctuate. kirishima isn’t necessarily trying to start shit he’s kinda like that dude who tasers his friends for fun y’know. and baku yelps and immediately grabs kirishima’s wrist and grips it SO HARD.

he’s like “STOP” but kirishima is like “aw come on you started it” and bakugou hates to admit it but he’s super weak to affection so he feels like mush but he’s so determined not to lose his attitude. but he’s not doing so well. he’s turning into a lovesick teenager. 

and all of a sudden bakugou’s having flashbacks to all the times his mom used to tickle the hell outta him for being too much of a brat. and how he… never really did so hot with tickles. he is SO fucked rn. cause now kirishima is using a syrupy voice like “what’s the matter?” like OVERLY syrupy like he’s talking to a grumpy kid (well i mean) and bakugou is like, 100% tryna get out of those blankets.

luckily for bakugou he has both of kirishima’s wrists in both his hands, so it’s kinda like a deadlock moment. but, kirishima has this moment of bravery and even though they’re still super awkward with romance he goes in for some neck kisses. but not firm ones…… the dastardly soft ticklish kisses. cause kiri is so desperate to make bakugou laugh. and it WORKS cause now baku tries to let go of kiri’s wrists and back off but kiri just interlocks their fingers tight so he can keep kissing.

BAKUGOU IS SO OFF HIS GAME ATM. cause he keeps trying to threaten kiri but his voice keeps going all weird and giggles are occasionally pouring out of his mouth as he’s DESPERATELY fighting against the tickling. bakugou keeps going “STOP” and growling and kirishima’s like “whaaaaa why can’t i tickle you come on let me it’s fun” and he pretends to stop but then a second later he dives under the covers and goes for his belly. and ohh my god here we go

it’s a mess of constricting blankets and baku trying to kick them off so he can make an attempt at escape. and he’s also trying to grab kirishima but can’t really find him like he’s aware of where he is but he keeps moving and is under a comforter and he can’t grab him correctly. and he’s really ticklish okay so he starts laughing really damn loudly. his laugh is a little rugged and concerned sounding just cause he’s a baby. and he’s always frustrated so he yells the whole time. but, not quite as loud and boisterous as kirishima’s was, it’s more of a screaming squeal for help rather.

but he stops kinda quickly! and honestly bakugou feels kinda lost for a second like he realizes he’s stupid in love to let this happen and he’s in a daze. kirishima comes up and is like “see, wasn’t so bad” and starts with the kissing again but bakugou’s like “okay it’s somewhere in the morning idk when and i’m out of breath you dumbass” and kirishima’s like “HHAH… you right.. can we still hug” and bakugou just turns over like “whatever i’m sleeping” so passively letting kiri snug him.

this is long as FUCK but here it is to match the NUMBER OF REQUESTS kiribaku is real popular! ❤ thanks to everyone who asked!

Rajigaze Nov 25

Kai (reading mail): “My unexpected story is, on my way home from work, in front of a cram school, I spilled my fries everywhere. I had a bag of fries in my bike basket, and it fell out and all the fries spilled all over the pavement. A security guard standing nearby started laughing and was like, ‘well it’s the first time I’ve seen that happen,’ and then helped me clean them up, but all the students were staring at me and I was so embarrassed I felt like dying. Have you guys ever experienced something so embarrassing you wanted to die?” 

Uruha: Wait, I was just thinking, did they mean potatoes or like potato chips?

Kai: No no, chips. Potato chips. 

Uruha: Ohh, potato chips?

Kai: Uhhhhh yeah. Yeah. 

(*they wrote ‘poteto’ which means fries but apparently Kai thinks it’s chips and Uruha thinks it’s actual damn potatoes so) 

Uruha: So they were…..eating potato chips while riding their bike?

Kai: *laughs* I guess? 

Uruha: That in itself is already pretty embarrassing! 

Kai: Uh-huh, uh-huh…..yeah, and they were on their way home from cram school! (*they were on their way home from work PLS pay attention) If they had [potatoes/chips/fries/whatever the fuck] they would all just tuuumble out (laughs)

Uruha: When I picture that it looks so peaceful. (*what)

Kai: (laughs) For sure. So, do you have any embarrassing stories? 

Uruha: Oh shit man I have tons!!!

Kai: (guess) I do, but they’re not…

Uruha: I can’t tell most of them here. 

Kai: You can’t…you don’t have one you can tell?

Uruha: If I could tell it here it wouldn’t really be an embarrassing story then would it! 

Kai: (laughs) I see…okay, then, uhh….oh, do you ever trip on nothing? I do all the time. 

Uruha: Not really.

Kai: Oh, really? I do it, but like…this happened to me once, you know when like, you almost trip but you catch yourself? 

