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“Aww well thanks you guys! You’re all very sweet.”

//ahh I’ve been working on school projects the past few days so sorry for getting to these oc asks so slowly!! But thank you so much for the questions, it means a lot that people are somehow interested in my weird ocs haha ;v; feel free to ask them anything!

SLBP ☓ Game of Thrones

i love both GoT and SLBP, so i thought “why not combine the two?” anyhow, this is what i came up with (and hopefully tumblr doesn’t jack up the quality)!! idk if there are any SLBP fans who like GoT but oh well lmao

featuring: the clans of SLBP reimagined as GoT houses! i took the liberty of making the house sayings myself, i hope you guys don’t mind;;

edit: i fixed House Oda’s and House Maeda’s sayings because the formatting was kinda off;;

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove (yELL HEAH thank you for the GoT cc files!!)

Lords Reactions to MC Clinging to Them in Her Sleep


  • What a brilliant boost to his ego
  • “You pretty little fool…” he’d murmur while affectionately brushing hair out of your face
  • More than likely, he’d pull you closer to him while you’re asleep, and then push you away and belittle you when dawn breaks
  • Secretly, he prays that’ll you’ll cling to him more often
  • The day he says it out loud is when he’s dead


  • Wakes you up because he thinks you’re having a nightmare
  • But then you explain to him that he’s warm and having his body so close is comforting
  • “Oh.”
  • Doesn’t let you go for the rest of the night
  • Feels so loved
  • If you don’t grab him in the middle of the night he’ll definitely grab you
  • Doesn’t know how to react??
  • You just grabbed him in the middle of the night and clung to him like a koala
  • Is a Mess™
  • Tries to wake you up, but you just shake your head and press closer
    Smiles softly almost cries because you’re so angelic
  • Attempts not to move too much for the rest of the night, so he doesn’t disturb your rest
  • “Oh little lady…”
  • Chides himself for falling in love with you more than he already has
  • Doesn’t sleep at all, just because he’s so busy watching you
  • His face is perfect so he doesn’t get bags under his eyes, but it doesn’t take you long to figure out he watches you while you sleep
  • Once he just delicately ran the pads of his fingers over your eyes, nose, and lips while you slept and woke you up by accident
  • “Sleep tight, little lady”
  • Is very surprised by the sudden heat source
  • Then realizes it’s you, nuzzling your head into his chest as you murmur unintelligible tidbits from your dreams
  • Happily clings to you as well
  • “Dream about me, please…”

His Precious Girl™
He’s so overwhelmed with emotion for you
Peppers your face in tiny kisses while you’re sleeping
When you wake up he just apologizes unabashedly
“Sorry, precious girl, I couldn’t help myself.”
Cuddles you back to sleep, so hopefully you’ll resume clinging to him

Cue his Sad Smile™
But he really has nothing to be sad about, he’s just overwhelmed by the fact that he gets to be close to you like this
Like Yukimura, he’ll try his hardest not to wake you up because you look so peaceful
But at the same time he can’t bring himself to go back to sleep because he’s so busy watching you sleep
Resists kissing you until you wake up, just because he’s gotta keep up that nice guy reputation
Your warmth eventually lulls him back into slumber
His new favorite feeling is him waking up with you clinging to him like he’s your last breath of air

He’s the master of platonic cuddles, sure, but this is something entirely different
Takes the rest of the night to realize how madly in love he is with you
You wake up to find him staring down at you first thing in the morning
He just smiles at you, and he looks so young and boyish
“Your snore is so cute”

“What exactly do you think you are doing?”
Then he realizes that you’re dead asleep, and clung to him in the midst of a deep slumber
Sighs heavily, followed by a small smile
Sleeps a little more peacefully that night
Complains about it the next day

He’s a light sleeper, so the second you grab onto the front of his robes he’s instantly awake
Instantly tries to push you away
“Roll over and go back to bed. You’re disturbing my rest.”
But you keep trying to grab onto him, even though he’s all skin and bones with some muscle here and there, he’s the most comfortable pillow one could ask for
The moment you sigh “Mitsun” he gives up on putting up a fight
He realizes he quite enjoys you being snuggled up to him like this
Goes back to sleep a happy man

Loves being your personal body pillow
Practically crushes you against him if you cling to him but you don’t mind
The both of you toss and turn a lot though, so when you wake up it’s a mess of tangled limbs and discarded sheets
“Now I can die a happy man”
Even if you snore and drool, he still finds you the most beautiful thing in all of Japan
Probably because he snores and drools too

He’s probably the one clinging to you in the middle of the night
But he’ll be absolutely ecstatic if you cling back
You guys are the ultimate snuggle buddies
He’ll rub your back and comb his fingers through your hair as you sleep
You’ll do the same and he could die at that moment with no regrets
If he wakes up first, he’ll kiss you until you wake up