Uruha: Mhm. 

Kai: So I did that, but then I turned around and then I actually full-on tripped (laughs) 

Uruha: What? 

Kai: So like, the first time it’s just like, I almost fall, and then I look behind me like ‘huh, was something there?’ and usually that’s the end of it, but once when I looked behind me, that itself was what made me fall over. (laughs)

Uruha: Like you actually fell on the ground?

Kai: (laughing) Yeah, I fell down…I was so embarrassed. 

Uruha: Bruh I think u should get ur brain checked

Kai: It’s like, I tried to follow myself – idk if anybody saw but – I tried to follow myself (*I don’t really know what he means lol) and wiped out…anyway that happened once and it was SO embarrassing. 

Uruha: Well I mean if u did it for a laugh like

Kai: Yeah, that’s fine, but like…it’s not funny! (*I guess cause it was a legit accident)

Uruha: But like…that really does sound like you. You just pretend you’re careful. 

Kai: (laughing) Yeah yeah yeah…but I think everyone’s done that before! Totally! Like – ‘huh? Was there something there?’ and then they look behind them…

Uruha: No they don’t????

Kai: So you just almost trip and that’s it!? No!!! Everyone looks behind them!!!! To see if something was there !! !

Uruha: You just want to blame [your clumsiness] on something else. 

Kai: Yeah yeah – well, not really blame, but…

Uruha: You wanna be like, ‘it wasn’t me’

Kai: (laughing) Nooooo! No! 

Uruha: You’re like that too when you’re fighting. You’ll never give in.

(*I’m confused too I’m so sorry) 

Kai: It depends on what we’re fighting about. 

Uruha: Even if someone blames you for something you’re like, ‘no, it wasn’t me!’

Kai: No, I usually try to take the middle ground. 

Uruha: No you don’t. 

Kai: No, really really, I’m like, I understand what you’re saying, but try to understand what I’m saying too. 

Uruha: That’s a nice way to put it but that’s not taking the middle ground. 

Kai: No I’m like, I get it, but don’t you think this would be a good way to compromise?

Uruha: But even then you’re still pushing all your own ideas. 

Kai: Hohohohoho I recently got in a bit of a fight with an older man in my neighbourhood…

(both laugh)

Uruha: You totally do not compromise. 

Kai: No no I do! I’m like, I get what you’re saying, that’s your personal opinion. And this is my person opinion. But these are both just personal opinions, so why don’t we meet each other halfway? I had that kind of discussion just recently. With my neighbour (laughs)  

Uruha: (laughs) That’s such a good way to word it. 

Kai: Yeah for sure. 

Uruha: You can’t start going off. 

Kai: Yeah, of course, I’m not like OK LISTEN U FUCKER

(both laugh)

Kai: I’m like, I understand what you’re saying, but please understand what I’m saying too. 

Uruha: Oh and also, you can’t talk too quickly. 

Kai: Oh, of course, of course. 

Uruha: You have to stay chill. 

Kai: Yes, you must coerce them calmly. (laughs)

Uruha: (giggles) No that’s bad….

Kai: But anyway I’m that kind of person. I try to take the middle ground. 

Uruha: You try to coerce them to the middle ground. 

Kai: (laughs) But that’s the most peaceful way! Cause everyone just cares about their own opinion – come on, you know it’s hard with all the members saying this and that all the time…

Uruha: Yeah, we do do that. 

Kai: You say that stuff in that situation, and this stuff in this situation (laughs) 

Uruha: But don’t you like that? 

Kai: I guess, but sometimes I’m just like what the fuck guys…I just wanna feel good in the band, but you guys are all over the place with your opinions, and I’m like, yeah, hmm, okay, and I get in the middle of it, and if I could get everyone on the same page, I’d feel SO good about it. 

Uruha: A sense of accomplishment, huh. 

Kai: And I’m like, okay, yeah let’s do that!!! …But some of y’all will NOT. BUDGE!! 

Uruha: Yep, I don’t budge…you don’t budge…

(*Idk what Kai says)

Uruha: But I mean it’s not like anyone is telling you (*to be the peacemaker lol)

Kai: No, no one’s telling me to.

Uruha: But you feel like it’s your responsibility?

Kai: Yeah, I guess so! Most importantly I just want everyone to be able to have fun doing the lives. I want everyone to feel the same. 

Uruha: So, Kai-kun, with his sense of responsibility, is the one who has pulled the GazettE to where we are today.

(Kai laughing) 

Uruha: And with that mindset he is trying to make 3 trillion yen. 

Kai: (giggling gleefully) Where r u trying to go w this

Can I just say.,,,,,, the question was about potatoes and you guys made it about how to win an argument ……….??????